People have a lot to say about mothers and motherhood in general. Some quotes are sweet and some are emotional, but the ones that really get to the heart always have a hidden truth.

A mother’s love is different from any other and our unique relationships can never be compared. Every day, tell your mother how much she means to you, covering her with love, kind words, and caring gifts.

See below the quotes about mother and motherly love for son / daughter, which will help you find the perfect words to thank your mother for everything she has done for you.

Quotes about mothers and children

From some of the world’s most famous writers and actors to world-famous politicians and celebrities, here are the most succinct and beautiful quotes about what motherhood really is. See the quotes about mothers and children below and send your mother a message with a quote below.

“Motherhood is a curse for a woman who has broken God’s Word and eaten of the tree of knowledge.” “In pain you will give birth to your children.” This curse, or perhaps a blessing, weighs on a woman, it is the source of many of her sufferings. I. Gelman

👶Respect the child’s desire to be good, cherish it as the most subtle movement of the human soul, do not abuse your power. VA Sukhomlinsky

👶The relationship between parents and children is as difficult and as dramatic as the relationship between lovers. A. Maurois

👶You really don’t understand human nature if you don’t know why the child on the carousel goes to his mother at every turn and why his mother follows him. W. Tammeus
Already in the first cry of the newborn baby, there are notes of the boss, who approve the hiring of a woman who has not yet recovered at birth for a job for life without leave and the right to dismissal. A. Yu. Kozhevnikov

👶The “mother-child” system is self-regulating, the interconnection processes continue in it synchronously, as it was all the time before birth, the composition of the milk changes according to the needs of the child and is good for him at all times. E. Nikitin

👶If you have given birth to a child, this means that for many years to come you have given him all the tension of your thoughts, all your attention and all your will. AS Makarenko
Mom! The light is now beginning to separate your child from your heart, and if at that moment no one connects the feelings of his noble nature with a new phenomenon – the sensual world, then it will happen that your child will be torn from your heart. The new world becomes a god to him. And his own power becomes a god to him. IG Pestalozzi

👶 Having children is more wonderful than conquering, more amazing than self-defense and as daring as any of them. GM Steinem

👶Birth is little more than a set of muscle contractions to allow a baby to pass. That’s how a mother is born. E. Bombek

Short quotes about mother and child

Our mother is our rock, a fundamental and central figure in everyone’s life, which offers us comfort and refuge. Don’t forget to tell her how often you love her. If you do not always have the words with you, below you will find quotes about mother and child that will help you express your love and appreciation for your mother.

👪The mother is the genius of the child. Hegel

👪There is no such flower in the world in any field or such a pearl in the sea as a child on a mother’s lap. O. Wild

👪A woman who did not become a mother for one child can become one for many. EB Panteleev

👪Every decision I make, I thank my children. M. Streep

👪Only twice – at the birth and death of the child – the mother hears her own crying, as if from the side. A. Duncan

👪The most beautiful view is a mother showing her baby the world. IG Pestalozzi

👪The strongest connection in a woman’s life is her child. K. Lett
👪If you never knew what your child’s hatred was, you were never a mother. B. Davis

amaThe mother is God’s name on the lips and hearts of children. William Makepeace Thackeray

👪The child’s future destiny is always his mother’s work. Napoleon Bonaparte

“No one can misunderstand a child like his mother.” N. Douglas

👪The song my mother sings on the cradle accompanies the man all his life, to the grave. G. Beecher

👪If you have children, you have nothing else. K. Norris

👪In this world, there is only one cry that contains joy, sorrow, delight, agony – the cry of the mother. A. Duncan
👪The mother’s breast is the baby’s buffet. AP Chekhov

👪A mother often sacrifices herself without thinking or reflecting on the fact that this sacrifice can be a burden to her children. TB Lindberg

👪The most comfortable place in the world is the uterus. M. Zhumankulov

Educating a girl means educating society itself, because she comes from a family, where the soul is a woman. J. Michelet

👪The real mother is not the one who gives life to the child, but the good upbringing. Saint John Chrysostom

👪The Milky Way of our life comes from our mother’s womb. LS Sukhorukov

👪Children are the anchors that keep their mother alive. Sophocles
👪There is no room for mothers: a real mother senses and sees her child from one end of the earth to the other. Balzac

Famous quotes about mom

Raising a child is a very difficult task for which you must continue to learn with each passing day. In the family, as in society, the role of the mother is very important for the growth and development of future generations. It is hard work that must be appreciated. Tell your mom how much you appreciate her with these famous quotes about mom. A simple word can make her happy, so don’t hesitate to make your mother happy.

“The one who doesn’t miss the past didn’t have a mother.” Ken Nunn

induFollowing her earthly destiny, a woman shows the best human qualities, and a man – the strongest animal instincts. IB Melnikova

👩‍👦Only when my mother goes to God, do we understand that we have lived life with the Divine! Leonid Sukhorukov

“For some reason, many women believe that having a baby and becoming a mother are the same thing. You might as well say it’s the same thing to have a piano and be a pianist. Sam Harris

“No outside heart can replace a mother’s heart for a child.” Nikolay Leskov

👩‍👦Mother – a word, four letters, eternal meaning. Edwin Hubble
No matter how much you love your mother, you get used to her care and forget that your mother herself needs both affection and care. Lev Davydychev

👩‍👦The first gift a mother gives us is life, the second is love, and the third is understanding. Dirk Brower

“Mother is the only goddess on earth who doesn’t know atheists.” E. Leguve

👩‍👦The heart of a mother is an abyss, in the depths of which there is always forgiveness. Honor of Balzac

👩‍👦God speaks to us through the lips of our mothers. Igor Krasnovsky
“Everything is mortal.” Eternal life is for mother only. And when her mother is dead, she leaves behind a memory that no one has yet dared to desecrate. The memory of our mother feeds compassion in us, like the ocean, the vast ocean feeds the universally cut rivers… Isaac Babel

👩‍👦Mother is the only miracle of nature with which even death is powerless to separate us. L. S. Sukhorukov

👩‍👦Mother is the most expensive luxury in the world. So please appreciate it. James Joyce

👩‍👦Mother is the kind of person who will replace everyone. But no one can replace it. M. Andersen

“Motherhood makes a woman completely different.” He doesn’t care about his surroundings anymore. Svetlana Klimova
Mother is the first word of a person who has just appeared in the world. So, perhaps it was the first word of all mankind
. Didn’t our language begin in ancient times with it? Lev Uspensky

“A mother’s heart is an inexhaustible source of miracles.” Pierre Beranger

The most beautiful quotes about my mother

How do you express how much your mother means to you, when she is simply everything. She is strong, funny and beautiful and, although you can simply write “I love you”, she will definitely appreciate a more meaningful message. See below the most beautiful quotes about your mother that will help and inspire you to write a deep and loving message to your mother.

A mother needs nothing to love her children other than being a mother. Semyon Ramishvili
“Motherhood” above love. Anatoly Aleksin
👸Mother’s love is omnipotent, primitive, selfish and, at the same time, selfless. It doesn’t depend on anything. Theodore Dreiser
“Motherhood is a blessing.” Maria Shkapskaya “
Motherhood is a lifelong position.” Karl Rainer
👸Mother’s heart is a universal abyss of love, care and forgiveness. Leonid Sukhorukov
👸The hand that swings a child rules the world. William Wallace
“Nothing adorns a woman like motherhood.” Alexandru Kazantsev
👸The first word of a person is the mother, the last is the mother. People rely on caressing their mothers. Mihail Lezinsky
👸Becoming a mother, a woman is forever deprived of the right to be weak. Diaz de Mirud
👸A mother’s heart sees farther than anyone and feels better than someone else’s heart. Arkady Perventsev
“No one can shout louder than a mother’s heart.” Tatiana Lindberg
👸Love and motherhood are almost mutually exclusive. Real motherhood is brave. Marina Tsvetaeva
👸Everything that is beautiful in a person comes from the sun’s rays and mother’s milk. Maksim Gorky
👸 The gift of motherhood cannot be stolen from nature. Tatiana Stepanova
👸Mother’s heart beats faster. Serghei Fedin
👸The mother’s capital is her children. Konstantin Kushner
👸Mother’s heart is wide. There is a place for all the children. Mihail Bakunin
👸Happiness is never as complete as in periods of love and motherhood. Mark Lanskoy
No man, not even the best, is able to understand what maternal experiences are. Oleg Roy
👸What is the point of loving life if you can’t know the joy of motherhood. Lyudmila Sitnikova
👸The sanctity of life begins with motherhood and is therefore sacred. Gabriela Mistral
👸Love between man and woman is a human feeling: it is born, lives and dies. Maternal love is a divine feeling: it is immortal. Tatiana Lindberg
👸Mother’s hands are the embodiment of tenderness. Victor Hugo
“If men were to give birth, none of them would have more than one child.” Princess Diana

Quotes about mother – Famous famous maxims

Motherly love is unique. Her care, her attention, her sacrifice – all are captured in the quotes about my mother below. If you want to surprise your mother with a unique and beautiful message, below you will find quotes about your mother that will help you surprise your mother.

👵 Moms always forgive; it was born for that. Alexandre Dumas
👵 Our mom’s presence gives us the feeling of being immortal. Jean Gastaldi
👵 You know mom, the opposite of love is not hate, it’s fear. Katherine Pancol
👵 A mom who dies is a library that burns. Marc Levy
👵 A mother’s love is the belief that her chicks are swans; which is the best way to cheer up children who are convinced they are ugly ducklings. Pam Brown
👵 A mom wields two forces: tenderness and love. Jean Gastaldi
👵 Dad walks in the lead. He is the guide. Mom watches over the stragglers. Kazuo Iwamura
👵 You can grow up, and even grow old, but for your mom you’re still a little child. Jean Gastaldi
👵 All moms’ hearts are sentimental clocks. Their tic-tacs are our first lullabies. Nabil Alami
👵 A mom is both a nest and a horizon. Jean Gastaldi
👵 A mom who lines you up in bed leaves a scent of sleep. Jean Gastaldi
👵 Through his mom’s eyes we discover the dimension of love. Jean Gastaldi
👵 Mom you are the most beautiful in the world because so much love floods your pretty eyes. Henri Salvador
👵 It is in the arms of a mother that tenderness is learned and it is in those of a lover that it develops. Roland Delisle
👵 We’re so close to the truth when we say our mom is the most beautiful in the world. Jean Gastaldi
👵 Mom, do I have something of mine that isn’t yours
Emile Zola
👵 A mom is the one who scolds but forgives everything. Jean Gastaldi
👵 A mom is a lucky charm for life. Jean Gastaldi
👵 I will always regret, mom, dad, for making you cry when our hearts didn’t understand each other. Georges Brassens

Quotes about the joy of being a mother

Our mother is our anchor in the sea of ​​life, our salvation in the darkest moments. Just to pay tribute to her below, I gathered quotes about the joy of being a mother, with which you can make her feel appreciated. All you have to do is read below and choose the perfect quote for her.

“Motherhood is a job whose pay is happiness.” Sir Tim Berners Lee

“Motherhood is respectable.” Paternity is just an accident. Friedrich Nietzsche

“Being a mother is the most enjoyable job!” Salaries are paid with kisses. Annette Rowty “

Motherhood is the most difficult and rewarding time.” Elchin Safarli “

Motherhood is a blessing.” Maria Shkapskaya

👩‍👧Being a mother is not just a job, being a mother is not just a dream. God has entrusted me with becoming dearer to someone for a specific reason. Lisa Patricia
Mothers give us life and the worst thing for them is when we neglect this priceless gift. John Lasseter

“Motherhood is greater than love.” Anatoly Aleksin

“The art of motherhood is to teach the child the art of life.” E. Haffner

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother must always think twice: once for herself and once for her child. Sophia Loren

👩‍👧A mother for a child: a carrier, a feeder, a hug, a kiss, a cleaner, a washing machine, a wiper, a walker, a rescuer from a formidable father and… in a word MOTHER is her arms. Emily Oster
Women know how to raise a baby. They master a simple, happy, delicate skill of putting on diapers, putting on a child’s foot, and fooling around with meaningless sweet words. And their kissing makes perfect sense in a desolate world. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Motherhood is the most emotional experience of a woman’s life.” Everyone joins a kind of female mafia. D. Susman

👩‍👧Being a full-time mother is one of the highest paid jobs in the world, as the pay is pure love. Mildred B. Vermont

“Being a mother doesn’t just mean taking root.” It is also about enduring the life of a born person. Jody Picoult

Quotes about motherly love

Mother-child relationships are the highest form of love, they are based on the need for help from one of the two members (the child) and the other who gives all the necessary help (mother) without asking for anything in return. It’s a very deep relationship, and if you want to remember how beautiful it is to be with your mother, read the quotes about motherly love below.

👩‍👧‍👧Mother is always with you, even when you are alone. You can change cities, but you are always in love with her.-Sir Tim
Berners Lee
happened. Ivanka Lawrence

👩‍👧‍👧Mother is the dearest, closest and most precious person in the world. He loves deeply, always caresses and regrets, protects and keeps from all troubles. – Mother! – We say when it hurts or scares. But the mother is also needed in moments of happiness. Arnold Gehlen

amaMother is always there. Even when he smiles at the children with the sun in the sky. Ekaterina Sivanova
👩‍👧‍👧Mother gives warmth, mother keeps peace. If it’s hard for you, your mother doesn’t sleep at night. Appreciate your mother, do not offend her in vain. Keep her memory, time is strong on us.-Sir Tim Berners Lee

“Mother’s love is a garden where the sun always shines and the season is always spring.” M. Andersen

👩‍👧‍👧Mother doesn’t care who you are, she will always caress your hair and kiss your hot cheeks, healing you from fear. Gerard Butler

iAnd when the mother kisses her children, and when she quarrels with them, she loves them equally. Pearl Buck

👩‍👧‍👧 Maternal love is the fuel that allows the average person to do the impossible. Lucille Ball
👩‍👧‍👧The joys that are never followed by repentance are the joys of childhood and motherly love. LN Seifullina

👩‍👧‍👧Mother’s arms are made of tenderness, and the children fall deeply asleep in them. Victor Hugo

“Motherly love is love that cannot be described in words, but in which the child grows up to old age. Camelia Oprita

👩‍👧‍👧Mothers should only be able to love – this is their whole understanding of their children. Erich Maria Remarque

👩‍👧‍👧Motherly love is very emotional, of course, but it is often extremely selfish. Oscar Wilde

👩‍👧‍👧Mom will always make us feel like people of a higher class than we really are.JL Spalding

👩‍👧‍👧A mother is better than any lawyer able to protect her child, more formidable than any prosecutor, she is ready to mercilessly punish anyone who offends her son or daughter. Henri Bergson

“Mothers always come to the rescue.” Even when I’m not around. Elchin Safarli

👩‍👧‍👧Mothers carry the keys of our soul with them all their lives. Cassandra Clare

“Mom loves us even when we deserve the least.” Mom, thank you for your love! Edwin Hubble

The most special quotes about my mother

For some of us, the mother is not only the one who gave birth to us, she is also a person to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, arms in which we will always find comfort. If you have such a relationship with your mother, don’t forget to tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Read the quotes about my mother below and send her a nice message to make her happy.

🤱Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. Erich Fromm
🤱I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights. Terry Guillemets
🤱Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had. Linda Wooten
🤱I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is. Oprah Winfrey
🤱I’ve never had more appreciation for anyone in my entire life until I became a mom. Chrissy Teigen
🤱Little souls find their way to you whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s. Sheryl Crow
🤱My daughter introduced me to myself. Beyonce Knowles
🤱A mother and daughter’s love is never separated. Viola Shipman
🤱Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are. Dorothy Canfield Fisher
🤱A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. Marion C. Garretty
🤱My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis. Drew Barrymore
🤱There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. Jill Churchill
🤱At the end of the day my most important job is still mom-in-chief. Michelle Obama
🤱If I had a single flower for every time, I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden. Claudia Ghandi
🤱A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s. Princess Diana
🤱There are no goodbyes, wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. Mahatma Gandhi
🤱Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears. Kate Winslet
🤱Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. Barbara Kingsolver
🤱All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. Abraham Lincoln
🤱Everything has changed, and yet, I’m more me than I’ve ever been. Iain Thomas
🤱If you’re a mom, you’re a superhero. Period. Rosie Pope
🤱A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Cardinal Mermillod