Here are some of the best sad messages of love and longing you can share with your partner when you miss him or her. Let your boyfriend and girlfriend know how special and loved they are – and also make them miss you with 300 of the most beautiful sad love messages that will impress any loving heart!

If you miss someone, it means that you really love the person; it is a pain that we all face at some point. But missing someone is not always a bad thing, it could be sad, but it is certainly not a bad feeling because it tells you how much you love someone. Losing someone you love is a very natural feeling, which is sometimes as strong as love itself! So you miss your partner, his / her smiles, texts, funny or loving

Messages of suffering for the loved one

Sooner or later it happens to everyone to have sadness in their hearts. Disappointments are the order of the day, especially when you are young and at first experience. Living a sad love is certainly not easy, but with so much will and desire to turn the page you can erase from the mirror the reflection of a sad person who appears before your eyes.

These messages of suffering will help you put an end to sadness, to find inner peace. And you can only have that when you express your feelings for the person you broke up with. And if you are in a long-distance relationship and want to tell your boyfriend / girlfriend how much you are suffering because you can’t be close to him / her, these messages will help you to express your feelings clearly.

“My plan was to break your heart, but it happened so I gather my pieces.” ” Among the
gray shores, I found the island of love with you. But the bad waves from time to time throw our souls on the cold shores of parting and to sharp rocks.
AcaIf you want to go – go. If you want to look at me – look at me. But know that at the end of the road you will have no way back.
In our relationship, the next step is – never!
😭If you want to love, then always love. If you want to forget, then please forget forever!
I am very upset with you, my heart is crying because my girlfriend is able to hurt me and make me suffer.
“Why did you wait so
long? After all, you’ve known for a long time that you don’t love me.”
😭You got into my life so easily and left, causing a lot of pain!
UDon’t break the heart you live in!
“That’s how I want you to have flowers donated by me on your table, in a crystal vase.” And every morning to admire them and remember me.
It is impossible to understand you, it is impossible to look at you, it is very difficult to love you, because you are so dear to me!
“I’ve never known how happy he was with you.” But I didn’t even know about the deception, the pain, the resentment! Thanks, I experienced everything!
Let’s go back and break this ladder, which gave us the opportunity to climb it with tears, parting and the boredom of the soul. Excuse me. Come back.
“It’s always been that way, and that’s why we’re born – when we’re loved, we don’t love.” When they don’t love us, we love each other.
“The chess of my soul has been defeated.” I want to cry. I will cry until a puddle forms or there is a wet pillow on both sides.
“Fate has slammed the door of happiness.” I’m afraid I’ll lose you… Let’s finish this artificial separation!
The soul crouched like a kitten, waiting for the cold. Why do you offend me
? Why do you scratch my heart sometimes ? “” It’s
a pity there’s no button in my heart
The worst way to miss a person is to be with them and understand that they will never be yours.
The soul walks along the promenade. I feel the drops of a sea salty, blue, but beautiful. I am sinking into the deep boredom of deep gray…
😭Our love bush has begun to bear fruit, but the frosts of parting have come and I am very afraid that they will freeze… I miss you very much, I am waiting for you to kiss your pink nose .
It hurts, and the tears are salty, bitter…
😭I don’t cry, only my heart hurts. It is very difficult for me to relieve this pain because he did not understand anything, although he had to understand…
😭I will bite my lips and hold my breath in my lungs, but I will not ask for your love as the beggar asks for alms!
😭The wind blows in the book of our destinies, turns the pages one after the other and I am afraid it will not close them back. I miss you.
😭My soul cries like music of sadness. Even an ordinary passer-by is ready to give me everything, down to the last penny, just not to share this sadness with me.
“I will not return!” Don’t come into my cold world. Please forget about our future, you’re the former… only the former…
😭I want to tickle your soles and drink orange juice from your glass, which I ordered at our favorite coffee shop. I want to look out the window and see your smile there at the entrance. Please return all this to me. I can no longer bear the leaden sky, the cold in my soul and the love shed in the form of tears.
😭When will scientists come up with remedies for such diseases: love, resentment, indifference, indifference
😭The price of our love is so low that it makes sense to betray it for the sake of another
😭 Beat me and bite me, cut me – me with a sharp blade, if you want – leave me. But in every cell of mine, in the corner of my heart, I will leave you the address.

The saddest and longest messages of love and longing

If sadness and loneliness have been your companions for some time, it’s time to choose new feelings. A love that ends brings a lot of pain, but it is possible to smile again as in the past. These sad messages of love and longing can help you forget the sadness you feel right now. You can choose from these sad messages of love for her and for him and dedicate a thought to you or those who are going through the same difficulties.

💔Even if it is said that separation strengthens the feelings, I miss you very much and I am ready to fly towards you on the wings of love, just to see you, darling! Fate separated us so that the meeting would give us a sea of ​​happiness and love. I miss you and with every minute of my life they see us getting closer to each other! Why did I need this separation
Let’s intensify my feelings
Yes, possible, but the same intensified feelings burn me! I miss you and I’m waiting for you.
“Somewhere now it’s you.” I don’t feel your breath and your heartbeat, I don’t look you in the beautiful eyes, I don’t feel the warmth of your strong hands. I really miss you. Indeed, even a day of solitude is a century for me. Our separation takes so long! I can’t put into words how much I miss you. I want to look you in the eye and hug you tightly. Hurry to me!
“I miss you.” I look at the sky and it seems that the stars, the sun, the moon have left me with you. Without you, I have no joy, just waiting for you. As soon as you return, my sun
Time is behaving more and more strangely. When we are together, he flies like a proud vulture, and when we are separated – he longs for pain and torment. Honey, make it fly again.
Who invented separation
It’s so cruel to separate people in love! I suffer deeply because of the separation from you and I miss the warmth of our meetings. Come back as soon as possible! I am sad far from you, my love, we share too much distance! But I will pass this test of separation, and the reward will be your tender smile and words of love.
I am sad that we are separated, I am bored to wake up without you, but I believe that our separation will be strengthened and will ignite more our mutual and strong love. I miss you, I’m like a man torn from reality, because my world is you! And nothing makes sense without you. Come back as soon as possible!
IataLife can separate people, but it cannot separate memories and feelings. I miss you like before. Or even stronger, because nothing unites loving hearts as much as separation. I live waiting for our meeting. Count the days and minutes. More and more often, I see you in dreams. You know, the most painful, but also the safest test of feelings, is separation. No, my heart beats without you, of course. But life takes on completely different colors, it loses its deep meaning. I just miss your warmth.
“Look up.” See the stars
Some are brighter than others. They are the ones that people usually look at. But look closely and you will see one that has a light that seems to flicker, as if it is about to come out or light up more strongly. It is a star that has the past and the future in it, it represents everything that could have been and everything that will be. Like us, like our history. So, on the nights when you are alone, look at the sky and look for that star, it will be as if I were looking for myself, as for you, it will be as if you would find us again.
After that first kiss, which lasted so short, time no longer made sense, the past was just the past, the future was just imaginable in the depths of your eyes.
“You know what I think.”
I think we all have two destinies: what we choose in the end and what we should have been. That’s why some stories never end, so you’ll stay with me for a while and keep looking for me, despite everything. This is because whether you like it or not, we continue to be what we should be. And there will never be a warning between us.
Look around you: everything you see has been around for a very short time. .. several days. I’m not crazy, I’m serious, it’s been a long time since I’ve made love. Don’t look at me like that. I’ll explain: I was making love, and at one point you looked me in the eye and said, “We’re one thing. .. “, when you started the phrase” We are. .. „the sea, the rocks, the fish, the algae, the mountain with its trees, the grass, the ants, the lizards, the headlights and the road, the cars, the mopeds, the people, the houses, the lights, the shadows you. The moment you finished the phrase “… what”, the whole universe exploded outside: again the sea, the mountains, the roads, the light, everything, but everything completely new and everything that came back. Now there is a little bit of us. For this reason, wherever I return, I can’t help but see you.
Only those who love can see beyond what appears.
Your eyes. .. they ever told you how beautiful your eyes are.
You have to dive into them to understand it, you have to jump over the fence and let yourself go into the abyss of emotions that hides behind them.
The death of a love is like the death of a loved one. Leave the same agony, the same emptiness, the same refusal to resign yourself to that emptiness. Even if you waited for him, challenged him, wanted him out of self-defense or common sense or the need for freedom, when he arrives, you feel disabled. Mutilated.

The saddest love messages that will make you cry

The term nostalgia comes from the ancient Greek. It comes from the fusion of two terms, nostos, which means “return” and algos or “suffering”. Therefore, nostalgia indicates the pain and sadness felt by the desire for someone to return or the desire to return to a past moment in our lives.

This suffering can be seen in different ways. It can refer to a past love, a friendship, a specific person, but also a place, an experience and even a certain object. What characterizes it is the attachment to a past that can no longer be lived and this triggers in us that feeling of emptiness, lack, due to temporal and physical distance.

Love is not killed by separation, neither by distance nor by time, but by the reluctance to solve common problems. If that happened then it wasn’t a big deal.
“It just so happens that love hurts.” This condition is like a deep cut: sooner or later, the pain will subside, the wound will heal, but the scar will remain.
😞It happens that the roads diverge. And no matter how hard it is to open your fingers, open your lips, break your heart – you have to let go of love. Being able to fly, she will definitely return.
When love dies, it is always sad. But we must remember that the feeling itself will never die in person, but will only stop in relation to someone in particular.
At the beginning of a love affair, everything is so easy and pleasant: shy looks, sweet smiles, tender kisses. But at the end of love – tears, mutual reproaches and destroyed souls.
😞Rarely love becomes a real love, for life, because people do not know how to properly evaluate their loyalty, strength of feeling and patience.
😞The reasoning and understanding of love are special only for those who have not developed a relationship and have the opportunity to reconsider the unexplored in the hope of a happy outcome.
😞Love can be different: passionate, tender, destructive, creative. But when one of the lovers has already left, she is no longer omnipotent.
The worst thing in human relationships is unrequited love. It lasts a long time, hurts and therefore causes the strongest negative emotions that can even kill a person.
😞True love will overcome everything: time, distance and long separation. But if the relationship didn’t last, then I overdo it.
You should never be sad that you have lost your love: first of all, it has given you experience; secondly, it teaches you to value relationships; third, it opens the door to a new future.
There are days when everything goes wrong and falls out of your hands. Tears are running down my cheeks and there seems to be no way out. In such moments, only a loving person is able to correct everything with his kind look and smile.
Love is like a door with two sides. On the one hand, you enter and receive pleasure and happiness, and on the other hand, you enter and receive suffering and sorrow.
😞Separation from a loved one only strengthens souls, calms the nerves, makes you think of your lover all the time, to love him more strongly. But, ah, how rare that is! Basically, everything is the other way around…
😞The poor man is rich if he feels love. The rich man is poor if he does not know love and has never needed it. Everything that this unfortunate has simply loses its meaning!
😞Incompetent love is insidious and cruel. And we often sigh for those who are indifferent to us, instead of looking back at those who look at us full of love and admiration.
For true love, there are no boundaries and no great distances. With love at a distance you can measure the depth and authenticity of feelings: weak – disappears, strong – ignites with a greater fire.
This is the problem when you get attached to someone. When I leave you, you feel lost.
😞Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find the ones you deserve to suffer for.
“It’s hard to expect something you know might never happen, but it’s even harder to give up when that’s all you want.”
“If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.” If he doesn’t want you, nothing can stop him.
“Once you’ve been hurt, you’re afraid it will happen again.” You have this fear that every person you fall in love with will break your heart again.
Pain plays a crucial role in our lives because it serves as a learning lesson that makes us wiser and more appropriate in approaching the idiosyncrasies of life. When we fully engage in our suffering, we reach a point where the pain turns into acceptance and love.
Never give priority to someone when all you are for them is an option.
Some say it’s painful to wait for someone. Others say it’s painful to forget someone. But the worst pain comes when you don’t know whether to wait or forget.
Never get lost while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.
“When you’re in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut.” It will heal, but a scar will always remain.
A disappointment in love is a blessing from God. It’s just his way of telling you that he saved you from something wrong.
😞A broken heart is awful. It’s like having broken ribs. No one can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe.
If someone wants to get rid of you, let him do it. Your fate should not be tied to someone you want to leave.
😞Having a broken heart is a different kind of pain than breaking someone’s heart. While the guilt is heavier, the pain is more alienating. As a victim of someone else’s mistakes, it is more difficult for us to accept the pain that is being caused to us.
The love that stays in your heart the longest is the one that does not return.
When you are close to someone for so long, so long, it becomes a part of you. And when he changes or leaves, you don’t know who you are without him.

Sad messages of love for him

When a love ends, the world seems to collapse at your feet and a deep sadness in the heart is added together with the indelible memory of the loved one. However, pain has its purposes and one of them is to evolve emotionally and spiritually as a person, therefore, it must be lived and not rejected: crying and expressing feelings can help you feel better and get out of this state more easily. .

I miss your caressing hands! I miss the eyes that look at me with tenderness and care! I miss your body radiating heat! I miss your heart that loves me! I miss you!
“I’m so lonely, I miss you so much.” I can not live without you. I love you!
“Don’t worry, everyone’s going through this.” The time will come and you will meet the one who will appreciate and love you.
I look in the mirror and see an empty soul. It’s your fault!
I know you will miss me more tomorrow than today, because today I miss you more than yesterday!
“You’d give me air.” And during our relationship, my body got so used to it that during the breakup I couldn’t breathe and started coughing. This is the first sign of inattention and boredom.
UmanHuman nature makes mistakes and you use this priority often and with pleasure.
😥If we are not a couple with you and I am not the one you need, turn right and leave the other one in place!
😥The yellow light of the street lamps lit up my soul. But I’m still sitting and crying, waiting for you on the cold bench.
I can no longer bear the tears on the pillow, the darkness in my eyes and the lack of sun!
I don’t want to be separated, our souls to stand at different angles and endure these sharp pains. This loneliness is much more painful than the sting of a steel knife!
“I have no master and I am not under your control!”
“I feel incredible pain.” But it is not an organ or part of the body that hurts, but a soul. And the worst part is that I can’t drink painkillers or inject anesthesia to look at you.
😥My heart hurts every day, in torment I burn fiery and I feel that without your love, I die. I like it and every day I understand this more and more.
I look at the blue sky and see that there is only lead and emptiness. My heart doesn’t dance the waltz like it used to. It seems that the music of my soul has drowned in the depths of our separation.
I want to be a bird, to fly and get rid of you and all this: resentments, tears, feelings, that incomprehensible pain that does not leave my soul alone!
“You know why I love you so much
. Otherwise I can’t!”
The light went out in my heart. And the batteries are completely cold. My soul flows with tears of cold, separation, and the color gray fills my daily life…
😥I can’t think, breathe, work and exist, because I miss you. And I have only one dream: to see you and kiss you.
When love dies, it turns into a ghost that returns only to say goodbye.
“I won’t let you go because if I lose you, I’ll lose myself.”
I have three feelings in my heart that someone never gets bored with: sadness, love and gratitude.
😥If a plate or glass falls to the ground, you hear a thunderous noise. The same thing happens if a window slams, if a table leg breaks or if a painting comes off the wall. But the heart, when it breaks, does so in absolute silence.
The sun became pale and the moon darkened because I loved him and he did not love me. –
Desire, always moving us towards what is most contrary to us, forces us to love what will make us suffer.
Many are ashamed to cry and hold tears in their hearts.
Love does not always end well. .. if she suffers, you are attacked by an unparalleled pain and despite this you fall in love even more. ..
😥Not being loved is a great suffering, but not the greatest. The biggest thing is not to be loved anymore.
😥Love suffers sweetened with imagination, salty with tears, seasoned with doubt, flavored with novelty and swallowed with closed eyes.
We are never as helpless from suffering as we are when we love.

The saddest messages about life

Pain is an emotion that touches, invades and changes lives. Abandonment, death, loss can plunge you into a state of sickness that must be faced in order to be overcome. Below are sad messages that can describe what happens to the human soul when it is crossed by a tragedy, but messages about sadness that can push you out of a state of depression and return to the state of happiness.

It is always difficult for a person to get rid of memories of his past love: he holds her tight, suffocates her constantly and locks the door to a happy future with hundreds of locks.
“It’s a pity there isn’t such a pill for the hurting soul.” You drank it and treated yourself.
Don’t be sad that you miss your loved one. Get ready for the next meeting with all the thoughts, tenderness, longing and love.
😟Only, in the back, they throw knives at those you love and respect.
There are tears that purify, bring back to life, give impetus to new achievements and there are those that destroy. The strangest thing is that both are tears because of love.
The more you open your arms, the easier it is for you to be crucified.
😟Memories are an amazing thing: they warm us from the inside and immediately tear us apart.
“Life destroys people without noise, without screams, without tears
” love makes us suffer a lot. It breaks our hearts to pieces, and the resulting wound hurts. In such situations, only time can help us or a new love that will fill the spiritual void and therefore heal the bleeding wound.
You will have to lose a lot in life: your loved ones, those who will go to others, your relatives who will leave forever, your friends who will betray you. But you must always remember them, because they have given you happiness for at least a moment!
“Only the pain reminds me you’ve been in my life.”
“Failure is said to make us stronger, but it’s hard to breathe when no one believes in us.”
You have to cry when the rain cries. Then it will not be clear which of you sheds tears.
😟Reading old novels, you understand that nothing in the world has changed and your story has already happened to someone. Instead, enjoying the feeling of love, you become the only part of the novel.
Life is such a sad thing that sometimes even the most magnificent moment of love finally leads to great disappointment and bitter tears.
You have to wipe the people in your life with a black marker and not with a simple pencil, in the hope that you can always find a eraser. 

Sad messages of love for him

Longing inevitably triggers sadness and suffering. Although nostalgia is manifested above all by detachment, forced or desired, from a loved one or an important place, it often happens that you feel it even for an unknown place, which you see as a means to achieve your dreams. and your goals. Nostalgia is much more complex because we do not know how to deal with it. We are missing something we have never known, visited or seen. Or if you are nostalgic for a previous relationship and the sadness is too intense, read the sad messages of love below and start a new day with a positive thinking.

Everyone has the right to stupidity. But some abuse this right…
😢Finally I realized that without US it is much better!
“Love without reciprocity, without joy, and without understanding, is no longer love
.” I fell in love with your good deeds and attitudes, and then the bad ones came up, so maybe I’m guilty of something, somewhere…
😢How hard it is in the world to pretend. How hard it is to seek love. And how disgusting it is to smile when you want to cry.
IAnd my heart beats smoothly, it doesn’t hurt already, I’m completely calm now, I’ve lost everything I loved…
Ita Forget it, leave, don’t call, don’t make my pain even more painful! Believe me, there are so many failures in life, but that’s how we become stronger than them!
I am very sad and tears are running down my cheeks. Don’t insult me ​​like that anymore, please, I can’t argue with you because I love you!
How scary it is to be alone, how hard it is to believe in people! Painful wounds, unfulfilled hopes, betrayals and deceptions will never heal in my heart!
“I will never forgive such a thing!” Stop repenting! Before you go wrong, think about the consequences!
It is hard for me to love you, because my feelings are not reciprocal. I want to erase your traces in my soul, but I don’t know how…
😢Honey, like you I didn’t have, I don’t have and I don’t need!
I am the one who forgave everything, the one who loved you. I want to never come back to you and look at you!
“I don’t like traitors and cowards.” Out of love – tell me and leave. I don’t want knives in the back!
Oh, this feeling, when you come to every SMS you hope it is from the person you need.
😢What does a person who breaks trust, betraying love think,
He really thinks that getting into the heart is so simple
😢Offer me, I will not cry! I am strong! I will not humble myself before a coward!
“Your words are cheap.” You do not have a boyfriend. And you will not love. Divide your words into stars and give them to others.
“At least send me your eyes, you bastard!”
So long I was able to forgive, not to notice, not to see! I really loved, deeply, but I will hate even more!
EstiYou command my heart to be silent
Don’t worry, it will remain silent, even if it is painful!
You don’t have to waste time with insults, life is too short. Let’s try to resolve the conflict and live happily ever after!
“I’m not sorry.” Absolute. Not at all. I’m not even crying. I’m not even bitter. I just feel lonely and I need a look.
You will not take revenge on me! I will forget the promises you once gave me. I will forget all the words forever. Yes, forever!
It was hard for me to believe that now I will be on your ex-list and you will be on my loss list.
Once I read in a book that love does not exist to make us happy, but to show us how strong our ability to bear pain is.
😢The memory of the days we lived together burns on my skin and burns my eyes with pain.
“Without you, emptiness embraces me in her womb.”
We forgot what it means to look at each other, to touch each other, to have a real life relationship, to take care of each other. Not surprisingly, we all die of loneliness.
“It’s a strange pain.” To die of nostalgia for something you will never experience. –
frA broken heart does not have the power to try to love again.

The saddest messages for pictures and Facebook

Sad moments are part of life. Difficulties push us, to bring out the best in us, to make us grow. Sadness is not an enemy that must be defeated, but rather a reality that we must learn to manage better. Because after all, sad moments help us to appreciate the happy ones more intensely. Here are some sad love messages that you can add as a description to a picture or you can post them directly on Facebook. If you want the world to know your sadness with these messages, you will be able to make everyone understand what you are going through.

“We’re breaking up forever
!” Don’t forget one thing – I will love you and always wait!
It is said that it is painful to look at the sun, but it is even more painful to look at the lips you love, but you cannot kiss them!
Forgive me, you know I can’t live without you, I walk like a zombie!
“Our love is not serious.” Let’s leave each other, let’s leave without tears. Understand me and forgive me.
“Love without reciprocity is no longer love.”
“I miss you so much, I’m waiting for your call.” I’m sorry to upset you, but I love you.
TaYour eyes still occupy my memory. How painful it is for me!
We are different people, with different destinies. Our meeting is a mistake, a mistake called love.
“He offended you, he left you.” But you have to wipe the tears from your face, because people don’t have to see how you suffer.
Love is a jar, the jar is made of glass! The love of glass is easy to break!
“I know you love him.” But this SMS is his last word…
😔I can’t live without you! It’s hard for me without you! It’s painful to be here, and you’re away.
Don’t think what happened, don’t guess what will happen, be careful what it is!
It is said that it takes a minute to observe the special person. Just an hour to fall in love. And all your life you need to forget it!
😔Let the clouds explode and the sky cry if I run out of you!
You are the meaning of my life, you are the meaning of my tears, you are all the joys and sorrows!
It is better not to know love at all than to know it and lose it.
“I loved you, I cherished you, but you betrayed love.” Now there is only emptiness in my heart.
“I know I’m like a toy for you to throw away, but I’m still waiting for that moment when you say, ‘I love you.’
The heart cries and suffers because we are so far from each other!
“Recently, I had a wonderful dream.” In that dream we were together. But, unfortunately, I woke up…
😔Separation means silence without you!
“What a pity you’re not mine.” Too bad you’re not with me. I live only for you, and of course you don’t
It is better to starve than to eat anything and to be alone than with anyone.
No one will ever know and I will not tell anyone for whom my heart suffers, whom I love so much.
If you do not have love in life, then all life is useless.
“The last ray of light has gone out.” I have a cigarette and that’s poison. Life for me is exhausted.
I decided to write that I still love you. And at the same time, I realized that it’s hard for me to live without you.
I want to see you, to hug you, to look you in the eye. Let’s forget all the quarrels and dissatisfaction and be together forever!
😔Rivers can dry up, but never the oceans. Maybe you’ll forget me, but not me.

The saddest and most beautiful parting messages

Sometimes life makes us say goodbye to someone (and above all) against our will. In other situations, we have to change, leaving everything behind.

In any case, finding the right words for a goodbye is almost as difficult as the decision to leave, and it is not always possible to express how we feel at that moment. If you are going through a difficult time, and you cannot find the words to express your words, we are helping you through this difficult time in your life. Read the parting messages below and use them to tell the person how you really feel.

“Our relationship is like torture.” But separation makes us lonely and miserable. What a way to escape you see
😩My boyfriend, I’m very sorry, but it happened so we have to break up. I don’t want your heart to cry and your soul to be sad. Everything will be wonderful in your life. I hope there are warm and good relations between us.
“I’m leaving, my dear, don’t cry and don’t regret what happened.” After all, if he was with us, then he will be with someone else!
I’m sorry, goodbye. We were together tonight, but tomorrow we’ll be apart.
“I’m sorry, but we have to break up.” You are a wonderful person who helped me see this world from all its beautiful parts, you are a sweet song and a story, but not mine. Our separation will end the relationship, but give us the opportunity to be good friends.
“We can’t be together.” There are a hundred reasons for this, but don’t cry, darling, there are many men in the world.
😩All our relationships have long since come to a standstill. Maybe we will be able to break up easily and remain friends
😩We need to break up and do it as painlessly as possible. I know, we have bad days ahead of us as we reconcile with this new decision. I wish you happiness, goodbye!
I can’t say “Soon”, just the bitter word “Goodbye”. We won’t be together anymore, I’ll leave you forever.
“It’s sad to realize we have to leave.” But I hope this will not lead to negativity and resentment. I want each of us to find our own happiness, to have luck on the path of life. All the best.
“We’re breaking up, so you stay with what you wanted, and I’ll stay with you!”
“Sorry, but I think we’ll both be better off.” It is painful and unpleasant, but we have no future. I tried, but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a happy ending. I sincerely wish you happiness!
I’m sorry, but we won’t have a happy love story. We lose interest in each other, and this is a good reason not to continue the relationship. Otherwise, we will both regret the time lost, the unnecessary efforts in the name of unfulfilled hopes.
“We have to break up, darling.” I decided so. Live happily and never regret what happened!
“There was something between us, it is and will be!” But we must forget this sick love!
It hurts me to know that you have sunk into your sadness. We experienced a lot together, but love did not save us. Our love went nowhere. Why continue with unnecessary attempts
I just want to remember each other well.
“Out of love I will hide deep and try to forget you.” You won’t see me cry, I’ll be strong! I will not give you hope. I do not want. It won’t be the same as before and we just have to break up!
“I realized I couldn’t be with you anymore.” I think you can find another girl you’ll be fine with. I want you to have a happy and happy life, but not with me.
Everything in our lives has a beginning and an end. Our love had a happy beginning, a beautiful story, but unfortunately this story must end. Forgive me for everything, please. It is for our trust, freedom and peace. Farewell!
UnaGood love, don’t think it’s easy for me, I’m not sure what we’re doing either, but it’s the only solution, we can’t go on like this, so. .. goodbye!
I think that, in the end, the whole life is nothing but an act of separation, but the thing that creates the most pain is not to take a moment for just a goodbye.
I want ours to be a goodbye kiss, but not to mark an end: to seal a precious feeling in the sweetest way, so that it remains forever pure and intact in our hearts.
“I know it’s hard to say goodbye, but I’ll have to.” We spent unforgettable moments together and you will remain in my heart forever!
“You know, you’ve always been the thrill of my day, I loved you so much!” If I cried it was joy or because I missed you, but now I find myself with tears in my eyes because I have to say goodbye and it breaks my heart just to tell you, but you did too many mistakes! –
😩Between me you will be happier and soon you will have the world in your hands. I will not forget you. Take care of yourself. ..
And if one day you decide to look back, remember the words we said to you today and you will understand how badly you hurt me! Goodbye.
I did everything to keep you connected to me, but I was wrong: hearts cannot be handcuffed. We usually say goodbye to a broken love. I say goodbye because ours never started.
“Please don’t look at me like that, it breaks my heart, but it has to.” Goodbye!
“It will be impossible to forget you, you will remain etched in my heart forever.” Goodbye.
“And now that you’re not there, there’s a gap at every step.”
I went down, giving you my arm, at least a million stairs
The words are silent on the doorstep a step away from you who are outside and I do not know how to call you and ask you to come back. That’s how they are born goodbye.
It would be a better world if “I love you” and “Goodbye” could be said only once in a lifetime. And never to the same person.
Goodbye, maybe we will meet in another life, but in this one, our time is very long.
I say goodbye because I don’t deserve you anymore, I say goodbye because I don’t know how to make you happy, I say goodbye because I can’t give you what you ask of me. I say goodbye, but I will always carry you in my heart.
😩How to end, how to close: this is about it and certainly not about how to start or open something, that those who live a modern liquid life urgently need instructions.
Goodbye friend, mine is not a normal goodbye, but a greeting that we want to see you again soon. PS: I miss you so much my friend.
“Please, now it would be useless to go back.” Let’s make the decision to the end. .. and goodbye!
Even if I have to say goodbye, you are the only person who could comfort me. It is a strange fate to make fun of ourselves, but there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe one day our paths will meet.
I wanted you, I waited for you, I loved you and now I say goodbye because I love you too much!
The beginning is sweet, absurd, happy. Intrigue full of goodwill, strong and full of tension. The end, a laceration.
You don’t know how much it hurts to say goodbye, but unfortunately it’s the right choice I can make for both of us. You don’t know how to love me and I can’t stand being your last thought, if you can’t love me, let me go. ..
😩You disappointed me, you told me you would never replace me and instead you did it with her. .. Goodbye.
Like it or not, abandonment introduces us, from the first moment we suffer it, into a wilderness we did not know, it makes us listen to an unprecedented tone of despair and fatigue of existence and desires.
I thought so hard about you that I also prayed to God, now enough, I say goodbye, I will forget about my love!
😩Hello my dear, please always keep your best memories and cherish the least happy ones so as not to repeat the same mistakes in the future!
It’s time to say goodbye, it’s not easy to say goodbye, but we have to do it, we don’t know what life has in store for us, but everyone will have to go back their way!
Love never dies as a natural death. He dies because we don’t know how to complete his source. He dies of blindness, errors and betrayals. He dies of disease and wounds, dies of exhaustion, wear and tear or opacity.
It is very difficult to say goodbye to yourself, but always remember that a part of you will remain in my heart forever! I will not forget you!
“Goodbye, stupid man in my dreams.” You still don’t understand my love and that’s why I’m leaving your life forever. I wish no one would make you suffer as you made me suffer.
“I tried again, but it didn’t help.” I say goodbye to boundless love, your memory will remain forever in my heart and mind.
“I don’t feel like fighting the windmills anymore.” I didn’t want to conquer the world, just win your love! Goodbye!
VoiI will relieve you, don’t say anything, I already understood everything from your eyes, it’s over!
“For a while, maybe I’ll keep shouting my name in my heart.” But eventually the wound will heal.
I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand it anymore, my heart is no longer yours!
I will draw the sign of infinity on the middle finger, so when I send you to the hay. . you will know that it is forever.
EntruFor you who always smile, for you who are special, I want you to always be serene. Be happy!