Today is his birthday. It is the day of the man to whom you swore eternal love and promised in front of the Most High that you will stay with him for better or for worse. This means that you are already grateful for every moment spent with him, for the years that have passed and made your love even stronger, but also for the trust and respect that characterizes your relationship. And because it’s his birthday, you have to make it all the more special.

Turn the classic “Happy Birthday” message into a heartfelt declaration of love. It’s about your husband and, as a wife, you have to make him feel like the most beautiful and strong man of all men.

Also take into account the small aspects, such as the greeting message you send on your mobile phone or the note you attach to the gift.
Below you will find some birthday messages for your dear husband, which will serve as your source of inspiration.

Happy birthday to my husband

Today is the day when everything revolves around you , the day when everything belongs to you and no one has the courage to refuse you. And because that’s the way it is, I obey and today I’m ready to do everything for myself. Your wish, the command for me. I love you!

Happy birthday, my dear husband! Spending the rest of my life with you was the best decision. I am grateful for every moment!

Not all women were lucky enough to marry their soul mate, but I was blessed. I want you to know that I adore you! Happy Birthday, my husband!

Happy birthday, my soul mate! I am grateful for all the moments spent together, for all the happiness you bring me every day, for all the smiles and especially for the moments when you are my support and moral support. I don’t know and I don’t want to know what my life would have been like without you. Thank you for everything! I love you!

Happy birthday, darling! I hope God will bring you only sunny days and trustworthy people around you. I am a very lucky woman because I have a partner with me with whom I can build the life I dreamed of. Thank you because, first of all, you are my best friend and no one will ever be able to change that. I adore you!

After so many years of relationship , I still fall asleep every night with a smile on my face, calm and fulfilled, because I fall asleep next to you. And I wake up overnight just to hold your hand when you sleep. Thank you for the mornings we drink coffee together and for the evenings spent on the couch watching the series. Thank you for the kisses you give me when I least expect it and for telling me how beautiful I am when I need it most. Thank you for being the perfect definition of family together. Thank you and I wish you “Happy Birthday”! Have a beautiful day like your soul! Happy birthday, my husband!

Happy birthday, my husband! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! I wish you an exceptional life (with me) sprinkled with a lot of humor and especially with a lot of fulfillment. I don’t know how I can thank you for all the support you give me. Whatever I propose and whatever idea I have, I know that you will support me to the fullest, and that is the most important thing for me! I love you!

Happy birthday, my love! Marriage is the most beautiful journey with you. Ever since I was just a little girl, I wanted to find my own half, and God helped me and you got in my way. I love you to the stars and back and I want to have a long and beautiful life together, where love is always in the first place!

Happy birthday, honey! I hope you have the most beautiful day of the year, because you deserve it! You are a good, gentle man who knows how to love the people around him and for that, I adore you! Until I met you, I always felt that I was looking for something or that I was missing something. And when I first saw you, my soul understood (before my mind) that you were half of it. Thank you for the best years of my life!

Happy birthday and full of love, my love! You have not ceased to amaze me in the most beautiful ways possible even after so long. I declare myself the luckiest woman in the world because I have the joy of drinking coffee with you every morning. I love you and I want all the good on Earth to gather in your soul!

Happy birthday, baby! I felt like I loved you from the moment my gaze first caught your eye. I have known since then that we are meant to be shoulder to shoulder on this journey called “Life.” Thank you for all the moments when you didn’t let me down, when you held my hand and said “Everything will be fine!”. I love you more than I can explain in words and I pray that every day we will remain as in love for up to 100 years!

Happy birthday to the best husband in the world! I am a better man, cleaner and calmer because of you! Every day next to you is a life lesson, an unexpected adventure and a joy that I find hard to express in writing. You came into my life and you gave me purpose! I am grateful for everything and I wish we had the life we ​​dreamed of together! I love you!

Happy birthday, my half! I used to hate when people talked about “halves”, it seemed so cliché to me and as a movie script this whole story was about looking for your half so that I moved away from the concept. But life has taken care to show me that there is nothing cliché, everything is as realistic as possible. How
By putting me in the same place, at the right time, with you. Ever since I saw you, I’ve known you’re half of me! I love you more than I can express words!

Happy birthday to my best friend! Any place in the world is “Home” if I have you by my side. You make me the happiest woman in the world and I don’t have enough words to thank you for that. Life has taken on color since I met you and continues to be a colorful story ever since. I love you so much and I hope that I will have the privilege for as long as possible to be the one you see for the first time in the morning!

Happy birthday to the one with whom I would like to see the whole globe! Your free spirit and always eager for adventure showed me the most beautiful parts of life! I am overwhelmed by your optimism, your desire for life, everything you have managed to do so far! and especially I am proud of you! You are the best option and only God knows how much you worked for it! I love you!

Happy birthday, baby! I wish you the next year to be the best, most beautiful and most productive for you! I will stand by you, help you and support you in everything you set out to do. I love you so much and thank you for giving me all this love back, tenfold! As many sunny days as possible, together!

Happy birthday, my husband! I have been living with you for several years, the most beautiful love story with you. I can’t find the right words to tell you how much you mean to me and how much you’ve given me since we met. You offered me peace and tranquility, you gave me the love I dreamed of and you offered me the marriage I hoped I would have one day. I am the luckiest man in the world because I have you by my side every day. As I said before God, I will be with you for better or worse for the rest of my life! I love you more than I thought I could ever love!

The most beautiful love messages with ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes for the husband

Happy birthday, husband of grade 10! Even if the program keeps me away from you for a few hours, I wish you today to receive all the attention you deserve, a lot of gifts and, why not, even a salary increase. No, I will not be jealous of the thought that all your colleagues will congratulate you, because I have prepared an irresistible surprise for you tonight. Smile a lot today and remember that men become more beautiful and sexier every year. Lucky you!

Happy birthday, dear husband! May this day, at this age, take place in your heart for peace and fulfillment, may your mind be flooded with positive thoughts and great plans, which I know you will accomplish, and may your imagination do. every day more beautiful. I love you!

My dear, I am not a selfish person , but I wish you, in addition to the traditional “Happy Birthday”, to lead a happy and peaceful life with me. I want you to bring not one every day, but dozens of pleasant surprises, which you should write down in a notebook and reread whenever you think you need. I want you to remain the strong and ambitious man, funny and optimistic, beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. I love you mega!

Happy birthday, my half!  Happy birthday with many sincere smiles and moments of love, with many professional achievements and personal accomplishments, because you deserve them all! But before that, I want you to be healthy, because that’s the only way you can really enjoy everything this beautiful life has in store for you. I love you!

Today is the day of the man to whom I swore eternal love  and with whom I am still in love as a teenager. It is the day of the ambitious and strong man who teaches me every day how to fight for every desire, for every daring dream. It’s the day of the man who never let me down and who understands me even when I’m silent. Happy Birthday and I love you! Happy birthday and thank you for existing in my life!