Christmas is a great opportunity to show your boyfriend how much you love him, care about him and what your relationship means to you. Don’t miss this great opportunity to show the love and romantic feelings of the one you adore the most in your life.

Celebrate either with your boyfriend, sending him Christmas messages for your boyfriend and your most romantic wishes, or in the distance, dedicating Christmas messages to your boyfriend who went abroad. They can be both funny and solemn.
Whatever Christmas gift message your boyfriend chooses, it will surely excite him!

Love messages for boyfriend (Christmas)

Celebrate the most romantic time of the year with a few love messages for your loved one, for Christmas. Send warm and sincere wishes to the man of your life and let the spirit of the holiday cover your soul with feelings.
🎁 Merry Christmas to a sweeter lover than chocolate! You warm me more than a cup of hot coffee and fill my heart with joy more than the greatest gift under the Christmas tree!
🎁 If I were to make a Christmas list for Santa with all the qualities I would like in a loved one, such as: honest, loving, charming, loyal and beautiful – you would be a perfect match!
🎁 Thank you, my love, for all the ways of every day, through which you prove my loyalty and love for me. Today, at Christmas, I want you to know how much I appreciate who you are and everything you do for me.
🎁 Christmas is the time for giving. That is why today I offer you my love, affection, attention and appreciation. Thank you for being more than I ever hoped to find in a boyfriend.
Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year, but now when we get to spend it together as a couple, it’s even better than before. I look forward to sharing the joys of the holiday season with you.
You are the most loving, charming and incredible person I have ever met. This Christmas I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart!
🎁 The evergreen Christmas tree reminds me of the lasting love we share together. Thank you for being and being the best boyfriend I could ever find.
🎁 With you close to me, I know this Christmas will be the best I’ve ever had. You’re perfect for me. Have a wonderful Christmas, darling!
🎁 Whether we kiss under fireworks, caress by the fire, or open presents by the tree, we will create memories of a holiday that will last forever. I look forward to spending every moment of this special holiday season with you!
This Christmas, let’s celebrate the amazing love we share. I don’t need expensive presents under the tree. As long as I have you, it will be the best holiday season ever. I love you!
You are my shining star and I thank God every day that He did not send you to the heaven that belongs to you. Merry Christmas, love!
This message is the smallest sign of my love, because nothing I could offer you could ever compare to how wonderful I feel when I am with you. Merry Christmas!
🎁 If I could only ask Santa for one thing for the rest of my life, you would be just the way you are now. Merry Christmas, love!
🎁 My love for you shines brighter than all the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and will last as long as the legend of Santa Claus.
🎁 I can buy you gold, but nothing is more precious than spending time with you. Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus said that this year you are looking for someone special and he sent me. I hope I didn’t disappoint you. Merry Christmas, my dear!
🎁 You are the merry Christmas in my cup, the sweet candy in my sock and the reason for the love season. Merry Christmas!
My dear, you are the angel who makes everything beautiful in my life. May this holiday bring you all the happiness you deserve. I love you!
🎁 When Santa comes down the chimney tonight, I’ll wait to shake his hand and thank him for bringing it to me. Merry Christmas!
You are the most precious gift from God. You’re one in a million. I wish you all the sweet things in this world. Merry Christmas!
Tiu I know you will still love me… this Christmas and many more to come. Merry Christmas to my hero!
🎁 If I hadn’t met you, I would never have known the real happiness of a Christmas holiday. Thank you for being so loving. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Messages for your Christmas lover (long)

To show your lover’s appreciation and wish you a happy holiday, find some long and romantic Christmas messages for your boyfriend in the list below.
⭐ When I look at you, my heart fills with happiness. Your smile makes my days worth living. Thank you for being there for me in all my good and bad times. Let us pray that God will show us the divine blessings upon us this Christmas and make our connection last forever. Merry Christmas to you, darling!
⭐ Only your presence in the house makes my holidays so special. I want to spend every second of this Christmas with the one I love the most – with you. The more I spend my days with you, the more I fall in love. Merry Christmas! You are the most beautiful gift I will ever lose.
⭐ I have won you over and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. You’re the best Christmas present a woman could ever ask for. Thank you for wishing me a Merry Christmas! With a man like you in my life, I feel more prepared than ever to celebrate the joy and wonder of this special holiday.
You are my fulfilled Christmas dream. I love you more than I can ever express. Our love burns stronger than the star on the top of the Christmas tree. May this Christmas and New Year be the best holidays we have had together!
⭐ Christmas is a time to make special memories with those you love. There is no one I would rather spend this holiday with than with you. On Christmas Eve, you know where to find me. I’ll be right under the tree, eager to share my kiss with you!
⭐ Whether we spend this Christmas near or far, I will feel like I am in your arms! Even if we are miles away from Christmas, our love will keep our hearts close. I can’t wait to be together again. Merry Christmas!
⭐ Meeting you was the highlight of my year. I can’t wait to spend the holiday season together. I really can’t afford to give you an expensive gift the way I want to. Instead, I want to offer you something invaluable: my heart. Your kisses and your warm hug light up my soul like the lights that shine and shine on the Christmas tree. I love you!
⭐ Whether we go for a sleigh ride or enjoy the fire and hot cocoa, I am so grateful that we managed to make magical memories together every Christmas. This holiday is a time of gathering and God’s gift to us to be with those we love!
As we celebrate the joy, hope, and peace of this holy Christmas, I am grateful that God has brought you into my life. You are the sweetest boyfriend a woman could ever hope to meet. I can’t wait to surprise you with more love and affection this Christmas!
⭐ When you look at me with that twinkle in your eye, I feel hot from the tip of my head to the tips of my toes. Thank you for fulfilling my Christmas wishes! He is more magical now because you are in my life. I look forward to all the fun festivities and the quiet and romantic moments that the end of December has in store for us.
When I was a teenager, I used to dream what it would be like to meet someone special and spend our first Christmas together. Now that I’ve met you, I know it’s even more wonderful than I could have imagined. Merry Christmas!

Exciting Christmas messages for your boyfriend

You can also choose a “Christmas message for my boyfriend” from the selection below. Share these emotional Christmas messages for your boyfriend and let your feelings flow freely when you want to be closer to your partner.
πŸ”” The journey of love we have begun will find new hopes and new dreams this Christmas! May our love last forever!
You are unique. You are the brightest star in my universe. I wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration, full of love and joy!
πŸ”” Being with you this Christmas is a blessing to me. Merry Christmas!
Memories will eventually disappear. But our love will always be the same. Today’s Christmas means I love you!
I don’t know anyone in this world who can love me as passionately and honestly as you. I feel lucky to have you. Merry Christmas!
πŸ”” I made sweet memories throughout the year. It’s time to dump her and move on. Merry Christmas!
πŸ”” It’s our first Christmas together, but I can honestly say it’s not the last Christmas together. I love you!
πŸ”” Merry Christmas, love. I wish you a very special Christmas and I am very grateful that you are part of my life. I wish you to remain a good person. I love you so much for that.
πŸ”” Christmas cookies, candies, snow and Christmas carols – all make the holiday wonderful. But the best part of Christmas is definitely you! I love you, my darling. Merry Christmas.
πŸ”” Thank you very much for making my day happy and for making me feel special every day of the year. You do everything so wonderfully and I’m glad to have you in my life. Merry Christmas, darling.
πŸ”” On this Christmas holiday, I want to wrap my arms around you, holding you close to my heart. Thank you for staying with me, because my heart is following you everywhere. God bless you, my baby.
πŸ”” Merry Christmas for the love of my life! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas. I love you very much. I hope your day is as wonderful as yours.
Know that I love you with all my heart and I want to say that on Christmas Eve I wish you all the best in the world. Have a nice Christmas! I love you very much.
Ta Your love filled my heart with joy and took away all my sadness. You are a treasure that has changed my life forever. I wish you a Merry Christmas, full of fun and joy!
You came into my life and gave me a thousand reasons to celebrate Christmas again as a child. I love you because you gave me the taste of true happiness! Merry Christmas!
πŸ”” My love for you is always young and evergreen. I can’t think of a Christmas party without you next to me. Merry Christmas to the most beautiful lover ever!
πŸ”” May your Christmas be full of wonderful surprises, snow and lots of kisses and hugs under the Christmas tree! I love you!
πŸ”” Blessed is this holiday, blessed is your love! I feel so blessed inside! Thank you for coming into my life and giving me an extra reason to live! I love you! Merry Christmas!
πŸ”” Tonight, I will get dressed and look very nice for you. I want you to look at me and be happy to be my boyfriend. I want to hold hands and wish each other a Merry Christmas and a Kiss.
πŸ”” Your words of love steal my heart! But your heart has been stolen by me for a long time, I know that! Merry Christmas!

Funny Christmas messages for your boyfriend

Here is a special list of beautiful wishes and funny Christmas messages for your boyfriend!

  • You are the prince of my heart and you will be the king of my life in the future. You will always be special in my life. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Pearls and diamonds have a price. But you are my priceless treasure that God gave me alive. Merry Christmas, my love.
  • You are my love for the future, where everything looks great when you are by my side and holding my hand. Merry Christmas to my boyfriend of the year
  • You know… Santa Claus looks prettier and prettier than you. But I love you anyway! Merry Christmas.
  • May this Christmas create a lot of mess in your home, after the departure of your dear guests! May this be the most glorious mess ever created. Merry Christmas!
  • When I look at you, I see Santa in you, who can bring me the most desired gifts and hug me tightly, wishing me a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday, my love.
  • I don’t think I need presents this Christmas because I have the biggest gift – you, my love. Warm wishes to the most beautiful and kind man I know. Merry Christmas.
  • When I say I don’t want any presents, I’m just pretty and modest. So I’m waiting for my Christmas surprise gift under the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas, my love !!!
  • I don’t need Christmas presents anymore because I have you and I’m sure you can buy me everything I want. Merry Christmas and thank you for making it so special.
  • The love in your eyes tells me I mean everything to you. That’s why, for Christmas, I’m sure you’ll surprise me with something special. Merry Christmas to you, darling! I look forward to it!
  • For Christmas, I want you to come dressed as Santa Claus and bring me all my favorite presents to surprise me. This is a wish I want to make a reality. Merry Christmas, my love!
  • Christmas is incomplete without presents. And I’m still waiting to know what you bought me! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my love. I am waiting for my gift !!!
  • Santa said I’d have a nice present this year. So at night, when Santa Claus comes, don’t be afraid – he will wrap you up and bring you to me! Have a merry Christmas.
  • Santa doesn’t give presents to bad boys! So don’t expect one! Merry Christmas!
  • This year Christmas is canceled because you weren’t good to me. So if you want to celebrate Christmas, you’ll have to spend the day with me. Have a very merry Christmas.
  • I will not give you presents this Christmas. Because you already have me. Have a nice Christmas.

Christmas messages for a loved one at a distance

Christmas is a special time of year and a happy holiday occasion, so you risk expressing your love. These Christmas messages for your distant lover are the perfect way to show your feelings.
❀️ I will never be complete without your love. Being closer to you makes me feel loved. I thank God for giving me such a beautiful gift. Because of your love, I am happy and healthy. Happy Christmas, my dear.
❀️ My love, I wholeheartedly wish you a Merry Christmas. You will see that all our plans will come true. I love you, I miss you and I will show you my love every day.
❀️ Your face heals my wounds, your smile heals my ailments, your touch rejuvenates my spirits. Thank you for a Merry Christmas!
❀️ Get ready for the best Christmas! At least that’s how it will feel to know that we’re almost at a distance!
❀️ Happy Christmas to the person who accepted me for who I am and worked hard to bring out the best in me. Thank you for the inspiration. You will always be my love not only this Christmas, but many more!
❀️ We have a Christmas to make our love stronger and to live our relationship completely. I love you and wish you all the best.
❀️ Keep the smile, drive away the tear. Keep laughing, drive away the pain. Think of joy, forget fear. Be happy! It’s Christmas!
❀️ The seasons change; the years come and go, but my love for you never stops growing. For your love has made my life shining, and I love to celebrate Christmas knowing that I have a man like you in my life!
❀️ I am very grateful to God that first of all he brought you into this world and secondly that he brought love into my life. Have a wonderful Christmas!
❀️ You have fulfilled all my Christmas wishes! My only wish remains to be able to overcome all the obstacles that may arise and to resist the distance. Merry Christmas!
❀️ I can’t really ask God for anything this Christmas, because He was kind enough to send me the best possible gift – you!
❀️ For Christmas, I wish you Happiness, Wealth, Health, Hope, Opportunities, Love, Joy and all the wishes of a wonderful life! Merry Christmas, my love!
❀️ Christmas gives us the chance to renew our love for each other. We’ve been through a lot lately, but we’re still together. I hope that there will still be less worries and more happiness. Merry Christmas!
❀️ With you, I know I can do it. Thank you for giving me your love and I wish you to be together again for Christmas and to be very happy.
❀️ My dear, I want to thank you for being my biggest supporter. Words can never express the deepest affection for you, but you are the only one for me. Merry Christmas!
❀️ You are the perfect angel I asked for. Thank you for saving my life when I drowned alone. I wish you a Merry Christmas with love and hugs!
❀️ May our relationship be blessed with love and affection. May it last forever and enjoy a happy and healthy family life. Merry Christmas to you!
❀️ You are the best husband a woman could ask for. You make my life full and my days full of happiness. I wish you a very special Christmas this year!
❀️ You are not only an excellent husband, but also a loving father. I see no reason not to feel lucky every day because I have you. Merry Christmas! I miss!
❀️ I want to be with you during this Christmas and many Christmases after it… Merry Christmas!
❀️ When you hug me, I feel the most secure. Nothing can separate us as long as God’s blessing is with us. Merry Christmas, my love!

Short Christmas messages for your boyfriend

Find many short Christmas messages for your loved one in our collection with the most romantic wishes! The examples below will give you unique ideas that will help you compose your own message for the man of your life.
πŸ–€ ​​The only thing I want to do under this year’s tree is you.
Honey, you are melting the ice around my heart. Merry Christmas!
πŸ–€ ​​When I am with you, I feel that all the joy in the world is mine. Merry Christmas!
πŸ–€ ​​I can’t think of anything more romantic than Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace, with you by my side…
πŸ–€ I was probably a very good girl this year because Santa brought you to me. Merry and sweet Christmas!
πŸ–€ ​​You are the only wonderland I want to explore, be it winter, spring, summer or fall. Merry Christmas!
πŸ–€ ​​Who needs Christmas carols when we are already making the sweetest music possible!
πŸ–€ ​​Merry Christmas to the only man who makes me feel like a queen all year long.
πŸ–€ ​​May all your Christmas wishes come true because you have made all of mine a reality.
Our time together is a blessing. Merry Christmas!
Although this is our first Christmas together, please be the first of many others.
No light shines as brightly as the love in your eyes, and no candy is as sweet as your kisses. Merry Christmas!
You are the Christmas angel who makes me the luckiest man on Earth.
Thank you for everything you do for me. Merry Christmas!
πŸ–€ ​​Every day I wake up next to you, I feel like a child living her first Christmas.
I send you my best wishes for Christmas because you have fulfilled all my wishes.
πŸ–€ ​​Merry Christmas for the only man for me. You’re my soul mate I’ve been looking for all my life.
Honey, tell Santa he can jump over our house this year. You’re the only gift I need.
πŸ–€ ​​Merry Christmas to a man so hot I’m melting!
πŸ–€ ​​All I want for Christmas is another day to prove myself good enough to have a man like you in my life.
πŸ–€ ​​Honey, it’s cold outside, but it’s hot here with you… Merry Christmas, darling!
πŸ–€ ​​May you have a fairytale Christmas, full of as much love and laughter as you have brought into my life.
πŸ–€ ​​Honey, I want to grow old with you all Christmas snow. I love you.
πŸ–€ ​​You are still the best gift under the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!
πŸ–€ ​​Happy holidays to the only man who makes me feel like a complete woman every day of the year.
πŸ–€ ​​When I kiss you, I hear the silver Christmas bells singing our love song, darling!
πŸ–€ ​​It is Jesus’ birthday, but I am the one who received the best gift. I love you.
πŸ–€ ​​Sharing a Merry Christmas with you is the only way to have a Happy New Year.
πŸ–€ ​​The Christmas stars in the sky don’t compare to all the love I have for you. I love you!
πŸ–€ ​​My dear, this holiday will be the best ever, because we are together and in love.