I admit: I don’t read as much as I would like, but I have no excuse for letting this happen. I can’t blame time, I read somewhere and I agree, it’s always about priorities, not the so-called lack of time. I don’t miss the library from the house, and on its shelves she is looking forward to the books I wanted and bought so that I wouldn’t forget about them.

If you love books and reading, the following quotes will make your heart rejoice. If, however, you do not have a passion for books, the following quotes will ignite in you the desire to read. I say that until next year, as long as the cold season lasts, there is enough time to read the books we have been postponing. The quotes below will immediately get you in the right condition.

Quotes about books

1. “Put on an old coat, but buy a new one.” [Austin Phelps]
2. “Reading good books is like having a conversation with the most important people of the past centuries.” [Descartes]
3. “The books that help you the most are the ones that make you think the most. The hardest part is learning when you read easy books; but an extraordinary book that comes from a remarkable thinker is a ship of thought, full of rejection of truth and beauty. ” [Theodore Parker]
4. “There is a book for every moment of balance in the existence of each of us. Woe to him who does not find the right book at the right time. ” [Adrian Pintea]
5. The books we read must be chosen with great care, for they may be, as an Egyptian king wrote in his library, “The Medicines of the Soul.” [Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.]
6. “Books are the way people have wings like angels.” [Andrei Plesu]
7. “Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind.” [Robert Chambers]
8. “Books are butterflies with which we fly through our own minds, under the huge vault of our test. No aircraft has taken you that far. ” [Mircea Cartarescu]
9. “Every book seems to enclose a soul in it. And as you touch it with your eyes and mind, your soul opens like a good friend. ” [Maxim Gorky]
10. “Books are the daughters of heaven descended to earth to alleviate the suffering of mankind.” [Bernadin de Saint-Pierre]
11. “Nothing can do what a book does. It lifts you from your life … to a whole new world, a new perspective. A book is like a dream you borrow from a friend. ” [Dave Kellett]
12. “There are two essential things that will make you wise – the books you read and the people you meet.” [Jack Canfield]
13. “I look at the books in the library. I open a book, yours, mine… and set in motion an entire World, ideas begin to come to life in another spiritual dimension. We live through the spiritual dimension of Social Reality but also the Reality of Books. The ideational dimension disappears, our being disappears. Through Books, our children learn the Spiritual dimension, open the book given to us, open their fairy tales and dreams about Happiness. ” [Adrian Ibis]
14. “I would define the book as a work of witchcraft, from which come all sorts of images that disturb minds and change souls.” [Anatole France]
15. “No two people will ever read the same book in the same way.” [Edmund Wilson]
16. “If you don’t like reading, it means you haven’t found the right book.” [JRRowling]
17. “There are no substitutes for books in a child’s development.” [May Ellen Chase]
18. “Books are the quietest and most consistent friends, the most accessible and wise counselors, and the most patient teachers.” [Charles W. Eliot]
19. “The book that is worth reading is not the one that thinks for you, but the book that makes you think.” [James McCosh]
20. “If you only read books that everyone reads, you won’t be able to think differently than everyone else thinks.” [Haruki Murakami]
21. “When I have a few pennies I buy books and if I have anything left I even buy clothes.” [Desiderius Erasmus]
22. “Books are a guide for youth and fun for the elderly.” [Jeremy Collier]
23. “I read one book a day and my whole life was changed.” [Orhan Pamuk]
24. “Books are the memories of troubled souls.” [Valeria Mahok]
25. “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” [Cicero]
26. “Books… good and faithful friends.” [Jean Jaures]
27. “Books are the lovers of the lonely.” [Teodor Burnar]
28. “All who have access to a library, to books, are themselves better than others, more fortified, and their pains affect them less, and their misfortunes pass faster.” [Mircea Eliade]
29. “Give up a meal if you want, but don’t give up a good book.” [Jim Rohn]
30. “Don’t ask how much a book costs you. Ask yourself how much it costs if you don’t read it. ” [Jim Rohn]
31. “Books are more than books, they are the life, the soul and the core of times past, the reason why people worked and died, the essence and quintessence of their lives.” [Amy Lowell]
32. “Books are personal guides on the winding path of self-discovery, so we can’t live without them.” [Zenta Maurina]
33. “Books are mirrors: see in them only what you already have in you.” [Carlos Ruiz Zafon]