Easter is a Christian holiday, being commemorated by both Orthodox and Catholics, one week apart. The holy day symbolizes the salvation of Christ and his sacrifice for all mankind, and on the eve of the holy feasts, the faithful purify their body and soul through the seven-week Great Lent.

Easter does not have a fixed calendar day, which is calculated differently each year. Traditionally, people congratulate themselves, beginning with the speech: “ Christ is risen! ”, And in response he received:“ Truly he is risen! ”.

In this regard, we have selected some beautiful Easter messages, statuses and wishes for the dearest and dearest people.

🔔 Congratulations on one of the most important Christian holidays – Easter! May peace reign in your house, and may love dwell in your souls. May the Lord bless you and protect you from evil!
🔔 Have a Happy Easter! May the Sunday of Christ be that miracle which, like spring, revives the soul and metamorphoses it into the beauty of love, in endless faith, and in pure truth!
🔔 Today everyone is filled with great joy – Christ is Risen! God be with you!
Christ is risen! On this holy day, I wish you a healthy family with you, peace and quiet, may your home always be warm and full of love. Carry God in your soul and mind.
💡 May the light and warmth of this holy spring holiday bring you well-being, sincere friends and only good people around. Have a life full of happiness, success and love.

Funny Easter messages

❤️ On this holy holiday, they want every cell of your body to rejoice. The soul – the light of goodness and the magnification of faith. Stomach – the goodness forbidden in fasting. Liver – tasty wine. And the cheeks – sweet kisses.
❤️ May Easter come royal, shake off the dust of worries on your shoulders and give you well-being according to the history of your life. Christ is risen! May all your deeds be considered and rewarded according to merit!
❤️ Congratulations on the occasion of Easter! May your soul find the salvation of God, may you always have the right solutions in solving the problems that arise in life, may you be able to keep the faith and enlighten the lives of your loved ones like hope, love and sincere smiles.
❤️ For the resurrection of the Lord, may you have a feast in your soul, may happiness spread around you, may spiritual richness fill your life, and may your heart be open to love and joy.
❤️ Christ is risen! I wish you much joy and accomplishment in all areas, to be blessed by God with health and happiness at all times.
❤️ Christ is risen! With the holy feast of all Christians! May the Lord provide your family with health and prosperity. In your heart, cultivate goodness, faith, and love. Happy Easter!
❤️ Easter is the feast of all Christians! On this significant day, I wish you good health, peace and good luck. May your house be filled with warmth, happiness and well-being every day.
❤️ Christ is Risen! May the Lord give you health, long years of life and joyful events!
❤️ Congratulations on this holy and bright holiday! Give your loved ones more attention, love, and care. Happy Easter!
❤️ On this holy Sunday, I wish all regrets to disappear and make room for love and happiness.

Beautiful Easter Statuses and Messages

💬 May the miracle of the Resurrection bring you God’s blessing, endow your heart with joy and warmth, bring you peace, prosperity and happiness in the home. And, most importantly, to cleanse your soul of any burden.
💬 Congratulations on Easter! May God protect you from all troubles, may your house always be full of light, and may peace and understanding prevail in your family.
Congratulations on this wonderful holiday! Have high aspirations, strong faith, and great love. The aroma of the cozonacs, the bright colors of the painted eggs and the smiles of the lullaby to take control of this truly miraculous day!
Christ is Risen! May the guardian angel protect you from evil danger, bring you good thoughts and good news, and allow happiness to enter your home every day.
💬 Congratulations on the Holy Sunday of Christ! May the divine Light of Holy Easter bring you good and peaceful days, and may the Lord protect you from all misfortune.

Messages for friends for Easter

✔️ Christ is risen! I want to wish you every day a beautiful miracle, with good thoughts and intentions, delicacies on the table and mood at the highest level. May God forgive us all our sins and heal our souls of pain and sorrow. Happy Easter!
✔️ Christ is risen! May the Holy Night of the Resurrection bring you goodness and peace in the house! May life be renewed together with the spring nature, may you have harmony, love and happiness in the family!
✔️ Happy Easter! Appreciate life, and God will thank you with happiness, peace, luck, and peace of mind.
✔️ Congratulations on the big Easter holiday! May the light of God guide your souls, may grace not leave your hearts, and may your house be full of warmth. Be tolerant of your fellow men, and love and care for those close to you!
✔️ Happy Easter! I wish you a prosperous life, full of happiness and pleasant moments. May love and goodness live in your hearts, your soul always open and pure, and happiness know how to share it with others.

Easter greetings

Christ is risen! I wish you to appreciate the simple things, to be more patient with those around you, to be more grateful for everything you have. And the Lord will give you even more!
🔔 May the Light of the Savior’s Resurrection bring joy to your soul, may the angels protect you from trouble and danger, and may the light of this great feast guide you wherever and whenever.
Christ is risen! On this holy holiday, I wish you with all my heart only good thoughts and deeds, sincere joy, strong faith, hope, warmth in my heart and a wonderful mood.
Christ is risen! Congratulations on Easter! May the joy of the Resurrection of Christ fill your heart with the divine love that will warm your loved ones in the sad and rainy days. God help you in everything!

Easter wishes for the family

❤️ Christ is risen! On this holy day of celebration, allow me to wish you beautiful emotions, sincere smiles, faith and forgiveness of sins!
❤️ Congratulations on Easter and Christ is risen! May God keep you safe, have faith in your soul, warmth in your heart, smiles on your face, health in your body, comfort in your home and limitless happiness in life.
❤️ May the holy night of the Resurrection bring you happiness and peace. God bless!
❤️ Sincere congratulations on the Easter holiday! I wish all the good things to remain in the memory, and all the bad ones to disperse in the air. May your life be wonderful, bright and full of joy.
❤️ Christ is risen! May all the troubles disappear in the feast of Easter, may the heart find hope, and may the soul be open to happiness. Peace in your home, health to your family and loved ones. May God bless you with great love and faith.

Christ is Risen! Easter messages

✔️ With the Holy Easter Holidays! Find time to live and enjoy every moment. Do only good deeds, live with a clear conscience, love sincerely, forgive mistakes, read more, and see only positive things in people. And God will reward you for all this!
✔️ Congratulations on the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ! May the sound of the Easter bells bring you only good news, may your heart be full of joy, and may your faith help you to overcome all difficulties.
✔️ Happy Easter! I want life to give you more love, warmth, mutual understanding, support and good thoughts. May success follow you everywhere. Health to the whole family!
✔️ Christ is Risen! May this bright holiday bring you love, faith and happiness. Take care of your family and friends and live in a world full of goodwill and understanding!

Christian Easter messages

💬 Congratulations on the great Easter holiday! May God protect you from all evil, relieve you of all difficulties, and give you peace of mind in return. Let your family live in harmony and understanding, and let your problems get around you.
💬 Congratulations on Easter! In your soul always find a place for kindness and understanding. May you always have respect and gratitude for the good of God, and may the holy holiday bring you only good!
💬 Happy Easter! Be inspired by positive thoughts, do good deeds, share friendly smiles, and feel unlimited love! Only happiness!
I congratulate you on Easter and with all my heart I wish you a prosperous journey in life, happy days, may the Lord guard you and the angel not leave you. May love, hope and faith help you to overcome all difficulties!

Happy Easter Messages!
❤️ Christ is risen! Congratulations on Easter! I wish you many wonders in life, just like this holiday.
❤️ Congratulations on Easter Sunday! I want love to fill your heart so much that you can enlighten everyone around it with its power!
❤️ Happy Easter! May God protect your family and protect you from sadness, disease, and pain. May happiness and peace always be with you hand in hand!
❤️ Christ is risen! May Easter drive all the gray clouds over your house. Have faith and love stronger than steel, and more colorful moments and memories than the rainbow.
❤️ Congratulations on this beautiful spring holiday, Easter! May this holy day open your heart to God, and may harmony and warmth reign in your soul! Enjoy this wonderful news and this great celebration!

Easter messages for friends

Christ is risen! Many years ago a miracle happened, which allowed us to believe and hope today! May the Lord kindle the fire of joy and prosperity in your home.
Christ is risen! May family and friends always be with you, feel their support and understanding. Welfare and prosperity to your home!
🔔 The long-awaited holiday has arrived – Easter! Congratulations on this holy day! I wish you spiritual peace, prosperity, warmth and family unity. May the grace of God light up your house and fill it with peace!
Happy Easter! I wish you peace of mind, may your home be in harmony and prosperity, and may your family always be kind, caring and understanding.
So, in addition to cakes and painted eggs, don’t forget the warm words addressed to your loved ones!