Our life is full of a series of holidays, each one being beautiful in its own way. The birthday is one of them, when it is very difficult to choose the right messages, where to gather the feelings and emotions you feel for your loved ones. These beautiful birthday greeting patterns will come to your aid, suitable for different recipients, whether it’s comic greetings dedicated to friends or a mother’s or wife’s birthday. Get inspired and send them happiness wrapped in messages!

Happy birthday to you

Each person will be grateful for the attention they received on their anniversary. Surprise your sister, girlfriend or girlfriend with the style of the original words from these birthday wishes. The options are very pleasant and will offer a lot of emotions!

➡️ Today is the birthday of a beautiful person. Her beauty overwhelms the whole world. I wish you all the best. Celebrate this day so that its happy moments will be remembered for years to come.
➡️ I love you very much, my dear, and with all my sincerity I wish you happiness. Happy Birthday!
➡️ In the morning I’m getting ready for such an important event – your birthday. Let your life get through all the trouble. Wrinkles of pain should never appear on your beautiful face, and your whole life should consist of a single joy and continuous fun.
➡️ Happy birthday! You are my gentle ray of sunshine, my guiding star and the warm, gentle moon. Thank heavens for offering me – the kindest and most loved person in the world. I wholeheartedly wish you good weather at home, in business and in your personal life.
➡️ For your birthday, I wish you only three components: faith, hope and love. The first to be with you all your life. He thinks everything will be fine. The second is to give you the strength to move on. Look forward to your future. And the third be always with you, in your heart. Love your life and appreciate it.
➡️ Congratulations and I raise a glass of champagne for you. May your soul always flourish. May all problems be solved on your own and never bother you. I want you to be beautiful, loved and sweet.
  • May each day bring you joy. Let a bright and warm sun shine every morning. Let it be warm and full of pleasant surprises every night, my dear. Destiny to give you its own fairy tale. Happy Birthday!
  • My darling! I wish you health. Never get sick and don’t know what medications are. I want you to find one treatment – true love. May the one you love wholeheartedly show reciprocity.
  • You are like an angel to me! May God protect you from all troubles. May luck accompany you in everything. Live with love in your soul, it will always help you!
  • My beauty has a birthday today. For you, we have prepared a great and beautiful gift. Thus, your dream will come true! In fact, I want all your dreams to come true just as easily and simply.
  • Please accept from me the most precious gift on earth: love and forgiveness. Love all your relatives, cherish your friendship, and honor your elders. Forgive your enemies for all their evil deeds. Learn wisdom and gain experience. And God will reward you for that – you will see a bright light that will lead you to a happy life.
  • Personalized birthday wishes

    Whether it’s the birthday wishes of my girlfriend or boyfriend or my daughter / son – here you will find everything! It is important to choose the texts that will be appreciated by the person in question. Thanks to these personalized birthday wishes, joy in the eyes and tenderness in the heart are guaranteed!

    🕫 For your birthday, Dad, I want to thank you for everything. We live very happily because of you and I hope it will always be so. I will put the whole world at your feet, just to make you feel good. I wish you all the best.
    🕫 All our relatives and friends gathered in our house today in honor of my mother’s birthday. Dear mother, I wish you the greatest love in the world. You are still so young and beautiful!
    🕫 My dear! I want your beauty to always enlighten the world. Your beautiful appearance is always before my eyes. Always be so kind and gentle. Congratulations!
    🕫 My sister has a wonderful holiday today – her birthday. On this day, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. For your warmth and participation in all my problems. For your kindness and affection. You know how to support me with a warm word in difficult times. I sincerely wish you happiness!
    🕫 My dear mother-in-law! You became my second mother! For your birthday, I just want to wish you peace and well. Always be the way you are. Because you are the most beautiful, the kindest, the most tender. I really want everything in your life to be wonderful.
    My love! On this day I will come to congratulate you in the morning. I want you to know that I’m just happy to be with you. I have no one closer to you! Really love you! I dreamed that one day you would become the happiest woman in the world.
    🕫 On this wonderful day, I want to wish you a happy birthday. Always be as cute and sweet as you are now. I love you very much and I think you love me too. I wish you a beautiful and tender life. Be happy, loved and wanted.
  • On a wonderful, sunny day, I wish my classmate a happy day! May everything in this life bring you satisfaction. Make sense every day. I wish you to always have faith in a happy future and to be able to create this happy future!
  • Happy birthday and thank you! You are my hope and my faithful support in life. All my words flow from my heart and I want you to be the happiest man on earth!
  • My dear father, happy birthday to you! Accept today my most sincere and warmest wishes from me. Every day be full of bright smiles, vivid impressions, unforgettable moments and you will be the happiest person in the world. Daddy, I love you so much, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, perfect and independent woman! Heaven gave me a mother as beautiful as you. You are the embodiment of strength and courage. Throw all the kings at your feet and rule the most famous rulers of the world.
  • For your birthday, dear nieces, I sincerely wish you joy and only good! Happiness to be clear as dawn, gentle as the sea breeze, to look like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and fate to be a real story!
  • A huge and great value for everyone is the family! And if the family is friendly and full of people and good relationships, the man considers himself rich. You have become an asterisk in our family. You are like spring flowers, like a cake, like jam. Always smiling, beautiful, attentive, correct. Thank you for completing our strong and friendly family!
  • Dear! I wish you a lot of love, so that you can light a second bright sun in the sky, and the wings will grow behind you, like those of the protective angel!
  • Funny birthday wishes

    Congratulations can also be comical, which will cheer up and amuse the loved one. These funny birthday wishes, with a sense of humor, can offer the holidays joy and fun, making not only the homagee smile, but also all the guests. You can choose a cool wish, which is the most suitable for the holiday.

     ► In this wonderful holiday, I do not want to wish you money and wealth, believe me, there is no happiness in them. May the journey of your life be accompanied by true friends, a strong family and your favorite work!
    ► Happy birthday! I wish you a cool mood, a constant and upward movement – to your dreams, to victories, to laurels of glory. And in forty years to be attracted to great adventures and deeds!
    ► It’s always nice to receive gifts and greeting cards for your birthday! On this day, you were born – a charming and adorable girl. I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you everything 100%: to look 100%, to be 100% lucky, to get 100% of the results. Be 100% happy!
    ► Happy birthday! Know that today you are a prisoner of family and friends will not let you go until we say enough congratulations and we do not want you to have a truly happy and even magical life!
    ► What can be said about such a good person
    ? Being a family means happiness! By the way, about happiness – to have as much as possible in your life, so that you can take it out with a full spoon, like a delicious jam, and always have it for tomorrow!
    Happy Birthday! Let your life be a fairy tale, and you – the main character with whom not only kings and princesses want to be friends, but even serious dragons!
    ► I wish you nothing good, only the best: success in business, health in the family, a heart full of love, bright eyes of happiness, new discoveries, the most pleasant emotions. Let your whole life be a continuous celebration. Happy Birthday!
    ► I wish you a lot of things for your birthday. And to have in this multitude wealth, happiness, luck, goodness. I also wish you a shovel to gather more and more worldly goods and useful purchases in this pile.
    ► Congratulations! Have more loyal friends to support you in difficult life situations and noisy fun holidays.
    ► May every moment of your life be full of meaning, and for ten happy smiles, let a single tear fall, with only one purpose – to be able to feel more fully the joy of happiness.
    ► Congratulations! May trouble, sickness, and misfortune surround your home, may your guardian angel never fall asleep, protecting you with his wings non-stop, and may your heart not be strengthened and beat for at least 100 years.
    ► Honey! Happy Birthday! Today, I want to wish you lots of happy moments, happiness, health and love! Success at work, and on the personal front – only victories! And don’t forget your home – visit your parents more often!

  • Congratulations! Take care of your health, don’t save money on it, solve problems as they arise and live today, not yesterday or tomorrow
  • Congratulations! Health up to the age of 100 to remain heroic, in wealth not to forget the poor, and in moments of joy to cherish life and not to know of sorrow in your heart.
  • My sun, happy birthday! Let life be a beautiful story with a good ending!
  • My dear friend, for your birthday, I want you to be just as happy and optimistic! May your health always be strong and have as much money in your account as possible! The husband should be more faithful than the dog, and the children more obedient. Don’t forget your friends!
  • Friend! On your birthday, I wish your wife to be caring, her son to grow up brave, her mistress not to bother you at work and not to have to work hard! Come visit with beer more often!
  • God has rewarded you with everything: both beauty and intelligence! And how divine you cook! As good as in the nearby restaurant! Sometimes I even think you work there part time! On this blessed day, I wish you to smile as often as possible, because your snow-white smile is the greatest happiness for me! Always be just as sweet, beautiful and charming!
  • Happy Birthday! I want you to appreciate every moment of your life, to cherish the pleasant moments, to take a lesson from trouble, to try to learn from the mistakes of others, to become wiser every day.
  • How difficult it is to want something from someone who has everything. I wish you luck to continue to accompany you. May his wife remain faithful both in sorrow and in joy, may his friends leave you neither in wealth nor in poverty, and may the children delight you with their successes!
  • ► My dear! Congratulations on your birthday! May the days be clear, the nights dark, the constant joy and happiness always! Be loved at home, respected at work, happy on vacation and let sadness get around you! I wish you love and understanding!
    ► For your birthday, dear friend, I sincerely wish you prosperity in life, faith in your soul and love that will never go out in your heart.
    ► Happy birthday! Let the birds wake you up in the morning with a gentle chirp to tell you about my gratitude and love. Thank you for our invaluable friendship. You are the best man in the world!

    Birthday wishes (for women)

    The most favorite holiday is the birthday and all the women are waiting for an unusual greeting card on this day. To avoid trivial phrases, check out our selection of birthday wishes. Remember that beautiful sex loves sincere and gentle words, written with all your heart and soul!

    👩 Happy birthday! May sadness never prevail and may your smile enlighten this world! I wish you the strongest health, a great feminine happiness and good luck!
    👩 I wish you health and great feminine happiness! I kiss you and hug you tight! Happy birthday!
    👩 Happy birthday! There are very few women like you in this world! I’m glad I can say these kind words to you! Let everything in your life happen like magic, and may your health always be strong!
    👩 My dear and beloved! Happy Birthday! I wish you to fulfill your most incredible dreams! Good luck in everything!
    👩 Oh, madam! What an indescribable pleasure I feel from the fact that I can congratulate you on your birthday! I am happy that we are a family, that I can see this beauty! I want this world to give you many more years and, especially, happiness! I wish you health and unusual love!
    👩 I hasten to wish my dearest man a happy birthday! Never have cloudy days in your life! Let all your dreams come true. I want you to be happy and fulfill your dream in the very near future! Many kisses!
    👩 On the birthday of a loved one, there are always special feelings. I hope you will forgive me if I have too many emotions, but I really treat you very warmly! Therefore, accept my most sincere congratulations and wishes for happiness, health and long life!
    👩 Happy birthday! To meet only nice people in life Let everything around you give you real pleasure!
    👩 Only you are in my heart! Only with you do I see myself happy! For your birthday, I want to wish you all the best on this earth! I wish you the best of health! Keep your beauty for many years!
    👩 I wish you all your dreams to come true on this day! May there never be tears in your eyes and a sweet smile on your lips! Happy Birthday!
    👩 This holiday is the most important for me, more important than Christmas or my birthday! On this day you were born, my little ray of sunshine, my star, my love! Congratulations!
    Aga Honey! May each day of your life be better than the last. I wish you health for many years to come. I hug you tightly and kiss you gently on the lips!
    👩 My dear, dear woman! I am very happy to wish you a happy day and to send you my most sincere wishes! Let your life be bright and have enough strength and health for many years!
    👩 Let the warmest words be spoken to you on this birthday! May everything you want come true. May all riches fall at your feet!

    Best wishes for a birthday

    Onomastics cannot exist without flowers and birthday wishes. If you want to surprise your loved ones, turn to this selection with the most beautiful birthday wishes. Also, if you are the one celebrating, you can use them, along with the word “Thank you!”, In response to birthday wishes.

    🎁 Today I congratulate you and kindly offer you the kindest words and best wishes! I wish you to remain a wonderful person and, at the same time, to become even happier. Always in your life to leave only the best!
    🎁 For your birthday, I wish you happiness, true love, complete prosperity and the fulfillment of any wish!
    🎁 This day, your birthday, is especially dear to us. We want every day to be a ray of sunshine – warm, cheerful and bright!
    🎁 Birthday happens only once a year and you have to spend this unforgettable holiday! Today, I wish you to smile more, to enjoy the attention of the guests and to believe that there will be many more such wonderful days and sincere meetings with your loved ones!
    🎁 Birthday is a great opportunity to see and talk to all those who are dear to you at some point, to accept their congratulations and to be surprised again by how many people love you with all their heart, giving you the warmest wishes!
    🎁 Happy birthday! Be happy, live only good moments in life and never be sad!
    🎁 Today I wish you a happy birthday! Spend 365 days a year with no less pleasure than today’s holiday!
    🎁 Congratulations! May luck smile all your life, may fate generously give you the fulfillment of your desires and love you, allowing you to feel the happiest person in the world!
    🎁 For your birthday, I wish you with all my heart happiness in life and to feel its bright taste! Every day be colored like a rainbow!
    🎁 Have happiness, because you deserve it and, we know for sure, you will have all its benefits rightly! Happy birthday, a long and wonderful life to you!
    We wish you happiness and love, good luck and prosperity, inspiration and great victories!
    🎁 I wish there was always time for family and friends, and the love in your life to be real and hot! May your loved ones gather on your magnificent birthday and rejoice with the wishes in which all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 May the whole world be a great road for you from now on, along which you can travel with true friends, make amazing discoveries and obtain magical treasures, from which you can easily collect your happiness! Happy birthday!
    🎁 Happy birthday! We all appreciate and love you very much, so we send you congratulations and we sincerely wish you to be heard in heaven, where the good angels, listening to our words, will bring you more love and more luck, strong health and sunny mood ! May there be only happiness in your life!
    🎁 There are miracles in life when the birthday celebration coincides with another holiday, but you should know that for us your holiday is the most important thing in the world! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you not to get bored, to live happily and at ease, to fulfill your desires and to keep every minute happy in your heart!
    🎁 The birthday rushed to your house and brought a festive mood, giving you the happiness and bright joy of this day! It’s a miracle, isn’t it
    ? On your birthday, wherever you look, you will see everywhere the wide smiles of your family, the festive decoration of your house, as well as mountains of gifts for a whole year! But, most importantly, you will receive warm wishes, because we want to see you every day, every minute, the happiest and most satisfied!
    🎁 Congratulations! May the love and care of those closest to you accompany you at every step, and may the sun and the stars light your way day and night!
    🎁 Happy New Year! To be the one to be proud of, to have someone to ask, to have someone to love and who to love you!

    Messages with special birthday wishes

    On the birthday of loved ones (brother / sister, friend or half of you), you are always looking to greet them unusually. An original way to express your sincere feelings and impulses is to send these messages with special birthday wishes.

    ⭐ Today, for your birthday, I hug you and I wish you to keep the warmth of this day in your heart, may life become very happy!
    ⭐ Let everything be smooth in your life, let there be no room for boredom, let there be time for surprises, small adventures and bold plans, crowned with dizzying success! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Happy birthday! May the sun always shine in your life, may your loved one always be close, may the future be not only seen, but also embodied in the brightest and juiciest colors!
    ⭐ I wish you to always stand firm and be able to rely on the shoulders of your loyal friends! Don’t let anyone upset you in your house, and let the sun shine through the window every morning, promising you a better day!
    ⭐ Happy birthday! May it be a long and amazing journey for you, may the wishes be fulfilled at every step, may time flow quietly and safely! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Today we gathered to congratulate you on the most pleasant holiday of the year – happy birthday! On behalf of all those present, your family and friends who love you dearly, I want to wish you first class happiness, dizzying love and good luck!
    ⭐ It is a miracle that we were lucky enough to meet one day and make friends, and now to be part of your family! Today, on your birthday, we unanimously congratulate you and wish you to find your happiness as soon as possible and, after you find it, to keep it close and enjoy its rich gifts!
    ⭐ Now comes a magical holiday, your birthday! I wish you to always be the happiest person who does not know worries, but only love and fulfillment of all desires!
    ⭐ Happy birthday! Let this holiday be remembered as the meeting of those closest to you, whose congratulations and wishes helped you to become happier!
    ⭐ Happy birthday! Remember that we love you and value you more than gold and other treasures!
    ⭐ On your birthday, we, the noisy and restless crowd of your guests, have everything you need – a sweet cake with many candles, small and big gifts, chosen from the heart, speeches with wise congratulations and, of course, endless wishes of happiness, because only real, sunny and unlimited happiness, like the spring sky, we can wish for such an extraordinary and wonderful person as you!
    ⭐ You will not get rid of the cards today! We wish you a life that will delight all five senses and that will give your heart the opportunity to sing of happiness!
    ⭐ For your birthday, I have the honor to send you congratulations from everyone, including those who, unfortunately, can not come to your holiday! May your dreams come true, and may your path be spread with generous gifts of destiny so abundant that you can feel truly happy and proud!
    ⭐ For your birthday, I want to tell you that it is a great success and honor to meet you and to belong to the circle of close people. Today I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you as much happiness as the best person can get!
    ⭐ May luck and inspiration be your faithful friends for many years, may laziness and despair never visit you, and may love, once in your world, never leave! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Happy birthday! I wish you a life no less beautiful than this bright day, to have success, good luck and love in it!

    Christian birthday cards and wishes

    If you are looking for your boss’s birthday wishes or are concerned about finding birthday cards and wishes for your mother / grandmother, pay attention to this collection. An idea would be to write them a few lines of Christian birthday wishes, where you have the chance to express your own emotions.

    🔔 Happy birthday! Let everything happen as soon as possible in your life – all the best, kind, bright and long-awaited events! May love, luck and prosperity come as soon as possible!
    🔔 Today you are surrounded by friends and family, you are pampered by our attention and sincerely enjoy congratulations and best wishes, because today is your birthday!
    🔔 For your birthday, accept my friendly advice – always combine seriousness and dreaming, carelessness and inspiration and spend every day as if destiny is very favorable to you!
    🔔 Be the most wonderful person! Happiness for you, prosperity, luck, indestructible health and true love! Congratulations!
    🔔 Happy birthday! I wish you a happy birthday and to always be the most fulfilled person on our entire planet!
    🔔 Congratulations on your birthday, I want to wish you not only to find real happiness, but also to have a wonderful time every day!
    🔔 There is a special day of the year, when it is time to have fun from the heart, when it is time to make secret wishes and warm yourself in the rays of attention and adoration of the closest people! It’s today! It’s your birthday!
    🔔 Happy birthday! Today we will fulfill all your wishes and we also wish you a happy life. Who, if not you, deserves the best
    🔔 May your life and the life of your family be magnificent, without which you cannot imagine your happiness! May your wishes come true and have a good mood every day!
    🔔 For your birthday, I seem to be no less happy than you, because congratulating such a good person is a good deed. I want you to have a magic wand that will fulfill all your dreams and plans!
    Today we wish you to live happily, to know nothing about sadness and worries and to work for glory every day to strengthen your happiness!
    🔔 I have been waiting for your birthday for many days, I have prepared gifts and greeting cards, but I am still worried, as if, unexpectedly, we are coming to visit you! Happy Birthday! See you soon!
    🔔 Happy birthday! Let everything come true, even the most fantastic dreams. Let the eternal source of happiness always be in your life, and every drop that falls from open palms, give you more luck, love, inspiration and good mood!
    🔔 Let peace always be in the walls of your house, and in your heart may be peace and confidence in tomorrow, which will be even more beautiful! Congratulations!
    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! You know what place you have in it! I wish you happiness, good luck and love for many years to come!
    🔔 Have strength, vigor and a cup of aromatic tea in the morning. By noon, you can do everything and be rewarded with a good night’s rest and a good night’s sleep. Congratulations!
    🔔 Happy birthday! Too bad I can’t hug you now, but know that I’m mentally with you on this wonderful holiday! So, accept my congratulations! I wish you to be a very happy person!

    Birthday wishes for men

  • Happy birthday, the most affectionate and gentle man! Whatever I want from you today, I just want to see you next to me. I want us to always be happy as children and to enjoy every moment spent together.
  • These birthday wishes for men can be sent by SMS, decorate a postcard, a poster or a photo. You can even decorate the cake with original expressions. It all depends on your imagination, it is important not to be afraid to experiment. Rest assured that these gentle and sincere words for boys will be appreciated.
  • My dear, good man! I want to pick up this glass of champagne for your health. I wish you all the best, kind and affectionate things that exist in this world. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is your birthday! Friend, your dreams will come true, and what you have planned will come true. I will always come to your aid, no matter what happens!
  • You are a real man and I want to congratulate you for the first time on this wonderful day. For your birthday, I want you to experience all the joys of life and have the most fun. Good luck and fame. I’m proud of you!
  • It’s my boyfriend’s birthday. Congratulations on this delightful holiday and I wish you a huge ocean of happiness. Always be friendly and young, have respect for the elderly and love me, your wife. We have caught the bird of happiness and we will never lose it. I love you!
  • Our dear! We sincerely congratulate you on your birthday. We wish you the best life ever. We love you very much and I wish your fate to be without worries and problems. I want you to always be happy!
  • Happy Birthday! I am so happy to be with you, to breathe the same air with you and to live a life for two. Thank you for everything. I love you very much and I want to be always together.
  • Today is the most wonderful day – your birthday! To me, you’re like the sun – you warm me lightly with your warm rays. Like the moon, you light my way in life. And as a guiding star, you help me find the right path to the peak of happiness.
  • We are like two beloved pigeons, and today is a big holiday – your birthday. I want you to finally feel all the depth of my tender feelings, which simply cannot be expressed in words.
  • I believe in you and I know that you will make every effort to get the best. Have fun today, because it’s your day!
  • The most loved and affectionate man! With all my heart, I want to congratulate you on the wonderful holiday – your birthday. I only wish you victories in your personal life and in your daily life, a successful career and the fulfillment of your most cherished desires.
  • [NAME]! I wish you a long and happy life. May your star give you much success! Aspire to new heights and you will meet your happiness there. I will always be with you and I will support all your efforts. I love you!
  • Funny birthday wishes for children

    Pleasant, warm and funny words are the basis of the wonderful mood not only for adults but also for children. In addition to the gift, prepare them and happy birthday wishes, to make their holiday as positive and full of emotions as possible.

    😄 Today, more than anything in the world, I want to hug you, daughter. The day has come when you appeared in my life. Your birthday. I want to wish you immense happiness and endless luck! You are the meaning of my life!
    😄 Happy birthday! Today I want to congratulate the dearest and most loved person for me! I wish you a peaceful childhood, but know that in life you have to be persistent. You have to fight for a place under the sun! I believe in you!
    For your birthday, I want to wish you the most incredible happiness and success. The happiest and longest life surrounded by loved ones. Let there be no obstacles in your way, just luck. Learn well and listen to your parents! Happy birthday, our little one!
    Son, you are already an adult, you choose your own path, the path to follow. But no matter how old you become, you will always be a child to me. A small, helpless boy I want to protect. Happy Birthday to You! I will always love you.
    😄 You are the greatest hope, joy and support in your parents’ lives! Today is your birthday and I want to wish you from the bottom of my heart the happiest minutes, the most daring ideas and plans that will surely be fulfilled.
    😄 Happy birthday! I congratulate you and I wish you great happiness, so that everything will always work in your life, your trusted friends will be by your side, luck will follow you and the truth will remain on your side.
    😄 Happy birthday! From the first minute, from your birth to the present day, there is no one closer and dearer to me. With all my heart I want to wish you health, joy and warmth!
    😄 Happy birthday, baby! Be the happiest, enjoy with all your heart every day and moment, give joy to relatives and friends.
    You are our pride! Live, enjoy and have fun! Learn well and strive for new conquests!
    😄 I wish you to always be honest and proud! Remember us more often! You can always ask for advice and listen to our opinion! Don’t let us down!
    Ile Baby, I wish you a happy birthday. You have always been fair and honest and always be so, be our pride and joy! Go easy through life and do not notice minor difficulties. We love you!
    😄 Dear little one! I wish you good luck, sunny mood, great prosperity, bright days. Always be yourself!