Know the Secrets and Powers of Motherhood Based On Their Zodiac Sign

The joys, challenges, and demands of motherhood are the same regardless of star sign. However, each Zodiac sign has its own characteristics that can make the experience of motherhood unique. Some mamas are emotionally healthy, while some are born nurturers. Certain star signs are naturally more intuitive than others. Knowing the secrets and powers of motherhood that are activated by each star sign can help you achieve the best you for your family.


Aquarius mamas are natural revolutionaries, bringing revolutionary ideas and energies to the table. They are highly innovative, yet often unable to make decisions without thorough research first. They are independent, often needing time away from their children in order to feel recharged. Aquarius mothers are often the ones who willingly test out bold parenting strategies and “think outside the box” when faced with a challenging situation.

The Power of Aquarius Motherhood: Aquarius mamas are symbolized by the Water Bearer, making them natural nurturers. This lets them provide their children with the emotional and spiritual nourishment they need to develop. They are also able to look at things from different angles and draw creative choices that can provide their children with optimal growth.

Secret of Aquarius Motherhood: The signature trait of Aquarius is their independence, which can at times make it hard for them to be affectionate. They may struggle to let their guard down and show their deeper emotions to their children, although they are deeply caring on the inside. Aquarius mothers have to remember the importance of giving their children quality time and showing them unconditional love.


Pisces mamas are compassionate and open-hearted, naturally drawn to people and situations that require love, understanding and mercy. They are often patient and tolerant, making them ideal for fostering children, as well as for providing emotional support and practical solutions. They are excellent at communication and problem-solving and are able to provide sound advice for their children.

The Power of Pisces Motherhood: Pisces mothers have a unique ability to sense and understand the emotional needs of their children. They are the quintessential “mama bear”, fiercely protective of their loved ones and eager to do whatever is necessary to ensure their children’s safety and wellbeing. They are also naturals at finding creative resolutions to difficult parenting challenges.

Secret of Pisces Motherhood: Pisces mamas can be too empathetic and this can lead to over-parenting and over-indulging their children too much. They have to learn to pick their battles and use age-appropriate discipline to ensure their children become confident and responsible adults. Pisces mothers have to take time for themselves too and make sure they don’t put the needs of their children’s wellbeing before their own.


Aries mamas are assertive, independent, and natural born leaders. They are often courageous, energetic, and vibrant which makes them a great fit for active parenting activities. They are highly competitive, making them excellent coaches for their children, and incredibly driven, so they don’t hesitate to get involved and get things done.

The Power of Aries Motherhood: Aries moms often embrace daring activities, exposing their children to a range of exciting experiences. Whether it’s signing the family up for a softball game or going on a weekend camping trip, Aries moms are always up for expressing themselves and are often the source of creative family fun.

Secret of Aries Motherhood: Aries mamas have to be extra conscious not to be overbearing. Their strong, independent nature has to be balanced with gentleness, empathy and patience. If not, their children may feel overly bossed around or ignored. They have to be conscious of their family dynamics and make sure they are providing their children with both safety and freedom.


Taurus mamas are down to earth and fiercely protective of their family unit. They are great at providing both physical and emotional security to their children, offering unconditional love and constant support. They are reliable, practical and always ready to lend a helping hand.

The Power of Taurus Motherhood: Taurus mamas provide stability and a sense of belonging. They are able to create a safe, nurturing environment for their children to thrive in, allowing them to explore and develop without fear of judgement.

Secret of Taurus Motherhood: Taurus moms can be quite stubborn and may not take their child’s request for independence to heart. They may also struggle to be patient when faced with a challenging situation. Taurus moms have to remind themselves that change is a part of life, and be okay with their children making mistakes, as these moments are important for their overall growth and development.


Gemini mamas are gregarious and light-hearted, often well-liked in their circles of play date moms. They are social and love giving their children the opportunity to explore different opinions and ideas by exposing them to a variety of activities outside the home.

The Power of Gemini Motherhood: Gemini moms are great at offering a balanced approach to parenting, flexing their parenting style according to their child’s specific needs. They are also excellent communicators, able to provide their children with the verbal and nonverbal cues they need to be successful in life.

Secret of Gemini Motherhood: Gemini mamas can be quite unpredictable and indecisive, so they need to make sure they are taking the time to sit down and plan out their parenting strategies. By taking a step back and giving conscious thought to the approach they take with their children, they will be better equipped to provide their children with the consistency they need to make sense of their world.


Cancer mamas are fundamentally sensitive, caring and intuitive mothers. They are emotionally mature, helpful, and nourishing. Cancer mamas are naturally nurturing and attentive.

The Power of Cancer Motherhood: Cancer mothers provide their children with an abundance of tenderness and affection, creating incredibly strong mother-child bonds. They are also imaginative, comfortable exploring fantasy with their kids and allowing them the freedom to experiment and express themselves.

Secret of Cancer Motherhood: Cancer mothers shoulder all the emotional burdens of their children, often taking responsibility for their emotions and behavior. They have to remember to set boundaries, ensuring their children learn how to take responsibility for their own emotions, as well as how to take action to fix their issues.


Leo mamas take pleasure in their motherhood, relishing their power and influence with their children. They are full of energy and always up for a good time. Their enthusiasm and the strength of their faith in their children give them the courage to impart dramatic changes in their lives.

The Power of Leo Motherhood: Leo mothers are strong and confident, inspiring their children and providing them with a positive role model. They are both nurturing and firm and can remain level-headed in a challenging situation.

Secret of Leo Motherhood: Leo moms can be quite outspoken, often causing their children to shut down and retreat. They have to learn how to keep their ego in check and be mindful of the emotions of their children. Leo moms must also remember the importance of listening to their child’s opinions and respecting them for who they are.


Virgo mamas are perfectionists, always looking for ways to create an ideal home and family life. They are extremely responsible and organized and take great pride in managing their family. They are also great teachers, always ready to provide their children with practical lessons and guidance.

The Power of Virgo Motherhood: Virgo moms are incredibly observant and analytical, taking the time to assess their children’s needs and choosing appropriate responses. They are also very organized and disciplined.

Secret of Virgo Motherhood: Virgo mothers can easily become too controlling, often trying to make everything in their Kids’ lives perfect and not giving them space to make their own mistakes. This can be a blessing and a hindrance, as it may limit the level of autonomy their children have. Virgo mothers have to make sure they give their kids the opportunity to take risks and experience the consequences of their actions, learning valuable life lessons in the process.


Libra mamas are great communicators, always eager to learn and understand more about the world. They are fair and strive to provide balance and harmony in the household. They are often the ones who mediate a dispute between kids and are patient enough to hear out different sides of a story.

The Power of Libra Motherhood: Libra moms are natural diplomats, finding nonviolent ways to negotiate and compromise. They are also strong resources of wisdom, offering their children valuable insight into life.

Secret of Libra Motherhood: Libra mothers are also very indecisive, often struggling to make important parenting choices. This can lead to them being overwhelmed and easily distracted, unable to finish a task they’ve started. Libra mothers have to remember to take the time to assess a situation and make decisions that are best for their family.


Scorpio mamas are passionate and powerful. They are the protectors and guardians of their family, often leaving no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their children. They are authoritative, yet deeply caring and sensitive.