Christmas is a special holiday. The magic of this day is that there is a warm and pleasant atmosphere around, and the main thing is not the gift, but the attention, expressed in sincere and kind words, such as the examples of messages with Christmas wishes presented below.
So, in this article we have gathered the most beautiful Christmas wishes that, even if they cannot be touched with their hands, they can be truly felt with all their heart.
Some of you will find them naive and funny, for example those that are suitable for children, others are more emotional, for example if you are looking for wishes “for my girlfriend”, and some of these short and funny wishes you can dedicate to friends.

Beautiful Christmas wishes

By preparing properly for Christmas, you want to share the joy and blessing with family and friends. Christmas cards in prose are designed to give a good mood and peace due to the happy news about the birth of the Savior of mankind. Thanks to these special Christmas wishes, it is now much easier to find the right phrases.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and with all my heart I wish you good health, well-being, bright hope, sincere love, true happiness, true luck, unquestionable success, a beautiful dream, untouchable faith and gallant strength. May your angel always lead you on a great and straight path.
🔔 Let your heart be filled with love, your healthy body, your house of joy and your wallet of international banknotes. Congratulations on Christmas!
🔔 On the eve of the Nativity, let goodness fill your heart and, with the Star of Bethlehem, let prosperity, joy, and peace enter your home. May this wonderful evening shine with light and kindness. You, waiting for Christmas, live in hope and find such words for prayer so that it becomes warm and comfortable in your soul!
Merry Christmas, my dear! May the magic of today bring you the happiness of your heart, a sunny and warm day and endow you with innumerable and light successes like the snowflakes of this winter!
🔔 Today the heat of the candles warms every house. Let your soul thaw with happiness, let your house be filled only with good and close people and gather all your friends and family at the festive table. Congratulations!
Christmas is coming soon! Look forward to a wonderful Christmas story that will give you magic and vivid feelings and resonate in your heart like a song full of joy!
The main star is ready to light up the sky, announcing the good news – the birth of Christ! Even in the air the atmosphere of magic floats! May all your bright wishes come true tonight before Christmas! May eternal joy enter your soul today. Let a miracle happen in your life – it will allow you to live happily ever after. And may Christmas light up your house! Congratulations!
🔔 In anticipation of Christmas, let your relatives and friends gather at the festive table, fill your soul with solemn carols, and let love and joy fill your hearts.
🔔 Christmas Eve is knocking at our door. On this great holiday, may you have peace of mind, may your house shine with joy, may you have a unique happiness and may you meet many lucky ones on the path of your life!
🔔 With the celebration of the birth of Christ, with the celebration of faith, hope and universal love, I wish you much joy, smiles, peace, kindness, goals, strong health and endless happiness to come into your homes!
🔔 Let Christmas come into your home and bring you joy, smiles, love, luck, happiness and success! I want this bright holiday to fill your heart with warmth, to give you many sweet moments, to erase your sad emotions from your soul and to prepare a path full of joy and happiness!
🔔 With Christmas, I wish you the renewal of happiness, the resumption of pleasant encounters, the intoxication with joy and the dizziness from the fulfillment of dreams. May your health be strong and indestructible!
🔔 Today is the time to realize all your dreams, desires, aspirations! At Christmas, may fate fill you with inspiration, give you health for another hundred years and bring your boundless goodness to life.
🔔 At Christmas, I wish you beauty and affection, every day to bring you joy, and life to be an endless story. I wish you to always be happy and healthy. Let your dreams come true and your hopes come true! May your life be happy and may the world around you be wonderful.
Today I want to wish happiness for your whole family. Congratulations on Christmas! Good luck, the days go by and you always find solutions in solving even the most difficult problems. You rest more, be free like a bird, visit your friends more often and meet as often as possible with luck on the path of your life.
🔔 I wish you to enjoy today the smell of the fir needles, all the goodies on the festive table, the group of friends and relatives and the merry Christmas mood!
🔔 It’s a little cold today and a little snow. But it’s a very beautiful winter day anyway! Because it’s Christmas! Believe in your dream, continue to bring beauty into the world and warm everyone with your goodness. Congratulations from Santa!
🔔 At Christmas, I want you to feel surprisingly talented, strong and happy. Let your health become stronger and better, and may your mood always remain magnificent! Believe in fairy tales again and meet this holiday with an open heart!

Christmas wishes and greetings

We suggest you pay attention to these traditional Christmas wishes, written in prose. Such greeting cards will be especially relevant during a toast at the festive table or on a postcard.
✅️ May this Christmas fulfill all your dreams and give you happiness again! May it fill your soul with joy and revive your love in your heart. Let Christmas invite your old friends to your table, the old happiness in your life and the new dreams and desires in your mind. Let the loud laughter of your loved ones fill your life with flourishing joy, and may luck accompany you everywhere.
✅️ To have the well-deserved happiness, good mood, sincere smiles and success in all beginnings. Today is a family holiday, so have a great time! With music, with fun, with good words.
✅️ Christmas – an adorable holiday! I wish you a beloved job, wonderful relationships with your loved ones, interesting new discoveries and truly impressive success! On this night they do not sleep, but wish!
✅️ For Christmas, I wish you smiles, love and good luck. Also, a lot of happiness, which is never extra. May your house be full of great joy, many gifts from Santa Claus and many guests.
️ Wonderful Christmas! We wish you to live wisely, to justify your expectations, to have only good things, to hope to inspire your heart, to open new perspectives and to go confidently to success!
✅️ Christmas is a wonderful time! Tonight I want to send you congratulations! Let the holiday be interesting, to bring you a bright joy and hundreds of achievable wishes. Successfully pass the difficult series of life tests!
✅️ Dreams come true, luck helps you in everything, and time is spent excellently. I want you to re-experience the happy emotions, to enter the magical world of a fairy tale, to remember your childhood, to learn to dream again. Leave your inexhaustible inspiration, emotions – alive, friends – real. Congratulations on this beautiful Christmas!
✅️ Today, gather only your best friends and dear family at the table! I wish you prosperity and a thick wallet, so that everything in life goes smoothly and you are always well spoken! Good luck, may the Lord keep your house and give you extra joy.
✅️ Let Christmas fulfill all your wonderful wishes! Let the joy, the comfort, the warmth settle in your home and always live in it. Have a peaceful, happy, rich life, full of gifts. A wonderful, fabulous and bright holiday!
✅️ For Christmas, good luck, health, happiness, joy and success. Every day should be full of love, and the children’s laughter should always be heard in the house. I wish you to fulfill all your hopes, to receive positive emotions from those around you, to have excellent health, wonderful achievements and real feelings.
✅️ The text of my greeting card will be simple: don’t get tired of getting drunk on happiness! Let Christmas bring you a magical life and warm your soul with the warmth of your loved ones. May all dreams come true!
✅️ Let your beloved family holiday be favorable to you, to bring you many gifts and your loved ones at the table. I want you to have joy, fun, happiness, smiles, popularity, independence, success all year long! Live without boredom, and may your best friends always help you with that!
✅️ A wonderful Christmas! Congratulations! Happiness in personal life, friends in need, toasts at the table, dances and songs at home, brightness in the eyes and inspiration in thoughts. May goodness visit your heart and teach you to love, to believe and to forgive.
✅️ Congratulations! To be respected, well remembered, to forgive all mistakes and to wait for miracles every day! May this beautiful holiday be a happy one, may it reveal to you the secrets of joy, may it bring you the perfect life!
✅️ Tonight, you certainly shouldn’t get bored. Let your wishes come true – as many needles as there are on the Christmas tree!
✅️ A miracle can happen tonight, you know that’s why
I wish Santa Claus to increase your happiness, to generously add joy and luck to your life and to bring you more prosperity in the house. Have a quiet but happy time!
✅️ Congratulations on this bright and happy holiday! I wish you to always be healthy and to cherish your happiness!
✅️ Today is Christ’s day! Let earthly love and joy come into your life! This holiday is just about warmth and faith. May the Lord give us all happiness to the fullest!
✅️ Today is the brightest holiday – the symbol of childhood and warmth! We can expect gifts, wonders and magic. Today is the Birth of Christ! We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. Let everything you want come true!
✅️ A quiet and bright Christmas Eve! Enjoy the divine and shining light emanating from the Star of Bethlehem! Today the holy arms of the Lord and the wings of the angels will be opened to all, in honor of the one who was later crucified – Christ!
✅️ Today we all enjoy the feast of the birth of Christ. In this holy feast, the most important thing is for the Lord to enter into our hearts! We wish you dream come true, happiness, warmth, joy. May the Lord bring you comfort in the house!
✅️ No holiday is more beautiful in the world than a good and holy Christmas. It is a holiday celebrated by adults and children, because this day offers magic to all of us! I am sure that the Christmas story will come true and what we dreamed of will come true! And miracles, as in the old movies, will happen to each of us!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Even though it has no religious connotations, the New Year is a holiday that goes hand in hand with Christmas in virtually every country.
➡️ Tonight is a good opportunity to make a valuable wish for you again, because today all your wishes will quickly come true.
➡️ Winter holidays are incredibly positive holidays. May the aura of these days remain with you all year long. I wish you a constellation of luxurious gifts of destiny and an ocean of pleasures.
➡️ Congratulations on the beautiful Christmas fairy tale. Let him be kind to you and present you with a series of wishes that have come true. May success follow you everywhere, and may the joy that came with the celebration always remain with you.
➡️ Congratulations on this magical winter holiday. To bring you the beginning of successful days and months of success, great changes and victories, happy events, pleasant acquaintances and only good news.
➡️ Let Christmas bring you many new experiences in the circle of old friends. Let the table be rich, the guests – happy, the glasses – full, the snacks – original and the wishes – sincere.
➡️ I wish that tonight, Santa Claus, who is quite tired, to look at your light and fulfill all your wishes. Happiness and the beginning of new knowledge, impressions, adventures, success, achievements and victories!
➡️ Today I wish you one thing: all your wishes come true! Merry Christmas to you! Only unforgettable bright moments, new holidays, captivating events and many smiles!
➡️ Let Christmas come with trusted old friends, with experience, wisdom and success, with strong and faithful family ties. May the new acquaintances, the surprises, the dreams, the plans, the victories be among the most valuable.
➡️ May these winter holidays bring you good news and wonderful surprises! An amazing and extraordinary life, generous in gifts and in loved ones! The wonderful moments that are happening these days to mysteriously stretch for a whole year!
➡️ Christmas is a bright, kind, holy holiday that will bring you a fairy tale in your life, along with happiness!
➡️ May the winter holidays bring you bright joy, peace and prosperity. Let success accompany you everywhere!
➡️ The star of goodness, love and peace today will shine in the frozen sky. I wish you happiness on Christmas Eve! Congratulations!
➡️ To feel the grace of God in the soul and in every breath, to never know and never encounter pain and suffering. Many serene days for you and new discoveries.
➡️ May everything in your life be auspicious! Let life be juicy, bright! Good luck, joy, luck and love! Also, in this wonderful moment, I wish you to live in happiness and peace.
➡️ May your long wish list come true! To receive only optimistic news, to have an easy year, for things to flourish, for your inspiration to be enlightened, and for your life to be impeccable!
➡️ I wish you happiness! Turn on the lights on the Christmas tree again and be prepared for miracles. I would like you to celebrate calmly, without worries, harmoniously.
➡️ Congratulations to all your friends! We wish you good health, lots of happiness and success, money, joy and smiles! Let everything be super cool: at work, at home, in general, everywhere. Live well, dear friends, and go confidently to your star.
➡️ I want you to ignite a great spark of love in your soul. Have a bright, bright holiday! Only positive notes and new creative victories. Bold plans and ideas, faithful friendship and love, good and sincere people.
➡️ Let Christmas come into your life with great ideas, charming plans and fun, laughter, joy, which will later become an integral part of a wonderful life.
➡️ Happy Holidays! Let there be a lot of wonderful moments, happy, bright, rainbow, warm, sunny days, wonderful and magical adventures, a fun and interesting life.
➡️ For the winter holidays, we wish you joy and happiness, smiles, true friendship and all the best. And of course – true love! As you wish, so be it!

➡️ Merry Christmas to you, my dear! On this cold winter day, may the saints warm you! This holiday is magical, sacred and should not be spent alone! Know that today all dreams come true and love and warmth reign in everyone!
➡️ Today is a bright day in the calendar, which is called Christmas. I want the Lord to help you, to save you, to make your faith true, pure. May this wonderful holiday give you strength!
➡️ This holiday will always warm us up! Everyone needs it so much! The Christmas holiday unites everyone! I wish you a better, quieter, more fulfilled life! Put candles next to icons, read prayers, thank God for everything, and glorify Christ! Forgive each other, caress each other. Create a beautiful birthday celebration!
➡️ Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the birth of Christ the Savior! May all your dreams come true! May the most amazing events take place with you, may you have miracles every day, may you live in love and kindness!
➡️ Magic Christmas! He only brings us a miracle and warmth, with the help of which he warms everyone! I want to wish you joy, happiness and the world to be good to you!
➡️ Today the most important star shone in the sky – the one that tells us about the birth of Christ! Thanks to her, the world was enlightened with love! May happiness enter every home! Have a nice and bright Christmas!
➡️ This holiday is unusual. To wish you personal happiness in life – would be too little. I want a new stage in your life! Just like when Christ came into the world and took away our sins! I wish you a brilliant rebirth and changes for the better! Love everyone in this world and forgive them all.
➡️ Today, both adults and children are waiting for the beginning of magic! May this day bring you health, may your heart be warmed with joy and may you always have good luck!
➡️ Today we are all friends – for Christmas! For the sake of saving the world! The holy light of the Savior will bring us even more faith in the soul! Our hearts will beat with joy and we will wish each other happiness! Let’s glorify Christ!
Save these beautiful happy holidays and spend the day in an unforgettable atmosphere.