Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to TV Shows if You Liked Poker Face

If you loved the movie Poker Face then you probably love the hit poker-themed show that it spawned! But when you’ve finished watching Poker Face, what should you watch next? It can be difficult to find the perfect show that matches your interests and tastes. But don’t worry – we’ve done the work for you! This comprehensive guide to TV shows you should watch if you liked Poker Face is here to help you find the perfect new TV show! We’ve listed the best picks that offer similar themes, storylines, and dramas – so read on for more!

Poker Face Summary

First, let’s start with a quick overview of Poker Face for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Poker Face is a television series that aired from 2008 to 2010. It follows the lives of four poker players trying to make it big in the world of high stakes poker tournaments. Along the way, the friends experience romance, adventure, and intrigue as they navigate through the ups and downs of their elite poker career. Throughout the series, viewers are taken to luxurious casinos and homes as well as gritty bars, all while rooting for the unlikely foursome. The show was loved by viewers, as it balanced comedy, drama, and thrilling action scenes into a riveting series.

Best TV Shows to Watch if You Liked Poker Face

So now that you’ve finished watching Poker Face, what should you watch next? Here are our top picks for TV shows to enjoy if you liked Poker Face:

  1. High Stakes

High Stakes is a drama series set in the world of high stakes poker, similar to Poker Face. It follows a young poker player, Aliyah, as she navigates her way through the complex and dangerous world of high stakes poker. This intense drama series is beloved by viewers for its characters’ compelling storylines, great performances, and exciting action.

  1. Vegas

Vegas follows the lives of a cast of characters as they make their way through the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. The show focuses heavily on the seedier side of Sin City, exploring topics such as organized crime, corruption, and the power struggles that occur in Las Vegas. It’s a thrilling series perfect for those who enjoyed the crime and intrigue of Poker Face.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is a movie series that follows a ragtag team of con artists and thieves as they plan a series of elaborate heists. Each film builds up to an exciting finale as our protagonists risk it all in a daring and thrilling heist attempt. Just like Poker Face, Ocean’s Eleven is full of suspense and excitement, and it’s the perfect way to stay entertained after the end of a great series.

  1. White Collar

White Collar is a crime drama series that follows Neal Caffrey, a con artist and former thief, as he works with the FBI to help them solve cases. The show is full of thrilling cases and nail-biting action. This lighthearted and humorous series is perfect for viewers who enjoyed the camaraderie and shenanigans of the Poker Face cast.

  1. House of Cards

House of Cards is a political drama that follows a ruthless politician as he attempts to make it to the top. This show is full of political maneuvering and power struggles, just like the series Poker Face. Viewers who liked the competition and thrill of Poker Face will definitely enjoy House of Cards.

  1. Rounders

rounders is a movie about underground poker players. It follows two friends as they navigate the dangerous and thrilling underworld of poker hustling. The film is highly praised for its accurate depiction of the poker world, making it a great watch if you enjoyed the realistic and thrilling world of high stakes poker that Poker Face created.

  1. The Grand Hustle

The Grand Hustle is a reality series that follows a group of friends as they launch their own business empire. The show follows the lives of entrepreneurs as they work hard to build their own poker empire. It’s full of the drama and tension that made Poker Face so captivating, making it a must-watch for any fans of the show!

  1. Tilt

Tilt is an ESPN original series about the world of professional poker players. The show follows a number of players as they compete against each other in high-stakes tournaments. It offers up an accurate and realistic view of the poker world, perfect for those who enjoyed the gritty and real depiction of the poker world that Poker Face offered.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this comprehensive list of TV shows to watch if you liked Poker Face, you should have no problem finding your next great TV show. From comedies to dramas, there’s a show here for everyone. So take your pick and enjoy the ride!