The Most Deranged, Sexy, and WTF Moments From ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

Since its inception fifty shades of gray has been a sensation, captivating millions of fans worldwide. Despite the fact that the series of movies is based on a controversial book and its risque scenes, Fifty Shades Freed has some of the most glorious, risque, and steamy moments with a level of derangement. Within this article, we aim to breakdown the craziest and weirdest moments in this third installment, while also taking a few nods to the more amazing and seductive bits as well.

The Basic Synopsis 

Ana Steele and Christian Grey are happily coupled up, celebrating their wedding and holidaying in Europe. The honeymoon bliss soon vanishes after Ana begins to unravel a few secrets about her dear husband’s past love. Meanwhile, a malicious force is lurking outside the shadows trying to disrupt the couple’s love nest.

The Deranged, Sexy, and WTF Moments From the Film

  1. Abducted at the Beach

One of the most heart-stopping scenes is when Ana and Christian are enjoying a romantic day at the beach, only to be taken captive by a malevolent group that are determined to hurt Ana. The group laces the couple with weapons and threatens to harm them unless they reveal certain information. In order to escape, Christian goes out of his way to please the masterminds, but with a few slick moves, the couple eventually make it out alive.

  1. A Wild Car Chase

When the couple are kidnapped, a car chase ensues, as Christian attempts to rescue Ana. He powers through the winding roads until he finally reaches his wife, who is being transported in a car driven by the kidnappers. Christian chases them like a madman, managing to eliminate the baddies in one fell swoop and rescuing Ana in the process.

  1. The Staring Contest

Christian and Ana have a surprise staring contest that only serves to demonstrate their deep bond and respect for each other. Both of them are passionate and determined to win the stare-off, but there can only be one winner as they do eventually break their gazes.

  1. Intimate Escapades

No Fifty Shades movie would be complete without its gratuitous love scenes and Fifty Shades Freed certainly gives fans multiple opportunities to witness some passionate displays of affection. One steamy moment happens on Ana’s bed when the couple can’t keep their hands or eyes off one another. They wrestle, claw and squeeze the devil out of each other in a hot-to-trot body-touching fair.

  1. Passionate Pleasure Cruise

The couple saddle up on a boat to have a special day out on the lake. Christian plays his romance card to full effect and books the whole lake for the two of them as a treat. While out on the lake, the couple indulge each other, and whisper sweet things to one another that hints at a life of a perennially happy couple.

  1. The Airport Reunion

One of the most touching moments comes when Christian is playing the heroic role yet again. He manages to save Ana from a group of villains at the airport with a heart-stopping plan. The plan is foiled but the two eventually make it out safe and sound.

  1. Ana and Christian Go Nuts at the Mall

The couple also show their playful side when they visit the mall. They show up in masks and take pics and flirt in every part of the mall, as if they are daring the world-at-large to stop them. The couple indicate their closeness and commitment to each other in one of the most candid and delightful shopping mall scenes ever.

  1. Post-Sex Playtime

The couple have some of their most intimate post-sex playtime moments in Fifty Shades Freed. After a night of passionate sex on the bed, Christian decides to engage in some peaceful pillow-fighting that ends in a passionate clinch. The couple lie in each other’s arms as if their lives depend on it.

  1. The Epic Finale

The film ends with a fitting finale that has Ana and Christian driving away from the misty air and into the night skies. They joyfully drive off into the horizon, exchanging glances of love and hope that implies the couple are set to live their best life ever.

Fifty Shades Freed is packed with some of the steamiest moments that the film series has ever experienced. From suspenseful and deranged moments to intense sex-crazed sequences, the movie certainly has something for just about every kind of viewer. The film also features some pleasure cruise escapades, playful romantic moments and a grand finale that truly captures the essence of the couple’s never-ending love.