Friends are close people who understand us and know more about us than we do, who are with us, despite all the joys and hardships. Holidays are a wonderful time to say goodbye to our loved ones. Therefore, any messages of friendship or messages of thanks for friends should be emotional and unusual. Feel free to send your best wishes to your friends!

If it’s about friendship between girls, here you will find the warmest messages from many years for a special friend. From the proposed amalgam, you will be able to choose a birthday message for your girlfriend or any other holiday.

If you are looking for funny holiday messages, good night or good morning, which you are going to send to your best friend, then we recommend you to stop at our selection of funny greeting cards. Of course, we don’t forget about virtual friends either – from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can send them short, witty greetings to your friends.

It is important to remember that all holidays are special, giving you the best impressions. On these occasions, only messages of joy for friends could be perfect, because only they can express the wishes and dreams of your friend. Please choose them!

Messages from many years for true friends

As you know, friendship is tested not only in problems, but also in the ability to share with one person the pleasant moments of life, sincerely enjoying the success of the other, but also always having the desire to say the best and best holidays. warm messages from many years for girlfriend or boyfriend.
So, if you want to congratulate your friends on a special occasion and you have not prepared a suitable wish, then it is time to read our selection of messages from many years for true friends. Pleasant greetings will no doubt strengthen your friendship and charge you with positive energy for a long time.
πŸ”” My dear friend, congratulations! I want you to live from salary to salary – but this salary should be, at least, presidential! Bill Gates to borrow money from you, and Dolce and Gabbana to consult with you about what is fashionable this season! And a real source of euros to come upon you, fulfilling all your whims!
πŸ”” My dear friend, happy birthday! I wish you complete harmony in life, namely: a cold cocktail, but always in warm company!
Friend! I wish you girls with beautiful shapes, but the content should not disappoint either! An easier job, but so that the salary package is always hard! Many happy years!
πŸ”” My most faithful and good friend! On this solemn day, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and with great joy with such a wonderful and magical holiday! I wish you, my dear friend, the most important thing in life – strong, excellent health, because everything else can be bought easily and simply.
πŸ”” The woman can leave, change, forget. A friend will never betray. I can always count on you, and most importantly – it’s each other. Happy birthday, {Name}!
πŸ”” You are my only friend and I congratulate you! Let me wish you all the best in life. Health, happiness, career growth and, of course, love.
Happy birthday, buddy! I wish you to live only a happy and carefree life, full of love and joy every day! Let the world spin for you!
πŸ”” Dear friend, with all my Romanian heart, wide, I want to wish you a happy day and wish you many new hopes, many dreams! After all, as long as a man lives and hopes – he is alive and always young! I wish you the main thing – a young soul! Accept my sincere congratulations!
πŸ”” Happy New Year! I wish you happiness, great joy, love, hope and unparalleled kindness, so that all cherished dreams come true. Give warmth to all, and let happiness be enough for a whole year! Happy Birthday!
πŸ”” Hi, buddy! Congratulations on this holiday and I sincerely wish you health, happiness and money. May everything in this world be wonderful for you and no one should ever betray you.
πŸ”” My dear friend, do not be sad that you are not 17 years old. Each age has its own mood and delight. Life is always important, surrounded by loyal friends and their smiles.
πŸ”” My faithful and devoted friend, today you have a holiday, this holiday is called the birthday. On this day, in your honor, only words of appreciation, friendship and love are heard. Happy Birthday!
πŸ”” Dear friend! Today I want to brag to everyone that I have a girlfriend like you. Maintaining friendship over the years is a great art. We succeed largely because of you. Happy celebrations!
πŸ”” Man, happy birthday! Accept my most sincere congratulations and best wishes! Let’s start with the main thing – strong health, more money (never superfluous) and fulfilled wishes! What more could I wish for
! Let me think… Probably true love. Of course, to be successful in everything: at work, in the family, in life itself. And if you suddenly have difficulties, then you are welcome, I will always help you get out of any problem. That’s why we are friends! Happy Birthday! Remain the same!
πŸ”” My best friend in the world! I hasten to congratulate you on this day and wish you all the best in the life of a real man! We have always been inseparable, but now, by fate, we are far from each other. I really miss communication, your jokes for any occasion! It is not easy to meet real friends and such friends do not happen often. I’m proud to have a friend like you, and even from a distance I know I can count on you.
πŸ”” My dear, let everything in your life grow smoothly and only as you wish! I wish you true masculine happiness, my friend!
πŸ”” Today I want to congratulate a man dear to me on his birthday and wish him: love, health, happiness, friendship and a always good soul. With an open heart and love, I wish you fulfillment and harmony!
πŸ”” At any time of the day I can call you and ask for your help – it’s good that you exist in my life! Yes, this is a selfish approach, but it emphasizes how much I appreciate you as a friend. Be happy and teach others to appreciate friendship the way you do.
πŸ”” My dear friend! Given the gift you buy, you are really expensive. But in spite of everything, for your birthday, I wish you a fat wallet and a slender wife, a high salary and a low interest rate on loans, a cool car and the step of a new house!
πŸ”” Yes, I can tell you for sure that time flows like water. Damn it! We used to play under the table recently, and now we are no longer children! Although time passes, I remember all our adventures, all the funny situations and the ridiculous cases! And it was cool. I can confidently say that I never regretted being my friend! For your birthday, I want to wish you a bright and happy life, only on a positive wave! And if that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved. Happy Birthday!
πŸ”” My dear friend, happy birthday! I wish you real joy for men – beautiful women, cool cars, business success and true friends. And may health and luck always be with you!
Ura! There are reasons to meet again and drink health for your birthday. I promise that I will go home alone and that I will not cause you any problems or worries! I already have a present for you.
πŸ”” I have few friends, but you are the only one who can cry “on the shoulder”. That’s why I love you. Happy Birthday!
πŸ”” I wish you, my best friend, happy birthday. May your life be long and fulfilled, and may the many victories on all fronts bring you great pleasure and faith in your strength! I wish you a happy holiday!

Happy birthday messages to your best friend

You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy your loved one. Here I gathered many emotional messages for her best friend for her birthday or for the friend she paid homage to. Wishes can also be sent on other holidays.
From this variety, you can certainly choose an interesting, honest and appropriate text for your case! Add even more light on an already wonderful day! Make sure you congratulate your friend with the most original messages from many years for your best friend.
Congratulations, my friend. I want every step of your life to be successful, for luck to be in all your affairs. The woman you love should enlighten you every day and make you the happiest person of all, and the house should always be warm and comfortable. Be happy, buddy!
πŸ”– My dear friend! Life is a difficult thing, but today I want your dreams to come true. Be visited by more creative ideas and thoughts. I want you to reach the heights and never fall. Let your boyfriend inspire you every day. Happy Birthday!
πŸ”– Dear friend! On this day, I am glad to wish you good health as a whiskey, a life without clouds and a beautiful love. I want to thank you for supporting me in the darkest moments of my life.
πŸ”– Today is such a happy day for me too. So always be just as cheerful, kind, ready to help in any difficult situation. Happy Holidays!
πŸ”– On this special day, I want you to always notice the open doors that will help you reach your goal. Go through life with a smile, and she will smile back at you. May peace and harmony always reign in your home, may your beloved and faithful husband wait for you, and may the children be happy. Happy Birthday!
Glad to say kind words on this special day, my best friend! Always enjoy every moment you live, be healthy and happy. Let life bring you only pleasant surprises, and work should not be a burden, but a pleasure.
πŸ”– Enjoy every magical day, every second, live it with a smile on your face and an open heart. May the love, comfort, harmony and laughter of children be established in your home forever.
πŸ”– To you, my best friend, I wish you a life as vivid and captivating as a science fiction novel. May each day be accompanied by bright moments and wonderful events. I wish you to finally meet your soul mate, a woman with whom you will live many years in happiness and joy. Good luck to your smile, and may success always accompany you in your difficult beginnings. Congratulations!
πŸ”– My best friend, I will share with you this beautiful holiday! Despite all the moments our lives have gone through, we have maintained our relationship. You’re like a brother to me and I don’t want another one!
I want you to boldly follow your dream, to believe in it and then it will come true. Success awaits you at work, in the happiness of the moment. Go through life with inspiration, with new ideas and don’t be afraid to implement them.
πŸ”– My best friend, I hasten to congratulate you on this wonderful day. Today is your birthday, and as always, the closest people will gather around you. I wish he was always around you. Let love, fidelity, devotion, health, happiness always be on your side. Leave all the bad moments behind. Let every day be bright and memorable. I wish you to live the moment, to enjoy yourself more. Be happy!
Today, I would like to tell you that life often unfolds in different directions. But you are my friend and I am glad to walk the same path with you. Always be optimistic, give happiness to others. Let success accompany you at every step, to become a faithful companion of all your ideas and commitments. Love and be loved, because this is the main thing in our lives.
Dude, how old are you?
Although everyone insists that friendships between men and women are impossible, we have shown the opposite. So, I want to thank you again for being here in my fate. May every moment of your life be full of bright light, and may success accompany you in all its beginnings. Don’t be sad even in the most difficult moments, show your optimism every second. Create, love and be inspired.
πŸ”– You’ve always been loved by everyone, because you deserve it! And on this festive and bright day, I just want to tell you that there is no one closer and dearer to me than you, my girlfriend, my support!
πŸ”– We have always been close as sisters and we will remain so forever! Happy Birthday! All that is best for you in all!
πŸ”– My dear friend, you are the best! I respect you, I appreciate you and I love you! I want to congratulate you and wish you happy birthday! I wish you good luck, great love, mutual, tender! Good luck in everything! Always be so kind! Good luck with everything you do!
πŸ”– How many years have passed and we are still friends! I’m lucky to have a friend as good as you! Therefore, today I want to offer you the most unforgettable experience and wish you a happy holiday! May our friendship grow stronger every year!
πŸ”– My girlfriend, my support, my joy! On this beautiful day, I want to wish you a happy birthday! I wish you happiness and a long life! All the best!
πŸ”– My friend, I just want you to go through a series of bright days and get away from all the rainy days. On this day, thank you for always helping me mentally and financially, because you believed in me and supported me! Happy Birthday!
πŸ”– Today I have a terrible misfortune – I can’t celebrate this day with you! And as we were taught in childhood, the friend who needs – must be helped. So wait for me – I will come with heavy artillery, in the form of alcohol and gifts and we will correct the situation. Happy celebrations!
πŸ”– Dear friend! Greetings and many wishes! May there be more good discoveries in your life! Any idea should be a treasure, all purchases should be at a discount and you should always be lucky with bonuses – both in stores and in destiny!
Old man, since we haven’t seen each other
I have no doubt that you are still the same factory and generator of ideas that I knew before. Don’t waste energy, take care of the “engine”. Happy Birthday!
πŸ”– I wish you a happy birthday, my friend! Diseases and problems should never attack you. Meet the new day by singing! I wish you obedient grandchildren, but also great-grandchildren! I wish you happiness, old man!
πŸ”– My girlfriend, happy birthday! I wish your health to be as strong and trustworthy, love – as true and sincere, success – as glorious and happiness – as limitless as our long-lasting friendship.
πŸ”– We want our good friend to get rid of all his problems and troubles. May the flowers of good deeds, success and love flourish in your life! A happy future, full of happiness, joy, luck.

Messages from many years of love for friends

Friends are people of soul and deserve the warmest holiday messages! And if you have known each other for so long that you no longer know how to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, know that in the paragraph below we have prepared messages from many years of soul for friends, which will instantly conquer them.
Friends will be pleasantly surprised to receive beautiful messages from many years for such a special friend or friend! With so many options, it will be easy and fun!
➞ I love you and wish you long, long years! May life give you joy and bring you only success! Always be smart, strong and so lucky! I want you to always be fulfilled in everything and to always be happy, happy!
➞ Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, best friend! I would like to wish you an original and unusual happy holiday! I would like your wife to be as beautiful as Snow White, your house to be more luxurious than any royal palace, and your children to be friends and to love each other!
➞ The most important thing, my friend, is to pour into glasses today, to have the table and the refrigerator full of delicacies (caviar, salmon, crabs), and in your chic house not to have enough space for true friends, checked by events and time!
➞ Friend, happy birthday! Let everything you dream come true! I want the opportunities to always satisfy your desires! Let life shine in bright colors and never be a place for evil in it! Thank you for the moments of happiness and madness that I have experienced many, many times!
➞ Dear friend! I want your life to be a real fairy tale: to be surrounded only by good fairies, honest people, pleasant situations, fun and joy! Let the car not turn into a pumpkin, and let your house be a real castle!
➞ I’m glad there are friends like you! I remember how much happened to us and how many adventures we lived together! Thank you for a happy, wonderful childhood, for emotions, memories and impressions! Happy Birthday!
Friend! You no longer spin like a squirrel on the wheel, but work like an ant. You have to be inspired and happy, but for that it’s worth having a loud and cheerful swarm of bee friends, listening to your girlfriend’s trills and being as light as a butterfly!
Friend, I want all your cherished dreams to be fulfilled on your holiday! Let only impressions and pleasant memories of this day remain. Although if you want, we can revive the old days and take a walk, so that later it will be very embarrassing for us to remember it!
➞ Friend, happy birthday! I want to tell you as many beautiful words and wishes as possible, but for some reason, when I think of our long-term friendship, they all disappear somewhere! The main thing is that you and I have come out of such situations, when you always want to say, “Mom, don’t cry!” Thanks for everything!
Friend, congratulations on this wonderful holiday! A famous greeting card says: “I wish you good luck and a summer cottage by the sea!” But I don’t want a summer cottage by the sea, just as much luck as possible – then surely everything else will follow!
➞ My dear friend! Today, all the birds sing only for you, the sun shines only for you and everything, everything in this world on this day happens only for you! Let the day bring you only an exceptional mood, which will be the real reason for the bright, happy eyes!
No hurricane and wind, no cyclone and frost will stop me from congratulating you on your birthday, my friend! Despite the fact that we live at different poles, I continue to value our friendship and remember our beautiful moments. I want to wish you peace of heart, prosperity and love in your family. You are a very good man and you will face all the obstacles!
➞ My dear friend! You are an amazing person and I am incredibly proud to have had the good fortune to meet you. I want your life to be fabulously beautiful, so that you can meet your prince and build a magnificent castle, where you can hear the laughter of the children. You will succeed, because you know how to win! Happy Birthday!
➞ Despite our past, I want all the doors of Swiss banks to open in front of you! Despite the fact that we are already former friends, I wish you the most beautiful girls in the world to offer you their love! Despite the fact that we have ceased to be such friends as before, I wish your life to be truly perfect! Happy Birthday!
➞ Today you have become even better, wiser and richer. I want you to remain the same worthy person I have been with all these years. You are an example to many people and I am happy that you taught me to love life and see it in all its rainbow colors. Thank you for the brightest memories of our friendship!
➞ Old woman, congratulations on your birthday! Despite the fact that we have become former friends, I want you to always be positive, because this is your exclusive trait for many years.
➞ Happy birthday! I wish you good health, crazy love, trustworthy and loyal friends – like me – and to remain the same wonderful person!
➞ Friend, happy birthday! I wish you were admired by the most beautiful girl, never depended on exchange rate and weather forecast, and also brought big trophies from fishing and hunting – so you don’t have enough hands to show how they are huge!

Christmas messages for friends

Christmas is celebrated in honor of the birth of Jesus, the son of God. This day is considered by all believers to be the greatest religious holiday. Everyone congratulates each other and enjoys the birth of the Son of God.
So share the joy of this holiday with your friends with these Christmas messages for friends. All these congratulatory messages for your best friend can be sent on social networks, via SMS or written on a postcard.
↩️ From the Nativity, peace reigns in the homes of the whole earth. May the failures not find their way into your home, but only happiness enters the door. I wish you didn’t know sad thoughts and loneliness. Leave all evil and negativity in the past and move forward only with good. Let your smile always brighten you and your eyes shine with happiness and love!
↩️ The Christmas star reigns in heaven today and delights the whole world with good news – Christ has been born! May life be favorable to you and be filled with meaning and joy every new day. I wish you, my friend, that all the wishes made on this holy night will be fulfilled, that your house will be full of happiness, prosperity and harmony. Love and be loved. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
↩️ On this bright and pure feast of the Nativity, I wish you and your family happiness, excellent health, prosperity. May Christ protect you from all the adversities of life and give you joy. May tears only be of joy and kindness never leave your heart.
↩️ My dear friend! Congratulations on this bright holiday! I wish you prosperity, may there always be peace in your soul and receive only good news!
↩️ My friend! At Christmas, I want to protect and support each other as always. Let the magical, joyful minutes and hours fill your family nest. I wish you all the best in the world. Have fun and share your good mood with your friends.
↩️ Allow me to wish you a Merry Christmas! Let the new year consist only of happy days and all the problems remain in the past year! May good health always be your companion, as well as luck. Let peace reign in your home and only true friends gather at the festive table!
↩️ May this magical night bring you a lot of joy and create a positive attitude for life! Overcome difficulties, go confidently to your goal and enjoy life! Don’t forget your friends and we will always help you in difficult times!
↩️ On Christmas Eve, I wish you health! Let only pleasant miracles happen to you and let the most secret dreams come true! Receive only good news every day! Let those around you enjoy your success! All the best, buddy!

↩️ Let the happy holidays load you with a good mood for the whole next year! Let the chic holidays give you strength and health! May those around you love you and help you be happy all year long! Happy Birthday!

↩️ May this holiday be a sign of fun! It would be nice to remember these holidays with friends and be able to tell your children about them without shame! I wish you good health like the Epiphany frosts, many happy days in the coming year and great human happiness!
↩️ This night is wonderful and all dreams come true. Welcome the joy of dawn! May everything be all right with your family, may it bring you joy and good luck along the way. Good mood and happy holidays, my dear friend!
️ Friend! Let your house be filled with fun today and make any dream come true! How beautiful this holiday is, I’m sure it will only bring you good.
↩️ Good luck to you always, may the guardian angel protect you from trouble and bad weather, and may the Star of Bethlehem show you the right way! I will always be with you, my friend!
↩️ My friend! You are a sun! Always keep your soul warm! Health to you and your family! Make time to live! Magic greetings and good luck!
↩️ On this day our Savior, the Son of God, was born! Accept my congratulations! Happy celebrations! Let luck go hand in hand with you and have enough strength for everything! Happy Birthday!

Birthday messages for friends

Here you will find many nice and beautiful words, written especially for your friends. With these messages for your best friend or best friend, you will be able to convey your feelings and emotions sincerely and unconventional. All you have to do is save these birthday messages to your friends and, at the right time, congratulate your friend.
↩️ The most tender memories, the warmest feelings in my heart, the most emotional moments of life are related to you, my friend. You have been my muse for many years and I am always happy that fate has presented me with such a gift as you. On this birthday, I want to tell you that there is nothing more important in the world than love. And I really want you to be fulfilled and inspired by love all your life!
↩️ It is said that friendship does not have an expiration date and I want to agree with that. After all, we haven’t seen each other for many years, but the same youthful love warms our hearts. Today, on your special day, I want to wish you heartfelt happiness, because this is the only way to enjoy life and reach all the planned heights. Happy Holidays and Be Happy, My Dear Friend!
↩️ Happy birthday! I wish there was a sea of ​​positivism, inspiration and love in your life. This is exactly what every person needs for complete happiness.
↩️ I want you to look at the world through the magical prism of optimism and feel the special flower of harmony and satisfaction. But most importantly, cherish friendship, because it is the most valuable thing in the world.
↩️ I wish your heart was always full of love. I wish everything you touch turned to gold. I want you to enjoy every day and feel like the happiest person in the universe.
↩️ You deserve everything that is special and the best that is in this world! Appreciate your friends who love you! Happy Birthday!
↩️ There are very few people in the world that you can come to at any time to share your joys or sorrows. In my life there is such a person who has the biggest and kindest heart, who is ready to do everything for the happiness of others. I’m very proud to have a friend like you. Even if time and distance separate us, I will always pick up a glass of champagne for your birthday, thinking of you as my guardian angel. Happy Birthday!
↩️ Old woman, today I will drink for you and for my student life, when we became friends. Happy Birthday!
↩️ My dear, happy birthday! Let life open a huge umbrella that will save you from all kinds of negative “precipitation”. Let the mountain of positivism grow in your life and live on top of it!
↩️ Allow life to give you thousands of happy opportunities and make full use of them. Happiness, luck, prosperity! Happy Birthday!
↩️ Hello and happy birthday! Looks like we just finished celebrating your previous birthday! We’ve known each other for so long, but you still keep surprising me. Dude, happy holidays!
️ Friend! Happy Birthday! Let’s mark this day so that we can remember it until the next anniversary. Congratulations!
↩️ Happy birthday to the best friend in the world! I wish you always have what you want and exactly the way you want it! May all plans come true! Let your loved ones always surround you!
↩️ Dear friend, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you health, love, success in your work and mutual understanding with the people around you! Today is a sunny day to offer you many pleasant surprises and to promise luck in your personal life.
↩️ Maybe today, on your birthday, you will meet your true love! I know you are secretly dreaming of that prince who will become a ray of light in this world for you. After all, it’s no secret that only someone who has a soul mate who will love each other is truly happy. Happy Birthday!
↩️ My dear friend, congratulations on your birthday! I wish all the dreams you cherish in your kind heart to be fulfilled and your wishes to be fulfilled!
↩️ On your birthday, it’s better to just tell the truth. So, I sincerely declare that I am grateful to God, my dear, that He has befriended us, making our lives brighter. Thank you for letting me be with you on this wonderful day. Happy Birthday!
↩️ For your birthday, I usually wish you all the best. I will be brief and I will wish you, this time, the most important thing: the fulfillment of all wishes and a peaceful sky above your head. Love and be loved! And your friends will always help you through difficult times. Happy Birthday!
↩️ I wish you to live up to a hundred years, to let the engine in your chest run without interruptions and without repairs, your life to be a wide and smooth path, without bumps and holes.
↩️ Dear friend! On this significant day, I wish you a happy birthday! I wish you great happiness, fulfilled hopes, a clear sky and a guiding star. May luck accompany you in all your deeds and commitments! Thank you for your friendship!
↩️ I wish you to remain the conqueror of the night roads, the king of the highway and my most loyal friend! Hold in your hand the heart of your beloved girl, the understanding of others and the best wishes! I wish you not to submit to fate, not to dream of anything, but to get everything yourself! Happy Anniversary!
↩️ My dear childhood friend, I congratulate you on the wonderful day, the day you were born! I wish you exorbitant joy, great human happiness, sincere love and the fulfillment of all cherished desires!
↩️ Let your life be like a fairy tale of good children, where good always conquers evil, and the main character is always surrounded by brave and faithful friends, who will come to the rescue in difficult times!