Parents are the ones who lose their nights with us when we are sick and young, they are the ones who have patience and educate us every day, they are the ones who prepare us for 18 years and better for life. It is an extraordinary effort that no other species on the planet is making: that of having the responsibility of raising chicks for 18 years. Quotes about parents and parental love because parents are not the only ones who give us life. In fact, this is perhaps the least important aspect. 

That is why we have prepared below a selection of quotes about parents and maxims about parents that express the value of parents, their love that is unique, but also some aphorisms about the mistakes they make. It’s really hard to take care of a child for so many years and never make a mistake

Quotes about parents

  1. Your father’s goodness is higher than the mountain. Your mother’s goodness is deeper than the sea. – Japanese proverb

2. Parents of young children should realize that few people, maybe no one, will like their children as much as they do. – Barbara Walters
3. In a way, all parents love their children. It’s just that some parents are too crushed by life to be able to love them as they should. – Paul Young
4. As your children grow, they may forget what you told them, but they will never forget how you made them feel
. your attention and your time. – Kevin Heath
6. As parents, we lead by example. Only when we talk do children not listen to us. – Robert Brault
7. First your parents give you life, but then they want to give you their life… – Chuck Palahniuk
8. Behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed in his child. – Matthew Jacobson
9. The world speaks to our minds. Parents speak to our hearts. – Hain Ginott
10. Parents are like God: you want to know that they are there somewhere, you want them to have a good opinion of you, but you only call them when you need something from them. – Chuck Palahniuk
11. A good father is a source of inspiration and self-control. A good mother is the root of kindness and modesty. – Dr. TP Chia
12. It is very difficult for our parents to see us entering a world they do not understand. – Alice Walker
13. Parents wonder why the water is bitter when they poisoned the fountain themselves. – John Locke
14. The mother is the one who can take the place of anyone and can understand anyone, but whose place no one can take or understand.
15. When you look your mother in the eye, you know that she offers you the purest love you will ever have – Mitch Albom
16. God could not be everywhere at the same time, so he created mothers. – Jewish proverb
17. Motherly love is patient and forgiving, it does not diminish and does not falter, even when the mother’s heart is about to break. – Helen Rice
18. No language can express the power, beauty, heroism and greatness of motherly love. – Edwin Hubbell Chapin
19. Consciousness is less of an inner voice than the memory of your mother’s gaze – Robert Brault
20. There is only one cute baby in the world and every mother has it – Chinese proverb
21. Everything I am or hope to be I owe to my mother. – Abraham Lincoln
22. Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth. – Peter Ustinov
23. No matter how far we go, our parents are always with us. – Brad Meltzer
24. We will never know parental love until we become parents. – Henry Ward Beecher
25. So much is required of parents and so little is offered. – Virginia Satire
26. We don’t always do what our parents expect of us, but it’s their fault if they can’t love us even so. – Courtney Sullivan
27. Feeling compassionate for your parents is a true sign of maturity. – Anais Nin
28. Respect your parents. You will never know what sacrifices they made for you.
29. A perfect parent is a person with perfect theories about raising children but who has no children. – Dave Barry
30. When parents do too much for their children, children will not do much for themselves. – Elbert Hubbard
31. I love my parents no matter how much we argue or how many problems we go through, because I know that at the end of the day they will still be with me.
32. There is no school that rises to the height of a decent home and no teacher that rises to the height of a virtuous parent. – Mahatma Gandhi
33. The best thing in the world is to see your parents smiling and to know that you are the reason they are smiling.

Parents are the only ones who love us unconditionally, they are the ones who hold us in their arms when we hit, when we are disappointed, they are the ones who support us and encourage us to achieve our dreams, etc. Parents are the ones who will then help us raise our own children. The bond that binds generations together and makes us real “people” is our parents. Let’s love them in turn and tell them this as often as possible. As we grow and become independent, they age and feel more and more lonely.

Let’s call them as often as possible, see what they do, visit them as often as possible and feel close to them. For all parents, children are the greatest joy and, at the same time, the greatest achievement of this life. They can be scientists or simple people, they can be artistic or scientific personalities, it doesn’t matter, the child remains for many of us the act of magic that we have accomplished in this life. I raised a child and raised him to adulthood and now he is a man by nature.

Parent statuses

There is so much to say about parents and the sacrifices they make for us, their children. It’s such a sustained day-to-day endeavor that you only understand when you become a parent. they themselves become parents and become wiser. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?

34. The love between parents and children is always and forever.
35. At some point, you realize that your parents are human too. Which make the best decisions based on the options they have at the moment.
36. No one in the world will love you more than your parents.
37. Parental love is the only truly unselfish, unconditional and forgiving love.
38. Parents need to be so strong for us that we sometimes forget how fragile they are.
39. – Tell me something worth living for. – Parental love.
40. When you have a child you are a parent. When you have two, you are a referee. – David Frost
41. We all have five years in the presence of our parents.
42. The voice of the parents is the voice of the gods, for to the children the parents are the lieutenants of the gods. – Shakespeare
43. As you get older, you have more respect and empathy for your parents. Now I have a wonderful relationship with both of you. – Hugh Jackman
44. Your mother’s strong love will leave its mark on you forever.
45. The fact that you have been so deeply loved will give you a kind of plateau forever. – JK Rowling
46. If evolutionary theory is true, why mothers have only two hands
– Milton Berle
47. Acceptance, tolerance, courage, compassion. I learned all this from my mother. – Lady Gaga
48. Every house is a university where parents are teachers. – Mahatma Gandhi
49. Children begin to love their parents, as they grow older they begin to judge them, and sometimes some forgive them. – Oscar Wilde
50. Love your parents. We are so busy growing up that we forget that they are getting older.
51. Parents are the only ones obliged to love you, others must win their love. – Ann Brashares
52. Love is the ring that binds the child to his parents. – Abraham Lincoln
53. My heroes are and have been my parents. I can’t imagine having other heroes. – Michael Jordan
54. Parents are gods in the flesh. I do everything I can to make my children happy without expecting anything in return. – Saravana Kumar Murugan
55. Stop complaining about things your parents didn’t offer you. Most likely they gave you everything they had.
56. For many years you wanted your parents to be no longer behind you, only to realize that they were in fact the only ones guarding your back.

Status for parents and what it means to raise a child

For parents, their child is the most special being they will know in their lifetime, it is the being they love before they are even born. And we, their children, have a duty to try to understand them as well as possible and not to judge them. Each of them managed as best they could in the given conditions and taking into account the baggage they also had from their childhood. If we have the power not to judge them, then we can truly love them and have a good relationship with our own parents. The following parenting statuses and parenting quotes are for you and your parents. Either use them to describe a photo with your parents posted on social media, or use them in a message for your parents on their birthday or on another happy occasion.

57. The only thing better than having you as your parents is that they will have my children as your grandparents.
58. My parents are my backbone. I still am. They are the only ones who will support you no matter what you do or do not do. – paraphrase Kobe Bryant
59. Mother’s heart is a deep sea at the end of which you will always find forgiveness and indulgence. – Honore de Balzac
60. Parents’ joys are secret, as are their pains and fears. I can’t talk about the former or the latter. – Francis Bacon

This is our collection of quotes about parents and status about parents and what it means to be a parent, but if you want to “browse” through more quotes on this topic, we invite you to read our articles with quotes about mom and quotes about dad, which you can find below, but also many articles with wishes for many years for parents and family.