When a relationship does not offer you what you expected from it, it should be left to its fate, with the thought that whatever happens, it happens for the better. However, never end a relationship with a bad grade, you will always regret your action no matter if it was your fault or your boyfriend’s fault. To say one last goodbye to your partner, let these messages help you.

A wonderful relationship that you nurtured with love and care hurts a lot when it ends. But sometimes it’s important to take a step back and let things go.  Send her a text about how you feel about your relationship and why you want to break up. We can’t fix things for you, but we can help you express your feelings clearly and in detail.

Below you will find sad messages of parting and regret for him and her that will help you express your feelings towards your boyfriend and by reading them you will surely have the courage to act according to your own desires.

Farewell messages for long distance relationship

There are two ways you can break up, the first and easiest way is to just walk away, this will make you guilty. The second way is to express your feelings for the person and explain why it is so difficult to be in the same relationship. If you choose the second option, you can choose the parting messages below, with which you can clearly explain to the person why you want to break up.
I’m glad for you and I’m sad for me. Know that I will always be waiting for you!
This message will be the last. I wrote to you to say, “Goodbye! I know you love her…
😢And after our breakup know that I will live and laugh as usual! But I will always love you! And through pain I will smile.
We have to break up and make it as painless as possible. Unpleasant days await us as we make peace with this new mood. I wish you happiness, goodbye!
😢The time has come to break up, my soul is sad and empty. But I know – we will face all the troubles, all the problems, the thoughts and the barriers with the help of time.
Goodbye! And don’t remember me! Forget how I went hand in hand, forget that I was waiting for you, forget that I believed you too often! Forget that I only loved you…
😢My soul has cooled. I find no happiness in this world. I live the feeling of suffering, not love. Something needs to change! I think it’s time to break up!
I know you have another boyfriend and I played for love. But we did not forget what happened between us. I know you forgave me the insults, the quarrels, but you still let me go…
😢We lose interest in each other and this is a good reason not to continue the relationship. Otherwise, we will both regret the time lost and the unnecessary efforts in the name of unrealizable hopes.
I believed your words, I believed in their power and passion. They inspired me and didn’t let me down. It’s just that your words are like smoldering smoke… Goodbye!
“No matter how much it hurts to let you go, I’ve already decided everything.” Our love boat has stopped sailing along the waves of sublime feelings! Farewell!
“Honey, I’m really sorry, but we happened to break up.” Let your heart not cry, let your soul not be sad, let everything be wonderful in your life, let warm and good relations remain between us.
😢If you want to leave – leave! If you want to look at me – look at me. But know that at the end of the road nothing can be returned.
My sun! I already miss you! I want these days, until we meet again, to fly like a moment. I miss you, I hug you and I look forward to meeting you again.
“I don’t know how I can get through all these days without you, because today I’m giving up a part of my soul. Take care of her, I can’t exist without her in this boring and uninteresting world.
One day, you will realize that you have lost me. One day, you will wake up alone in a dream, you will see how I cry and suddenly you will understand how cruel you were. You will understand what you lost and then, one day, you will cry with the same tears as me.

Messages of parting and regret

Separation is difficult because the person holds such a close place in our hearts. The wording is very important, because if you do not choose your words correctly, it can create a stir and things can go wrong. We help you find the right words. Below you will find sad messages of parting and regret with which you can explain yourself as best you can.
I want to wish you good luck and confess that I do not regret our past together. Farewell!
“Let’s not upset each other, time will heal our wounds!” Farewell!
The door to the world of our love has closed forever! Maybe at first I will miss your hug, but I am strong and I can handle it all!
It is very sad to understand that this is the end of our relationship, but the emptiness of my heart will surely be filled with time!
“I will not return to you, nor do I try to convince myself that we are two halves of a whole!”
“Yesterday I could have called you” boyfriend, “and today I’m trying to forget your name. Our separation is inevitable, and recent joy has radically turned into sadness. Farewell!
The future for us no longer exists, and in the past there is a lot of pain. Tomorrow I will wake up and take another path to my happiness!
“Loneliness will be painful only at first, but we can handle it!” Farewell!
😞A stagnant relationship must either be revived or ended. If we can’t revive her, then it’s time to leave. Make it beautiful!
“Once upon a time, our eyes shone with boring expressions.” The love story was scattered in small beads, and fate destined us to live separately. Farewell!
I am very tired of endless expectations and I don’t want to hope for ghostly happiness anymore. You’re not for me anymore! Farewell!
“We won’t wake up in each other’s arms anymore, because everyone now has their own sun!”
😞Sharing now will be the best way out of this difficult situation. I command my heart to forget your name!
“I don’t want love handcuffs!” You are no longer in my fantasies and you know perfectly well why. Farewell!
😞The fire of love in my heart has already gone out and I can’t wait for your hug! Farewell!
“What a pity.” I lost what was dearest to me. There is no happiness between us! Farewell. You don’t remember me badly.
AcaIf our puzzle is missing a piece, then breakup is inevitable. Heaven has commanded us to live on different shores. Farewell!
“I don’t want to know or hear anything about you anymore!” After reading this message, know – we are no longer together!
Until recently, you were my fiancée, and now you have become “yesterday”. Even if I lose a piece of my soul that remained with you, I believe that the reward for suffering awaits me before!

Short parting messages for him and her

It is always sad to say goodbye to the person you love the most. But sometimes we have to say goodbye to our loved ones for many reasons. If you are going through a breakup and need some relief, below you will find short breakup messages for him and her that will make you feel better.

“I’m sorry, but I think we’d better break up.”
“It’s sad to know we have to break up.” But I hope this will not lead to negativity and resentment.
Goodbye! Know that you will remain forever that special person who managed to touch my soul.
“Goodbye.” I don’t want to say too many useless words, because they won’t make anyone feel better anyway.
You will remain in my heart forever and this is perhaps the saddest thing. Farewell!
“It’s painful and unpleasant, but we have no future.”
Goodbye! I didn’t want to feel lonely, but we have no way back!
I’m sorry, but we can’t have a happy love story.
Goodbye! I hope that each of us will find his own happiness, to have luck on the path of life. Good luck.
“Once upon a time, our feelings were completely exhausted.” Curtain!
“Remember, all that is best is all about you and I will always come to your aid.” Only as a good friend, to be known, but no more. Farewell!
Everything in our lives has a beginning and an end. Our love had a happy beginning, a beautiful story, but unfortunately this story must end.
“I won’t be able to love anyone like you.” But I can’t suffer either. Farewell.
I sincerely believe that everything will be fine with you, that you will find your happiness. I’m sorry that everything turned out to be different than in our dreams.
Tears are no longer on my cheeks. I’ve resigned myself. I will no longer torment my mind with memories. Everything is already in the past!
Sharing from loved ones is like a torture that lasts forever. It makes us lonely and unhappy. I’m really sorry!
“Forgive me for everything, please.” I hope that our separation will add strength and confidence, freedom and peace to both of us. Farewell.
“I’m tired of our incomprehensible relationship!” You didn’t live up to my expectations, so goodbye!
“It always seemed to me that two people should fight for the power of the union.” But that’s not our case. Farewell!
I’m very sorry I didn’t have a happy ending. I sincerely wish you happiness!
“Do I love you?”
I will answer yes, without thinking. Really a lot. But the problem is, my love is not enough to keep us going. Farewell.
“I tried, but I failed.”

Long and true parting messages

Separating from someone you love is not easy for everyone. This is the moment when the feeling of guilt predominates deep inside, you do not want to hurt the person you loved, but to love her becomes more difficult than to break her heart. If your heart is broken, and you need motivation to move on, below you will find long and true messages of love that will help you get over the breakup.

😭I don’t want to… I’m leaving… Forgive me, I can’t take it anymore… I’ll leave, I’ll close the door behind me and I’ll call another one now… Look at me. I’m more confident than ever in my decision. I can’t understand what you need from me… I only recently realized that you don’t need me, but you need something from me. Forgive me for not showing you how much I love you, but I have suffered for love. I will keep the love for me now. I’m sorry, but I’m not yours anymore.
I vaguely imagine all this time I will have to spend without you, because you are my long-awaited half, which I had been looking for for so long. My joy, come back sooner. Without you, all life will disappear and every day will become completely uninteresting and boring. You are the reason for my smile, which, unfortunately, I have to leave at least for a while…
“I’m very sad, because you won’t be with me.” I understand – work, circumstances, business, but with your departure, it’s as if a part of me is leaving. I know it won’t take long. Time will pass, and you will return to me, but until now, I will count the minutes, dreaming of the next meeting. I will think of you constantly, coming back to you in my thoughts and dreams. I will ask heaven and the saints to take care of you and return you to me healthy. You are my happiness, and a person cannot live without happiness. Come back to me!
Today it will be extremely sad, because today I say goodbye to you. I’ve done it many times, but now it’s over. This time it will seem like an eternity to me. Please don’t come back to me, don’t beg me anymore, don’t humiliate me, because my day doesn’t start with your smile and I don’t want it to end with your kiss. Maybe I will miss the love of my life unimaginably, but maybe we will be able to be happy with others…
😭Please don’t come, don’t call me! I can’t live like this – understand once! It will be better for both of us to leave these meetings in the past. We are not alone – and this is a very important reason to break up! I can’t cheat anymore and wait! I’m sorry… It’s time to forget about each other! Farewell!
“I’m sorry, but we have to break up.” You are a wonderful person who helped me to see this world from all its beautiful parts, you are a song that sounds and a beautiful fairy tale, but not mine. May our separation end our relationship, but leave us the opportunity to remain good friends.

Sad parting messages for him and her

When you go through a breakup, you want to convey your feelings. Here is a list of sad parting messages that you can set as a social status or send to the person you want to break up with. With these messages you will be able to reach the person and explain to them how you really feel. Choose from the list of the saddest messages and use it as efficiently as possible.

You shouldn’t try to change anything in yourself to restore our relationship. Does not make sense! Farewell!
The fruit of our love will never ripen. It’s already rotten! Farewell!
😔How difficult it may be for me now, I will write you this word – Goodbye!
Our love is already exhausted. Let’s not break the glass, but let the relationship disappear like water in the ground – quietly and quickly. Farewell!
AndWhen there is a direct current in the soul – this is not love! Farewell!
“It’s better for us to break up now than to live and not want to.” Farewell!
The chance is given once and you have already wasted it. Today I will do what I promised yesterday. I’m breaking up with you!
The feelings that were once flooded with colors have now turned to ashes. Farewell!
“Get out of my life horizon!” Dissolve in the fog forever! Farewell!
“Life has blocked the evil of love with a dam.” There will no longer be the same force of feelings as before. Today I end and tell you – goodbye!
EsiAlthough I can’t command her heart, I’ll make her forget your features! You no longer exist for me!
UmNow I will admire the sunrise without you… This decision will be the most correct, because the fire of our passion has gone out.
I became like two opposite poles. For this reason, according to all the laws of physics, unfortunately, it does not attract us to each other. Farewell!
There is no need to try to restore the faded feelings! Why kiss cold lips that no longer burn with desire!
“Let’s not pretend it’s okay.” True love relationships do not resemble ours at all. Let me find another one and I wish you a worthy pair too! Farewell!
“I’m not afraid of the wind of change in my personal life!” Now you’re just an ex for me!
😔It will be unusual for me to wake up alone in bed, but it’s better that way than to get upset every day over your indifference! Farewell!
Our current relationship is starting to depress me more and more every day. I don’t want to be led by the wrong choice. Farewell!
Our parting proved inevitable. I no longer want to resist the will of fate. Farewell!
“I don’t want to put a comma at the end of our love story.” This is a fat point!
😔I choose loneliness instead of unhappy love with you! Farewell!
The beautiful melody no longer sounds in my soul. There is a dull silence. I will leave you forever!

Farewell messages that will make you cry

Not every relationship in the world is permanent. Breakup is a harsh word, but it is a reality. It could happen to you. When a person finds a lot of ignorance in a relationship, he has no better option than to break up. So if you are going through a breakup or a friend of yours recently broke up, use these sad messages so that you can express your feelings of sadness, clearly and in detail. You can also use them as parting statuses on social networks.

“You were a star in my window that gave me a ray of light.” I loved you, but the distance separated us. Farewell!
Our love is a mistake! Farewell!
TimpulDuring our meetings, I got to know you well and I realized that you are not my half. Find another passion!
The word “love” is now inapplicable to us. Farewell!
Sorry, but sometimes you have to leave… Too bad, but sometimes you don’t immediately understand what kind of person is in front of you
… Farewell!
Teach me how to forget you! Teach me how to hate you! Learn how to live in peace if I don’t see you for a long time! Learn how to sleep without you! How hard it is for me to break up with you now!
“Believe me, I loved you as I will not love anyone else.” But I will hide my love deeply and try to forget you.
Love no longer warms me. The great feeling is gone. Love cools down every day and freezes my heart. I think we need to say stop!
When a small crack appears in a relationship, separation is inevitable. Let’s not try to stick things that won’t stick together anyway. Farewell!
💔I will bite my lips, I will hold my breath in my lungs, but I will not ask for your love like a beggar begging for alms! Farewell!
💔In a sensual relationship, between a man and a woman, there is no place for a cold. This means that there is no love and there is no point in meeting again! Farewell!
I have no desire to explain, so I am writing to you briefly, but with meaning – this is the end!
Love can be ruthless and I don’t want to bring everything to the boil, but in our case it is inevitable. So, goodbye!
“I’d rather be on your ex’s list than add you to the cheating list.” Forget about me and don’t bother my soul!
💔As much as I would like to shout, but we have decided firmly – we are breaking up and there is no need to look for new meetings!
💔The steps of separation are already heard… I will leave you as a souvenir in my soul.
“I thought you were my destiny, but I seem to have been wrong about you.” I was happy with you and I don’t regret falling in love with you! But it’s time to say goodbye!
As much as we try to renew our old feelings, it will not lead to anything good in the end. Don’t call me anymore and don’t look for the meeting with me! Farewell!

Farewell messages for her

There are many ways to break up with your partner. Whatever you choose, always pay attention to the feelings of others and use gentle words. See below, parting messages for her that will help you break up, gentle with the person you don’t want to be with.

“You are no longer in my heart, you are a stranger to me. Farewell! This is the end of our relationship.
Our love period is over, it’s over. Everything that has been between us is in the past. Farewell!
“That’s it. We’re breaking up.” And we can hardly be friends. It’s a little sad, but I know time will tell.
“Everything was fine, but everything disappeared very quickly.” Farewell!
💔Our parting is inevitable. Let’s not upset each other. I want to wish you good luck and confess that I do not regret our past at all.
Sorry we can’t get our relationship back… Goodbye!
“You became yesterday for me.” I believe in my future without you. We’re breaking up, that’s what we decided!
“I choose freedom!” I am no longer happy with our relationship, in which the understanding has disappeared.
💔 The parting came to us too… Don’t cry that it’s all over. Smile, because life is not over.
“It’s a pity, but the door to the world of our love has closed forever.” Let’s take the time to heal the wounds of the heart! Farewell!
💔I am visited more and more by the desire for solitude… So be it! Farewell!
💔I want to get into the daily routine so I can forget about you as soon as possible!
💔Why do we fall in love first and then think if we need the given person
Know that I’m sorry…
💔There are people like you that you love, but you can’t be near… I’m sorry! Farewell!
We realize very late that we love those we lose! I miss!
“We’re breaking up.” Go on your way. Be happy, but without me!
Goodbye! My eyes are full of pain, there is emptiness in my soul and my heart is bleeding…
💔We have to break up. Forgive me for the pain I am causing you. I have already forgiven you. Farewell!
“I realized I couldn’t be with you anymore.” I think you can find another man, much more worthy! Have a happy and happy life, but not with me.
I thought for a long time and analyzed our relationship, realizing that it can no longer continue. Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep our feelings, and our relationship has no future.
“If I am your destiny, I will surely return to you!”
💔The love game is over, goodbye and leave my life.
“We’ve decided to break up, darling.” Live happily and never regret what happened!

Funny parting messages

You need to write a goodbye message to your partner after or during the breakup to make sure everything is fine. A parting message is a good way to express the pain you are feeling now. See funny farewell messages below that can ease the tense atmosphere.

🔆I remember a terrible moment: you appeared in front of me… And now let it be terrible for you too – I disappear from your face!
By sending this message, I will erase you from my life and, overcoming my mental pain, I will look to the future with an open heart.
Our dreams are not destined to come true and I tell you sadly that this is the end!
Our flower of love, which until recently was fragrant, was broken by envious people. Now we have tickets for different life flights!
You are infinitely kind, phenomenally intelligent, damn attractive, divinely beautiful, exceptionally decent and sincere, unprecedentedly talented and incomparable by – Monster! I can’t be with you anymore!
🔆The flowers of happiness have released sharp thorns. You feel them too
Thank you for the wonderful moments you have given me, but my heart cannot give you a second chance.
Our love is completely different from the one in the story. Instead of an oasis in paradise, I see a jungle…
🔆I congratulate you on the divine feast – the day of our parting!
I realized I felt just as bad with you as I did with you!
“I’m sorry I kissed a frog like you!” Bye bye!
“Until recently, I was losing my mind because of your touch, but today it’s hard for me to remember everything that happened between us.”
I don’t have the feeling of wings on my back anymore… Goodbye!
🔆Our love book will have to be closed and dusted on the shelf. The last chapter of the novel has already been completed and cannot be changed!
“The ball of our love is over.” Farewell!
I will never forget our meetings, but I do not see the future near you either. My train left without waiting for you. Farewell!
After this message I will build an invisible wall that will protect me from all the lies in which my love for you has drowned. Farewell!
“I have nightmares all the time. What should I do
? I know you can help me.” Please show me the miracle of my whole life – disappear!
I will extinguish the candle of our relationship forever, right now! Farewell!
🔆Sometimes I think I love you, but when I open my eyes… no, again not you.
“I’d rather say goodbye now than torture my soul.”
I close the door to the world of our relationships! Farewell!
“My dear, if it weren’t for you, we’d be a perfect couple.” So, goodbye!
Before I met you, I didn’t know what happiness is, but neither what deception, pain, resentment is! Thanks, I experienced everything! Farewell!

True parting messages

Breaking up is painful for the person you truly loved, it’s always hard to get through it. If your heart has been broken and you are looking for the right words to express your sadness, maybe you will find something below. Below you will find real parting messages in English.

🔔You can have a thousand girls in your life, but you will never find the true love I gave you! It’s not a curse. In fact, I pray the best for you!
🔔It is better to be alone than staying in a toxic relationship like this. You have murdered all my feelings for you. Goodbye!
🔔My heart is shattered. My eyes weep as I say goodbye to you. May you have all the happiness in life that couldn’t give you!
🔔All that always mattered to you was your happiness. You never tried to know how I feel inside. It can’t go on like this forever. Goodbye!
🔔I never thought of falling in love with you for saying goodbye someday. But as it happens, you did not give me an option. So goodbye and good luck!
🔔I never thought of a tomorrow without you. But sometimes life has other plans for us. I don’t blame you but I blame my fate!
🔔I don’t feel betrayed at all. I take it as a lesson learned. And the lesson is, never trust a liar. I wish no one does the same to you as you did to me!
🔔I hope you can forgive me for all the wrongs I have done to you! I too have no complaints against you! It’s just that our love didn’t work out!
🔔It’s better to say goodbye than saying a thousand lies about how much we love each other. After all, we both know there is no love anymore!
🔔I would never fall in love with you if I knew from the start that you’d hurt me this much. But I don’t blame you. I was blind for the whole time!
🔔I can’t stop my tears right now. I had never thought of this moment in my life. I wish I was dead before saying goodbye to you!
🔔The way you keep on doing things that hurt me, shows how little I mean to you. Let us break up and not get involved with each other for the sake of our sanity. Goodbye!
🔔It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who has such a special place in the heart. But we are at the point of life, where there’s no going back!
🔔You are an angel that I couldn’t keep to myself. It’s all my fault because I always ignored the blessings you brought with yourself!

Farewell messages for him

Breaking up with someone is always hard and a person will always be hurt. But sometimes it is necessary and inevitable, no matter how many warts. You always have to communicate, and we help you find the right words. Below you will find parting messages for him with which to express your feelings of pain towards your ex-girlfriend or wife.

The reason for our separation is your attitude. I won’t taste your lips anymore and I won’t hold your hand anymore…
🔆Please forgive me and understand me – but we are no longer together, we each have our own way. I’m breaking up with you and I wish you much success.
🔆A quiet sadness overwhelms my mind and it is so sad to understand that it is all over. It could have been different!
🔆In this Lord-forgotten Universe, you do not have to wait for love – it is no longer present! Sorry! Farewell!
“We’ve been at a standstill for a long time, so we’re going to break up easily.” Maybe we’ll stay friends
. I want to be on another planet to look at you and everything between us.
UmNow your strong hands will not squeeze my body in passion, and our common dawns will not come. A story collapsed, forgive me and goodbye!
“I’m not looking for loud words – it’s already useless.” The hour has come when our relationship is exhausted. I hope the experience with you will help me be happier.
🔆This message will be the last and tomorrow another life will begin, with a clean slate! Farewell!
“I don’t want to see your strange indifference anymore – this is the end!”
🔆Wings are thrown to the ground, we will never fly in the light again! Farewell!
How can you hurt the heart you love
! I was incredibly happy with our meeting and every day we spent together. But you destroyed everything! Farewell!
🔆It’s time to leave… It’s time to be alone…
🔆I’ll never forget you, but we have no future. The pain that still boils in me will eventually disappear…
🔆It won’t be the same as before, we just have to break up and that’s it!
I say goodbye to you! I do not need you! Our meetings have come to an end.
“Forgive me, don’t be angry!” Know that I loved you, but accept that I am no longer yours!
🔆My hopes are gone, I don’t want to and I don’t need a relationship with you. Farewell!
“I’m closing your door to my world.” It’s over, there are no more “us”! I end our relationship. Farewell!
“There is no trust between us anymore.” There’s probably no point in continuing the relationship. I say goodbye. You are no longer in my heart.
You broke my watch and now time has stopped. I don’t have enough strength to continue living like before, before you, before your betrayal. Farewell!
“I am what I am!” So we better leave and not wait for impossible changes!