We all crave that little bit of excitement in our lives, and what better way to inject a bit of sensuality than with a hot and steamy movie? Amazon Prime has a huge selection of sexy films to choose from, and if you’re looking for something to spice up your night, this list of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime is just what you need.

The Appeal Of Hot Films  

Whether it’s being naughty or enjoying a fantasy, people are drawn to movies that are a little hotter than others. Not only can a steamy movie turn up the heat in a relationship, but it can also act as a romantic pick-me-up. Hot films often explore our deepest desires and can be a great outlet for those who want to experience something exciting from the safety and privacy of their own home.

Exploring Themes Of Sex  

Movies can often serve as an outlet to explore themes of sex and love that tend to be taboo in everyday life. This can be an especially useful tool for those who are new to the exploration of sexuality, allowing them to become familiar with sexual themes in a safe and fun environment. Hot films can also act as a great source of inspiration for couples who want to come up with new ideas to keep the romance alive.

7 Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime  

  1. Unfaithful

Unfaithful is a hot drama starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane as a married couple whose relationship is thrown for a loop when an affair begins. Things get even more complicated as the consequences of their actions start to take a toll on their lives.

  1. The Little Death

The Little Death is an erotic comedy about a group of couples trying to work through their sexual issues. This movie takes an honest look at how communication, self-discovery, and trust play a role in our intimate relationships.

  1. Secretary

Secretary tells the story of a young woman who begins an S&M relationship with her boss. Despite the unconventional relationship dynamic, Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader manage to create a sweet and genuine love story along the way.

  1. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Y Tu Mama Tambien is a Spanish coming-of-age drama focusing on two teenage boys who go on a road trip with an older woman they meet. This movie follows the trio as they bond and explore their sexuality, discovering themselves and each other in the process.

  1. Blue Is The Warmest Color

Blue Is The Warmest Color follows a teenage girl who falls in love with an older woman. As they grow closer, the two women explore their feelings in a very intimate and passionate way.

  1. Original Sin

Original Sin stars Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas as a couple whose love is threatened by a case of mistaken identity. This movie is a passionate drama about two people trying to find their way back to each other despite their flaws and complications.

  1. Love & Other Drugs

Love & Other Drugs stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway as two people struggling with a rapidly changing relationship. While their relationship starts as a casual romp, things become more complicated as their feelings for each other grow deeper.

Romantic Tips To Spice Up Date Night  

Whether it’s a couples’ night in or an evening out on the town, here are some hot ideas to help keep the spark alive:

• Recreate a scene from one of your favorite hot movies.

• Experiment with bondage or fantasy role-play.

• Buy some sensual lingerie for each other.

• Go to a secluded spot for some intimate stargazing.

• Write a sexy story together and act it out.

• Investigate sex toys and add a little excitement to the bedroom.

• Take turns creating a sexy playlist and make an entire evening of it.

Amazon Prime has a huge selection of hot films to choose from, and with this list of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime, you’re sure to find something to get your blood boiling. Whether you’re looking for a sensual drama or an erotic comedy, there’s something out there for all tastes and relationships. And with some romantic tips to help heat up date night, you’ll be able to have an exceptionally hot and steamy evening.