What is the first word that all people say in the first moment of their lives? Of course, the word “mother”. This word is clear to absolutely everyone on the planet, no matter what language they speak. But who is closer and more dear to us than my mother.

No one. Because no one can replace it. When it is difficult for you, only by pronouncing loudly or mentally the magic word “mother”, you know that she will always come to your aid. Here we have collected the most beautiful quotes about mom for you. You will also find: quotes about children and mothers, quotes about mother and son or quotes about mother and daughter.

Unfortunately, life has a beginning and an end, and the loss of the most precious being on Earth is sometimes inevitable. We have included in the collection of quotes about the mother some sad and emotional statements, quotes about mothers who died and went to the angels. So, these famous quotes about mother and mother, full of meaning, symbols and meaning, will surely induce you both in a state of nostalgia and joy!

Beautiful Quotes About Mom

🔔 The mother’s hands are the embodiment of sensitivity. Victor Hugo

🔔 Becoming a mother deprives a woman of her right to be weak. Diaz de Mirud

🔔 The hand that swings the baby rules the world. William Wallace

🔔 She is a mother and she is right. Ivan Turgenev

🔔 Maternity leave is the position for life. Carl Rainer

🔔 If men had given birth, none of them would have had more than one child. Princess Diana

🔔 Life begins with motherhood and is therefore sacred. Gabriela Mistral

🔔 Happiness is never as complete as in periods of love and motherhood. Mark Lanskoy
🔔 Mother’s love is neither selfish nor unselfish. It doesn’t depend on anything. Theodore Dreiser

🔔 The mother’s heart is an abyss, in the depths of which there is always forgiveness. Honore de Balzac

🔔 The mother’s heart is an inexhaustible source of miracles. Pierre

Beranger 🔔 The first gift a mother gives us is life, the second is love, and the third is understanding. Dirk Brower

🔔 Mother is the closest and dearest person – from her we get life in itself, strength, love and trust. Our mother teaches us human rules, revives our minds, puts our word on our lips, and fills our memory with her unquestioning advice about those who came into the world before us. Albert Likhanov
🔔 Many women for some reason believe that having a baby and becoming a mother is one and the same thing. With the same success you can say that it is the same to have a grand piano and to be a pianist. Sam Harris

🔔 It’s probably easier to evacuate an entire city than it is to understand a working mother to raise and send her children to school. Kathy Lett

🔔 Being a mother is also a profession. Nina Rubstein

🔔 Mother is the most emotional being on earth. Mother means forgiveness and sacrifice. Erich Maria Remarque

🔔 The mother is not the person who has to be careful, but the person who makes the feeling of fear useless. D. Canfield
🔔 Maternal love is very emotional, but it is often extremely selfish. Oscar Wilde

🔔 For so many centuries, scientists have not been able to create life! But a woman can do it in just 280 days! Edward Elric

🔔 By the way a man treats his mother, one can judge how he will take care of his wife. Fanny Flagg

🔔 If there’s anything wrong with a mother, it’s that she’s overprotecting her children. Roger Waters

🔔 Mother is God’s name on the lips and hearts of children. William Thackeray

🔔 Mother is the only saint on earth accepted by atheists. E. Leguwe
It will be much better for all of us if we forget the lofty ideas of our civilization and pay more attention to what our ancestors knew long before us — respect for our mother. Ayn Rand

🔔 Nature is very wise – it gives a woman nine months to prepare for the miracle of having a baby, but only when you see her face, you revive completely – you become a completely different person, another woman. Mother. Penelope Cruz

🔔 A mother who is truly a mother is never free. Honore de Balzac

🔔 He who does not respect his mother will lose all respect for himself. Shoderlo de

🔔 Give us the best mothers and we will be the best people. J. Richter
Everything that is beautiful in man is from the sun’s rays and from his mother’s milk. Maxim Gorky

🔔 There’s nothing that your mother’s love can’t stand. Paddock

🔔 Mom is the only person who really loves you because you exist. Mother’s love is a comfortable little house, in which it is always warm and bright. K. Pierce

🔔 There is only one most beautiful child in the world, and every mother has one. Chinese proverb

🔔 My mother is the person who, after seeing 4 pieces of tart for 5 eaters, will say that she never wanted to taste it. T. Jordan

🔔 Mother is the most beautiful word spoken by man. K. Gibran

Quotes about Mother and Child

😄 The strongest connection in a woman’s life is with her baby. Kathy Lett

😄 When you have children, you live like a dog, but you die like a human. And when you have no children, you live like a man, but you die like a dog. American Proverb

😄 A father can raise a child-genius, but only a mother will raise a good person, combining physical and mental abilities. That is why kindergarten education is so important from an early age. Masaru Ibuka

😄 Children are like flowers – you have to bend down to get to know them. Friedrich Frebel

😄 Education is an example of love, nothing more. Friedrich Frebel
😄 Raising a child is not a pleasant pastime, but a lot of work, in which you have to invest the efforts of sleepless nights, hard experiences and many thoughts. Janusz Korczak

😄 The mother most often adores the child who made her suffer the most. Victor Hugo

😄 The person who has been an undisputed favorite of his mother throughout his life, brings a sense of winning and confidence, which often lead to true success. Sigmund Freud

😄 And when they kiss their children, and when they quarrel with them, mothers love them in the same way. Pearl Buck

😄 Moms always come to our rescue. Even when I’m not around. Elchin Safarli
😄 The mother’s hands are woven of tenderness – the children sleep on them peacefully. Victor Hugo

😄 Don’t talk vulgarly to your mother who taught you to speak. Ali ibn Abu Talib

😄 Children are the anchors that keep their mother alive. Sophocles

😄 When a mother asks, “Do you want advice
,” it’s just a formality. Like it or not, you’ll get advice anyway. Irma Bombeck

😄 Mom will always make us feel like a higher class person than we really are. JL Spalding

😄 You will not stop being a child as long as you have a mother. S. Jayet

😄 Mother’s clairvoyance is not possible for anyone. Between the mother and the child there are invisible secret threads, due to which every pain in the child’s soul is felt in her heart, and every success is considered an event full of joy in her own life. O. Balzac

Sad quotes about the deceased mother

⚫ Everything is mortal. Eternal life is for the mother only. And when my mother is no longer alive, she leaves behind a memory that no one has yet been able to overcome. Our mother’s memory feeds our compassion, just as the vast ocean feeds the rivers. Isaac Babel

⚫ He who has no desire for the past has no mother. Ken Nunn

⚫ My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever knew. What I became, I owe to my mother. All my successes in this life, moral, intellectual and physical education, are the merits of my mother. George Washington

⚫ Only when my mother goes to God do we understand that we have lived life with the Divine! Leonid Sukhorukov
⚫ Losing your father means losing a counselor and a mentor, someone who supported you, just as your torso supports your branch. Losing your mother means losing the sun above your head. Yann Martel

⚫ Over the years, everyone understands that the most important thing in life is the opportunity to see my mother. Very often, people realize this too late, when their mother is no longer in this world. Ruben Gallego

Maternity is hard work without holidays, weekends and the right to make mistakes. Being a mother is a responsibility, a purpose, a duty and a great love. And the quotes about mother and children, presented above, are a clear proof of this.