As David Lynch put it: “When you feed the spectator, he recognizes the outcome almost immediately. I like to make films that leave room for imagination and can be interpreted in completely different ways. ” This category certainly includes the multitude of movies with psychological impact that you can easily find online, subtitled in Romanian or in the original version.

We have collected TOP psychological horror movies, dramas, thrillers, but also movies with psychological experiments, with a high IMDB , which will keep you in suspense from beginning to end.

The genre of psychological thriller films refers to complex films, where the viewer is worried about the tense anticipation for the fate of the main characters. In turn, they are in difficult life situations, expelled, cheated or betrayed.

Complex experiences persist almost throughout such psychology films and will not let you breathe easily until it is over.
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The Invisible Man

A very good psychological movie. One night, Cecilia runs away from the smart home of her boyfriend Adrian, sedating him with sleeping pills and disabling the surveillance systems. Now the girl is living with a friend, she is afraid to go out and she suffers from the rage of persecution when she finds out that her ex has committed suicide, feeling how he is sneaking unnoticed.
The name of the heroine, Cecilia, comes from the Latin Caecus, which means – blind or – without eyes, respectively, can not see the Invisible Man.

Jusqu’au declin

A realistic thriller that takes the viewer into the wilderness of the Canadian forest, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers.
The protagonist Antoine participates in a survival training from a famous blogger in a remote part of the country. An accident took place in the camp, and now all participants must apply the knowledge gained in practice in order to stay alive and return home safely.

The Rhythm Section

is one of the psychological drama films by James Bond filmmakers. Starring Blake Lively and Jude Law.
At the center of the story is a young girl named Stephanie, whose life was turned upside down at a time when her entire family died in a plane crash. Not having the strength to live on, he completely loses control of her. But one day, everything changes: a journalist contacts the girl, being sure that this catastrophe was not accidental.

The Night House

The world premiere of this psychological film took place at the Sundance Film Festival and caused a stir, calling it one of the best psychological films of all time. The main role belongs to Rebecca Hall.
After the sudden death of her husband, Beth was left alone in the house. At night, the girl clearly feels the presence of her husband, she sees shadows and traces that disappear with the morning light. Trying to understand what is happening, Beth begins to study the things left after the death of her loved one and finds a terrible secret.

The Hunt

A scary story and one of the coolest psychological movies of recent years, from the producer “Get Out” and “Men in Black”. Starring Hilary Swank, Emma Roberts and Betty Gilpin.
A group of billionaires gather in a remote villa to hunt people. But one of the victims, Crystal, quickly takes control of the deadly game, killing one hunter after another.
She wants to reach those who are at the center of this terrible and bloody hunt, to punish them.

A Fall from Grace

A psychological drama film directed by Tyler Perry, best known for his role in “Gone Girl” by David Fincher.
Grace Waters was left alone after her husband found another woman and left with her son. When a woman meets a new love, it seems to her that happiness is still possible.
However, her new husband soon destroys her life, career, and even her psyche. Now, Grace can only rely on the help of Jasmine Bryant, a public defender with zero criminal experience.


The main role in this film is played by the unusually talented Ben Whishaw, known for his painting “Perfume: The Story of a Killer”.
Joseph is a humble and quiet guy who lives in London and works at the airport. His whole life revolves around home and work.
But relationships with colleagues do not work in any way. The hero is so invisible that only his parents remember his birthday. This becomes the last straw and awakens a real hurricane in it.


One of the best psychological films tells the fantasy story of Shirley Jackson, the author of The Ghost of the Hill House. The writer has become so depressed that she sleeps in her shoes. Her husband, in an attempt to get his girlfriend out of the crisis, apparently invites a young couple – Rose and Fred – to help her with the housework. But staying in this house will not go unnoticed by the couple.

Escape from Pretoria

is an adaptation of Tim Jenkin’s biographical book “Inside and Outside: Prison Break in Pretoria”. It is the story of two freedom fighters who are being held in one of the strictest prisons in the world. Trusting in their justice, the heroes plan a daring escape. The lead role was played by Daniel Radcliffe.


is the second film directed by Vaughn Stein, which manages to attract world-famous stars in its projects. Simon Pegg lost 12 kg for his role in this film about the psychology of lying.
At the heart of the plot is Lauren Monroe, a prosecutor and the daughter of a million-dollar empire owner. Her father dies suddenly and, before she dies, she leaves the key to the bunker with a man chained inside. With the help of clues, the screenwriters give the audience the opportunity to figure out for themselves what this message means.

Promising Young Woman

Another film about a vengeful girl. Kacy is a beautiful, intelligent and promising student at a prestigious medical university. A wonderful future awaited her, if it were not for a tragic accident. Now the girl is taking revenge on all the men.

Lost Girls

Shannon, Mary Gilbert’s eldest daughter, has not come to dinner. The girl managed to make a phone call for help, but the police did nothing because of Shannon’s dubious profession: she was a prostitute, as were dozens of other missing girls. Her mother has no choice but to start the investigation alone. It is worth noting that the story is based on real events.

His House

A married couple leaves Sudan devastated by war and trying to settle in the UK. As refugees, they received dilapidated houses with rats and beetles. But the most unpleasant thing is a mysterious neighbor wandering under the floor.
This is the debut of director Remy Weeks, and several companies have fought for film rights. The film turned out to be incredibly atmospheric and will keep you in suspense every second.

Ready or Not

Among the psychological horror movies, this movie must be noticed. The young bride is now part of her new husband’s family, a rich but eccentric family that honors centuries of tradition. Who would have thought that the wedding night will turn into a deadly game, in which the girl will have to try to survive until dawn.

The Practitioner

A Spanish film by Netflix. Angel works in an ambulance. After having a car accident and being confined to a wheelchair, he begins to suffer from paranoia. Obsessed with the thought that his girlfriend is cheating on him, Angel tries to turn his life into hell.


There are, indeed, many Netflix psychological movies that deserve your attention. Another example is Fractured.
Ray leads his wife and young daughter to his parents on Thanksgiving. At the next stop, the girl, frightened by the dog, retreats and falls from a low height. Ray tries to catch his daughter, jumps after her, but after landing, he loses consciousness. He recovers from his wife’s screams and rushes his daughter to the hospital. After being sent for examination, Ray falls asleep in a chair in the foyer, and when he wakes up, he finds out that his wife and daughter have disappeared without a trace.

Chanson douce

A penetrating psychological thriller about the cruel consequences of loneliness, which belongs to the French Karin Viard.
The young couple could not even dream of finding such a perfect nanny – a strict, well-groomed Frenchwoman with a lot of experience. She seems caring and kind, but in her soul there is a darkness that consumes everything.

The Other Lamb

Irish Psychological Film. Sal’s girlfriend has lived in the woods since birth, having no idea about the outside world. Her world is made up of women and the only man, whom everyone calls Shepherd and divides her flock into daughters, culprits and wives. After a while, Sal will become a wife, the girl looking forward to this event. But their community is facing unforeseen difficulties.


Scary psychological thriller about the pagan sect, from the director “Reincarnation”.
The summer solstice is an ancient holiday that is shrouded in a mystical halo in all cultures. In a Swedish settlement separate from the civilized world, unique ceremonies with a centuries-old tradition are held on this day. Here comes a group of young American anthropology students. But soon after arrival, friends find out that local rituals are far from harmless.

I See You

A 10-year-old boy disappears without a trace in a quiet city. Everything indicates that the crimes of the past were repeated, when the children were still missing. Detective Greg Harper, assigned to the case, suffers from his wife’s deception, his son is angry with his mother and only Jackie notices that strange things are happening in their house, but no one wants to listen to her.

In the Tall Grass

Another psychology directed by Netflix. She and her pregnant sister, Becky, drive to San Diego, where the girl can give her child up for adoption. Stopping by a field, I hear cries for help from a boy lost in the tall grass who can’t get out. Without too much hesitation, the protagonists set out to save the child, without realizing that it will be very difficult to find their way back.

El hoyo

Spaniards know how to make good psychological movies. He has Goren in the foreground, who participates in an experiment and wakes up in a room on level 48. There are two people on each level and it is not known how many levels there are. The floors are connected by a common fountain, through which a food platform descends once a day, and people on the lower levels have little chance of eating. Every month, people can wake up on a different level. Goren wants to change the situation. He will succeed


Young teacher Gemma and her boyfriend Tom decide to move in and move into a real estate agency, where they are met by a very strange employee. He brings them to a new block of flats built in the suburbs, house no. 9 and then disappears. The couple tries to get out, but soon they realize with horror that they are stuck in this strange labyrinth of identical buildings, and all the roads lead them to house no. 9. Later, I find a box with a baby and a note: “Raise the baby and you will get freedom.”

Knives Out

can be an example of the best psychological film of all time. He’s also a wise detective in the spirit of Agatha Christie.
The next day, after celebrating his 85th birthday, the famous author of the crime novel Harlan Trombie is found dead. It is an obvious suicide, but according to the protocol, the police interrogate all the family members. Private detective Benoit Blanc is more interested in the case because he received an envelope with money from an unknown person and an order to investigate Harlan’s death. Moreover, he receives a real gift – the nurse of the deceased, who physically cannot stand the lie.

An Affair to Die For

Psychological thriller, Italian-Spanish, starring Claire Forlani. Subject: An expensive hotel. The wife cheated on her husband. The husband cheated on his wife. It wouldn’t look unusual. But still something went wrong…

The Room

The couple Kate and Matt move into a secluded mansion. While renovating the old house, he discovers a built-in room, which, as it turns out, fulfills any wish. Millions of dollars, Van Gogh’s original, the most luxurious outfits and jewelry – whatever their spouses want, will materialize instantly. Kate dares to want a baby, but she has no idea what the consequences will be.

Angel of Mine

For several years, Lizzie has not been able to reconcile with the loss of her daughter, who died in a fire. But one day, she meets a strange girl and takes her as her lost child.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Villas

Ted is a handsome man whom the charming Liz couldn’t resist. Night after night it has become a long, wonderful relationship that most girls dream of. But Ted was arrested and charged with monstrous acts. It remains to be seen if this gentle, intelligent, elegant man could rape, kill and dismember unhappy women. The lead role belongs to Zac Efron.


It is the standard of the Nordic psychological drama. A mysterious hotel, Nordic landscapes and people desperate for the significance of death. Subject: Insurance agent Max is investigating Arthur’s disappearance. The mission takes him to a strange hotel designed specifically for suicide.


is a psychological thriller and a detective, which takes place on a laptop screen. The main character is David, who, after the death of his wife, became estranged from his teenage daughter. One day, she stays with a friend overnight, but the next day she doesn’t come to school and disappears without a trace. David tries to find his daughter and finds out the terrible truth about her.
It would seem like a typical plot for family dramas, but along with the well-developed line of investigation and the Screenlife format, it turned out to be one of the most extraordinary and intense psychological thrillers of recent years.


American thriller filmed by Steven Soderbergh almost entirely with iPhone 7 Plus in just 10 days.
The girl leaves her hometown to get rid of her obsessive boyfriend and find a new job. But when she turns out to be in a psychiatric institution against her will, she has to face the biggest fear: the same boyfriend works in the clinic as a nurse. Is he real or just a figure of the imagination

Welcome Home

The romantic weekend in a secluded luxury villa in Tuscany, Italy, is what should help bring back the passion in Brian and Cassie’s relationship. But, just starting to enjoy life with each other, the young couple meets a strange stranger who pulls them into a dangerous game.

Todos lo saben

The film appeared due to a beautiful collaboration between France, Spain and Argentina, starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. It is a psychological and romantic drama. The film was shot in Torrelaguna, a small town in northern Madrid.
Just one day and an unexpected incident completely change the lives of Laura and Paco, who once loved each other. He will have to face his past to prevent the irreparable.


An atypical psychological thriller about the consequences of childhood trauma. The hero after the psychiatric hospital is haunted by the ghosts of relatives and friends. Tom leaves the clinic and moves into a mansion he inherited from his parents. There strange events begin to happen, after which the guy comes to the conclusion that the ghosts really live in his new house.


After the death of Annie Graham’s mother, something inexplicable begins to happen in her previously quiet house. Now, the lives of loved ones are under threat. Terrifying new family secrets are revealed every day.
In this specific horror, a mixture of Hebrew and Enochian is used during the ritual. The latter was created by the mathematician and astrologer John Dee for magical purposes during the sessions of the late sixteenth century.


Everything in Evan’s life is beautiful and stable – a loving wife, a small child and an interesting job as a school psychologist. But none of the people around him realize that Evan has another dark side, which is better not to know.

The Perfection

A brutal psychological thriller about rivalry and sexual assault, starring Allison Williams. She plays cellist Charlotte, who decides to pursue a musical career, but her place has already been taken by a talented new singer Lizzie. The former teacher decides to give Charlotte a chance and take her on a big tour in China – there the girl intends to get rid of her rival.
Know that it’s not as simple a thriller as it seems at first glance. The creators constantly play with the viewer’s expectations and make them doubt who the villain in the movie is.


An energetic, brilliant and terrifying French film from the provocative Gaspar Noah. The event takes place in 1996. The
graduates of the Academy of Contemporary Dance decide to organize a farewell party. In the growing rhythm of music, almost everyone is captured by an unhealthy euphoria. It seems that someone mixed psychedelics in the sangria, and now the participants in this party are gradually starting to go crazy.

Look Away

The Canadian film is about 18-year-old Mary, who is praised by her parents, but does not get along well with her colleagues. She entrusts all her secrets and experiences in her own mirror, an imaginary evil twin that supports and encourages her. One day, Mary changes places with her twin, who begins to embody her wildest desires.

The House That Jack Built

is a psychological drama, provocative and violent, by Lars von Trier. During the premiere of the film at the Cannes Film Festival, many spectators left the hall. Initially, an eight-episode mini-series was to be filmed.
It tells the story of a serial killer named Jack who was in America in the 1970’s. For 12 years of a brilliant “career”, Jack meets an annoying traveling colleague, a naive girlfriend and other charming victims. There will be five incredible, highly inventive and sometimes absurd crimes that Jack treats as a true work of art.

Hotel Mumbai

It is a tough drama, based on real events, which will keep you in suspense until the last second. Teresa Palmer was initially approved for one of the roles in the film, but due to pregnancy, the actress was forced to leave the project.
Mumbai, November 26-29, 2008 – the period when the elite guests and staff of the luxury hotel “Taj Mahal Palace” become hostages of terrorists, turning their lives into a nightmare.

Night Hunter (Nomis)

A former judge, along with a girl who works as bait, catches and punishes pedophiles. One day, the avenger’s assistance is abducted. With the help of a location system, he helps the police catch the dangerous killer, who has many victims and in whom several personalities coexist.


A faithful and loving wife, tired of supporting her financial and dreamy husband, gets angry when it becomes clear that she has been betrayed.


Netflix brand psychological film. Psychiatrist Jane Mathis begins to doubt her own health after communicating with a new patient, in which the disease is certainly rooted.

The Belko Experiment

In a social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are trapped in a multi-storey corporate office building in Bogota. An unknown voice on the company’s internal telephone line ordered them to take part in the deadly game: “Kill or you’ll be killed!”

The relationship of a young couple is threatened when several individuals arrive at their home, disrupting the peaceful existence of lovers. The thriller is a perfect metaphor! Starring Jennifer Lawrence.

The Keeping Hours

7 years ago, Mark and Elizabeth lost their 5-year-old son – Jacob, in a car accident. The pain destroyed the family – Mark became an alcoholic, and Elizabeth remarried. Deciding to get rid of the painful memories forever, Mark begins to prepare the old house for sale and comes there to fix things. But suddenly, the ghost of Jacob materializes in the house.

D’apres une histoire vraie

French psychological thriller by Roman Polansky about a writer and her fears. Tormented by fans and bitter memories, Dolphin is bombarded with anonymous letters accusing her of sacrificing her own family. The writer is in a creative crisis, paralyzed even by the thought of starting to write again.


Five medical students, obsessed with wanting to know what happens to a person after death, decide on a risky experiment. For a while, they stop each other’s hearts to throw themselves into a state of clinical death and to understand from their own experience what is happening to the man on the other side. But forget that once they cross the line, they must be prepared for the consequences.

The Place

A wonderful Italian psychological thriller. Nine people come to the same place to meet the mysterious Strain in the hope that he will fulfill their innermost desires. He can do whatever they want, but at a certain price.


A group of friends travel to the jungles of Bolivia in search of exotic experiences. But when the guide disappears and his friends are left alone with the wild nature, the journey, which began as a fun adventure, turns into a struggle for survival.
The film is based on the true story of Israeli traveler Yossi Ginsberg and his book Lost in the Jungle. The lead role was played by Daniel Radcliffe. Jungle scenes were filmed in the Australian state of Queensland.

Get Out

A subtle horror movie about xenophobia. The meeting with the girlfriend’s parents is not auspicious for a young photographer from New York, because the girl’s family belongs to an elite society and lives in a secluded house. If he knew the real reason for his invitation, he would run away immediately.
Director Jordan Peele said he was inspired by George A. Romero’s classic horror film “Night of the Living Dead” (1968). The filming lasted 28 days.


Young American Jennifer spends her weekend with her French boyfriend married in a comfortable secluded house. Suddenly, two of his friends show up. The girl should have behaved more modestly in the presence of unknown men, but out of a desire to rekindle her boyfriend’s passion, Jennifer flirts easily with them.
The filming of this French film required so much artificial blood that it always ran out of supplies.

A Cure for Wellness

A young and ambitious employee goes to a lost health center in the Swiss Alps to bring his boss back. But on arrival, he realizes that miraculous spa treatments are not what they seem. As the young man begins to reveal the terrible secrets of this place, his health begins to suffer.
The filming took place at Hohenzollern Castle in Germany. It was closed to visitors from 13 to 24 July 2015.


Tessa Connover is going through a difficult divorce from her husband David. Now he is happy and engaged to Julia Banks. Tesa’s jealousy takes hold and nothing will stop her from turning Julia’s life into her worst nightmare.

You Were Never Really Here

The story is about how a teenager who was now working in a juvenile brothel was abducted. The girl’s father is a politician and hires a former FBI agent to find and save her only daughter. For a retired soldier who respects the code of honor, this task does not cause difficulties, he saves the child from slavery. But later, he found out that there were corrupt and influential people behind the kidnapping.


Thriller about a maniac with multiple personality disorder. Director M. Night Shyamalan acknowledged that filming this film was the most difficult of his career. Starring James McAvoy.
In broad daylight, a stranger kidnaps three schoolchildren from a crowded parking lot. There are 23 faces hidden in his soul. Replacing each other, individuals lead normal lives – work and go to a psychotherapist, periodically reminding abducted girls to wait for their 24th personality, which will soon be revealed to the world.

Gerald’s Game

After her husband suffers a heart attack in the middle of intimate play, the protagonist lies in bed, being tied up. But her loneliness will not last long. All the fears she has ever experienced will come to her, and the secluded house will gradually turn into a torture chamber. The film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same name.


Mike Flanagan is considered one of the leading stars among horror creators. “Hush” is one of his first projects, it is a psychological thriller deprived of attention, but with an interesting concept: far from city life, in a picturesque forest, the deaf-mute heroine lives, but her calm life ends when a maniac starts to hunt her down.
The concept was successfully implemented: a minimum of dialogue, excellent direction and, most importantly – constant suspense, due to which the confrontation between maniac and heroine seems a deadly survival game.

At the end of the tunnel

Another Spanish psychological film. A gang of robbers is trying to hit the big jackpot by building an underground tunnel under the bank. The scene draws the attention of Joaquin, a man paralyzed in a wheelchair who lives in a nearby house.


And again – Spanish thriller, this time with the star of the movie “Three meters above the sky”.
The young businessman Adrian Doria is accused of murder and decides to use the services of Virginia Goodman, the best specialist in the country to get out of the most difficult situations. Adrian is under house arrest and has a trial tomorrow, so Virginia comes to see him to find the best defense strategy.

The 9th Life of Louis Drax

The famous psychologist Allan Pascal tries to discover the secrets that keep the consciousness of 9-year-old Louis Drax, who fell into a coma after a mysterious accident. In love with the boy’s mother, the doctor suspects the child’s father. But the deeper it is thrown into the little one’s subconscious, the more blurred the boundaries between mysticism and reality. The main role is played by Aaron Paul.


A story about a girl named Liz who tries to escape her dark past and hides from the persecution of a “devilish” preacher. In total, the work on film continued over 6 years. It became the second most expensive film in the history of Dutch cinema after the “Black Book”. The film was shot in Germany, Spain, Austria and Hungary.

Nocturnal Animals

A complicated thriller by Tom Ford. The film is based on Austin Wright’s 1993 novel “Tony and Susan”.
Susan has a luxurious life in Los Angeles, a wonderful husband and her own gallery. But one day, she receives an unexpected package from her ex-husband – he would like to meet, but first asks her to read his new novel. Susan doesn’t know that as soon as she opens the manuscript, she will return to the past that she considers hidden in safety.

47 Meters Down

Sisters Kate and Lisa came to rest in Mexico, where, in search of thrill, they descend underwater in a cage to look at white sharks. But the cable breaks and the girls remain at a depth of 47 meters, with an oxygen supply for less than an hour, two hours off the coast and surrounded by dangerous predators.
Mandy Moore and Claire Holt studied diving specifically for this film. In 2019, the second part of the film appeared.

Before I Wake

A young couple, who lost their son, have a second chance at a happy life when they take Cody from the orphanage for eight years. For some unknown reason, he is very afraid to fall asleep at night, but it soon turns out that the problem lies in Cody’s unusual gift – while he sleeps, his dreams come to life.
Director Mike Flanegan opposed calling his film “horror.” He preferred the definitions of “story” or “supernatural drama.”

The Girl on the Train

The thriller is based on Paula Hawkins’ novel “The Girl on the Train” (2015) and stars Emily Blunt.
Every day, Rachel is driven by a train past a charming little house where the seemingly perfect couple lives. But one day, the idyll collapses – the beautiful stranger disappears without a trace. Rachel will be drawn to the very confusing story, because only she saw what was hidden from everyone.

The Invitation

This film belongs to the American director Karin Kusama. It is a low-budget psychological thriller that presents a terrifying cult and a deadly survival game.
According to the script, the main character Will, with his new passion, goes to the party of his ex-wife Eden. The couple divorced when their son died – after that, the girl met her current partner David in a support group for the people who lost their loved ones. The party should be Will and David’s first date, but things aren’t going so well.


50 foreigners wake up in a black cell and have no idea how they got here. They are in a red circle, but they can’t get over it, otherwise they will be killed immediately. Moreover, every two minutes, one of them will be killed by a strange device in the center of the room. Almost from the start, the unfortunate comrades find out that the victim is not chosen by chance and that they can collectively influence this choice.

No Escape

Owen Wilson is at the epicenter of an Asian military coup. It is an action game full of adrenaline and psychology, about saving the family at any cost.

The Gift

Simon’s former classmate Gordo appears in Simon’s life. The person is friendly, a little awkward, but with the big weirdos. Before meeting, Simon and his young wife Robin considered their lives ideal, but Gordo showed them the opposite.

Secret in Their Eyes

The ordinary life of a friendly team of federalists is disturbed by a tragedy: the daughter of investigator Jess is killed terribly. There is not enough evidence and the suspect must be released. But Ray, Jess’s partner, hopelessly in love with their boss, does not give up trying to get to the truth. Starring Julia Roberts (Jess), Nicole Kidman (Claire) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Rey).

The Whole Truth

Intense legal-psychological drama with Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellweger in the lead roles.
A rich banker is killed. Police find his son near the body. The evidence seems overwhelming and the teenager is being investigated. Attorney Richard Ramsey takes over the case. Wanting to reach the truth, he himself was in danger of death.

Return to Sender

The film presents the dark side of Rosamund Pike in a sophisticated thriller.
A nurse who lives in a small town goes on a blind date with a person who claims she is not who she seems.

The Lobster

The subject of this Irish psychological film is very unusual – single people are arrested and sent to a horrible hotel. There they are obliged to find a partner in 45 days. If they fail, they are transformed into animals and released into the forest. Thus, Colin Farrell’s hero must find a partner as soon as possible.

The film won the jury’s award at Cannes 2015, being filmed almost entirely in natural light. Electric light was only used for some night scenes. No makeup was applied to the actors.

Cleveland Abduction

The film is based on real events that took place in the small American town of Tramont. Michelle Knight is a single mother who becomes a kidnapped victim. Under the guise of a friendly person, Ariel Castro hides his true identity as a kidnapper and rapist. By deception, he lures Michelle into his house, where she stays for 11 years. But the woman is not the only prisoner of this dangerous man.
The image is terrible, but deeply psychological and worth the mental strength that will be spent on viewing.


German journalist Daniel was abducted in Chile by secret police and, after inconceivable torture, was sent to the “Dignidad” colony – a Nazi nest, fugitives from the Third Reich. Here Daniel must become a slave and “material” for inhuman experiments. But Daniel’s girlfriend, the brave stewardess Lena, decides to save him.
Filming took place in Chile, Luxembourg, Germany and Argentina. Among the reasons that aroused Emma Watson’s interest in appearing in this film was that, usually in the cinema, men save women, and here it is the other way around.

The Revenant

Hunter Hugh Glass is seriously injured in the American Wild West. His companion, John Fitzgerald, betrays him and dies alone. Now Glass has only one weapon left – his willpower. He is ready to provoke primitive nature, harsh winters and hostile Indian tribes, only to survive and take revenge on Fitzgerald.
Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for his role as Hugh.


During the investigation into the case of Angela Gray (Emma Watson), Detective Bruce Kinnear is forced to consult a psychologist to identify her repressed memories. The hypnosis session reveals horrible facts – at night, with the consent of the father, the girl performed satanic rituals. Wanting to protect her from the persecution of a sinister secret society, the detective is drawn to the frightening world of the occult.


The life of psychologist Peter Bowers changes for the worse when he realizes that his patients are ghosts of people who died in an accident 20 years ago. For fear of losing his mind, Peter returns to his hometown, where he discovers a terrifying truth that only he can correct.

Gone Girl

A brilliant thriller by David Fincher about the consequences of marriage problems. The film is based on Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl (2012).
Everything was ready to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his married life, when the heroine of the occasion suddenly and inexplicably disappeared. In the house there are only traces of a fight, blood that they obviously tried to erase and a chain of tips in the game “treasure hunt”. These clues seem to give Ben Affleck’s hero a chance to find his missing wife.

La foresta di ghiaccio

In a lost village at the foot of the Alps, people disappear. At the same time, police suspect that underground traffic passes through these places to transport illegal migrants to Western Europe. In order to unravel the confusion of secrets, the police inspector Lana arrives in these parts, posing as a journalist.


The employee of the Simon auction house is responsible for the safety of the paintings and, in case of danger, must lock the painting in a safe. During the robbery, he is hit in the head and wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Simon is the only one who knows where the painting is sought by the robbers. Thus, the bandits hire the hypnotherapist Elizabeth to help Simon recover the painting.