St. Nicholas Day is celebrated every year on December 6. On this auspicious day, sending Happy Birthday wishes to St. Nicholas for your boyfriend / girlfriend, for children or adults is an important thing to do, especially since St. Nicholas derived Santa Claus.
You can also send wishes for St. Nicholas and Nicholas to the holidays on May 22, when old-style Orthodox Christians celebrate St. Nicholas and write greetings with St. Nicholas in the summer. It is important not to miss the day of the name Nicolae, Nicoleta and their derivatives!
Here we have gathered the best wishes with Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas, funny and emotional, written for Facebook or SMS. From St. Nicholas, the warmest good wishes are opportune for everyone: for the husband, for the boyfriend, for the parents and friends! We have compiled them in a list of personalized St. Nicholas greeting cards, which you can dedicate to Christians, but also St. Nicholas Day greeting cards, created especially for the homage.

Congratulations and best wishes for St. Nicholas

Born in Patara, Asia Minor, in the second half of the third century, St. Nicholas was recognized as a great defender of Orthodoxy. Here are the congratulations and best wishes for St. Nicholas:
🔔 I wanted to wish you a happy holiday of SAINT NICHOLAS. Take advantage of this holy holiday to relax.
🔔 I love you very much and I wish you all the happiness you deserve, as well as a happy holiday of SAINT NICHOLAS.
🔔 Today we want you to know that we think a lot about you and we wish you a lot of fun and joy wherever you are and whatever you do. Happy Saint Nicholas!
🔔 I take this opportunity to offer you the best wishes for a very happy SAINT Nicolae and a year full of joy and happiness.
🔔 May this holiday be sweet for you. May the joy of SAINT NICHOLAS continue to shine in your eyes.
🔔 I wish you happiness, health, success and the fulfillment of all your wishes! Happy St. Nicholas Holiday!
🔔 Best wishes for St. Nicholas! On this day, nothing is more pleasant than celebrating with those you love.
🔔 Much happiness, gentleness and serenity for the feast of St. Nicholas!
What wonderful moments are in the family! The little ones have a sparkling sparkle in their eyes! It’s St. Nicholas! You have to smile, laugh out loud. What a blessing! Congratulations to all!
🔔 It’s your feast of SAINT NICHOLAS! We wish you the best of luck for next year. Especially for children!
🔔 May the love of Christ enlighten your present and future and fill it with the happiness that comes from above. Happy St. Nicholas Day!
🔔 I wish you a Happy New Year and a year full of God’s blessings and compassion.
🔔 Celebrate your name day today! May the Lord open your eyes to appreciate the miracles of His hands. I wish you all the best! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
May the Lord fill this day with love, peace, joy and laughter. Enjoy all the blessings that come from above! Have a happiest St. Nicholas birthday!
🔔 May the love and affection of God be upon you today and forever. May His goodness never leave you. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas, dear!
🔔 May Jesus, who is the light of the world, shine every morning when you wake up and fill your life with happiness. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
🔔 May the love of Jesus bring hope and joy into your life on this special day of St. Nicholas and in the days to come.
May the heavenly souls above protect you and take care of you, just as you do for me! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
🔔 Without rhyming words or poems, with a simple message, I want to wish you to be blessed, brother, by St. Nicholas!
🔔 With you, life is a happiness! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
🔔 With you, older brother, I really don’t need any other teacher! May the Lord enlighten you with endless wisdom and knowledge, so that you may spread it to all! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
May Jesus be your guiding light and bring you endless joy! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
🔔 On this special day of St. Nicholas, may God give you a life full of satisfaction, joy and peace! Happy Birthday!

Christian Wishes of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas made many gifts to the poor, reassured the sorrowful, and healed the sick with God’s power. Here you find Christian wishes for St. Nicholas:
➡️ God is so good! On this day of St. Nicholas, I pray you live many more years!
➡️ As you celebrate your name day today, take some time for God. Send him a prayer, thanking him for giving you life.
➡️ In all His glory, He took the time to create you. As you celebrate St. Nicholas with family and friends, don’t forget to thank him.
➡️ I wish you a rich and happy life. As you celebrate your name day, may God fulfill all your desires and give you more blessings, because you deserve it. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ You have inspired many people. You will always be remembered and many of us celebrate today for you. We all wish you the best of St. Nicholas!
➡️ Praise the Lord that you have reached another day of St. Nicholas. We wish you many more!
➡️ Enjoy this St. Nicholas Day and whatever else you have. God bless you. Happy Birthday.
➡️ “May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him. Pour out that hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ” Romans 15:13May these words bring you peace of mind on St. Nicholas Day!
➡️ When you are sad, remember who created you and loves you the most. God will always be there for you. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas and keep your head up.
➡️ God loves you the way you are. So do I. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ Love yourself as much as God loves you. This is an infinite number. Have a blessed St. Nicholas Day!
Remember God every day and you will continue to do well in life. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ May this holiday bring you enlightenment and peace of mind today and in the days to come!
➡️ God be with you today and always. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ May God bring you blessings and abundance. Happy New Year to the most wonderful and lovely person I know.
➡️ Your heart and soul are important to God. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ Share the love with which God has blessed you over the years. Have a blessed day of St. Nicholas!
➡️ Please enjoy the comfort of Christ in every situation you face. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ May the Lord shine His light on you as He shows you the right way with grace and favor throughout the year. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
➡️ May the grace of Christ beautify this day and the rest that will come. May you enjoy the happiness that comes only from the Kingdom of the Father. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
➡️ Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas and may God bless you every day!
➡️ God created you and brought you into this world with a purpose. May His will be done in your life on this special day. Enjoy St. Nicholas Day and have a blessed name and birthday!
➡️ “This is the day which the LORD has made; Let’s enjoy it. ” Psalm 118: 24 Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!

Wishes for the name day of St. Nicholas

On December 6, about 800 thousand Romanians, of which over 510 thousand men and over 280 thousand women, bear the name of St. Nicholas and receive wishes for the day of the name of St. Nicholas. For inspiration, we present these wishes on the name day of St. Nicholas:
⭐ On the day of the name, the Guardian Angel wanted to be the first to congratulate you, but I forwarded it. Dear Nicoleta, I always wish you to be not only the first, but also the best. Stay the way you are!
⭐ May your dreams come true quickly and easily, and may your plans be over-fulfilled at least three times over. Name day congratulations!
⭐ Creative and subtle threads can also be strong, independent. They know how to make money, win the hearts of women and, at the same time, float in the clouds. They are also loyal and wonderful friends, with whom he is always fun and interesting. All this is about you, Nicolae! Happy name day!
⭐ Nicolae! On the day of your name, together with all our friendly company, we wish you good spirits and more strength to your inner core! Stay elegant and confident!
You know exactly what you want from life and you will surely achieve everything. We will try to be with you both in the swamp and on the plane. Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
⭐ Ole, ole, ole !!! May your favorite football team enjoy you more often. Nicolae, there should always be flat grass on the stadium, the ball should be only round, and the athletes should only be with their feet straight! And always have the best seats reserved for you at the nearest sports bar on the days of very important matches. Happy name day!
⭐ Nicolae! If you don’t answer the phone, I always know where to look: in the restaurant with the most delicious cuisine in town! For you, I learned to cook and I want to say, “Thank you!” You give me reasons to improve. Happy name day!
⭐ Happy Birthday, Nicolae. Good luck in your work, at home, so that everything will be fine, your wife will love you and not argue with you!
I wish you good health so that you have the strength to spend time with friends. Courage, good and kind thoughts. Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
I want you to make fewer mistakes and never forget your comrades. Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
⭐ Our dear Nicoleta, accept the congratulations from your family! We wish you good health, longevity, faith in the best, hope for good weather and eternal love!
⭐ May every day bring you joy and with every moment become just better, braver, wiser, healthier and more beautiful! Name day congratulations!
⭐ Nicolae, happy holiday to you! Be as patient, reliable and receptive as possible. Be healthy, smile as often as possible and don’t forget your relatives and friends.
⭐ Congratulations on name day! Never be discouraged and let all your dreams come true!
⭐ There are few like you and, therefore, take care of yourself and happy holiday of St. Nicholas!
⭐ Nicolae, congratulations on your name day. I dare say that you are my source of inspiration; looking at you I want to live! I wish you to always be full of health, love, never to lower your head, even if difficulties appear in front of you!
⭐ Congratulations on St. Nicholas! Believe in yourself and all your ideas and commitments will be successful.

The most beautiful wishes of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas is considered the patron saint of sailors, fishermen, travelers and merchants. It also sponsors countries such as Greece, Russia, Sicily, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Naples, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Friborg and the University of Paris. Dedicate to those close to you the most beautiful wishes for St. Nicholas on the day of the feast of this saint!
► On St. Nicholas, children are kings! I wish you a very happy holiday of St. Nicholas, hoping that you will receive a lot of candy!
► Nicolae, I congratulate you on your holiday, the day of your name. You are the best man in my life and I do not regret marrying you. I wish you to always be healthy and happy, to be satisfied with every moment of our life together and to never be disappointed. Joy for you and an ocean of love!
► Happy Birthday and a happy feast of St. Nicholas for you, my adored heart. I send you a lot of sweet kisses.
► Have a happy St. Nicholas holiday! Take advantage of this day when all children are kings!
► If you behave well, you will receive something sweet tonight! Happy St. Nicholas Holiday! I kiss you hard!
► I wish you a very happy holiday of Saint Nicholas. Receive lots of gifts!
► On Saint Nicholas, you will have a lot of toys! I wish you a happy holiday, little one!
► Saint Nicholas rewards wise children! I wish you a lot of toys that you will have and tons of candies that you will eat! But be careful to be very wise!
► Happy Saint Nicholas holiday for all the little ones!
► It’s time to wish you a happy holiday of Saint Nicholas! It’s the day of good children that rewards any good behavior!
► It’s Saint Nicholas! You were good this year.
I think so too! I wish you a happy holiday, full of candy, love and tenderness.
Today is Saint Nicholas. May this day be overflowing with happiness, may it be full of warmth and full of good intentions. I kiss you.
► My dear, on this day of St. Nicholas, I wanted you to know that I think a lot about you…
► Your mother told me that you were very good and that you did well at school… I am sure that St. Nicolae will bring you a lot of sweets as a reward!
► While I wait to see you soon, I send you a thousand tender kisses! Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
► My little one, I am sad that I cannot spend this Saint Nicholas with you. When I was your age, the Saint distributed candy to all good children. And, since I know you were a wonderful boy this year, I’m sure St. Nicholas will come to see you too! I embrace you!
► May God make you happy. But make God happy too. Have a happy St. Nicholas Day!
► May next year be full of new discoveries of love and goodness from God! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
► Thank you for letting us be around you – God’s greatest creation – on your name day and every day. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.

Religious wishes by St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas died in 340, his relics being kept at the church dedicated to him in Bari, southern Italy (since 1087). All those who mention him deserve to receive such religious wishes from St. Nicholas:

  • I wish you a very happy name day, God bless you with much happiness and success. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
  • May peace be with you as you mark the anniversary of the beginning of your life! Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
  • God takes every step of your journey with you. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas! God bless you more and more! Have fun, this is your name day!
  • Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas !!! I hope you have a blessed day !!!
  • May God bless you and give you peace and happiness. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • On this special day, I wish you all the best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be abundantly blessed today, tomorrow and the days to come!
  • Have a great name day and many more to come! Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas !!!
  • I wish you a very happy name day, to have a life full of love, joy and blessing.
  • As King David said: May you prosper wherever you go and in whatever you do. Happy Birthday to the name day, Nicolae!
  • To live up to a hundred years, with an extra year to repent. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
  • May God Almighty continue to bless you and see many other holidays. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
  • God keep you young and handsome like me. Happy name day.
  • May your holiday shine with the hope of God and rejoice in your Special Day! Happy Birthday, Nicolae!
  • Celebrate life. Celebrate happiness. Celebrate your name day. Celebrate that God gives you all this.
  • Your friendship is proof that God loves me. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • I pray that your name day will be as fun as yours. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • I don’t know if it’s your name day or if you sneeze a lot, but God has certainly blessed you. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • My wish for you is to be happy, to enjoy life, to follow God’s will in your life and to have continuous success in everything you do. Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
  • God bless you, your family and your friends !!! Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
  • Today is not just your name day, but a gift from God. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • Celebrate your name day and celebrate the life God has given you. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas.
  • You should be great! You were created by the best parents! God bless you on the day of your name!
  • We wish you Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas. God bless you for the rest of the year!
  • Be good, my friend, and in life you will go far. May He continue to watch over you and give you many blessings. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
  • You have nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. God is always watching. So there is no point in running away from the Happy Birthday song. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas, dear friend!
  • You are such a wonderful friend and you deserve all the blessings God has given you. I wish you nothing but happiness and a peaceful life. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas, my dear friend.

Virtual St. Nicholas Greetings St. Nicholas

Day is one of the most popular Christian religious holidays in Romania. Here we share the best virtual St. Nicholas greeting cards.
► I wish you a happy St. Nicholas, full of love!
► I wish you magic, joy and love for the winter holidays! Happy St. Nicholas!
► Much love for you and your loved ones for St. Nicholas!
► Have a holiday full of joy and magic!
► St. Nicholas is hope and joy. Enjoy this magical party!
► All the best wishes for St. Nicholas! I hope this holiday will fill you with joy and love.
► Traditionally, St. Nicholas is spent with family and many of us think of friends who are dear to us, but who are not with us! Among these friends is you! Congratulations, my dear!
► The Christmas tree is decorated, the presents are wrapped and the only thing left for me to do is to wish you Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas, sweet child!
► Congratulations on St. Nicholas! Enjoy these good times with your family!
► On St. Nicholas, I wanted to tell you that I am very happy to have a friend like you today and every other day of the year!
► May St. Nicholas’ Day be cheerful and bright. On this magical day, I want our friendship to remain unchanged forever.
► I hope you were as good as me and that Santa Claus will not forget you. Congratulations!
► 1, 2, 3 kisses to say Congratulations on St. Nicholas! 4, 5, 6 kisses to tell you I love you, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 kisses and kisses on the neck and cheeks and… everywhere!
► My mother told me that magic is everywhere, but I looked for it behind the tree, under the snow and between the decorations and I didn’t find it. Then he told me it was in our hearts and in our families. So I wanted to share a little magic with you, wishing you Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!

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► Hang this Christmas card: we will feel closer to you! We wish you many good things, hoping that next year will be better. Best wishes for St. Nicholas!
► I wish you and your whole family Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
► Have a peaceful St. Nicholas in the company of the people you love!
► May the warmth of our affection warm your hearts on this holiday of St. Nicholas!
► May today’s holiday be full of happiness. A hug from me!
► With infinite affection I wish you the most beautiful winter holidays you can wish for. From the bag of my thoughts I have extracted the most precious for you: may St. Nicholas’ Day be as splendid as a diamond!
► St. Nicholas has arrived again: may he be happy and at peace for everyone!
► On this Holy Day I will pray that the holiday will be quiet and full of love. Don’t forget to think about us while you are all together under the tree!
► This year St. Nicholas will be even more beautiful, because I met a very special person. I sincerely wish you and your family the best of luck!
► Best wishes from St. Nicholas from those who love you so much and are always thinking of you.
► Thank you for being my friend and for always being there when I needed you. Congratulations on St. Nicholas!
► Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas from a person who never stops thinking about you. Kisses.

Personalized greeting cards by St. Nicholas

Nicholas is a very secretive person. You can never be sure what you are planning. The motives behind his actions often remain a mystery. Such a person is also endowed with self-control. There are very few things that could hurt his soul. For all the homage, we have prepared these personalized greeting cards by St. Nicholas:

  • Nicolae, you always burn so hard that you heat and light everything around you! Happy Birthday and I wish the Guardian Angel to take care, first of all, of fire safety and to always have enough fuel for any long winter!
  • Strong people like you, Nicolae, are pretty rare now. So, be the true king of your life, be wise in business and prudent every day. Name day congratulations!
  • Inspire many of us to new achievements and good deeds! Happy Birthday to the name day, Nicolae!
  • There are many friends, but the best friend is ready to give you a strong shoulder at any moment. There are many women around, but the girlfriend you want to go back to every night is one. There are thousands of happy moments in life, but the real happiness from which goosebumps are made is one. Nicolae, on the day of your name, I wish you not quantity, but real quality. Congratulations!
  • Big trips control everything. I open new cities, countries, continents… I wish you, Nicolae, to open a country that does not need a passport to enter. Let everything be easy and fun there. I want you to become the president of this country and to invite your friends to visit you more often. Happy name day!
  • Not everyone can treat everything in life with a smile. Nicolae, your ability to overcome any obstacles with humor is amazing. You always know how to help a friend. Thanks and congratulations!
  • Nicolae, your involvement makes the world around you change for the better. Congratulations on the name day and I want you to remain the same strong and receptive person!
  • Business luck does not come naturally. He always chooses only the most enthusiastic and devoted. Nicolae, you are the most responsible business partner I know. On the day of your name, I wish you to constantly learn and enchant capricious luck forever! Congratulations!
  • Nicolae, on the day of your name, I want you to go through life in a fun and easy way. May your intuition and positive attitude always help you!
  • You have always treated people the way you want to be treated. Therefore, your Guardian Angel loves and respects you very much, not only on name day. Congratulations, Nicolae!
  • Nicolae, congratulations on your name’s birthday! May the Guardian Angel always be by your side: at home, at work and even in nature. PS: Take a sleeping bag just in case!
  • Sport has always been one of your best friends, Nicolae. On the day of your name, I want to always wish you full grandstands on the stadium, perfectly flat running tracks, interesting partners on the tennis court and more energy, so that you can only win unconditional victories in all life competitions. Congratulations!
  • Nicolae, I wish you more rest in the company of your loved ones. I wish you the sea and the sun. Let there be warm sand under your feet, a pink sunset before your eyes and the woman you love in your hands.
  • Nicolae, for your love and responsibility for work, you deserve the best rest. Let the Guardian Angel remind you of this more often. Happy Birthday to your patron saint!

St. Nicholas messages and greeting cards (funny)

In this paragraph, you will find funny and free St. Nicholas messages and greeting cards to serve as inspiration. Use them freely!
Don’t pray for forgiveness because you ate too much name day cake. Better do some exercise.
😄 You were made in the image of God, so try to look good in your birthday photos. Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas!
Mirac Hey miracle! You just received a message from St. Nicholas from me! Now you can believe in Santa Claus!
😄 St. Nicholas Day is truly a magical moment. Wipe out all your savings if you have children! And the worst part is that he does it again every year. Congratulations to all parents with St. Nicholas!
😄 St. Nicholas is truly full of miracles. It makes me lose all my savings, having 3 children! This is the magic of the winter holidays!
😄 St. Nicholas is about spending time with good people. Make sure you spend the whole day with me. Congratulations, darling!
😄 Enjoy this St. Nicholas until you find your name in the naughty list of Santa Claus. Have a wonderful holiday!
😄 St. Nicholas is especially for children. But we adults can also enjoy sweets! Congratulations everyone!
😄 Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the time spent, because when St. Nicholas is over, no one will care if you exist or not!
😄 Happy Birthday to St. Nicholas! Have enough time to take care of yourself on this holiday. I think Santa Claus has to shave his beard too!
😄 I tried hard to make Santa Claus think you were good all year long. Instead, my gifts were canceled because I was your friend!
😄 I prayed that Santa Claus would give you wings on this holiday so that you could fly and disappear from the earth forever. Kidding. Congratulations!
You know that your life sucks when you have to wait all year for Santa Claus to bring you some sweets because apparently no one cares to give you at least one gift…
😄 An important rule of St. Nicholas – you can eat all the candy as long as you don’t forget to brush your teeth. Congratulations!