The basic screen of the smartphone includes only the pre-installed applications, which the manufacturer has chosen for its own reasons and advertising obligations. But you can equip your smartphone with many other free phone applications, which you find absolutely necessary.

In this article, we have made a selection of interesting applications for all fields. By installing these free phone apps on Android (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi) or iOS, the smartphone user will receive almost unlimited possibilities.
Working with files, multimedia processing and viewing, games, web browsing, ordering taxis, travel planning, language learning – there simply won’t be such a task that can’t be solved with one or another new phone application , available in this list.

Messenger: WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and others

These messenger applications for the phone are a very important point of our selection, especially if you bought a smartphone recently.
With the help of the new phones you have the opportunity to share huge amounts of information, videos, make video calls abroad for free, etc. It is not necessary to install all the messengers simultaneously, but only the ones that you will definitely use.
One of the most popular applications in this field is WhatsApp Messenger, instantly for Android phone owners. The program allows you to send messages for free, to make calls in any country in the world, to chat, to send videos, images.

Share It

If you are looking for useful Android applications for sharing photos and documents without networks and with any device (computer, tablet, smartphone on any operating system), pay attention to the SHAREit utility. The application is capable of:

  • Offline file sharing;
  • Transfer rate up to 20 m / s and higher;
  • Change the files of any extensions between different devices;
  • The simplest management


Instagram is both an image editor and a social network for sharing photos and videos and, at the same time, a source of news.


Another social network, created by Jack Dorsey in 2006. The service quickly gained popularity.

TV-to-TV Connection – Castto You

‘ll definitely need TV-to-phone applications. Mirroring is a technique that allows you to mirror your smartphone on the TV screen. You can easily access all games, photos, videos and other applications on a big screen using this application. It also provides a secure connection to protect your data, files and applications. Designing the Android screen on TV is simple, easy to use and, most importantly, a free application!

PUBG MOBILE – Mad Miramar

Such mobile gaming applications are also very popular. PUBG MOBILE offers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. It consists of a classic battle with 100 players and a fast-paced zombie team. It was named the Golden Joystick Award as the best game on the phone.


Uber is an international company that created the mobile application for searching, calling and paying taxis. Through the application, you can book a car, watch its movement and pay for the trip. The service was invented in 2009 by Travis Kalanik and Garret Camp and each year covers more and more countries and cities. Today it is available in more than 700 cities around the world, including Romania.


Using neural network technology, the photo editor turns photos into works of art. You can “draw” an image with Levitan or Claude Monet, a portrait in the spirit of Renoir or Dali. And for that you don’t have to be able to draw! By the way, neural networks are considered the true technology of the future.


A cult audio player adapted for the Android platform. Supports more than 20 audio formats. Listening to music in such a player is convenient and enjoyable: you can change skins, view album art, and quickly download files from a memory card or work with multiple playlists.

This hotel reservation service was launched in 1996. Even if someone does not rent through, they still search for accommodation there to compare prices. Indeed, in the service base there are over 550 thousand hotel units worldwide and, thanks to the mobile version of the service, you can book a hotel or pension anywhere and anytime.

Runtastic – Running Tracker

The health application helps to control fitness classes. Here you can keep a training diary, get tips, set goals for a year and even control the wear of your sneakers! There is also something like a social network of “runners”: you can apply for motivation or to share your successes.

Learn English with Duolingo

The most necessary application for Android, which can teach you a foreign language in a few months. It is considered one of the best in the world. Classes are held in the form of a game – no need to repeat words, memorize grammar and especially texts. Just complete the next task and answer the short questions. Suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Brainly – Learn Online

With Brainly you can do your homework more easily: you can ask for help or you can ask for advice from those who have already done the same thing. There are answers to almost all school subjects. You can also prepare for exams and tests, test your knowledge and increase your mental state.

Smart Launcher 5

With this application, you can make your smartphone more comfortable and organized. Customize widgets, 9 screens, animations. The launcher allows you to speed up your operation on Android without consuming power and battery resources. By the way, you can also diversify the look of the main interface of the smartphone by setting the most beautiful wallpapers for Android.


Everyone knows they need to go further. And how many steps we take in a day
This will count the pedometer. Just install the program and start moving. The screen will show the speed, the number of steps, the number of kilometers traveled and how much time was spent walking.

Dr. Web Light Antivirus

Useful smartphone applications that you have downloaded from unverified sources may contain malware. Therefore, make sure that you allocate space on your smartphone for a reliable antivirus. Dr.Web Light is considered one of the best fighters against mobile infections. Scan antivirus, check for new files, and protect your memory card.


Shazam will help you find the name of the song, the artist’s name and even the lyrics. This way, it’s easy to keep up to date with the new singles, tracks and albums of your favorite artists. Shazam access is also possible by voice command “Ok Google!”


Another Photo Editor. Using Vinci, you can retouch photos, apply filters, and change the color temperature. It has a simple and accessible interface.

Google Translate

Application for those whose language skills have not reached the ideal. It translates into 103 world languages, and 52 of them can be translated offline. It is easy and simple to copy the text and paste it into the translation space. You don’t have to hope for a literary approach, but the program perfectly translates separate phrases and words.

Clean Master

Mandatory for Android are also such applications for cleaning the phone as Clean Master. It is appreciated primarily for its convenience, reliability and popularity. The application effectively cleans the smartphone and speeds up its activity. It is used to find space for new photos or videos, to delete applications that have not been used for a long time, to clean the “trash” and even to protect the viewing gallery.


A bright organizer that helps you create a list of activities and don’t forget anything. It is convenient to separate the sheets with different lists by color.

Opera Mini

browser The mobile version of the popular browser. Among the main advantages are traffic savings and fast page loading. The features of the latest update are:

  • Reliable blocking of all types of network advertising;
  • Add important pages with a single click;
  • Visual display of telephone traffic;
  • Opening multiple pages in different tabs at the same time;
  • Private tables that are not saved in the browser history;
  • Quickly download files from the Internet

Microsoft Word

You often have to type and edit text on your smartphone. Microsoft Word has an accessible interface, works with documents on the go, and stores text in the cloud, and access to them can be from any device.


This camera application is perhaps the best alternative to the camera application that the phone comes with at the factory. You can take 100% JPEG or JPEG + RAW quality photos on phones that support this feature. The application has a lot of manual controls and shooting modes such as Burst, Timelapse, HDR (on some phones) or Bracket Exposure. The application also has shooting possibilities, and from the settings you can select the resolution, the number of frames or the bitrate.

Jokesphone – Phone Jokes

It is one of those applications for phone pranks, with which you can make phone jokes to your friends and relatives without knowing that it is you, being able to broadcast their reactions on Whatsapp and social networks.


A useful application for those who travel and travel around the world. Here are collected hotels, plane tickets, car rental points. It is quick and easy to find out about current prices and you can choose a hotel or rent a car in advance using filters.

App Lock

AppLock is a free app that locks and protects your privacy to prevent criminals from peeking at your private data. Hide photos and videos by encrypting your Gallery to prevent children or thieves from confusing your settings, deleting important items, or interfering with the purchase of an application.

VideoShow – video & movie editor

One of the most popular video editors for Android. Even inexperienced users will be able to edit video with it: it’s easy to assemble a video from photos, videos, stickers, tags and effects.

GeoZilla – find my family

With GeoZilla you can always know where your children, parents, friends and even pets are. This is a GPS tracker that does not consume unnecessary energy and sends notifications if necessary.

Ear Spy

Available for Android and iOS, it is one of the most interesting spy applications for your phone. To use the Ear Spy properly, you need to put your headphones in your ears, and people around you will suspect that you are listening to music. The application, however, amplifies the noise picked up by the microphone so you can better hear what’s going on around you. In certain situations, where you want to listen to a discussion without appearing to do so, Ear Spy will be very useful.

GPS Location with Mobile Phone Number Tracker

One of the most used applications for phone location, GPS Tracker helps you to find your phone quickly thanks to professional GPS technology. Main features:

  • Locate the phone by number, track the location of the phone number;
  • Receive notifications when there is a position move;
  • Display location history: the application will save and provide the location history you searched for;
  • The application is completely free.


One of the famous weather forecasting services. You can learn about the temperature outside the window not only during the day but also at night. Presents the time of sunset and sunrise. It has a beautiful design with weather backgrounds. The forecast is available for 10 days. Using the GPS location function, you are immediately informed where you are.


With AirDroid, you can sync your Android device to a personal computer wirelessly. The only thing you need is the appropriate version of the program on your computer. You can download it from the official website of the application.

Romania News 24H

A comprehensive application for news in Romania, displaying what has happened in the last 24 hours and more. The news is automatically updated, the phone shows a notification icon when new articles appear. The news is grouped into categories: general, sports, social, IT & Gadget, music. Any item can be saved or deleted.
Another useful function is “search”: for example, if you type “Cluj”, only articles related to Cluj will be displayed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

With Adobe Acrobat Reader you can open and view PDF documents on any Android phone and tablet.


Those who are well organized can enjoy the free Evernote app. Allows you to create, edit, and retrieve notes, as well as compose voice notes. In addition, you can import the resulting images into the application and then process them using Skitch.


Snapseed is an application for versatile image optimization, suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers.


With the SoundCloud streaming service, you can listen to millions of songs legally and for free, in addition, the service automatically downloads content to your smartphone, and when the Internet is not available, it allows you to play songs offline.


In order not to stay in a hotel that will disappoint you, you just need to check in advance the numerous ratings of TripAdvisor users. However, you can choose not only hotels. Here you will find ratings for restaurants and other leisure activities.

The FBReader
e-book reader is one of the best applications in the digital fiction segment. Here you will find a convenient catalog of books by authors, title and topics, as well as a wide range of accepted formats, and even a search for books on the Internet. In this application, you can synchronize with the selected cloud storage to read books on all your devices – smartphones and tablets, from where you stopped reading.


In the mobile version of AliExpress, every day you can choose profitable shopping in China.

QR & Barcode Scanner

Thanks to this application, you will quickly get product information directly on your Android smartphone. Using an integrated scanner, you can photograph the code on almost every product. It can be a European barcode (EAN), a two-dimensional barcode (QR) or an international standard book number (ISBN). The product and all available information about it, such as price and customer reviews, will appear quickly on your smartphone.


With Snapchat, send photos to your friends. The trick is that all the images you send will appear in just a few seconds, after which they will be deleted automatically. This way, you can easily send the most daring selfies through Snapchat, then don’t worry about the consequences.


The online Dropbox service provides you with 2 GB of free disk space on the internet, which you can use from anywhere, including your mobile phone.

Geotracker – GPS tracker

If you often travel on foot, bicycle or electric scooter, the Geotracker application allows you to record the route and visualize it on the map with all the characteristics of time, altitude and speed. This is useful to determine the exact path of your movement in the area and the time spent. The track file can be sent to friends to share the correct route in an unknown area.

Easy Currency Converter Exchange

rates are live. The application supports all world currencies, some metals and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). Exchange rates are updated once per second, and the application works offline.


This is a service that allows you to create themed collections and share them with other users. It is a real storehouse of inspiration. Pinterest was invented by Ben Zilberman in 2009. It is now available to anyone who is thirsty for new ideas, including smartphones.


VSCO is a photo editor that smartphone photography fans consider one of the best. Beautiful filters, fine image adjustment, weekly testing of the best photos – these are just some of the features of the application.


This is a third-party keyboard for iOS and Android, significantly speeding up and simplifying typing on mobile devices.


The history of this photo hosting began in 2004. Millions of people use Flickr to store images and videos, as well as to search for illustrations. The service advocates for copyright, giving users the opportunity to protect their work with their own free licenses (including the use of Creative Commons licenses). Flickr has both a web version and applications for iOS and Android.
Before installing any of these applications, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the more detailed requirements, system version, and user reviews at the time of installation.