What is love and how does it manifest? Does it mean longing for a person? The desire to become better for someone. Or is it when you have the same dreams and aspirations? Maybe love is more than a feeling? How is love expressed?

To find answers to these questions, we have selected the most beautiful love statuses.

Love… How much is hidden in this word. This feeling both inspires and revives. When you love, you are able to feel the wings and fly. We often want to share these feelings that overwhelm us with the whole world. A good choice would be the status of love on social networks.
There are ordinary simple statuses about love, which seem quite trivial at first glance, but still pleasant, but there are also complex, deep statuses that make you feel every word and think of the most necessary human feeling – love.
We have prepared a collection of beautiful long and short statuses, which will reveal what you have in your heart, but also love statuses for him or her at a distance, when your longing and memories are overwhelmed.
❤️ The arms that hug you are the strongest. The lips that kiss you are the sweetest. The heart that loves you is the most sincere.
❤️ Always together!
❤️ A young man gave his girlfriend 101 roses, one of which was artificial, and said, “I’ll love you until the last one withers!”
❤️ The most beautiful thing is when a person appears in your life who is afraid of losing you.
❤️ I like that when you tell your kids, “Show me how much you love me,” they hug you with all their might and sincerity.
❤️ I will be loyal to my husband, wise to my son, beautiful to my daughter and loving to my whole family.
❤️ Now, when I met him, I understood why it was impossible with others.
❤️ When a loved one calls me, I want to kiss the phone.
❤️ If you love someone, then do it with all your heart, and if you cry, then do it with happiness.

Love statuses

New love statuses are a real opportunity to show your feelings. Next, we have prepared the most atypical and beautiful statuses, with a meaning on the theme of love.
Love is not valued. “Love does not exist!” People said. And they themselves died of love.
💬 -Our eyes are similar. -But I have green eyes and you have brown eyes. -Yes, but they’re just as in love.
💬 Life is too short to waste unstable relationships.
💬 Love is when the whole world cannot replace the one you love, instead the loved one can replace the whole world.
💬 25%, 50%, 100%. Ready! You have successfully entered my heart!
It doesn’t matter who you spend your time with, who you kiss, or who you laugh at. It matters who you think of when you close your eyes.
I will not be the one you dreamed of, but I will be the one you will not forget.
💬 People who see each other in dreams should wake up together.
💬 Love is when you want your soul and body to belong to one person!
💬 If you were braver, it would be yours.
💬 It is never too late to return your loved one. The trampling of pride is not a weakness. Apology is not humiliation. Be happy!
💬 May everyone meet two eyes in which they will see happiness!
💬 Let’s light our hearts!
💬 I want to wear your shirt and make your coffee in the morning.
It wasn’t until I met her that I began to believe in fate.
How strange… when you call me, I catch wings.
Love is such an unusual feeling! When you’re with someone you don’t really know, but you’re already dreaming of your future!

Status on Happiness and Love

These status of happiness and love are for lucky people who believe in love at first sight and are familiar with this strong feeling.
🔔 Love is you, me and life. Your life and mine.
🔔 You are my pain and light, peace and fear! The taste on my lips, the song I sing. You are my life that I love!
You are the one I am ready to go crazy with.
A woman is weak when she loves, but especially when she is loved.
🔔 I closed the door to my heart and wrote: “Closed!” But love came and told me she couldn’t read.
Only a new love can heal the heart hurt by love.
🔔 I don’t want to eat, drink, sleep, rest, work, smile, talk or cry. I just want love!
🔔 Strange things are happening in my head – I’m constantly thinking about you.
🔔 Let’s divide the world. Sun for you, light for me. Waves for you, big for me. Stars for you, heaven for me. Or rather, come on: everything for you and you for me.
🔔 If you don’t love – don’t kiss!
🔔 If everyone forgets you, there will be a heart that will always remember you. This will be my heart. I will always be with you!
🔔 If you don’t love, don’t say! And if you love, repeat this as often as possible, because those around you may forget.

Statues of true love

These true love statuses are about relationships and emotions. However, it is very nice to declare your love, even virtually, in more modern ways, posting status of soul and love.
❤️ Close your eyes. See the darkness
This is my life without you.
❤️ When you truly love someone, all your dreams and desires start to happen unexpectedly, miraculously.
❤️ The beauty of a woman lies in her eyes, because the eyes are the gates of the heart in which love lives.
❤️ Love the one for whom the heart beats, for whom all thoughts are occupied, whose eyes are sought everywhere and cannot be forgotten!
❤️ You hold my hand and it doesn’t matter what’s around us.
❤️ If love disappeared, everyone would turn into indifferent, cynical and lonely people.
❤️ Fate decides who will enter our lives, and the heart – who will remain.
❤️ Your name is so short, but it takes up all the space in my heart!
❤️ I have a broken heart, no medicine will save me! Except for you!
❤️ Love is a difficult game, with its own rules, where there is no single winner. Either they win, or they lose.
❤️ Feel the rhythm of my heart
You think I can’t live without you

Short love statuses

➞ You are my only dream and whatever the future, every day spent with you is the happiest of my life.
There is one thing worth living for – love.
Voi I will wait for you, but come forever.
Fără A moment without him is equal to eternity, and eternity with him is like a moment.
Love does not ask you if you are ready for it. One day she just comes.
➞ -I missed you
➞ The birds are waiting for spring, the flowers are waiting for the sun, and I am waiting for someone to quietly tell me “I love you”.
➞ Love does not mean when you are good with someone, but when you are bad without someone!
Sometimes you love a person so much that you find excuses for all his mistakes.
➞ We need beauty to be loved and stupidity to love.
➞ The closer you get to a person, the harder it will be to let them go.
➞ It is better to have the fire of love that will warm us than the fire of passion that will burn us.
➞ Mutual love is the most beautiful thing in life.
Love is like luck: it does not like to be pursued.
➞ Let everyone be with someone whose heart will not look for others.
Destiny has united us!

The Most Beautiful Status About Love

If you are looking for an interesting status about love for social networks, then you are at the right address. Here you will find a selection of emotional and sad love statuses, both about happy, mutual love and about destructive love.
✅️ Love is something that unites a man and a woman when they are already dressed.
✅️ Fortunately we only need the smile of the loved one.
✅️ I wish I could read your thoughts and find out who I am for you.
✅️ Sometimes we try not to fall in love and we don’t notice how we start to love.
✅️ It’s better to be happy than proud.
✅️ Happiness exists. I know her phone number and I like her smile.
✅️ Reciprocity is a rare thing. But this is probably the best thing that can happen to a person.
✅️ These are days I want to repeat.
✅️ I keep a name in mind…
✅️ “I miss you” – the phrase that warms my soul even on the coldest day.
✅️ Yes, we are different, but I was looking for my soul, not a copy.
✅️ If you love someone, then age, distance, weight and height are just numbers.
✅️ If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. If you had loved the first, you would not have fallen in love with the second.
✅️ If two people are destined to be together, it doesn’t matter how many tears and suffering they will guide, fate will unite them anyway.
✅️ If you don’t see a person’s flaws, then you’ve fallen in love.
✅️ Everything passes, but nothing is forgotten.

Statues about mutual love

↩️ All problems seem insignificant when your loved one tells you: “We will go through all the difficulties. I love you more than life. ”
↩️ Without love, life loses its meaning!
↩️ Never regret what you did if you were happy at that moment.
↩️ Love is when we have spring in our souls even in winter.
↩️ You’re the one I’ve been looking for all my life.
↩️ Mutual love is not always unattainable.
↩️ True love is when both fight for feelings.
↩️ -Who do you like
– I like ice cream, snow, strawberries, flowers. “But he
– I can’t live without him!”
↩️ Only a loved one can truly heal the soul.

Funny love statuses

Funny status about love will surely be understood and appreciated by the person to whom it is indirectly addressed, even in spite of the apparent simplicity of the words and the banality of the expressions.

  • The man is king! The man is a god! But always at the feet of women.
  • You have something incredible, unique, unusual, charming, something that others do not have. You have me.
  • Men’s life is like a zebra: blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette… And women’s life is a real zoo: donkeys, pigs, oxen, bears, monkeys…
  • The hardest thing for a man in love is to fall asleep.
  • Love does not appear to idiots. She visits the normal ones, then turns them into idiots.
  • The man who gave wings to a woman will never wear horns!
  • Of course you’re very lucky with me and I’m lucky with you. But you and me more.
  • -Why do you love me?
    -Ask your mother how they managed to give birth to the best girl in the world!

Impossible love statuses

❤️ Sometimes a second is enough for someone close to you to become nobody.
❤️ You can forgive your loved one absolutely everything. The question is whether she will be loved after that.
❤️ All people bring happiness. Some by their presence, others by their absence.
❤️ It’s hard to say “I love you”. Saying “I’m sorry” is even harder. It is impossible to say “goodbye”. Not everyone could say “come back”. Then repeat “I love you” – and how will you prove
it ❤️ He puts his head on my chest. He’s playing with my hair. He hugs me. But why are we just friends
❤️ The extinguished fire of love does not ignite with coal.
❤️ Those who suffer do it in silence.

Beautiful statuses about true love

❤️ My heart is locked, and the key is in your soul.
❤️ Do not appreciate those who give you 101 roses as a “symbol of the feelings of the 21st century”, but those who have given your heart as a symbol of true love.
❤️ People say that when you are in love, everything looks beautiful, and when you truly love, you can’t find anything more beautiful than love.
❤️ Love is not when everyone is brought to your feet, but when you create this world together.
❤️ Take care of love. Take care of your soul. Talk about your endless love.
❤️ We are afraid of rejection. We are afraid of unshared love. And all these fears are ruining our lives. But if it was real and reciprocal
❤️ In the relationship between a man and a woman, there should be no other person’s opinion and other people’s advice.
❤️ You do not love the one who swears love to you, but the one who makes you happy in silence.
❤️ I missed you, but I don’t know if it’s you or me with you.
❤️ Sometimes you look at a person and think, “How can I love you

❤️ Everyone is looking for someone to feel good and comfortable with. No matter the height or the color of the hair. What matters is what place you occupy in this person’s life.
❤️ Love cannot be bought, sold or exchanged for anything else. Because it is a gift from God! It is offered to one person, but not to another.

Beautiful statuses about love

I’m afraid of losing the people I love.
But sometimes I ask myself, ” Is there anyone who is afraid of losing me?” And it doesn’t matter if it’s unlimited happiness or crazy pain. Just understand that you will never be the same again.
💬 There is no music sweeter than the voice of the loved one.
💬 I was told she should fall in love, I have to make her laugh. But every time he laughs, I fall in love!
I want to see you, to hug you, to look you in the eye, to forget all the quarrels and to be with me forever.
Love does not consist in words!
I don’t believe your words, but it sounds so sweet!