Pisces is one of the twelve zodiac signs of the western astrology. People born under the Pisces sign have a unique personality profile and are often seen as compassionate, creative, and sensitive – traits that are a result of the influence of their ruling planet, Neptune.

In this in-depth guide to the Pisces zodiac sign we will explore:

The Meaning of Pisces

Pisces represents the final sign in the zodiac and is associated with understanding, compassion, and transcendental energy. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings, and that ultimately, humans are inextricably linked with the universe. In astrology, Pisces energy is often seen as a sensitive, empathetic and caring sign.

Pisces Traits

People born between February 19th and March 20th belong to the Pisces zodiac sign. They have the following characteristics:

• Compassionate: Pisces are caring and compassionate, always ready to lend a helping hand.

• Creative: Pisces are highly creative and imaginative. They tend to be absorbed in the richness of the inner world.

• Empathetic: This sign has a great sense of empathizing and understanding which is one of their greatest strengths.

• Selfless: Pisces are incredibly generous and are often willing to go out of their way to help another.

• Idealistic: This sign has high ideals, although sometimes they find it hard to manifest them into reality.

• Intuitive: Pisces have a well-developed intuition that often sees things before anyone else does.

• Sensitive: Pisces have a very sensitive nature, which makes them often quite emotional.

• Shy: Pisces have a tendency to be shy and withdrawn, often avoiding situations where there might be a lot of people.

• Receptive: This sign has a great ability to sense what is going on even without the full picture.

• Dreamy: Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, often with their head in the clouds.

Pisces Symbolism

The symbol of the Pisces sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions – a representation of the duality of life and the inevitable push-and-pull that we all experience. This symbol is also a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things, and that ultimately, we are all connected through the same energy source. The two fish also signify the dual nature of Pisces and how they often operate between polarities such as the spiritual and material worlds.

Pisces in Love

Pisces are incredibly loyal and devoted partners, who have a tendency to wear their heart on their sleeve. They are passionate about love and romance, and look for a partner who is understanding and compassionate enough to meet their needs. Pisceans are romantic dreamers, who seek to be swept off their feet, and need someone to provide that level of security. They are also highly sensitive and intuitive, so it is important for them to find someone who is willing to open up and create a trusting bond. When it comes to relationships, Pisces are very dedicated to their lovers and will be loyal and supportive through challenging times.

Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

The water sign Pisces is generally considered most compatible with other water signs, such as Cancer and Scorpio. The two fish of the Pisces sign will often bring out the best in each other and find a deep connection that transcends the boundaries of everyday life. Pisces also has strong ties with earth signs, such as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These signs can bring grounding energy and practicality to the relationship, while still maintaining the same level of sensitivity and understanding.

Famous Pisces

There have been many famous people born under the Pisces sign, such as:

• Rihanna
• Drew Barrymore
• Katy Perry
• Zac Efron
• Lady Gaga
• Justin Timberlake
• Albert Einstein
• John Travolta
• Steve Martin
• Elizabeth Taylor
• Jim Carrey
• Adam Levine
• George Washington

The Pisces Element

Pisces is a water sign and is associated with the element of water. This element represents emotion, cleansing, ritual, and depth. It is a reminder of the power of the subconscious, and how our inner worlds affect the collective. Water is associated with the moon, and often serves as a gateway to dreams and psychic visions. Water is also a symbol of the spiritual realm and is a reminder of the interconnectedness of life.

Essential Oils for Pisces

Essential oils are a great way to tap into the healing power of the Pisces sign. Some essential oils that are perfect for Pisces are:

• Lavender: for relaxation and peacefulness
• Sandalwood: for grounding and protection
• Jasmine: for creativity and intuition
• Rose: for compassion and love
• Geranium: for harmony and balance
• Hibiscus: for clarity and optimism
• Clary Sage: for inner knowledge and connection

This in-depth guide to the Pisces zodiac sign has explored the traits, symbolism, and compatibility of this water sign. We have also looked at how Pisces relates to love, famous Pisceans, and essential oils that can be used to access the healing power of this sign. By understanding the essence of Pisces, one can gain insight into their own life path and the paths of those around them.