Tattoos for men, as a rule, involve a lot of symbolism and tell about the person’s character traits, but also about the man’s personality. From time immemorial, great leaders who ruled entire nations applied complex tattoos to their bodies so that everyone would know about their exploits.

Today, small tattoos for men are more of an exception than a pattern. Unlike women, who want to emphasize their individuality and beauty, males make sense even in the simplest and smallest tattoos. It all started when soldiers wrote small inscriptions on their hands – the names of their wives and children, as well as the number of units in which they served.

The advantages of a small tattoo

A small tattoo has many advantages. First of all, it is easy to care for and heals quickly. During the restoration of the skin, a small tattoo will not bring you discomfort.
Therefore, you can do this at any time of the year. Secondly, small tattoos have a rather low price.
Also, with the help of small tattoos, unsightly signs, burns, scars and other skin defects can be hidden.

The theme of small tattoos for men

In the modern world, tattoos are not as much as they were a few hundred years ago. However, men do not apply tattoos without any motivation.
The classic male tattoo is considered the gothic, celtic and biker tattoo. Images of dragons and predators are most in demand among men.
Often, such an image becomes a totem for man, an external manifestation of his inner state and mind.
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Today, we find a lot of small tattoo designs for boys, such as the year of birth, the child’s name or various inscriptions. However, there is symbolism and motivation, because for men the appearance is not the primary thing.

The location of small tattoos
The most requested areas for small male tattoos are: small hand tattoos, simple finger tattoos, wrist tattoos, forearm tattoos, neck tattoos and on his feet.

The price of small tattoos

The price of tattoos is calculated based on size (in square centimeters) and complexity. The minimum cost for a small tattoo is 100 lei.
If you want a small tattoo, but realistic, photorealistic or in 3D technique, then the price will start from 300 lei.
Tattoo has been and will always be an excellent way to emphasize style and expression.