Latin is a dead language, but it lives in modern languages ​​through Latin proverbs, Latin expressions and quotes in Latin, many taken as such from Latin, others that I forgot to come from Latin. We have prepared below a collection of the most famous proverbs in Latin, quotes in Latin, Latin expressions – all with translation into Romanian and interpretation for easy understanding.

We hope you will identify among them the proverb or the quotation in Latin you are looking for or whose meaning or correct form you have forgotten.

Proverb in latin

Romanian civilization has left us not only architecture, engineering, law and many other cultural values, but also expressions and proverbs in Latin that we still use as such. Below I have selected for you some such proverbs in Latin.

I was healed of the scar wound. – Although the wound has healed, the scar remains.
Radices litterarum amarae sunt, fructus dulces. – The roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweet.
In the absence of lucis, tenebrae vincunt – In the absence of light the darkness triumphs
Non desistas, non exieris – Never give up, never give up
Luceat lux vestra. – Let your light shine!
Hannibal ad portas – Hannibal in front of the gates! (expression used in the situation of imminent danger, referring to the attack of the Carthaginian Hannibal on Rome, one of the best military strategists in history and one of the greatest enemies of the Romans)
Non ducor, duco. – I’m not driving, I’m driving!
Ingrato homine terra pejus nihil creat. – The earth has not seen anything worse than the ungrateful man.
Love won all over. – Love conquers everything.
De mortuis nil nisi bonum. – About the dead only good.
Luctor et emergo. – I fight and I succeed!
Barba non facit philosophum. – Beard does not make anyone
Festina philosopher slow. – Hurry up slowly
Nothing tenacious send is via. – For the persistent, there is no way to go.
Silentium est aureum – Silence is golden Warlike beats
– Blessed are the fighters

Quotes in Latin

In addition to Latin proverbs, I have prepared some quotes in Latin, dictations in Latin and other Latin expressions.
Veritas nunquam perit. – Seneca The truth will never disappear. – Seneca
Audere est facere – To dare means to succeed.
Cogito, ergo sum. – I think so, so I am. – Descartes
Dum anima est, spes est. – As long as life is, so is hope.
Nosce te ipsum – Know yourself!
Carpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe omnia! – Enjoy today, enjoy the night, enjoy everything!
Veritas vos liberabit. – The truth will set you free!
Ars longa, vita brevis – Art long, life short
In libras, libertas – In books you find freedom

dark through obscure – Sa faci complicatul si mai complicatul
unknown through unknown – Necunoscutul si mai necunoscut faster higher forties – motto-ul Jocurilor
moderne Mai inalt, mai pig, mai puternic
learning be the creator of your own destiny
– quotes from Appius Claudius Blind make brave and open
– fa
curajoase si harden strong in
times – Puternic opponent in fate –
remember to live – Aminteste-ti sa traiesti

and vales, valeo – when you are strong, I am strong
sic vita est – This is life
vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas – Everything is vanity – quoted from the Bible (Ecclesiastes 1)
vincit qui se vincit – The one who conquers himself wins

Dictoan in latin

Here are some sayings that can be mottos for some of us, very aspirational and motivational.

Always better. “Always for the better!”
Come, see, vice. – I came I saw I conquered.
Verba volant, scripta manent. – The word flies, the writing remains.
Dictum factum. – What is said remains said.
Fata viam invenient. – Destiny will find a way.
Fortune falls east – Fate is blind!
Carpe Diem! – Enjoy today!
Remind you to die – Remember that you will die
Per ardua, ad astra – With effort, to the stars!

Post tenebras, lux – After darkness, light
Sic transit gloria mundi – Thus passes the glory of the world

Latin expressions

We have prepared even more translated Latin expressions that you can include in your conversations at any time, which will create the impression of an enviable culture. As a Latin expression, it is always welcome because it conveys a complex idea in a few words.

Ceteris paribus. – All things being equal.
Deus ex machina. – God from a car.
Errare humanum est. – To err is human.
Fact, not word. / Acta non verba – Acts, not words.
In vino veritas – In wine is the truth
Lupus in the fable. – Speaking of the wolf ..
Memento vivere – Remember to live
Mens sane in corpore sano – A healthy mind in a healthy body
Primus inter pares – The first of equals
Pro bono publico – For the public good
Quo vadis, Domine
– Where to go, God
Semper fidelis – Always loyal
Useful sweets – I combine the pleasant with the useful
Wonderful dictum – Beautiful said
Tempus fled – Time flies
Caveat emptor – The buyer should be aware of ..
In the absence – In the absence
In flagrante delicto – In the act of committing a lawlessness / inequality
Ipso facto – By this very
fault My fault – From my fault
Persona non grata – A person who is not welcome
Prima facie – At first sight
Post mortem – After death
Quid pro quo – Something for something else
Terra incognita – Unknown land
Vox populi – Voice of the people
Alea iacta est – The dice were thrown
Et in Arcadia ego – And in
Arcadia nihilo nihil fit – From nothing, nothing
Felix culpa Happy accident
Hic manebimus optimum – Here we will stay
with you, Brute
– and you, Brutus
– the last words spoken by Caesar after being stabbed to death by Brutus’ friend. Expression used to express betrayal

Very short Latin expressions

Below you will find extremely short Latin expressions, in two words or even a word, some of which some of us have forgotten come from Latin.

ex libris – from the library
pater familias – father of the family
veritas et aequitas – Truth and fairness
curriculum vitae – CV, short biography
Versus – Against ex
– From the heart, sincerely
per capita – per person
I do similar – do similar – origin
– abbreviated PS postscriptum
a posteriori – a posteriori
in vitro – in glass, something that is worked in the laboratory
panem et circenses – Bread and circus
non sequitur – Does not derive
Et cetera – And so on…
tabula rasa – John Locke used this phrase for to describe the human mind at birth, before accumulating any knowledge – Tabula rasa
creatio ex nihilo – creation from nothing
a priori – a priori
corpus christi – the body of Jesus
ante bellum – Before the war
ad honorem – for honor
Verbatim – Exactly these words
magna cum laude – with great praise
sola fide – Only by faith
magnum opus

the work
_ announces new pope in Catholic Church
bono malum outdated – Overcoming evil through good
ad infinitum – to infinity

Ad hoc
Bona fide – In good faith
Status quo – Existing state of affairs
De facto – in fact
Ergo – Therefore
E.g. – For the sake of the
in situ example – On position

These are some of the most important quotes in Latin, translated Latin expressions, Latin sayings and proverbs in Latin, and all of them translated. We hope that you have identified the quotation or proverb you are looking for or that you have identified some such interesting expressions that you will include in your vocabulary.