Humor has a way of lifting spirits in tough times, and quarantine is no exception. Now, more than ever, giving it our all to lighten the mood with a few laughs is something that we all need. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 20 funny quarantine quotes to help us look at the brighter side of this pandemic.

20 Funny Quarantine Quotes

  1. “I feel like I’m already a pro at all the home schooling, cleaning, cooking, and entertaining I’m doing. Now they just need to add it to my resume.”

  2. “Since we all must stay in, might as well make our homes look like hotels. Can someone bring me my room service?”

  3. “My motivation to do something productive has just left work and gone home for the day.”

  4. “Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be socially inactive.”

  5. “I’m taking this quarantine very seriously. I’m sending body shaming emails to all my fruits and vegetables.”

  6. “LA traffic looked so scary yesterday that I came home and hugged the toilet.”

  7. “I think I’m starting to get the hang of this quarantine lifestyle. I’ve mastered wearing pajamas all day and my couch has never been cleaner.”

  8. “I just bought a yoga mat so I can practice social distancing in my living room.”

  9. “Quarantine is actually a great opportunity for me to get even more rest and sleep. I honestly cannot think of anything better.”

  10. “I’ve decided to take this quarantine time to finally catch up on my Netflix queue.”

  11. “At least I have an excuse to go to the grocery store and stock up on snacks now.”

  12. “If this is how I dress for quarantine, how am I ever going to dress for real life?”

  13. “Social distancing has taken my hair color to new levels of lightness. I’m now platinum blonde!”

  14. “I spent the entire day debating whether the aliens have infiltrated my bedroom or the kitchen.”

  15. “Well, here goes another day of me not becoming a viral social media star.”

  16. “Quarantine has brought out a whole new level of creativity in me. Now I just need to put my new ideas to good use.”

  17. “I’ve been in my robe for so long that when I do get dressed it’s like I’m wearing a costume.”

  18. “I’ve decided the best way to beat this virus is to have a showdown. So far, I’m winning.”

  19. “I’ve become one with my couch. I think it knows more about me than my family does.”

  20. “To make sure I practice social distancing, I’m ordering my groceries online. It’s only a matter of time before they start calling me the Queen of Quarantine.”

Benefits Of Humor In Quarantine

Humor, no matter how cheesy or corny it might be, can be a great source of support and comfort during quarantine. From silly jokes to outrageous pranks, laughter can help us cope with the stress of a pandemic, as these funny quarantine quotes prove.

That’s because humor can help us pause and reflect on our situation. It can also help us put things into perspective and look at the more positive aspects of the pandemic. Plus, laughter is known to release endorphins, which is a hormone that helps boost our mood and lowers our stress levels.

Humor also brings people together, even in the midst of social distancing. Telling a funny quarantine joke can make the time go by faster and make us feel connected with those around us. Whether it’s a smiley selfie or a funny video, sharing a good laugh can help us cope with our quarantine blues.

Ways To Use Humor During Quarantine

It can be hard to stay creative and come up with new ways to laugh in the midst of a pandemic. It’s important to remember that humor can be found in all sorts of situations, no matter how challenging they might be. Here are a few ways you can find humor during quarantine:

  1. Watch Comedy Movies or TV Shows

Switch up your regular Netflix binge and give comedy shows and movies a go. Whether it’s a classic comedy like The Office or a new favorite like Space Force, taking a break to watch a movie and have some laughs can be a great idea.

  1. Watch Funny YouTube Videos

Turn on your favorite YouTube channel and watch some funny videos. Listening to a podcast or watching stand-up comedy can also be a great way to find a few laughs.

  1. Play Charades or Pictionary

When feeling cooped up in the house, try playing some classic board games like charades or Pictionary with friends and family. They’re not only fun and competitive but also light-hearted.

  1. Make Funny Social Media Posts

Share and post funny stories, jokes, and images to your social media. It’s a great way to bring your loved ones together, even while they are far apart, and bring a smile or two to everyone’s faces.

  1. Join an Online Laughing Club

Believe it or not, online laughing clubs exist, and they are a great way to connect with people and have a bit of fun. Research local clubs or start one with your friends.

  1. Play Funny Video Games

Video games like Just Dance and Mario Kart can be a great way to have fun and enjoy some healthy competition with friends and family.

Looking for the funny side of quarantine can be hard, but it’s important to actively seek out humor and laughter to help get through this rough patch. So, go ahead and embrace the funny side of quarantine with these funny quarantine quotes and take a break to find some joy. Who knows, the laughter might just help us get through until it’s all over.