Over time, Monica Bellucci has inspired and motivated many women to have self-confidence and self-respect. One of the most appreciated and adored actresses of the times is the Italian actress Monica Bellucci. She was nicknamed the Italian Goddess. Her charisma and natural femininity do not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, Monica Bellucci is the mother of two wonderful children, knows three languages ​​and loves yoga. 

In the following article we present 20 of the motivational quotes of the actress, quotes that inspired thousands of ladies:

  1. The woman can love like that, as if she will never leave. But there may come a day when he leaves as if he never loved you.
  2. You must not hate those who envy you, because they recognize that you are better than them.
  3. Nothing belongs to us, neither the spouses nor the children. We are only able to share something with our loved ones.
  4. Femininity is very important to me. It means beauty. It has nothing to do with genetic beauty, but with acquired beauty. It’s like femininity is reflected on your face and body depending on what you’ve lived and experienced.
  5. Beauty becomes vivid and interesting when hidden under clothing.
  6. In my opinion, it is stupid, being young and beautiful, to become a decoration piece of a rich man and to consume yourself only in parties.
  7. I think time destroys everything. Take a beautiful, red apple. After a while it shrinks and fills with worms, just like it happens to all of us.
  8. Beauty is really a strength only when you know how to use it. It’s like having a Ferrari, but you don’t know how to drive it; it is of no use.
  9. Someone told me that inside all the artists there are some “Sleeping Beauty” and that every time a role is played, one of these beauties wakes up. There is everything inside of us. We just have to see these things.
  10. Mankind can forgive man’s intelligence, talent, but beauty – never.
  11. I am one hundred percent Italian in my love of food. I eat anything, but I prefer Italian cuisine.
  12. I love the idea that when a man pays to see one of my movies, he pays me to please him.
  13. I don’t understand women who say that men’s desires humiliate them. I believe that they are simply not in harmony with themselves.
  14. It is a disadvantage, if you are stupid, but if you are smart and know how to use your beauty – this is a quality.
  15. My body is so important to me… my face, my arms, my legs, my hands… I use whatever I can for them.
  16. No matter how strong the woman is, she is expecting a man stronger than her anyway and not to deprive her of her freedom, but to give her the opportunity to be weak.
  17. Men try to maintain their authority with the help of women. They are afraid of beautiful independents and are attracted to young and immature girls, next to whom they can feel stronger.
  18. We must be forgiving. Well, who are we: crazy people trying to keep their balance on a globe that spins at a huge speed and travels through the Universe. Who can be perfect in such conditions
  19. I always tell young girls, “Learn to love your body!” After all, the ideal does not exist and it is clear that women with appetizing shapes are no less attractive than the weak. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
  20. I feel good and comfortable when I’m alone, but not because I’m beautiful. I know a lot of beautiful people whose lives are awful. They don’t feel good when they are alone. Inner comfort does not depend on your outward appearance, but on your inner peace.
  21. For nothing in the world do I want to be 20. Now I am happier than then, because at that age, we are just beginning to know ourselves, we are trying to figure out what we want to be, we are suffering from lack of confidence per se. Now I know exactly what I want and what I don’t want.
  22. The actor is like the piano. It must be well tuned, provided you do not touch it too hard.
  23. Beauty should help us to find harmony, love and meaning in this crazy world.
  24. Human knowledge in the field of technology has grown significantly, but not in the realm of feelings.
  25. When people get divorced it is a great tragedy. At the same time, if they stay together, it can be worse.
  26. The woman-actress is a little more than a woman. The man-actor is a little less than a man.
  27. Love lives only when there is mutual respect and freedom. The desire to own is absurd.
  28. I think lawyers are incredible actors. Can you imagine how much theater he has to play every day?
  29. Interior comfort is ensured not by the way you look outside, but by the way you feel inside.
  30. The actor works with his soul and reason.
  31. Beauty for women becomes a problem only in two cases: when it is not or when there is nothing but beauty.
  32. Being an actress means the sublime of femininity.
  33. Beautiful skin is a luxury we deserve.
  34. For me, getting older means getting better.
  35. Femininity consists of harmony, naturalness and sensuality.
  36. A beautiful body becomes alive and interesting only when it is inhabited.
  37. Beauty becomes vivid and interesting when it is covered with clothing.
  38. Love and desire have been the engine and the red thread throughout my life.
  39. I am a happy man, because I was very loved, I have a large family.