Today, in the age of technology, there are a multitude of different options through which you can send beautiful birthday cards. For example, you can send an online greeting card to your best friend, write greetings on your nephew’s favorite social network, or send a loving SMS to your honored wife.

However, let us be honest – few people are able to independently compose truly beautiful and meaningful greeting cards.
In such extreme cases, nothing prevents you from using ready-made texts, which you can simply customize especially for siblings, parents and relatives, your loved ones, or as a child’s birthday card. Below is a suitable selection of birthday cards for your loved ones.

The funniest birthday cards

Birthday is an important holiday for every person, so you have to approach the choice of cards carefully and sometimes with humor. Here you will find the funniest birthday cards, composed in prose and in your own words, which will help you to congratulate anyone in an original way.
🎁 On this day, your little eyes saw the world, and the bottom realized that incredible adventures awaited him. I wish you eternal pleasure from life, boundless love and passion, less problems and more money!
🎁 I want to wish you only the best: success in business, health in the family, a heart full of love, bright eyes of happiness, new discoveries, the most pleasant emotions. Let your whole life be a continuous celebration.
Happy aging! Oops, I mean happy birthday! Let your teeth not hurt from the delicious cake and all the candles on it to be extinguished from the first try.
🎁 Enjoy passionate, hot nights and unhealthy happy days. Smile radiantly on your wonderful day and be positive all day long! Let your dreams and desires come true!
I wish you to enjoy every minute and live incredibly happy! May love always warm you from within, may health give you strength and energy, and money – new opportunities!
🎁 I wish every moment of your life to be full of optimism and happiness! Let love always be kept in your heart, kindness in your soul and a great amount on the bank card for travel around the world! And most importantly – take care of your health, because it is really priceless!
🎁 Hey, don’t expect miracles, do miracles: today, tomorrow and always. I wish you constant luck and creativity every day. Always have a happy smile on your face!
Shine like a bright sun on this happy day! Have a beautiful life like in fairy tales, your smile should appear on your face as often as possible and give everyone optimism only! Live as your heart tells you and just step forward!
Today is the holiday in which the world has seen such a miracle as you. I wish you had everything you need for complete happiness. I want you to feel love with every cell of your body, every bone of your skeleton, every capillary of your circulatory system, every cartilage and every tissue of your body!
I wish you a very modest life. Driving a car without a roof, drinking old wine and eating cheese with mold. And if you choose between two boats, buy a yacht!
🎁 Birthday is a wonderful holiday, when you can have fun with all your heart! I wish you strong sensations, unpredictable like a sea wave, with adventures, friends and unexpected gifts of destiny!
🎁 I would like no one to spill salt on your wound and generally no injuries. Live sweetly, take from life all the brightest, juiciest, most beautiful, kindest and coolest moments.
🎁 Always have a wagon of money, an ocean of happiness and tons of health! With all my heart I wish you colorful days, resounding laughter, peace of mind and inexhaustible optimism!

Birthday greetings for men

The birthday of a close man is approaching
. Thank him with the best birthday cards for men, who penetrate to the depths of the soul.
πŸ‘‰ Life is a book that people write. May your book be a brilliant one, full of impressions, love, happiness, understanding, so that it will leave the most pleasant memories and be pleasant to remember!
πŸ‘‰ Have many smiles, surprises, gifts on this wonderful holiday. Let family and friends be with you so you can feel their support.
πŸ‘‰ I wish you a happy birthday and that every day of your life is full of optimism, fresh ideas and interesting meetings. Excellent health and cheerful mood.
I wish you to be greeted by the bright sun and the smiles of your loved ones every morning. Good luck and good luck!
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing happy and successful people. Be loved, healthy, cheerful, young in heart and face. I want to see you like this always, on holidays and on ordinary weekdays!
πŸ‘‰ I want your heart to sing of happiness! Let the salary card always have money for the most luxurious wishes! Let love cover you like the waves of the sea and give you wings behind you! I wish you happiness, excellent health and all kinds of benefits!
πŸ‘‰ I wholeheartedly wish you happiness and the fulfillment of your wishes! May life offer you unforgettable events and every new day bring you good luck and an excellent mood!
πŸ‘‰ We wish you wisdom, health, kindness and generosity. The mood should always be high, and the house should always be warm and comfortable. Good luck!
Allow life to give you thousands of happy opportunities and make full use of them. Happiness, luck, prosperity!
πŸ‘‰ Knight of my heart! I am so happy to be with you, to breathe the same air as you and to live a life together. Thank you for the day that united our hearts. I love you very much and I wish we were always together.

Congratulations on your daughter’s birthday

I also prepared the brightest birthday cards for my daughter, pierced by the deep love of her parents. These words convey all the best and best all the care, affection, love and pride towards your own child!
🐱 Our dear! We are happy to congratulate you on your birthday! May fate save you from pain and misery, from the worst enemy, from a bad language, from a little friend, from a serious illness! May God give you health, joy and good luck!
🐱 Our dear! We want your life to be as bright as a clear day, and full as a glass of champagne. Let it be as the clouds of the desert. May the lights of hope always burn in your house like the stars in the night sky. Be healthy, happy and lucky! We love you!
🐱 Health, happiness, our beloved daughter! We want your dreams to come true, your luck to accompany you everywhere, indicating the way of life, and the faith to always remain in your soul.
🐱 Dear daughter! It is not in our power to stop the year. But at least let it be so: the more years, the more happiness!
🐱 Our dear daughter! Although this day is just a family holiday, not a red day in the calendar, it is still the happiest and most beautiful, because on this day you appeared on Earth. All of you, your whole family, we congratulate you on this brilliant day and we wish you good health and joy in everything!
🐱 My dear, I want your wishes to come true as soon as you think about them. All that is best for you, bright and kind. I love you, my blood!
🐱 Everyone dreams of flying: in a dream and in reality, with planes or on carpets… like in fairy tales. But I want your imagination to be a special one, to make great wishes, to be happy without limits. I wish you dreams! Huge as the sky and as tender as you.
🐱 Daughter, be happy, loved and beautiful. May my love and faith in you help you to overcome any fears, and may luck fulfill any dream of yours.
🐱 My dear girl! As a mother, I can only wish you well, health and happiness. As a woman, I can wish you wisdom, patience and perspective. And as a friend, I want you not to lose your heart, to live for your own pleasure, to ignore gossip and to always reach your goals.
🐱 Our dear! We love you forever and wish you a Happy Birthday! Our daughter, know that you are the most precious thing in your parents’ lives!
🐱 Daughter! I just wish you happiness, success and many happy days! Let every moment be full of good luck! I love you so much and I wish you all the best!

Personalized birthday cards

Personalized birthday cards will impress anyone. It is important to write them honestly, from a pure heart, and then the right and soulful words will come naturally.
πŸ₯› (Name)! On this bright day, accept my wishes of happiness and warmth. Let joy pass the threshold of your house, and let anxiety always remain behind the door!
Dear (…)! Life can be hard sometimes, but be strong. Quickly find a safe way for you. Not to survive, but to live, to always go forward, to be friends with joy and to try to catch the bird of fortune. Good health to you!
Dear (…)! Be happy, unique and loved. Let the most beautiful flowers always bloom on your way and wherever you go, just the holidays are waiting for you!
πŸ₯› Friend! May God give you so many years that it would be impossible to name them! God bless you! Give you something to eat and something to drink. Love your wife seven days a week and a thousand percent a year!
πŸ₯› (Name)! For your birthday, be as simple as the wind, inexhaustible as the sea and as full of memories as the earth. Be as happy as the songs of the noisy waves of the ocean. Many glorious years!
πŸ₯› Dear (name)! Let the sun shine brighter on this day, and let the joy of life open new horizons for you! And, of course, health is the best gift!
πŸ₯› (Name)! Happiness and love are the most beautiful gifts! That’s what I want from you. Be huge, clean, like a diamond! I want your smile to never leave your face, and your eyes to shine with joy!
Dear (…)! We want your future to be filled with the light of happiness. May counsel and love reign in the house, and may health be strong! And we, all your relatives, promise never to upset you!
πŸ₯› Dear (name)! I wish you much joy and light, may your life be full of smiles, may the birds always sing in your soul, and may you yourself be like a young spring!
πŸ₯› Dear (name)! On this day, we wish you happiness and kindness, to feel the fullness of life, to meet with joy in the morning and to keep this feeling until late in the evening.
πŸ₯› (Name)! We want you to have everything at the right time and place in your life and not get older over the years, but get younger. Maintain health and vitality and live many, many years!
πŸ₯› Beauty (name)! You give us your warmth, you are the source of all blessings for us. Always be young, beautiful, healthy and happy!
πŸ₯› Our dear (name)! On this happy day, we wish you from the bottom of our hearts an eternal paradise, boundless happiness, true friends in case of trouble, a clear youth, a beautiful life! Always stay like this: with a tender heart and a good soul!
πŸ₯› Our dear (name)! Be healthy like a tomato; be sure like a knot; be like the rocks of the mountains; be spiritually like a cathedral and fresh in soul like a coniferous forest!

Congratulations to the children on their birthday

These birthday cards for children will surely please the little ones, because they contain funny and cute phrases.
βœ‰οΈ Happy birthday, little hero! I send you congratulations on your personal holiday and I wish you to be lucky, always happy and never quarrel with any friend! Lots of fun and lots of new games! Everything you want to be fulfilled.
βœ‰οΈ Today everyone will bring you dresses, dolls and sweets and everyone will congratulate you. You are our happiness, our light and for you we live! The little fairy promised to fulfill all your wishes! So, be lucky, be smart, grow to the joy of your mother and father and receive the most awaited gifts!
βœ‰οΈ Today the sun appeared behind the clouds, and the birds sang their happy songs to announce that today is your birthday! A long and difficult journey awaits you ahead, but most importantly, believe in yourself and know that you will succeed, because we, your parents and your faithful friends, will always be by your side! We wish you much happiness and success in everything!
βœ‰οΈ All children dream of a child like you! So smart that everywhere and everyone praises him. All boys are friends with you, you are not greedy, but sincere, kind and brave, despite your age. We wish you all the best for your birthday! Stay tuned, make us happy!
βœ‰οΈ Grow up, baby, and be healthy! Congratulations on your birthday. It’s been a long year for you and very happy! We are sure that an even more wonderful year is waiting for you!
βœ‰οΈ See the sky
Every star on it is a child. And yours burns brighter and more beautiful than all – because today is your birthday. Let her magical light warm you all her life, let her radiance light your way and let her greatness drive away all your troubles and sorrows.
βœ‰οΈ Time passes so fast… But I want you to know that thanks to you so much happiness has appeared in our house! My heart shone with an unseen light. For your birthday, I wish you strength and patience, smiles and inspiration!
βœ‰οΈ I know you like this holiday, when dreams come true, when all the gifts are given, and the wishes are fulfilled! Congratulations and we want you to be obedient, a good student at school, to be smart and not lazy!
βœ‰οΈ Hi, bunny! You grew up very big and I can only wish you a happy birthday! Have lots of jokes, games, laughter today! Know that only effort will help you in life, so do not hesitate to fight for what you really want.
βœ‰οΈ A mountain of sweets, success and victories – this is what I wish for you today, because the birthday is a bright holiday, and the honored child is a hero. You are our hero and our joy!
βœ‰οΈ Today is the day of bright colors for you. Today the sun is shining and the birds are singing just for you! Another year has passed and again the guests come with the long-awaited gifts. Have smiles and happiness, laughter and joy, faithful friends and a direct path, mountains of chocolate and all the other sweets you want!
βœ‰οΈ Let your life be a long way, grow healthy, bring your life only joy and happiness. Know that your parents are proud of you!
βœ‰οΈ Who is the most expensive in the world
Yes, of course, it’s you! Together with my father we wish you the fulfillment of your dreams, many plush toys, many balls, sweets! We love you so much! Grow and flourish!
βœ‰οΈ Although you are still very young, I want you to grow up beautiful, healthy, smart, happy, to the joy of your mother and father and this world. Be the happiest person on the planet and enjoy every day of your life.
βœ‰οΈ This day is beautiful – a stork came to us and brought us a son! Thus, our world has ignited! We started living for our son, and everything we wanted came true! My dear son, congratulations! Be healthy, darling, have a beautiful childhood, have strength and luck in everything!

Congratulations on your birthday to your best friend

The girlfriend is the source of news, bartender, psychiatrist, advertising manager, rescue service and 24/7 helpline.
Therefore, it is worth reading these beautiful birthday cards for your best friend, always ready to help you, choosing the most suitable for SMS, Facebook or other social network.
↩️ Friend, you have a difficult burden to be a real woman – kind and capricious, decisive and soft, intriguing and open, trustworthy and unpredictable. But that’s why we all love you. Always be like that. Happy Birthday!
↩️ As my best friend, I wish you a happy birthday so that you never need diets and rejuvenation, you do not lack money and male attention. Always be the best!
↩️ I wish you a graceful walk in the journey of a successful life, the absence of problematic crossroads and only companions with a bright soul, my dear!
↩️ My beauty! Never think about age, I want you to always be amazing as you were at 18, experienced and wise as at 50, rich as Bill Gates and loved as the sun!
↩️ My dear friend! Let heaven listen to all your wishes and fulfill them without hesitation!
↩️ Dude, congratulations! Let the stars become your guide in the dark nights, and let the moon warm your soul with tenderness! Let heaven embrace your shoulders and give you love!
↩️ Happy birthday, my unparalleled girlfriend! Happiness and luck in life, beauty and tenderness in your divine soul!
↩️ I want you to bloom every year. Take care of men, wealth in the house, obedient children and waking up in the morning full of happy smiles.
↩️ Dear friend, let this birthday be the brightest and full of surprises and you will have even more reasons to smile, enjoy every day and share this happiness with others!
↩️ My priceless girlfriend! For your birthday, I wish you to always be the same irreplaceable counselor, a sincere and wonderful person. May fate make you happy with the love you deserve!
↩️ My friend! Once again I wish you a happy birthday! We have been friends for many years, but I will not tire of wishing you harmony in life, warmth, the love of friends and relatives and the fulfillment of the most unrealistic plans!
↩️ For a woman, the main thing is to be fulfilled. Therefore, my friend, I wish the man who will be with you to be intelligent, strong, faithful, kind, sincere and to love you more than anything! Happy Birthday!
↩️ My friend, welcome! I wish you magic in life, to receive guests and to accept gifts! Thanks for being in my life!
↩️ Today I just want my best friend to be happy. I do not wish you universal adoration, but only the infinite love of a few but close people.
↩️ My dear friend! I don’t wish you beauty and health – you inherited all this from your parents, and Mother Nature took care of that too. I wish you a little luck, which will help you get what you want on your own!

Birthday greetings for your love (boyfriend or girlfriend)

Every birthday person is happy to receive congratulations. But with the greatest emotion and impatience, congratulations from his half are expected.
On such an important day, it is necessary to feel loved and desired. We have taken this aspect into account and have included in the collection these original and romantic birthday cards for your love.
πŸ–€ ​​My dear, precious man, today you are honored! Know that every beat of my heart belongs to you entirely, because you are the meaning of my life!
πŸ–€ ​​I want to dance with you in the rain and watch the sunset; holding your hand, I’m ready to go to the end of the world! On your birthday, I am so happy to be with you and talk about how much I love you and how much I want your life to be full of beautiful events!
πŸ–€ ​​My love! To be able to achieve everything you have planned and never be visited by sadness! Smile and enjoy the sun in the sky and let me be your personal sun!
πŸ–€ ​​My love, I want the power of my love to be combined with my sincere wishes for your birthday and for them to be fulfilled! May your life be better than the most beautiful dream!
πŸ–€ ​​Expensive! I wish you didn’t know fatigue and were always full of strength to carry out your plans. Do not have obstacles and doubts in your way, and may luck and inspiration accompany you everywhere!
πŸ–€ ​​Your birthday is the most enjoyable holiday for me, because on this day you were born! Just as there would be no spring without the sun, so I would not exist without your sincere love. You are my breath, my world, my inspiration! May all your dreams come true, and I will support you in every beginning.
πŸ–€ ​​I will give my beloved husband my infinite love, I will give him all the tenderness and all those bright feelings I have for him! This man is you, my handsome prince on a white horse. I want you to remain just as loyal, sincere, positive. Good luck in all!
πŸ–€ ​​The most affectionate and gentle woman! I can’t list all my wishes, but no matter what I want from you today, I just want to see you next to me. I want you and me to always be happy as children and enjoy every moment we spend together.
πŸ–€ ​​My boyfriend has a birthday today. Congratulations on this amazing holiday and I wish you a huge ocean of happiness. Always be friendly and young, have respect for the elderly and love me, your wife. I caught the bird of happiness and I hope we will never lose it.
πŸ–€ ​​My dear! I want to pick up this glass of champagne and drink to your health. I love you very much and I wish you all the best, kind and affectionate things that exist in this world.
πŸ–€ ​​The most beloved and affectionate woman, my cat! I want to congratulate you on the wonderful holiday – your birthday. I only wish you victories in your daily life, a successful career and the fulfillment of your most important wishes.
Let me be the first to congratulate you on this wonderful day. On your birthday, I wish you to know the full joy of life and to enjoy it to the fullest. I really want you to have a lot of success and fame. I’m proud of you, my love!
πŸ–€ ​​My gentle, loving man, the most affectionate and kind man! Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you the most beautiful life that can exist. I love you very much and I want a life together, without worries and troubles. I want us to always be happy as two loving pigeons.
πŸ–€ ​​My girlfriend has a big holiday today – her birthday. I want her to finally feel all the depth of my tender feelings, which simply cannot be expressed in words. Honey, I wish you a long and happy life. I love you and I can’t imagine without you.
I want to wish my loved one a happy birthday. I will always be with you and support you in all your endeavors. Like the sun, I will warm you slightly with my warm rays. Like the moon, I will light your way in life. And as a guiding star, I will help you find the right path to the peak of happiness.
Birthdays are celebrated in almost every country in the world. These really are special occasions where positive emotions are welcome.
Here you can choose the most beautiful greeting cards from a set of original messages and send them to your loved one.
Strong emotions are guaranteed!
dearest to give you,
And all you need are beautiful compliments,
More trips around the world,
And more fulfilled wishes,
To have many and beautiful clothes,
And kisses day and night,
To live like in a paradise
To know that I love you so much a lot!

I embrace you tightly and kiss you,
I wish you Beauty as much as possible,
An boundless ocean of happiness,
And your wishes come true!
I will sing tenderly in your ear
That a lot of miracles will be fulfilled faster,
My friend, I congratulate you with all my heart,
Thank you for giving me a smile.
Our friendship means a lot,
I won’t have such a good friend anymore.
You are the brightest and kindest
. The boldest and most expensive.
My dear, I wish you,
To always be loved on our globe,
To live without worries
And to remain so young forever.
May you be successful in everything,
And may your desires be fulfilled, May
your luck smile,
And may your happiness continue to grow.
Now you can enjoy your loved one with a short message. The most beautiful birthday cards are right here. Choose a beautiful greeting card to give incredible emotions on such a special occasion!
I’ve known you for so many years
, and together we’ve created so many memories.
My dear, I love you so much,
And I want all the most beautiful things to wish you.
May your wishes be fulfilled
And may all your friends love you.
You will be invincible
And your success will be yours!
To always grow and develop,
I will help you too.
All the hardships you will face
To overcome them all I will help you.
is your holiday,
my dear friend.
On this beautiful day,
everyone will be tender to you.
I wish you much happiness,
success, warmth and joy.
Congratulations on your birthday!
I just want a smile and love.
I want your wishes
to be fulfilled tonight.
Here you can find messages, poems and birthday cards for your girlfriend and other loved ones. With them, you will be able to communicate your thoughts even remotely. Distance is not an obstacle when you can send a beautiful greeting card.
I send my friend the most beautiful flowers
for her birthday !
This day will be full of success
. Willingly and without stress,
Have joy,
Health and happiness.
May the sun always shine on you
And may the warmth of your soul be the main trophy.
are very important to me,
even if I am not with you every day.
My dear, for your birthday

I wish you as much joy as possible!
I’m always fine with you,
And on harder days and on better days.
I would like, my dear, to wish you
to travel to Egypt and see the world.
I am happy that
our friendship will survive.
May all your wishes be fulfilled,
And in your way to give only the smiles,
To those who love you,
And I only wish you happiness.
Do not have difficulties in life,
To live like a queen of stories.
Only have sunny days.
And stay as beautiful as a flower.
The most interesting birthday cards will help you to communicate your feelings and wishes to your loved one. Your girlfriend will feel all the warmth and gentleness of friendship and will be grateful for such a sign of attention.
A greeting from a dear man means a lot!
I wanted to tell you a long time ago.
That you are the one who helps us,
Everyone loves you and always listens to you.
You are my dear person,
And that means a lot, without saga.
On this day I would like to wish you good
health and a spiritual gift.
I would like to tell you this too
That our special friendship!
It’s like a gift from above
Which is not for everyone.
Congratulations on your birthday!
I wish you all the best.
My apple doors are open
For such beautiful friends.
We’ve been friends for many years
I wouldn’t tell anyone
that you’re the dearest to me.
Let life shine with bright colors
And let your portrait be painted.
A great master of art
It would be a great gift of fate.
πŸ””πŸ””πŸ”” The one
who will always support
Who will never betray, not in any way.
The one who will share all the emotions
And forgive all the mistakes.
The one who won’t pretend,
And who can smile nicely.
The best friend in this world
For whom the sun rises in the morning.
Everything will be fine immediately
And I will always be by your side!
For a man, the attention of loved ones on his birthday is just as important. We offer you an incredible list of birthday cards for men to enjoy this special day. Give the necessary support and good wishes to your loved one!
I only wish you happiness in life,
May it be the same as sweetness!
I wish you more happiness,
And only good friends to be by your side!
I want your wishes to be fulfilled,
and all things to succeed,
even after many years
You will have support from me!
Be so strong and brave,
Wise and strong,
Mighty and worthy
You have all this because you are a gentleman.
All that remains is to wish you
more success as a man.
Understanding and peace
and support from loved ones.
Be respected by your friends,
and enjoy your work.
To have only happiness,
And from your loved ones more joy,
To have money and everything
And to travel to the sea maybe!
Today I congratulate you
And wish you a happy year,
Have a long smile
And joy in your soul.
May all desires be fulfilled,
And may the sun shine every day.
I wish you peace, health,
new impressions and more travel.
I wish you a birthday,
Courage, strength and love.
Good luck in everything you do,
Live life to the fullest,
Have support from friends,
And be healthy everywhere, May
everything be fine in the family!
Be happy, we are by your side!
Congratulations on your day,
Be strong to face,
All the hardships in your life,
Be happy on this day!
Good luck and health,
always have everything,
May life give you only pleasant surprises,
May you soon become a president!
I would like to congratulate you with all my heart,
And wish you only good days,
Have only happiness,
And more joy from your loved ones!
Live and smile,
Rejoice and be united,
Enjoy this wonderful life,
And travel a lot at the same time.
Sometimes it is very necessary to find Christian birthday cards.

The spiritual part of life is very important, so the soul must always be at peace.
Happy Birthday!
I wish you peace and good luck in all things.
Have some stability,
and as much money as you can.
May all be well in your life,
For so is our life.
We have to face a lot of obstacles,
and for that I wish you many miracles.
Congratulations on your birthday!
And I wish you luck in everything,
Health, peace, happiness
From those around you more humanity,
To have stability
and a lot of positivity!
I wish you happiness, kindness,
Love and peace in your big family,
To get all the best
More smiles and days like Christmas,
To have luck at work and at home,
To develop on the chosen path,
To trust your friends.
Only support and peace in the family
May all wishes be fulfilled now and always!
An incredible man and a perfect father –
And for that you enjoy a lot of respect.
Those who envy you to stay away,
To have a great celebration.
Work is important, but today you deserve it,
to really rest.
Joy is not only there for the holidays,
You can be happy many times.
Good luck,
love, support.
We will always be with you!
Girls should be given special attention on such occasions. We are confident that our list of birthday cards for girls will be able to inspire you. It is such an important holiday and everything must be perfect!
Congratulations on your birthday
And on this day I would sing
to you, How beautiful you are, my dear!
To be just as much loved.
And loved by all around you,
May your soul be full
of joy and a crystalline smile,
May your house be full of warmth.
Peace and good atmosphere,
May your wishes always be fulfilled!
on your birthday,
And I wish you all the best in your home.
Always be loved,
The dearest and gentlest.
Be a real inspiration to all,
and overcome all obstacles.
Have good friends,
And may life give you more miracles.
Always be beautiful,
And for your lover as extraordinary as the moon.
Let all desires be fulfilled,
And problems to be solved by themselves.
Congratulations on your birthday, beautiful!
May your face always be so bright,
At the heart of life is happiness
Peace, love, love.
Let’s see the smile on your face,
And in the heart more splendor,
With each day to shine brighter
And to go through any trial!
Congratulations on your birthday!
I wish you special happiness.
Gentleness, health, joy
And of course a little magic.
Precious stones and many flowers
May all wishes be fulfilled!
Be loved and just as beautiful
Always be like a bride!
Congratulations on this beautiful day!
I wish you a bright holiday!
May there be peace and tranquility
And a year with many gifts.
Be healthy and successful,
and good luck more often!
I wish you all the best in the world
Your day is a miracle!
Congratulations on your birthday!
May this day be sweet and beautiful
Like honey, sweetness and condensed milk
May it be just as lucky!
Beauty should not leave you,
Love should have peace,
A lot of smiles and joy
And a little madness!
Children are so special and they really deserve the most precious words. We have birthday cards for children and adults. Remember that even the older ones are very happy to receive congratulations as a gift and a sign of attention.
I congratulate you wholeheartedly
and wish you a happy birthday
, joy
and good emotions.
Like candy and toys
To be under your pillow night,
To have many close friends,
To be a holiday for true friends.
Congratulations on your birthday
With this wonderful day
Have gifts
from your dearest friends.
Let the wishes come true faster
And I kiss you and embrace you.
Be the happiest
Because you are the brightest.
I wish you the fulfillment of your wishes
and a carefree childhood.
To receive as a gift a lot of gifts,
And to be around you many friends!
To be surrounded only by happiness and a smile,
And to be the smartest at school,
Never have difficulties,
And everything will succeed!
the world around you shine!
Dear people, to love you, And
may all your wishes be fulfilled
in the wonderful stories !
Have a lot of happiness
And let life bring you joy!
To strive for important achievements,
And to dream of interesting things!
All these happy birthday cards are a way to thank your loved ones for their support, friendship and kindness. Everyone will enjoy reading his sincere and warm words.
The feast will be great,
and the music will play loud.
Even if you’re a child , you
‘re already so kind.

Is it possible to find someone so smart
? You are a very wise child.
On your birthday,
let the world shine with joy,
and let your parents shine with pride.
You believe in humanity.
You have to choose the right path,
You know what is right!
You are
beautiful as a sun,
You have grown so big.
Have a lot of joy today
It’s your birthday, and it’s happiness!
May you grow up healthy,
smart and brave.
May your
path always be free of obstacles!
Birthday is the most beautiful holiday,
And I want to wish you
a lot of joy
And only happiness from parents.
To learn only on the tenth grade,
And to play with his friends more often.
Be very bold,
and quite resourceful!
Have many gifts
And congratulations from all your friends,
Because today is your birthday
And for this I will congratulate you.
May your whole life be beautiful
Like a bright story
May the sun shine brighter,
And may the days be better,
May the house be full of smiles,
And much joy in the soul!
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