As practice shows, you have to prepare in advance for the New Year, because in the hustle and bustle before the winter holidays, there is no time left to choose postcards and look for Happy New Year wishes for your loved ones, friends and colleagues. .

We have made sure that your holiday will be greeted as beautifully as possible, so we have prepared a selection that includes the best wishes for the New Year in English and Romanian, among which you will surely find what you like.

Sincere words and greetings will delight those you address, be it Christmas and New Year greetings for children, greeting cards for parents, funny New Year greetings for friends or New Year greetings for boyfriend and girlfriend.

Happy New Year

We have selected a collection of special wishes that will allow you to congratulate your relatives and friends on New Year’s Eve. You can use them for texting, toasting or postcards.
πŸ”” For the New Year, may the star of luck give you a dream, make you richer, give you happiness and kindness! The glittering garlands and the smell of fir make your holiday atmosphere as miraculous as possible. Let’s raise our glasses!
πŸ”” In the coming year to be successful and happy, to be just as careful, brave and beautiful! Let the goodness enter your house, let the star illuminate your love and let every dream come true tonight!
πŸ”” The brightest New Year’s star to light your house with fabulous grace, to give you joy and sincere relationships, to bring you creative inspiration, vital energy, happy emotions. Happy New Year!
πŸ”” Congratulations! May every hour be happy for you, may fate give you sweet smiles and may all dreams come true. Health, love, luck, eternal beauty.
πŸ”” When the snowflake falls on your palm, you smile. He will bring with him the confidence that your dream will come true. May the new year be a real magical holiday for you, to be able to overcome all difficulties, to achieve everything that seems unfulfilled, to fulfill the most intimate desires and secret hopes.
πŸ”” The new year is fast approaching and brings happiness with it. To be easier than the previous one, to dream, to realize the wishes and to continue the fun all year round.
πŸ”” The coming year will bring you bright, happy moments, and may snow in your life be: joy, happiness, warmth and love. And to realize the most precious dreams! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
πŸ”” Happy birthday! Have a year of hopes, victories, achievements and valuable gifts. Let the lights on the tree guide your nights, and then – let your sunny days light up. With the new year come the most desired and long-awaited moments.
πŸ”” May the heart of the New Year be entertained until dawn. Let the roads of joy be opened and find the way to love. After all, the year must bring happiness!
πŸ”” Let this New Year bring you new accomplishments: become more successful, more charming and unforgettable! I wish that from this moment on your life would look like a beautiful fairy tale!
πŸ”” Let the new year come into your life like a happy dance, bring you jokes, joy, smiles, prosperity and success in the house!
πŸ”” Let’s celebrate the New Year with festive smiles. Let’s forget the mistakes of the past. Let’s look at the future fascinated by fireworks. It’s time for joy. Love and happiness for you!
πŸ”” With great joy we congratulate you with a beautiful and wonderful, mysterious and long awaited, happy New Year! Be full of unique and unusual events, amazing new impressions, original events and interesting encounters!
πŸ”” Everything outside is covered in snow again. The tree shines with lights. It’s time to celebrate the New Year! Let him bring us fun and good luck, let our smiles resound and endow us with happiness and a carefree year.
πŸ”” From the New Year, all golden dreams will come true. People are waiting for a miracle, like in a happy movie. Wait for the magic. So the New Year is coming to change the atmosphere in every home. I wish you to achieve your goals, your eyes to always shine with happiness, to say β€œYes” to your wishes and opportunities, and to be successful everywhere and always!
πŸ”” Congratulations on the New Year! I wish your life to be like a Christmas tree: with lights of happiness, with shining garlands of love, bringing good luck. Only goodness and pleasant surprises to have in the house!
πŸ”” Let everything you wanted happen today in the new year in a wonderful way. May happiness always be given to you unconditionally, without effort and worry. Let the blizzard and snow outside not affect the warmth of your home. Live in peace, abundance and good luck!
πŸ”” Let the New Year bring you only bright discoveries, interesting ideas and pleasant sensations!
Happy New Year! I wish you prosperity, fulfillment of all desires, peace of mind and well-being in every way!
πŸ”” I wish you a happy new year and I want to tell you how you are dear to me. I have never met such a reliable and honest person than you. Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year

In just a few minutes, you’ll find the right New Year’s greetings for all your friends, family, and acquaintances. Unusual prose greetings and wishes with the mention of the symbol of the year will lift the spirits, strengthen the festive atmosphere and make the most special night of the year richer and more pleasant.

  • Once again, the snowflakes swarm, gather in a waltz and captivate passers-by. The light from the lanterns shows sparks from the fluffy snow. The New Year is on its way. I wish you a life without worries, pain, tears. Let all trouble go without a trace! May happiness reign in your home, along with love, luck, smiles.
  • May all dreams come true tonight, and may success become your faithful friend. Let the bright blizzard burst into your life and spin you in happiness and success, let the snow embrace you in fantastic victories and throw you into impressive, unprecedented discoveries!
  • The New Year is just around the corner and brings you happiness, joy and luck. Now it’s time to take a star from the sky and make a wish. May next year be better than the last!
  • Be able to believe today in the future miracle, in bright colors that bring good luck, in your long story of charming love!
  • I would like each new event to become a story for you, the joy of the new year to give you a wonderful mood and strengthen your health, and the renewed happiness to enlighten you and warm your life with the gentle sun.
  • The New Year is quietly knocking on the door of those who are still waiting for a miracle… Know that miracles are really happening! And when you least expect it, they will come!
  • The new year is about champagne, fun, love, happy friends! In the New Year we wish you only happiness and magic! May life seem like a beautiful dream.

βœ…οΈ In the New Year, surprises will not be long in coming. Let fate unite luck, luck and a warm life as harmoniously as possible! This holiday is very bright, amazing, so all I can do is wish you all the best!
βœ…οΈ Let love fill your heart, every wish come true and all your whims be fulfilled. Let sad events and thoughts go away forever, and let all plans come to life without too much work!
βœ…οΈ The New Year is a great opportunity to bring order to life. Forget about unnecessary disappointments, balance your optimism with your sense of humor. To set fire to quarrels and pain, to subscribe to the list of happiness and love. I want your life to flourish and receive a steady profit in the form of positive emotions.
βœ…οΈ Today the snowflakes decorate the holiday. The stars twinkle brightly and predict good luck for next year. A wonderful gift awaits you today: happiness will enter your home forever!
βœ…οΈ For the New Year, everyone believes and dreams. So tonight, surely the most hidden dream will come true. Let the worries go and make room for peace in your soul. Keep in mind the happiness of the moment! Aim for your aspirations!
βœ…οΈ It’s almost 12 o’clock and it’s time to celebrate the New Year. Let it be rich and fun, interesting and successful, bright and unforgettable, generous in gifts, pleasant emotions, sincere feelings and, of course, excellent health. May luck be with you for a whole year, may all 365 days be happy!
βœ…οΈ Let this year bring you gifts: love, wonderful moments, fantastic success, pleasures and no worries. Let all the wickedness of the world, all the sorrows and troubles, disappear overnight. Always be warm, harmonious and good in your home!
βœ…οΈ New Year is a bright holiday, full of joy for children and cheerful for adults. I want to start with happy memories! The new year is also a generous holiday: with new ideas, with new dreams. Let him help you do it all!
βœ…οΈ I wish you luck, kindness and happiness next year. Find your lucky star who will bring you more health, make you the first in all fields, enrich you with love, hope, long years, amazing victories and success.
βœ…οΈ I assure you that all the problems will be taken from the old year, and the new one will bring you great joy and absolute happiness! It is important to be patient and wait.
βœ…οΈ Let’s celebrate this New Year perfectly! Happy Birthday! Sparkling fun, chic mood, the presence of loved ones, wonderful emotions – I wish you all tonight! And also to keep these states with you throughout the year!
βœ…οΈ May this night be a magical one. Be like childhood – full of dreams, hopes, gifts. I want all night long to be fun and all your wishes come true in the near future. Next year will be really successful and full of the most enjoyable events!
βœ…οΈ Let the new year help you believe in a miracle, give you good luck with generosity, inspire you, warm your soul and give you warmth in the house.

Messages with New Year’s and Christmas’s Greetings and Wishes

Funny wishes will cheer the recipients, and the emotional and spiritual ones – will add warmth to the festive atmosphere. The selection of Christmas and New Year greetings that we have prepared will allow you to choose the best and most original greeting card.
⭐ The whole city today laughs, dances, sings – tonight is the New Year! Let him bring you happiness in love! Let fairy tales come true, let happiness knock on the door of your house, let luck reach out and your soul sing with joy!
⭐ May your family be healthy and may love never leave your home! Congratulations on this magical holiday! With this beautiful winter story! With the new year! Be like the snowman – adored by everyone, like a squirrel – fast and furry, like a snowflake – light and unique, but which makes everyone happy! Have no limits in your dreams and business prosperity awaits you.
⭐ When you wake up in the new year, have only fresh thoughts and ideas, a pure soul and bold dreams. Leave all worries, problems, quarrels in the past. Only in this way will love and happiness flourish in your heart.
⭐ I wish you a lot of joy and inspiration, patience, new knowledge, strength. Always stay in a positive mood and every day will bring you only joy. May the magic of the charming New Year’s holiday last all year long, bringing you sincere emotions, immense happiness, sensual tenderness, almighty love! Appreciate what you have, but dream of more! Congratulations!
⭐ Let the new year inspire you, let it bring you confidence in your own strength, let it not bore you, let it bring you new discoveries. The champagne is poured into glasses and we will drink it so that the year will be generous, good and bring happiness to every home!
⭐ May the New Year bring you all kinds of gifts: happiness, luck, sincerity of love and friendship! The countdown has begun and it’s time to make a wish!
⭐ May your days be as easy as champagne bubbles! In the new year, have oceans of happiness and luck, lots of banknotes and a lot of creative inspiration! Only tears of happiness may flow from your cheeks, and joy may sparkle in your eyes.
Congratulations on this wonderful and magical holiday! I wish the New Year to bring you many surprises, beautiful days and mysterious nights. You have a unique life, so live it to the fullest!
⭐ Happy birthday! May the New Year be happier than the previous one, may all the magical doors open for you, may you awaken to the reality of your dreams, may you keep the faith, and may you also have much joy and love in life.
⭐ Shiny snow. Shining garlands. Shining stars. You know what I want
And let your life be just as bright in the new year! Good health, light, happiness, destiny awaits you with many victories, and dreams come true! Goodness – in the heart, and harmony – in the house!
⭐ Let this year’s acquaintances become the foundation of a strong friendship next year. Allow this year’s timid steps on the ladder of your career to turn into a strong step next year. May this year’s sympathies, like small springs, unite in the river of love in the future.
⭐ In the New Year you will turn the page, you will get rid of doubts and troubles. You will walk the path of luck and happiness, and love will rush to visit you! Just believe! You are in the magical power of winter!
⭐ The New Year is a holiday loved since childhood, when everyone expects miracles and magic. Let the new year give your child the joy of life, to teach you to believe in fairy tales, so that everyone can love and hope as a child.
The New Year has entered our homes. Appreciate her wonderful gifts. The joy of always walking beside you with calm steps. May your health become stronger and stronger every minute, and may your happiness be absolute!
⭐ Even if the January cold and the strong blizzard scare you, you will always feel April in your soul – when the feelings thaw and it’s always spring!
⭐ May the New Year bring you magic, wait for the mysterious and pleasant surprises, the moments full of happiness and love to enter your life, and the cherished wishes, rest assured, will come true.
⭐ Let luck be as close as possible in your life, to bring you prosperity and joy. Let loneliness go away forever and let there be no reason for despair! Let the work become more profitable, and let the dark night of the New Year turn dreams into reality!
⭐ Happy New Year to you! Let the festive night be full of fun, sincere smiles, twinkles in the eyes and joy due to the presence of loved ones. Receive the long-awaited gifts!
⭐ The New Year is a show in which any scene that your heart desires! Have fun, be happy, enjoy!
⭐ Happy New Year to you! May everything be as you planned! Health, business success, inspiration, love and care from loved ones!
⭐ The New Year has knocked on the window – it’s time for everyone to wait for the miracle! A fabulous holiday that brings us kindness and joy in the house! May the New Year bring you incredible happiness and great joy. May the warm and kind atmosphere reign in the family, and may the soul be filled with feelings of love and tenderness.
⭐ The magic holiday will soon reign in the whole country! Let happiness, joy, kindness come to your house with New Year’s Eve. Welcome to all friends at the table! It’s time for the festive fun!
These beautiful and truly festive New Year’s greetings will be the perfect gift for the new year and will convince those close to you that you always take care of their mood.