Children are the most important beings in their parents’ lives! That’s why when it comes to children’s birthday, Christmas or New Year is knocking at the door, the school year is coming to an end with excellent grades or International Children’s Day is approaching, mom and dad are always looking for beautiful messages for children or try to find interesting messages from friends for many years.

So, if you are one of the parents looking for inspiration, who have a certain celebration, the long-awaited birthday of the children or simply want to thank the child and make it really enjoyable, do not hesitate to read these birthday messages for children from parents, suitable for all occasions.

Just by hearing warm words, the child will spend one hundred percent of his holiday and everyone will be in a good mood. By the way, the little ones are especially happy when the first name or number of years is found in the greeting message for the children.

Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the messages of many years for children, selected by age. They contain short multi-year text messages for children from 1 to 15 years old, suitable as not only birthday messages for children, but also on the occasion of other family holidays.

Birthday messages for children

The parents of a cute little boy or girl, as well as the homage themselves, will be very happy to receive messages for their birthday children from friends and relatives, regardless of their age.
In our small collection of super greeting cards, you will find messages for children’s birthdays, suitable for both boys and girls.
You are like a bright ray of sunshine. You are like a flower and an angel. I wish you to keep success in your hands and your laughter will always resonate with you. Congratulations and happy birthday!
πŸ”” Learn well, always keep up with all the news. Always keep the magic close and your life will be enlightened. Congratulations!
πŸ”” Happy birthday, wonderful baby! Have a happy fate and a bright life, good people on the road and fulfillment of precious wishes, big and small victories, strong health, loyal friends, interesting hobbies and the protection of the guardian angel.
πŸ”” We all congratulate you, we wish you happiness and joy! To grow up without knowing the troubles, to give everyone a smile! To know the essence of life and to be, child, happy!
πŸ”” For your birthday, smile and have fun. The rest of the day – be polite and raise a child who is obedient. Let the world appear to you in bright colors! I wish you goodness in life and, as in wonderful fairy tales, make your dreams come true!
πŸ”” Happy birthday, my bunny! You are the joy of your mother and father. May dreams come true, happiness walk around, and childhood be bright. Learn well and do everything with love. We are sure that you will succeed in everything, we believe in you!
πŸ”” Birthday is the most beautiful holiday and I want to wish you many, many, many happinesses, as described in the stories! To be easy to learn, to have many friends. Congratulations and happy birthday!
πŸ”” Sweets and toys are under the pillow, and the house is full of friends. Have a great day! Happy Birthday! Good luck to you every day!
πŸ”” We, the parents, are proud of you. You are the reason for our joy and we want you to be successful in everything! We wish you so much happiness that it will be enough for a hundred years!
πŸ”” We want to tell you so much, but it is a long and long life ahead to repeat that we love you! Have a flat road in it, successfully pressed.
πŸ”” The moment you smile, everyone is happier! On your birthday, to be surrounded by your dear friends, luck to help you along the way, and may your life become a fairy tale!
You know, even if you are a child, on your wonderful birthday, you can enlighten the whole world! Believe in magic and stories, follow the path of your life and go through all the prepared obstacles easily. Many years, our dear!

Peace messages for children

Through these messages of peace for children we come with an inspiring help for parents on Children’s Day – June 1, which reminds adults of the child’s rights to life, rest, education and protection.
βœ…οΈ May our babies stay children for as long as possible. Carefree, funny, cheerful. I would like every child to be healthy and surrounded by parental care. May the sky above the little ones’ heads always be peaceful and every new day – beautiful and interesting. We wish our parents patience, kindness and tenderness. Remember that only we, the parents, are responsible for the happy and safe childhood of the children!
βœ…οΈ Congratulations on Children’s Day! I would like every child to be warmed by attention, love and care. Let the children’s laughter always sound loud and sincere. Take care of the children, protect them, love them and pamper them!
βœ…οΈ Congratulations on Children’s Day! I want you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of happiness, smiles and sincere joy of children. May your families be strong, united and loving. From the laughter of children are born hopes, and dreams come true! Take care of them, because family is the main thing!
βœ…οΈ There is so much sincerity and trust in children’s smiles that even the most severe and aggravated problem will melt away. Therefore, may the lives of the little inhabitants of our planet become better and more secure.
βœ…οΈ Congratulations to all the children and their parents on Children’s Day! Let happy smiles play on your faces on this sunny first day of June. Let the colorful balloons decorate your life in vivid shades.
βœ…οΈ Children smile for no reason, have a wonderful mood and share sincere love with all their little heart. Let’s take care of these bright eyes!
βœ…οΈ Congratulations on this wonderful holiday, which is based on the protection of the most precious and beautiful beings we have – our children. May their childhood be happy and serene, grow up in an atmosphere of love and care. Take care of the childhood you offer!
βœ…οΈ Children are our future, the meaning of our lives and our happiness. Let them know about wars and enmity only from books and never see these problems in reality. Let the sun always shine above their heads, and life give them pleasant gifts.
βœ…οΈ From June 1, let the smiles on the children’s faces blossom! Endless joy and happiness, so that the soul is always, as in childhood, carefree and open to the goodness of the world.

Funny messages for kids

Teach your children to look at the world with a smile, because this is the only way to make life easier and easier! And, of course, develop their sense of humor through funny messages for children, sent on the occasion of family holidays.
πŸ˜„ You grow so fast! You have become not only taller, but also more serious. You will soon become a minister and you will be able to take the stars from the sky by the hand! I would like success to enter your room every day, and all your colleagues to dream of being friends with you.
πŸ˜„ Happy birthday! I want you to be as curious as Ali Baba, as dreamy as the Little Prince, as brave as Mowgli, as persistent as Captain Nemo, as inventive as Robinson Crusoe. In general, in any situation there should always be an easy and correct solution.
πŸ˜„ I want you to be interesting at school, at home, with friends and relatives. Only cool ideas and great friends come to life!
πŸ˜„ Zebra and rainbow are somewhat similar. The zebra is striped, so is the rainbow. I would like your life to be a striped zebra, but not in 2 colors, but in several. Be very green – like hope and warm summer. Be very yellow – like the bright sun. Let it be a lot of red – so that love can brighten your life. But also blue – that is, a clear sky above the head! Happiness, health, love, longevity!
πŸ˜„ Congratulations and happy birthday! Have fun, relax, but don’t forget school!
πŸ˜„ Happy birthday! We wish you what a child should have at your age: strong teeth – to grasp science with lust, eyes wide open – to independently distinguish good from evil, pure heart – not to upset parents, ingenuity – to you can easily get out of unpleasant situations!
πŸ˜„ I wish you fun adventures, to love both the lessons and the school in general and to praise your parents and teachers as often and as much as possible.
πŸ˜„ I wish you a long journey in life! Listen to your mother, sleep well and eat, be friends with your sense of humor and don’t be naughty at school!
πŸ˜„ We wish you to be very tired on this day… opening the gift boxes. Grow up, be brave, learn the best and have fun on your birthday!

Motivational messages for children

Motivation is important for self-improvement at any age. It is important and necessary for the little one to hear words of approval from his mother and father, in addition to gentle kisses and warm hugs. These short motivational messages for children will help to inspire and pursue the goal.
➑️ You are my smart girl and I am sure you will succeed in everything! I’m very proud of you!
➑️ I really appreciate your help and I’m glad I can count on you. I trust you and I want you to know that you are the best child for me. It is a great happiness to be your mother.
️ Bravo! You exceeded all my expectations. You did a lot today. You are a very intelligent and talented child. I’m sure you’ll get everything you want.
➑️ You are the most important person in the world to me, and your success for me is the greatest reward. I knew you would do well and I would like you to know that you can do much more than you think.
➑️ Life is a book. There are people who write it and there are those who read and live as someone wrote. I want you to write your own book – bright, full of impressions, love, happiness, understanding. Have something to remember and tell others!
➑️ Let the wonderful puzzle of your life consist only of pieces of happiness and make an overall picture of joy and success. May all his happy pieces be glued together in strong health, and with each new day, may their numbers only increase!
➑️ Our life is like a big river. I want your boat not to lose control in the whirlwind of love and to make sure you swim to the waterfall of happiness.
️ The sages said that we will wait for a new era and the world will slowly start to change for the better. You know, I believe them… After all, you are the only person who carries the goodness, the love and the incredible sincerity.
➑️ Be confident in your abilities and they will not leave you! Rest assured that your wishes will come true and that they will be fulfilled! Start your day with a smile and it will surely pass on a positive wave! Don’t let your mood drop and everything will be easy and simple! I wish you were always yourself!
➑️ I want to wish your parents happiness, health and good luck. As long as it’s good with them – everything will be fine with you. After all, parents and children always share their happiness.
➑️ Do well, multiply it ten times and you will be happy! Happy Holidays, our dear boy!

Love messages for children

Parental love is unconditional, manifested by warmth, care and responsibility. Sometimes parents feel the need to talk about their feelings out loud because it gets too crowded inside. Thus, it is possible to remind your babies how much you love them, inspired by these messages of love for children. They will surely enjoy such sincere confessions!
πŸ–€ ​​My little treasure! My bead, my little morning dew on a flower petal! My breath! The meaning of my life! On this day, given to mankind by heaven to speak and listen to my confessions, I want to tell you that I love you very much!
πŸ–€ ​​My dear! If you hadn’t been excited in my life, my life would have been colorless! You bring me joy, the brightness of colors, laughter and happiness. You are like a breath of spring breeze, which I simply adore!
πŸ–€ ​​In the arms of your little hands, I feel very strong, capable of everything, happy. My joy, my love, my sun! I want you to always smile!
πŸ–€ ​​There is no love in the whole world that is more valuable, more sincere and more precious than mine for you! Take care of yourself! Remember that I will always love you, as long as my heart beats! And when it stops beating, I’ll protect you from the sky.
πŸ–€ ​​I love you so much! I am always waiting for you with joy. We are connected by a thread and I would like to keep this connection at all times.
Know that in any situation, when you are not doing well, you can count on me and ask for my help. I will tell you how to avoid all evil, how to find peace in yourself. I will teach you how to offer kindness and forgiveness. Because I love you.

Thank you texts for children

The magic word “thank you” must also be learned by the little ones. Parents, in this sense, will be the best example for their children. Thank them for their success, for their attitude, for their esteem and for their love. Thank them for any occasion with these thank you texts for children.
↩️ Thank you very much for everything. Thank you for giving me such a bright, cute, good-natured child! I wish you with all my heart health, peace, inner harmony and joy in my heart.
↩️ Thank you, my dear child. May God reward you with good and happiness for your good heart, and may fate enlighten your life with great hope and true success.
↩️ I am glad that we were able to raise a really kind and good person, who helps us a lot. For that, my heart will always be grateful. I wish you prosperity in life, strong strength and respect from those around you.
↩️ My dear, thank you for choosing me as my mother. I couldn’t even dream of such a wonderful child. I would like your sincerity to be rewarded with kindness and happiness. Know that I will always give you a helping hand.
↩️ Thank God you are my child. May He grant you health and prosperity, happiness and luck, in response to your sensitive heart and the generosity of the soul.
↩️ Thank you very much for being an obedient and good child. My heart and soul are sincerely grateful because you are not indifferent to the demands of others, for your help and kindness, because you know how to choose the most worthy friends.
↩️ You are the best child! Thank you for making me proud of you! It’s a great feeling! Through you, I managed to make my dreams come true. Have only prosperity and peace, good luck in life and the light of joy on the road.
↩️ Thank you, my wonderful and dear child, for the fact that you managed to give hope to my heart, peace to my soul, good to my life. I love you to the stars and back!
↩️ Thank you, dear daughter, for existing in the world! I wish you happiness and dreams come true!

Messages from many years for 1 year olds

The first year is the most difficult stage, with sleepless nights, many diapers and teeth eruption. But at the same time, the first joys – the first smile, the first crouch, the first steps. At this age, parents are the ones who receive messages from many years, intended for their 1-year-old children. Here are some examples.
➞ It’s been a year since you were born! You are like a clear sun that warms us with your smile. You are a beautiful soul who dispels all our sadness. In a year you can already do a lot, and we just want you to grow even smarter.
You are an angel, even if you don’t have wings, and your gentle face warms my soul. Today we celebrate your first birthday and we wish you joy, happiness and a beautiful childhood!
➞ Happy birthday! Even though you are only a year old, you are already confident in your first steps towards new victories. Dare to go over obstacles and reap the beautiful fruits of life.
You have become our main happiness, even if you are only 1 year old. Let your life be like a fairy tale, good luck lead you to victory, be obedient and affectionate and go as bold as possible!
➞ Today is the most important holiday! Our son is honored! It’s so funny that it’s impossible not to constantly kiss his chubby cheeks. Grow smart, happy and healthy – to the delight of family and friends!
The house is full of guests, who share the joy with us – the celebration of the year that brought us joy. Whose eyes are there
Whose mouth
Has whose smile and teeth
Of our little love!
There is a lot of noise and I was crawling in the house, a lot of happy, loud laughter. It’s perfect happiness! The son is our happiness, only with him does life make sense. Happy birthday and good luck!
➞ Wonderful little girl! Happy birthday sweetheart! Let everything flourish around you, play and have fun! Time flies so imperceptibly that you will grow in the blink of an eye. It is important to be healthy, obedient, loving and tender.
➞ At 1 year, the most important thing is: to sleep sweetly, to eat well and to be friends with children. Later it will be important to be rich in heart and soul. But I want you to always be the first of them all! Congratulations!
➞ Your steps are still small, but strong eagles also grow from eagle chicks, and from the lion cub grows a lioness! You become stronger, wiser every day! Be happy, our beloved child!
➞ The happiest year! Because it’s about you! Let your baby’s wishes come true – have dolls and books, be interesting and curious. We will give you a lot of tenderness and affection! And when mom and dad are around, life is like a fairy tale!

Messages from many years for 2 year olds

2 years is another important stage in the life of a child, but also of his parents. To congratulate the little one, take inspiration from these birthday messages for 2 year olds.

  • You are our sun, which is 2 years old. With your smile you warm everyone. We only wish you good weather, that success will always be with you, that your dreams will always come true!
  • Grow up a beautiful princess, enjoying everything around you! Many happy years!
  • Our dear girl, you are still a child, and your friend is the giant bear. But you are so wise! Happy birthday, baby! A sea of ​​happiness and luck!
  • Happy Birthday! You are only two years old, but how wonderful the events were and how interesting the first discoveries took place! The interest in the game will not disappear soon, but I’m glad you found the joy of work! You are our little help – funny, smart, beautiful.
  • Our dear, you are our life, you are the light of the sun. Welcome guests to your two-year anniversary! Be happy and obedient, strong, smart, benevolent!
  • You have two years and unlimited freedom! You can do anything that’s not dangerous! Don’t rush to grow up, I want to be able to enjoy the moments when you’re still young. Many glorious days ahead of you, so be happy and lucky!
  • Happy birthday, little angel! To grow up healthy, smart and happy. I wish her a happy childhood, so that she can make her parents proud with every step she takes.
  • Happy birthday, little one! At the age of 2, I want you to have the miracles of your life happen every day, the sun always shining for you and this world to be beautiful.
  • I wish you, my parents, enormous strength. May the child delight you with each of his discoveries and achievements, may your joy not become ill, and may he offer you his wonderful embraces every day.
  • Happy birthday, little miracle for two years. I want you to always smile, have fun playing, walking actively, eating well and tasty, running, jumping, singing and dancing. Let the sun smile and be interesting to you every day.
  • Congratulations to you and your baby, who brings you happiness and joy. May the little culprit of today’s holiday be healthy, obedient and happy. Patience and wisdom for his parents!

Messages from many years for 3 year olds

How to congratulate the child on a holiday so as to bring joy to both the little one and his parents
The simplest way is a beautiful greeting card drawn on a large sheet of paper. You can write messages from parents, grandparents, friends and relatives, from all those who love the child and want to congratulate him. If you are used to preparing preventive texts, then these Happy Birthday messages for 3 year olds will be helpful.
πŸ”– Sun small, radiant, smiling, happy birthday! You are already 3 years old. You are our joy and happiness. A huge incentive and an incredibly lovable little man. We wish you a lot of strength and energy for knowing the world. Learn a lot of new and interesting things every day. Do not part with your childish spontaneity and let your beloved eyes shine with happiness and kindness. We love you so much!
πŸ”– To raise your child without problems, to be always on the island of warmth and joy. I wish them to grow in prosperity, in love and health!
πŸ”– Our sweet happiness! Many gifts, toys, happy days for you. Let mom and dad always be by your side and fulfill your wishes, and you to be obedient and the happiest child in the world!
πŸ”– Today marks 3 years of happiness! Happy birthday, baby wonder! We wish you immense joy, love, health, vivid impressions and new discoveries. May each new day be more amazing than the last, and may laughter and sincere joy always be your companions!
πŸ”– Happy birthday, my little flower! You are already 3 years old and you can run to your childhood dreams. I want you to be surprised every day and sincerely enjoy everything that happens in your life.
Let the toys not spoil, the candies don’t end, the funny songs don’t stop. I wish you wonders and great happiness!
πŸ”– You are three years old, dear! I wish you to grow and discover this wonderful world every day! May happiness and goodness always reign in your heart! Smile more often, be an obedient child and grow in love and harmony!
πŸ”– Congratulations! He raises a healthy, intelligent, cheerful and happy child. May you have the most beautiful holiday today with lots of sweets, gifts and surprises.
πŸ”– Congratulations on this important day! May your life be interesting and the happiest, may there be many friends and happy surprises.
πŸ”– Congratulations on the 3rd birthday of a beautiful baby! I wish you lots of cartoons and sweets, lots of games and fun, lots of adventures and friends, toys and family love.
πŸ”– It’s been 3 years since the world became more beautiful, brighter, more fulfilled. You raise a real person, so sincere and cheerful. I want to wish you every day to be full of laughter, new adventures and joys.

Messages from many years for 4 year olds

Your wonderful 4-year-old child urgently needs a magic card
Choose from this wide variety of messages for many years for 4-year-olds.
β‡’ Happy birthday, beautiful baby. I wish you, the little sun, happiness and fun, good friends and wonderful ideas, strong love of parents and well-being in the family, interesting knowledge and incredible wonders.
β‡’ Happy birthday! Congratulations! We want the baby to grow up healthy and happy! To receive the best lessons in life, to become perfect in everything. To delight their parents with success and achievements and to raise an intelligent and amazing little man!
β‡’ Congratulations, child, on your fourth year of life! I wish you joy in life, vivid childhood memories, happy moments and miracles. Every day to open something new and interesting for you, parents to love you and always offer you a clear sky of happiness.
β‡’ Congratulations, wonderful baby! I wish you a colorful and lively world, where there will be a lot of fun, happiness, joy, games, hobbies, toys, sweets and family love.
β‡’ I sincerely wish you light and joy, prosperity and sweets, love and understanding from your parents, interesting toys and real fun, colorful emotions and lots of delicious candy.
β‡’ Our dear child! We want every step you take to be a step towards success and great victories. We want you to become the favorite of life, to love you and to pamper yourself with gifts. We also want your energy to be a source of movement for new adventures. You are our happiness!
β‡’ Happy birthday! You are already 4 years old, you make your whole family happy, and, along with the characters of cartoons and fairy tales, you travel through the lands of fun. I wish you to raise a healthy and curious child, cheerful and happy. Parents, don’t be upset by your little and harmless pranks, make every day sweet, bright and wonderful, like your birthday cake!
β‡’ Congratulations, miracle, you are 4 years old today! I wish you wonderful moments in life, bright rays of happiness and joy, great holidays and fun games. Let the world open its doors to interesting hobbies and funny impressions.
β‡’ 4 years of joy, discovery, emotion and happiness have passed! Be the best, healthy, strong and agile. Take an interest in everything, listen to your parents and smile every day!
β‡’ Happy birthday, dear child. At 4 years old, the whole world is open to you and I want you to learn its bright sides every day. May your mother and father always pamper you. Stay cheerful, curious and sociable.

Messages from many years for 5 year olds

Greeting your 5 year old child will be easier if you choose in advance some ready-made texts from our multi-year message gallery for 5 year olds. Here you will find the most unusual greetings, the sweetest and gentlest wishes for princesses or serious and courageous greetings for the little knights. Remember that at this age, children are expecting holiday miracles!
β‡’ At 5 years old, we wish you many friends, new toys and opportunities for laughter. Every day to bring you amazing discoveries, new impressions and a great love of knowledge. Health, joy and long-awaited gifts!
β‡’ Happy birthday, adorable and wonderful baby! You are already 5 years old and before that only new and interesting adventures await you, doors to a fabulous and magical land of wonderful knowledge and wonders.
I wish you joy, never lose your curiosity, to always remain a cheerful and obedient child, who is constantly busy with interesting things.
β‡’ Happy birthday! Let there always be a rainbow in your life, let the sun be bright, let the weather be warm, and let the laughter be loud.
β‡’ Happy birthday, wonderful baby. You are 5 years old, and this is a time of independence and fun without worries. I want you to always believe in good stories and never be sad.
β‡’ At 5 years old, I wish you many sunny smiles, the fulfillment of all dreams and happy emotions! Let your eyes shine with happiness, because this world is so beautiful! May every moment of your life bring you only pleasure!
β‡’ You are only five years old but you are the ray of light that illuminates our lives and a superhero of our hearts! Blow out the candles, have fun, play, laugh, sing and, of course, open the crowd of presents! Happy Birthday!

Messages from many years for 6 year olds

How to wish a 6 year old a happy birthday
Of course, in the most unusual way! Kids love surprises, including greeting cards, so you shouldn’t ignore them. For your convenience, we have prepared an excellent selection of multi-year messages for 6-year-olds, which can be used for postcards and sent via SMS. Choose your favorite message and give your child the great pleasure of reading it!
β‡’ Today you are six years old, our sun! Let the smile on your face shine as often as possible! Grow, grow and learn as much as you can about the world! I wish you much happiness, beautiful childhood and the fulfillment of all dreams!
β‡’ Happy birthday, miracle! I wish you many interesting, fun and good things in your life. May childhood turn into a happy path, may the world open a new magic for you every day. I wish you health and only smiles!
β‡’ We wish you success in everything, to raise a healthy, interesting, cheerful and kind person. Laugh, have fun, enjoy every moment of your childhood!
Nostru Our sun, you are six years old today. To always have everything you want, you just have to dream. May your mother and father be happy and proud of all your successes! Happy birthday!
β‡’ Congratulations on the 6th anniversary! I want to wish you a happy fate and prosperity, strong love of parents and true luck, continuous development and interesting hobbies in life, good friends and fun games, strong health and success.
β‡’ Happy birthday, baby! I wish every day was full of magic, fun, jokes, laughter, gifts, surprises, sweets and games with friends. Never be sad and grow up, delighting your parents!
β‡’ Happy birthday! On this important day, I want to wish you sunny smiles, clear days, a cloudless life and a happy mood! Let all your dreams come true and your goals be achieved easily and simply.
Every year is so important, because it teaches us many new things. Believe me, the world is so bright and colorful! I wish there were as many fun adventures and pleasant surprises for you as possible.
β‡’ Our cute teddy bear! You are already 6 years old! We wish you a happy birthday! Whether the good magician finds out about your dreams and fulfills them, all the stories come to life instantly and turn you into a fun dance.
β‡’ Health, luck, joy and happiness. Grow up, our boy, to the happiness of parents, relatives and friends. We kiss you on the chubby cheek, bunny.
β‡’ Congratulations on the 6th birthday, wonderful and exemplary child. With all my heart I wish you to walk happily on the path of life, to achieve all goals and to learn new things with interest. I wish you wonderful friends and good luck, brave talents and new skills.
β‡’ With all my heart I want to congratulate the cutest and sweetest 6 year old child! I wish you to explore the world with interest and discover new limits, I wish you to always be a happy, brave and good child, strong health and captivating adventures, happy stories and good friends.

Messages from many years for 7 year olds

Your child is already 7 years old
. This event deserves special words. Yesterday he was still a baby, and today he is almost an adult, a responsible 7-year-old child, who will be happy to receive a gift accompanied by messages from many years for 7-year-old children. It is important to choose the right words.
β‡’ Happy birthday! A fun road ahead in the land of knowledge by the name of school awaits you. I would like this knowledge to be given to you easily, to make every day wonderful and happy.
β‡’ I wish you health, good friends and good mood, self-confidence and great achievements in life. I love you my baby!
β‡’ At 7 years old, I wish you easy studies, great achievements, great victories, funny stories, interesting hobbies, good friends, good mood, strong health and a wonderful life.
β‡’ Congratulations! Every step of the life should be done with confidence and success. May the support of your parents and love always accompany you. I wish you incredible stories and adventures, interesting studies and a cheerful mood.
β‡’ Today is a wonderful holiday – 7 years ago our greatest happiness was born. He raises a healthy, intelligent, kind, sensitive child.
β‡’ Allow your life to be a fairy tale in which every day is more beautiful than the previous one and only positive people surround you. Happy Birthday!
β‡’ Congratulations, my joy! May every day be a fairy tale, may your life always be full of wonders and joys. I want you to learn well, without special efforts, to always reach victorious heights and never put your dream and desires aside.
β‡’ Congratulations! We want you to be healthy, to study well, to laugh, to have fun, to smile, not to be sad and just to be happy. Let your closest friends come today and give you a mountain of gifts.

Messages from many years for 8 year olds

A special holiday requires special congratulations. We have prepared an interesting selection of messages from many years for 8-year-olds, which will please the little schoolchildren and which will touch their heart.
β‡’ At 8 years old, I wish you good luck, interesting hobbies and successful studies, good friends and happy days. I want you to never be sick or sad, to make your family happy with your victories and talents, to smile and have fun every day.
β‡’ Congratulations to the best child in the world! The number 8 means infinity, so I wish you infinite happiness, infinite joy and boundless luck. And, above all, good mood, cheerful friends and high achievements.
β‡’ Congratulations on this beautiful day! I wish you much success, much enthusiasm, significant achievements, brilliant victories, wonderful acquaintances and devoted friends.
β‡’ You are the 8th wonder of the world for your parents and friends! I wish you to have fun every day, to have success at school and happy moments in life.
β‡’ Happy birthday, joy. Let the world around you become more interesting and amazing at the age of 8, let life open up new opportunities and hobbies for you, let your friends always be with you and always succeed in learning and in any aspirations.
β‡’ We wish you as many gifts, smiles and laughter as possible. You are an exemplary child and schoolboy, and your parents rejoice every day that they have the most wonderful child in the world. Happy celebrations!
β‡’ Wonderful child, you are 8 years old today. I congratulate you and wish you that the sun will always shine in your life, to bring you joy and pleasure every day, and that school life will be diverse and fun.
β‡’ I would like everything in your life to be “excellent”, to always have a lot of mood. Be infinitely lucky in everything, and may your power and energy never end.

Messages from many years for 9 year olds

Messages from many years for 9 year olds you can choose in our special section, which we have created to make your choice of greeting cards prepared easy and pleasant. Choose text that reflects your child’s interests.
β‡’ Congratulations on the wonderful 9 years of a happy and happy life! I wish you successful studies, activities and hobbies, good friends, fascinating books, interesting free time, well-being in the family. May your parents always be proud of you, rejoicing in your victories and achievements!
β‡’ Happy birthday! Outstanding success, excellent learning, good friends, fun adventures, good deeds, interesting hobbies and new discoveries!
β‡’ I wish you to meet every day with a smile and good mood. Study well and do interesting things. And, of course, have many happy adventures in life.
β‡’ Not long ago I called you a baby, and today you are 9 years old and you are almost an adult. Continue to raise an intelligent and kind boy, who always protects the weak and enjoys his parents with decent behavior and good grades. Always boldly fulfill all wishes!
β‡’ Congratulations on the 9th anniversary! I wish you to study well, to have fun from the heart, to do interesting things, to dream big, to run to interesting adventures, to reach your goals and to be a happy little man.
β‡’ You are 9 years old today. We wish you success in school, more faithful friends, creative plans, joy, happiness, health, enthusiasm, sparkle in the eyes and good grades in the agenda. Always listen to your parents and make them happy!
β‡’ On this day, I want you to believe in miracles: homework should be simple and weekends should be long. Always smiling! Happy Birthday!
β‡’ Never lose interest in your hobbies, live in good mood and resounding happiness. Let as many miracles happen to you! Happy Birthday!

Messages from many years for 10 year olds

10 years is the time when the child leaves childhood and tries to learn how to be a teenager. Many children at this age try to look older, but continue to play “war” and “mother-daughter.” At the age of 10, life is just beginning, so desires are educational. Here is a great selection of birthday messages for 10 year olds. You can congratulate not only his parents, but also his homage to his first decade.
🎁 Congratulations on your small but important anniversary! I want to wish all your wishes as you blow out the candles on your cake a reality. I also want you to always have the strength and energy to come up with interesting ideas.
🎁 Congratulations on your 10th birthday and I want you to be not only in the top ten, talented, smart, capable, wonderful children, but to lead this successful list. I wish you a happy childhood!
🎁 Today is a special, magical day. This day not only makes you older, but fuller of wisdom, independence and responsibility. Do not rush to grow, but enjoy your wonderful and magical childhood.
🎁 Congratulations on your first decade! May this world open to you in bright colors of happiness, and may each day become a reality with magical moments!
🎁 Many years await you ahead and I wish you to fill them successfully, bold deeds, useful activities, beauty, love. I wish you health, happy events, sincere friends and the embodiment of dreams!
Today is not just a holiday, but the first jubilee of your life – ten years. Have great victories, high ideas and a stormy flight of fantasy. At school you should only have excellent grades and there should be no room for sadness in your soul. Happy Birthday!
🎁 Our little hero, to become more confident in yourself, to be a happy child, to let yourself be carried away by everything you like and to be successful in your creative ideas, in school life and in your personal interests.

Messages from many years for children aged 11-15

At the age of 11-15, the child is already a fully formed personality. Therefore, he needs smart and sincere words, messages from many years for 11-15 year olds that can inspire him to creative and great achievements.
↩️ Happy birthday! New frontiers of interests and opportunities are now opening up. I wish you to study well, to dedicate your time only to important and interesting problems and to never give up on dreams.
↩️ To have the love of the parents, the friendly attitude of the classmates and the respect of the teachers! Excellent grades, deep knowledge, interesting and fun weekends and lots of gifts on this day!
↩️ Dear child, congratulations! Have no failures in life, to fully reveal your talents and abilities. May the support of family and friends always be around.
↩️ Congratulations, wonderful baby! You have many roads and hobbies ahead of you, lots of interesting commitments. I wish you confidence and good luck in your dreams!
↩️ Sun, I always wish you to have fun, to study well, to make friends with good people, to smile sincerely, to enjoy life and to be proud of your success.
↩️ You have become bigger, better, smarter. You are already taking the first serious steps in learning, making your parents happy with your achievements and trying to look like an adult and independent. This is very commendable, but we want you to remember that you are still a child, a teenager who should enjoy his childhood years, so have fun on this day!
↩️ On this day, I want to wish you self-confidence, the support of friends, the love of family, good luck in life and happy events. Always be on top of success!
↩️ Today you are only 14 years old, but you can already enter the circle of adults, because you know how to argue your own point of view and respect someone else’s. I wish you less worries and more free time.
↩️ You know, adolescence is the best time of your life. When you grow up, you will want to return to your childhood without worries, but there will be no going back. So rejoice now that there are no serious problems in your life and all the failures are perceived due to lack of experience.
↩️ Now begins the most wonderful period – fun, adventure, love. I wish you to live this happy time so that only good memories of this age remain. Happy Birthday!
↩️ I wish all your dreams come true, to be able to see the beauty of the world in everything, to love every blade of grass, every petal, every drop of rain and the world will love each other.