Proverbs are folk sayings that characterize a particular country. People often use such expressions in everyday conversation, sometimes without realizing it.

We present to you the most famous proverbs about diligence and work, as well as about money and teamwork, which will motivate you and enrich your vocabulary.
You can choose a proverb about human work as a status on social networks or you can use it in everyday communication – it all depends on your condition and circumstances.
Such quotes about work and friendship, laziness and diligence clearly demonstrate what things or phenomena play an important role for a particular nation and also help to understand what is considered good and what is bad.
Most of the time, it is recommended to choose proverbs about work for children, which will help the little ones to distinguish laziness from the importance of work and to choose correctly what is a priority.

Proverbs about work and diligence

Work plays an important role in human life. Parents teach their children to work, explaining by the example of proverbs that without work, there will be no results. These proverbs about work and diligence say that laziness is a bad and oppressive occupation, and work is good and useful. The easiest to memorize would be the examples of proverbs about the work of ants.
➞ Do the job in two hairs.
➞ The job is a gold bracelet.
➞ Where there are many, power increases.
Greed loses humanity.
The unscrupulous thief is an honest merchant.
➞ The good landlord makes his sleigh in summer and his car in winter.
He who does not laze finds gold and stone.
➞ Any job is beautiful, if chosen at will.
➞ Through hard work and perseverance, you will reach the desire.
He who starts many does not accomplish anything.
➞ If you get involved, play.
➞ The thing acquired with sweat is more valuable than a legacy.
Unca Work is as rich as God.
➞ Who works, has!
➞ Work prolongs life, laziness shortens it.
➞ The hard beginning leads to a good end.
➞ Autumn counts the buds.
➞ At work you see the man who can.
➞ Work saves us from three evils: ugly, bad deeds and misfortunes.

  • Man does not cringe until he works.
  • At work in the queue, at the food in the forehead.
  • Work hard if you mean that your pieces are too much.
  • A donkey that carries its burden is more valuable than a lion that tears people apart.
  • She doesn’t know what she was ashamed of.
  • Work while the lazy are asleep, and you will have food to sell and keep.
  • The earth bears fruit where the hand works.
  • He who does not learn in his youth will weep in his old age.
  • Work is the first virtue.
  • Work means a short day and a long life.
  • The pig does not gain weight on the eve.
  • Either at work, or at the meadow, or with the pigs after the acorn.
  • If you don’t have a job, be a witness.

➞ Gold isn’t gold either if you don’t hit it with a hammer.
➞ Man is made for work, just as a bird is for flight.
➞ Work sanctifies the place.
Haste spoils the job.
➞ Many hands make the task easier.
➞ Work is appetizing.
➞ God feeds the winged birds.
➞ Who does not work should not eat.
➞ Work is a great treasure.
➞ Man does work and work does man.
➞ Without work you don’t catch a single fish.
➞ Nothing is without effort.
➞ Whoever shakes hands does not drown.
➞ Worthy argat who has is known on food.
➞ From a small job, if it doesn’t flow, it still falls.
➞ The man in his work, when he uses it, is more diligent at work.
➞ He who loves work gets honored.
➞ The studio earns its science, the diligent fortune.
➞ Honor the work of the field so that you do not starve.
➞ Those who do not work in the summer have nothing to eat in the winter.

  • The bread does not come to you alone, but you must look for it.
  • Who works, shortens the day, who is lazy, lengthens the night.
  • Don’t enjoy someone else’s work.
  • The hardworking man is like a fruitful tree.
  • As is your job, so is your merit.
  • The bird that wakes up early catches the earthworm.
  • We work to live, we do not live to work.
  • If you work, you don’t beg.
  • The fly for a little sweetness kills its life.
  • Until you beat the milk, you can’t take out the cream.
  • Who is silent and does.
  • Sweating removes the disease.
  • Hardworking as a bee, tight as an ant.
  • Help yourself and I will help you, work and eat.
  • He has eyes, hands and feet, he can work with sweat.
  • You need to break the bone to suck the marrow.

➞ First the fork, then the clay, and the others behind, none of which will get out of your hand.
➞ No effortless gain.
➞ Who works in youth, has in old age.
➞ Be the first to work and the last to sleep.
➞ From a radish, four dishes are made: shaved and unshaven, creased and sliced.
➞ The one who sows little, little and reaps.
➞ If you don’t go into the woods for wood, you get stuck next to the stove.
➞ Work ennobles man.
➞ The girl rabbit and the heart rabbit moan.
➞ Better do everything today and tomorrow he’ll walk you.
➞ Your work is blessed, when you hold on to it you have a pit.
➞ Go slowly to get far.
➞ Don’t be lucky.
➞ First work and then pleasure.
➞ Work today to eat tomorrow.
➞ Pull the plow horns.
➞ The industrious, hard-working man does not miss bread.
➞ Who works, wins.
➞ Human learning is a treasure, and work is its key. Take good care of the key so you don’t lose the treasure.

  • Work thinks, laziness dreams.
  • Hunger looks at the gate of the working man and does not dare to enter.
  • Good morning is known in the morning.
  • Work brings wealth, and laziness brings poverty.
  • Gather summer to have winter.
  • Whoever wakes up with the first songs of the quail will eat it.
  • The thing prolongs life, and laziness shortens it.
  • Beat the iron until it is hot, because if it gets cold, you will work in vain.
  • The worker learns.
  • The earth, no matter how good, without a worker, remains wild.

Proverbs about work and laziness

It is perfect when a person is in love with work and respects the work of others, but these qualities must be properly educated from an early age. These proverbs about work and laziness will help educate children and motivate adults, as they reflect the wisdom of people and the life experience of many generations.
↩️ You say it’s hard to carry cotton wool, but ask someone else to carry iron for you.
↩️ Laziness is the big lady who has no food.
↩️ Laziness came over him and he lay down on the bed.
↩️ Laziness serves man like a caterpillar.
↩️ He is so lazy and miserable that the grass grows under him.
↩️ You don’t go home with the lazy person, because he doesn’t care about work.
↩️ Whoever takes laziness loses both a hundred and a thousand.
↩️ Trandavia is the mother of all evils.
↩️ Laziness is looking for work, but does not want to find it.
When she is lazy, she is also afraid.
↩️ Trandavia is the disciple of unhappiness.
↩️ Laziness is the key to poverty.
↩️ The lazy person is good at three things: eating, sleeping and getting upset.
↩️ The lazy one runs away when it comes to work, but the first one comes when it comes to food.
↩️ Lazily he closes his eyes and opens his lips.
↩️ He who crawls lazily, luck leaves him.

  • Laziness is the key to poverty.
  • He sees the house burning on him and he is too lazy to go out.
  • She’s too lazy to talk, but she’s still working.
  • The industrious man looks out the window at poverty, but does not dare to enter.
  • He who starts many does not accomplish anything.
  • At work you see the man who can.
  • A lot of running, a little work.
  • Man does not cringe until he works.

↩️ You don’t have to work to work, but they don’t invite you to the table either.
↩️ Bread agonizing with sweat tastes good.
↩️ The earth bears fruit where the hand works.
↩️ Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
↩️ After work, rest brings sweet pleasure.
↩️ What we do voluntarily is easy to do.
↩️ Man is obliged to work, not to find death sitting.
↩️ No one got rich on honest work.
Nothing is without effort.
↩️ Who does not work in summer, has nothing to eat in winter.
↩️ Where you work, you have to eat from there.
↩️ With work, you also make milk out of stone.
↩️ Who sits – be patient.
↩️ Whoever is in the field in winter is also in the field in summer.
↩️ For the person with perseverance, everything is possible.
↩️ Work the ox and eat the horse.
↩️ Work is often the father of pleasure.
↩️ The root is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
↩️ Work has never dishonored anyone.
↩️ What is agonized by work is kept more carefully.

  • Think hard and work fast.
  • Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!
  • When you do a lot, you confuse them all.
  • He who does not work lives with the lack.
  • The wrong thing to do must be done twice.
  • A little crawling, a little hurrying, he reached the ascent.
  • With work and indulgence, the mouse also cuts the odgon from the ship.
  • The work we do with pleasure saves us from her toil.
  • Where everyone works, there are no beggars.
  • Today’s work did not leave it for tomorrow.
  • Whoever works, food agonizes.
  • The work of the earth is wealth.
  • After work and reward.
  • Pies forward, war back.
  • The job well done is half done.
  • Who moves pinch; who stays dries.
  • He who does not work is hungry.

↩️ What you sow, you will have.
↩️ Whoever is silent, does more work.
↩️ You know the man as he works.
↩️ Wheat is not like mushrooms: if you don’t sow it, it doesn’t grow.
↩️ With God before.
↩️ The man who does not work, lives in want.
↩️ He who does not work during the day is hungry at night.
I’m not ciung, I’m not lame, I have a head, hands and feet, work is a treasure.
↩️ Work is the law of life and its best fruit.
↩️ Work is man’s treasure.
↩️ Rest to work and work to rest.
↩️ Whoever gets up in the morning gets far.
↩️ Who works and is silent, does more work.
↩️ He walked as long as he walked, until he gave in.
↩️ Work produces more work.
↩️ When he sends you to work, go and return in a hurry.
↩️ Working is not a sin, being lazy is a sin.
↩️ She works on ice and eats sweat.

  • Whoever is worthy takes it out of the man’s mouth.
  • Some dig and work, others drink and party.
  • When he got to work, he left him speechless.
  • He worked one summer and spent one evening.
  • Work elevates man, but the state did not knock anyone down in vain.
  • It may be hard work, but it teaches you and it also feeds you.
  • As he sowed, so he ate.
  • No bread without work, no work without bread.
  • Work all day to rest at night.

↩️ He who sows food gets rid of many sins.
↩️ Who is diligent and works, is either stupid or does not think.
↩️ Who often works and makes mistakes.
↩️ Work and freedom.
↩️ Blackberry pickle is not made.
↩️ Work is the mother of the poor.
↩️ You get nothing without getting tired.
↩️ Good mill and grind stones.

Proverbs about work, Romanian and foreign

Sayings say a lot about where they are used in speech. For example, the words of the inhabitants of the agricultural towns abound in the agricultural language, and in the fishing villages you will hear winged expressions about the sea. Here are some examples of proverbs about work, Romanian and foreign.

  • A tree is prized for its fruits, and a man for his work.
  • You can’t get the fish out of the pond without work.
  • Heroes are born at work.
  • Man is judged by his work.
  • Work conquers everything.
  • Where there is work, there is happiness.
  • Willpower and hard work give wonderful shoots.
  • Small actions are better than big laziness.
  • More action, fewer words.
  • The one who is used to working does not stay inactive.
  • Without bowing to the ground, you can’t pick up the pinch.
  • Who says little, does more.
  • The poor master begins ten works, but none ends.
  • Love problems – you will be a master.

Tears can’t help you.
⭐ A good start is half the battle.
⭐ If there is patience, there will be ability.
⭐ Hands work – a celebration for the soul.
⭐ Eyes scare, hands rejoice.
⭐ You’re bored in the evening if you haven’t done anything during the day.
Without work, the day seems like a year.
⭐ Clean hands love the work of others.
⭐ Mastery is perfected by hard work and is lost through laziness.
Inactivity is the mother of all vices.
⭐ If you want to eat – do not sit on the stove.
⭐ Doing in a hurry – you will make fun of yourself.
⭐ Don’t blame your neighbor if you sleep before dinner.
⭐ Don’t be afraid of work – let yourself be afraid of yourself.
⭐ Work and labor are two eternal treasures.
The fruit of man’s labor is sweeter than all fruit.
Science is smarter than hands.
⭐ No work and the car rusts.
⭐ The world and work are arguing.
⭐ There are no jobs without work.
⭐ Don’t rush your tongue, hurry up your actions.
⭐ The feet are wearing and the hands are feeding.
⭐ No work and the oven is cold.
⭐ Those who are not afraid of work are shy of laziness.
⭐ To eat fish, you must enter the water.
⭐ Honest work is our fortune.
⭐ Work is for the future, fun is for an hour.
⭐ There is no rest without work.

  • Love and work bring happiness.
  • Man gets sick from laziness, but he recovers from work.
  • Gold is known in fire, man in work.
  • The one who trained well has golden hands.
  • Without soaking your hands, you will not wash.
  • The diligent man builds a bridge and a mountain and comes out on top.
  • Plow, grind, eat.
  • He who does not work does not eat.
  • Worked breadcrumbs are sweeter than stolen cake.
  • Some work until they die, and others drink with their heads down.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • It’s not a shame to work.
  • Work strengthens man, laziness withers him.

⭐ Only those who do not work do not make mistakes.
⭐ The rubbish made by work is more valuable than the saffron of laziness.
⭐ The tree is known by its fruit, the man by its deeds.
Whoever wants to eat the core must first break the shell.
⭐ Make sure that no time passes without fruit.
⭐ When work goes its way, praise usually follows.
⭐ The way you work, the way you get paid.
He who does not work does not have enough bread.
⭐ Wealth gained without effort decreases, but what is collected slowly increases.
⭐ Who sits, his tail falls, who moves, still pinches.
⭐ Hand-made sweat is worth more than a gold ring on your finger.
⭐ Work is like a donkey: you have to push it to work.

  • The industrious man always finds work.
  • On the day of work, the disease of the body comes.
  • Work is the source of virtue.
  • Lazy and ugly, he slipped right under the bed.
  • Laziness is the mother of bad habits.
  • The lazy man, when he is lazy, dreams of being stung.
  • Hard work overcomes everything.
  • Work elevates man.
  • As you lie down, so you sleep.
  • Postpone rest until tomorrow, not work.
  • Good luck brings work.
  • Work is prayer.
  • Work smooths the mountains.
  • It’s not the work, it’s the trouble that keeps people from getting older.
  • Who lives from work is not lacking.
  • You don’t eat bread without work.
  • He went to work on horseback.

⭐ Work and the economy drive out poverty.
Unca Work lifts you up, laziness spoils you.
⭐ Work crowns the one who honors it.
⭐ The work of the earth – the affluence of the poor.
⭐ Waking up in the morning means work and wealth.
⭐ If you went to work in bed, you also earn a living.
⭐ The most beautiful distraction: work.
Work feeds man, and laziness damages him.
The lazy person is close to bread, away from work.
He who loves work, gets honored.
⭐ Honor the work of the field, lest you perish with hunger.
⭐ Work and sparing are the sources of wealth.
⭐ The miracle is synonymous with hard work.
The least work leads to rice with butter.
⭐ She is not afraid of work, but she would lie down to sleep next to her.
⭐ Honesty is earned through hard work and good deeds.
⭐ What is agonized by work is kept more carefully.
⭐ Better belly from beer than hunchbacked from work.
⭐ The hardest part is getting lazy.
⭐ Work, when you look for it, God is with you.
He who works knows how to value the work of others.

  • Work shows man’s dexterity, like fire – the smell of incense.
  • No job is harder than summer with a bad harvest.
  • The one who works must first taste the work.
  • If work enriched someone, donkeys would have their donkeys full of gold.
  • Whoever drinks, does not know about the damage of wine; who does not drink does not know about its advantages.
  • It is better to work without pay than to be without work.
  • The sweetest food is the one earned with work.
  • Many thoughts, without work, prove weak mind.

Proverbs about work and money

Proverbs educate the person in hard work and perseverance. Praise the workers and make fun of lazy people. Man cannot exist without work, which, of course, must be rewarded. In this regard, we present a list of proverbs about work and money.
► I guess the devil’s eye.
► The money didn’t smell.
► A good friend is like a bag of money.
► Brother, brother, but the cheese is for money.
► Everyone complains about money, but no one.
► Money makes you a human being.
► Don’t get married for money. You can borrow them cheaper.
► Money does not bring education, but education brings money.
► Money teaches people what to do in life.
► God gives you, but he doesn’t put you in your bag.
► The richer you get, the more dry you get.
► When you have money, think about the day when you will not have it.
► Money is round: it rolls until it finds a master.
► With money you can buy a bed, not sleep.
► Only when the last tree dies, the last evil is poisoned and the last fish is caught will we realize that money cannot be eaten.
► Worked money does not go to waste.
👉 Money makes light in a dark place.
👉 Money for money builds the house.
👉 You can buy blood with money, but not life.
👉 Money is counted, bread is weighed.
Money has no eyes to see what you spend it on.
Never spend your money before you have it.
Money does not bring learning, but teaching brings money.
Money hidden in the ground neither grows nor bears fruit.
👉 Money passes through any yard.
👉 Money to be, that place for them – enough.
👉 Save money, big money will take care of themselves.
👉 Money gives language to the one who does not have it.
If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at what kind of people he gives it.

  • Money does not grow in the tree.
  • Money makes a man a monkey.
  • Money, the joy of the stingy.
  • Who has money has no mind. Whoever has a mind has no money.
  • The money has no queue. If you throw it away, you have no choice.
  • You have money – You have friends. You have no money – you have no friends.
  • It’s not enough to have money, you have to know how to spend it.
  • Money and youth are like water during a flood.
  • Too much wealth fools people.
  • It is not an art to make money, but it is an art to know how to manage it.
  • Even if you have a lot of money, if you are not generous, I call you poor.
  • With money you can buy a watch, but you can’t buy time.
  • No one is poor, even if he thinks he is.
  • Money is like a hunter’s rifle: when he sees a prey, he shoots.
  • Money opens doors reluctantly.

You can buy a book with money, but not knowledge.
👉 Money is not collected from the trunk, like witches.
Don’t work so hard that you don’t have time to make money.
Prost A fool can make money, but only a wise man can keep it.
Money is a small wheel that spins the whole world.
👉 Money is dirt on your hands; when you wash, he goes.
Money makes money.
👉 You have money, you have escaped.
Who does not respect the money is not worthy of a bigger penny.
The money is not enough, you have to know how to spend it.
Money is only good on one day of the week, on a holiday, or on a rainy day.
💬 Money, whoever uses it, is hard to keep.
Whoever saves money lives without worries.
💬 Man’s friend is his pocket.
💬 Money does not bring happiness, only their number.
💬 The money where he sees, rolls there.
💬 Ban la ban trage.
💬 Money is a knock on many doors.
💬 Money does not bring money, but money brings money.
Those who work do not have time to make money.
💬 It’s not an art to make money, but it’s an art to know how to make money.
💬 As he came, so he went.
💬 Money earns money.
💬 If you run to make money, give it back to the doctor.
💬 Have fun at work.
Money makes money and lice are still lice.
💬 With hard work and patience, you can make it big.
💬 Sleeping on money.
💬 Money gives language to the one who does not have it.

  • Money teaches you to speak and your clothes to walk.
  • The money is round, it rolls easily.
  • Rich in money, poor in mind.
  • Teaching is not bought with money, but with the brain.
  • The man’s friend is the bag of money and the sack of corn.
  • The poor man is in trouble because he has no money, the rich man is rich.
  • Bad money is never lost.
  • The penny makes the lion.
  • You work for two bucks, but you want two turkeys.
  • Man is never satisfied – why he has more, that’s why he wants more.
  • With money you can make the dead talk, without money you can silence the dead.

💬 He who has a lot of money and no children is not rich; he who has many children and has no money is not poor.
You have money, you have enemies; You have no money, you have no enemies.
Time is money.
💬 With money you open any padlock.
💬 When the dog has money, it is said: “Mr. dog!”.
💬 When you have money, you are lucky.
💬 Raise white money for dark days.
💬 With money you can also find bird’s milk.
💬 The goods are ready for the money.
💬 It’s full of money, like a boulder.
💬 The nobility has money, poverty is in vain.
💬 Working for money is not a shame.
Fără Honesty without money is empty poverty.
💬 If you have money, you can find soup in the woods too.