The time you spend reading jokes and funny jokes will not replace anything in terms of charging with positive and humor. We are happy to offer you the funniest jokes for everyday reading. Abundance of humor is guaranteed! All jokes with funny answers are absolutely available to everyone, from small to large, except funny jokes with nonsense.

Short and funny jokes

Funny and short jokes are the perfect opportunity to recreate yourself a bit. Whether it’s for kids, with funny cats or any other funny animals, or it’s funny jokes about work, suitable for adults – they will all make your mood at its best!
↩️ A spoon for my mother, a spoon for my father, a spoon for my grandmother, a spoon for my grandfather… The child, after eating porridge, began to hate all his relatives.
↩️ In the Netherlands, the most emotional moments of life are: when the child takes the first step after the grass and when the child says his first “ha ha ha”.
↩️ She was once a girl. He believed in everyone, he liked everyone, he gave a little to everyone. Once this girl is finished…
↩️ – Judge, but an injustice has been done. The last time I called my neighbor a pig, you fined me $ 50 and now $ 200. “I’m sorry, but pork has gone up in price because of the crisis.”
↩️ I came home from work, tired and hungry. My wife tells me, “I didn’t cook anything, do something and eat on your own.” I go to the kitchen and fry some tomatoes with tomatoes. I ate, watching TV. My wife tells me, “You don’t care at all, why did you eat alone? I’m hungry too!”
↩️ A fight breaks out at the SAINT-DENIS stadium in France. -What’s going on there
asks a spectator who sees nothing. -English fans scold the referee. -Okay, but the match hasn’t started yet! -The thing is that immediately after the match the last train leaves for London and they are afraid of being late.
↩️ One day a tired man comes home. Find all the doors open, the windows open. He entered the house, in the middle of the room, and who was sitting the
Merlucius Fish. -Fishing Merlucius, you came
-Yes, I came. -And what are you going to do, Fish Merlucius
-I’m going to leave.
↩️ The best exercise for the abdomen: While lying down in a hot bubble bath, bend slightly forward to take a sip of wine.
↩️ Why do I need above average intellect
↩️ – Wait, mortal! Only the chosen ones can go here! -I’m not really happy that our doorman is passionate about fantasy…
↩️ If a classmate can be recognized 10 years from school, then she’s not married yet.
↩️ A woman is only offended by fate in two cases: when she has no husband and when she has a husband.
↩️ My friends think I’m an alcoholic, and I don’t think we have anything to think about here, we have to drink.
↩️ Obsession is the worst of qualities, you agree with me

Maybe I want to live a happy life.

Want to talk about it?
Why don’t you
? Maybe I’ll get on your knees
↩️ But he did not foresee that the victim could have a gas key in his bag.
↩️ If you watch a Japanese movie in which the actors don’t play fake, their eyes aren’t pathetic and they generally behave more or less like humans – that means you’re watching Japanese porn.
↩️ I have a cat and three dogs. The most common command at home is: Spit the cat!
↩️ Dogs have owners, and cats have service staff!
↩️ Never take your cat to the beach – it will simply drive you crazy to see such a big sandbox!
↩️ The monkey became human after taking a stick in his hand. And he became a graduate after he started putting sticks in the wheels.
➡️ The idea is that all white bears are bad among bears.
➡️ I don’t understand: vegetarians like animals or they don’t like them
➡️ I like going to work! And from work at home! But here are the 8 hours between walks – it annoys me!
➡️ I liked my past work, but my wife told me that it is not possible to work as a driver on the couch all my life.
➡️ – You have recommendations from your previous job
– Yes, I was advised to look for another job.
➡️ -Honey, I’ll stay after work today. I go with the boys for a beer. -Repeat! -Honey, after work I come home immediately. I miss you.

➡️ How good he is at work. I like to work. I don’t like to relax. I came to work and let’s work. I would only work and I would work!

Funny jokes for wedding invitations

It is common for a wedding to be a solemn event, where only romance and special emotions take place. We suggest you invite your relatives and friends in a more special way – funny.
✅️ It wasn’t love at first sight. Not at a glance. But here we are in front of the altar. We are waiting for you to celebrate the union at the church, then to break the pins at the restaurant. Mandatory comfortable footwear. Any misdemeanor will be charged with a bottle of champagne placed on the groom’s table.
✅️ The cherry has apples, the cherry comes and asks for it. Cherry said yes, I’m waiting for you at my wedding!
✅️ If you are not ashamed to drink in front of your parents, we are waiting for you with us.
✅️ The secret of a happy marriage is… a secret. Even if I don’t know him yet, the Bride and Ginerele are waiting for you to celebrate their marriage at the church, followed by a night of partying with all the loved ones.

✅️ According to art. 1 of the Family Code, the INVITED citizen is asked to appear at the Church to witness the condemnation of the Bride and the Bridegroom to difficult years of marital happiness. Mandatory attendance.

    ✅️ The recipe for happiness: take two lovers, the Bride and the Bride, add a proud pair of godparents and two pairs of parents who are a little tired of leaving their scents at home and mix everything at church. Meals will be served at the Restaurant, seasoned with love, music and drink. It stays on the fire until dawn.
    ✅️ Yes, you’re right, you lost me! I need rescue! S.O.S! The rescue operation will take place (time and date of marriage) at the marital status in (the city). You will be able to easily recognize me – I will be in a black suit and the thief – in a chic white dress. I want to laugh together about my bachelor free life at (restaurant name and address, time). I’m waiting for you!
    ✅️ You can imagine – we are completely crazy. Now we stick the doll on the hood of the car, put on the pathetic clothes that are more suitable for melodramas and – we get married! You can gossip as much as you want, you can laugh out loud and get the most out of our classic wedding. For you, a show called “Freedom – goodbye” was organized. It will take place (date, time and address of the event). Congratulations are welcome (preferably in the form of handshakes and friendly hugs, as well as heavy coins). Your crazy friends (groom’s name).
    ✅️ Don’t think it’s spam. And yes, the letter is really addressed to you, my dear friend. We (the name of the bride and groom) decided. Now we want to live together and happy, until one day we die, surrounded by the multitude of descendants. So, you will be able to participate in a charming master class on “How to start a family life (happy!), While you will not kill each other.” It will take place (address, date and time of the holiday) according to popular traditions. The visit is paid. You will have to bring a good mood with you and show a smile at the entrance. Charity is encouraged. All funds raised will go to the newly created family fund, which is called “Survival”. We promise you a small bonus – we will share with you our unscrupulous happiness and comprehensive joy.
    ✅️ If you want to get a lot of unforgettable impressions and compromise on us (names of young people) – come to (time, date and address of the event). Yes, yes, we will be there too. Moreover, our very appearance (especially if you have a hidden or ordinary room) will be considered compromised. Have you ever seen me in a three-piece suit with a flower in my pocket and a silly smile
    ? lips have the same smile as mine
    Then rest assured that you will enjoy this view! After such strong impressions and a “compromising” photo shoot, a mandatory banquet will be held in the restaurant (name, address and time). We promise a lot of delicacies – wonderful food and refreshments. Guest entertainment is also provided to avoid any discouragement related to our loss of liberty. Regards, weird people (young people’s names).
    ✅️ We invite you to visit the show of a traveling band of circus artists under the title “Ah, goodbye, my freedom! Hello, family life ”. The show will take place without rehearsals at (the place and time of the holiday) once. The main characters are the bride and groom, and the actors are (the names of the guests). The second part of the show also involves your participation – you have to feed yourself with a good mood, smiles and fun. If you can survive the first two games without losing too much, then the third will be a bonus. We scheduled the general assembly of our family’s nest on the banks of the river (day and time). We count on you, come on!