This year, the most important trends in beauty remain naturalness, simplicity and minimalism, and the longest-lasting trend in haircuts is the bob-carre.

It is a very popular model both among young ladies and among older ladies. The bob-carre is a mixture of two modern, feminine and, at the same time, extravagant haircuts – the bob and the carre. Even if these two haircuts are often confused, they have an important distinguishing feature: the carre haircut is always with bangs, and the bob haircut – it is missing.

Over time, however, the haircuts were combined, obtaining an absolutely unique and always in vogue model – the bob carre.

The advantage of this haircut is that it has no strict rules, you can choose that type of bob-carre that will accentuate your hair beauty and your own individuality, especially since today in the field of beauty we find a wide variety of bob haircuts, from elegant models to more eccentric.

The advantages of the bob-carre haircut

The main advantages of bob-carre are dictated by universality, lightness, practicality, short and effortless arrangement time. Based only on this haircut model, you can create a multitude of styles and even substantially correct minor flaws in appearance.
The bob-carre can be made on different hair lengths and with different combinations of bangs. To emphasize the stylish image, craftsmen use modern coloring methods:

  • milaj multicolor;
  • ombre yes shadow;
  • balayage;
  • ultramodern coloring

In the new season, there are no restrictions on the length and quality of the hair, so the modern bob-carre looks perfect both on short and thin hair and on the mane below the shoulders.

Types of bob-carre haircuts

This universal hairstyle can withstand a lot of changes, so it becomes unrecognizable. You can create a unique image by choosing the model that suits you, whether it is the bob haircut for short or medium hair.
Bob-carre with elongated front
It is the most popular bob-carre haircut on short hair. The front wires are elongated and the nape area is cut short. It looks harmonious both on straight hair and with naughty curls. The main focus is the contrast between the curls, which is why craftsmen often make short bob haircuts in stairs.
Bob-carre with clear lines
The perfect haircut that attenuates the imperfect features of the appearance. It is made in the shape of a ball and gives the face a more rounded appearance. This type of cutter is suitable for thin, volume-free hair.
Asymmetrical bob haircut Asymmetrical
bob haircut on short hair is a creative haircut, which refreshes the look and distracts from the imperfections of the face due to the different length of the strands.
Multilayer bob-carre
If you have cheekbones or a wide forehead, then this cutter will fit you perfectly! It is the type of haircut that helps to visually correct the features of the face, giving them an aristocratic elegance.
Pixie Bob
For women with perfect facial features, stylists recommend pixie bob. It is a bold version, which emphasizes the beauty of the eyes or full lips. This haircut suits any style, whether it is an office suit, an evening dress or a holiday dress. And to get a new image, just change the shape of the bangs.
Grunge bob-carre
This hairstyle can also be called “artistic chaos”, due to the careless appearance it creates at first sight. It is an original, non-trivial choice for women who are not used to boredom and prefer an active life. Messy curls and twisted and straight strands combine nicely with the elongated oblique bangs.
Bob-carre with the shaved neck area
It is considered the most stylish and sensual haircut of the current year. This type of bob-carre is characterized by the maximum stripping of the area from the nape of the neck and elongated hairs in front.
This trend will not look vulgar, but on the contrary, it will accentuate the fine lines of the female neck and will be ideally associated with the curved line of the hairstyle. Among the stars who chose this type of bob-carre are Rihanna , Pink and Miley Cyrus .
Bob-carre on medium hair
A few years ago, fashionistas thought that bob-carre was relevant only on short hair.

Today, fortunately, stylists offer a wide variety of bob-carre ideas for medium hair. Several Hollywood stars, including Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba , have opted for this model of haircut, with an asymmetrical look and a transition from short hair in the nape of the neck to long strands in front.

Based on these haircuts, a lot of different looks can be created, and our recommendations will help you find beautiful and suitable bob haircuts for you! Don’t be afraid to experiment!