Give Yourself An Amazing Manicure at Home

With the emergence of quarantine due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, people have been forced to get creative with the activities and services for which they normally would’ve gone out. One of the most popular trends is the widespread at-home manicure. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast looking to experiment, a price-conscious shopper, or someone who just wants to try a new look without the danger of going out and exposing their nails to the virus, this trend has become a mainstay for many individuals during the pandemic.

For anyone who’s been wanting to perfect their at-home manicure skills, this article will provide readers with the information they need to get started. Read on to get the full scoop on how to give yourself an amazing manicure at home.

Getting Prepared

A successful at-home manicure starts with the right preparation. There’s plenty you can do in advance to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Let’s take a look.

Choose Your Nail Polish Color

The world of nail polishes is vast and varied—from classic reds and pinks to fun glitters and statement colors, the options are almost endless. Choose your color based on the look you’re going for and the season. Summer months are the perfect time to try out some fresh, vibrant colors such as neon oranges and hot pinks, while winter is a great time for more muted tones like burgundy or forest green.

What You’ll Need

Ensure that you have all the necessary supplies before you get started. The basics for an impeccable at-home manicure include nail polishes, nail polish remover, cotton wool, a nail file and nail clippers. You can also opt for conditioning oils and lotions, a cuticle pusher, and a cuticle cutter if needed.

Set up a Manicure Area

Choose a flat work surface, such as a kitchen table or desk, and arrange your tools around it to make sure you have easy access to them. Place a towel or paper cloth down to prevent your nail polishes from spilling. Place a bowl of warm water nearby and add a few drops of soap for an extra luxurious sense of relaxation.

Groom Your Nails

Before you apply any polish to your nails, you’ll need to do some shape maintenance. Use a nail clipper to shape them (round, almond, or square are all popular) then file the edges with a nail file.

Cuticle Care

The next step is to care for the cuticles. To skip this step, you’ll need to use a cuticle trimmer or gently push them back with a cuticle pusher. To do this, place the pusher on the flesh of your fingertips around the nail and press gently. Then, use a small brush to brush away any dead skin.

Time to Polish

Once your nails are clean and shaped and your cuticles are out of the way, you’re ready to paint them. Start by applying a base coat of nail polish to protect the nail from discoloration and to help your color stay vibrant. If a basecoat isn’t an option, try a clear polish instead.

The application process is simple: start by applying the polish along the center of the nail, then work your way to the edges with smooth strokes. Apply two to three layers depending on your desired look and let the polish dry completely between layers. Finish off with a top coat for added strength and shine.

Final Touches

To get the perfect at-home manicure, you’ll need to give your nails a few final touches. First, buff the surface of the nails with a buffing block. This process smooths out the nails, while also strengthening them by allowing nutrients to penetrate the nail layer.

Finally, finish off the manicure with a moisturizing oil or lotion, to reduce the risk of cracking nail polish and give your hands an amazing edge.

Enjoy An Amazing Manicure At Home

Now that you’ve been armed with the right tools and information, you’re ready to give yourself an amazing manicure at home. Stylish and stunning nails are just a few minutes away. With just the right technique and attention to detail, you’ll be on your way to creating the best at-home salon looks.

As people around the world continue to stay safe and stay home during the pandemic, at-home manicures are popping up more and more. Whether you’re a beginner looking to experiment or a seasoned pro, mastering the art of at-home manicure is a great way to show a little extra self-care and love in the comfort of your own home.