Today, the manicurist is one of the most popular professions. Many specialists have started their careers through independent practice at home. They practiced the profession on relatives and friends, using a minimum set of basic tools, cosmetics and disinfectants.

Each manicure and pedicure specialist initially chooses the most convenient tools for him, but in the process of learning and professional training it is recommended to learn how to use all the tools in the nail kit.

Nail kit for classic manicure and pedicure

Beauty salon specialists use different devices in the work process: from ordinary spatulas to innovative equipment.
If you practice at home, then you can make a small purchase of basic tools.

  • Scissors of different sizes and shapes;
  • Pila;
  • Manicure / pedicure pliers;
  • Special nozzle, in the form of a cone, for removing the cuticle;
  • Cutter, for the area around the nail;
  • Professional freezer;
  • Nail polishes of different shades;
  • Cuticle spatula.

False nail kit

Every experienced craftsman knows that high quality tools allow you to perform your work professionally and quickly.

Tools :

  • At least 2 nail files, designed to correct nail length and polish natural nails;
  • scissors with rounded and straight ends, which will be necessary to remove the cuticle and cut the nails;
  • A ceramic or pumice stone pile;
  • Trimmer;
  • Wooden spatulas;
  • Tweezers or pliers;
  • Professional milling machine / professional electric battery;
  • Set the stamps for nail decoration, which can be used for both natural and false nails;
  • Nail templates.

Cosmetics :

  • Solution for wiping nail polish;
  • Cuticle softening solution;
  • Moisturizing lotion / hand cream;
  • Cuticle oil;
  • Bath salts, which you will need for your pedicure;
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • Vata, floppy disks;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • Massage oil, necessary for pedicure.

Nail degreasing solutions :

With these solutions begins the process of covering the nails with gel, otherwise the applied material can come off.

  • Primer;
  • Bonder – acid-free adhesive, which balances the pH of the nail.

Kit with basic products for gel nail coating:

  • Gel transparent de construction – se aplica sub gel;
  • Semi-permanent gel or nail polish for the nail kit. From the beginning, the basic colors are chosen, namely: red, black, pastel and white for the French manicure;
  • Top coat – is the final application that ensures the gloss of the gel for a long time and prevents cracks.

Electrical and lighting equipment :

  • UV lamp or LED lamp – the drying process takes up to 30 seconds;
  • Powerful table vacuum cleaner – to avoid dust inhalation.

Gel nail kits – for beginners and professionals

In Romania, you can buy cheap gel nail kits suitable for beginners from olx, cupio or emag. Their price starts at 100 lei and usually contains a UV lamp, base gel, colored gels, top coat, primer, file, brush, dust brush, degreasing wipes, degreaser, practice finger, stencils and stamps.

At the same time, a professional kit can reach 1500 lei, due to the large number of components. In addition to the simple kit, it also includes: professional electric file, guillotine pliers, professional vacuum cleaner with fan, glue-tip for tips, nail buffer, cuticle sticks, various decorations, cuticle softening oil and hand support.

Properly selected tools will help you create a neat, attractive and complex manicure. Save money and make rational purchases.