There are so many great opportunities to send special messages to loved ones… Why ignore them. In fact, it is very important to express our feelings sincerely and without a particular opportunity.
In these moments, the messages of love and good night are very helpful, which perfectly demonstrates our care and attention.
Every good night message for EA will be perceived as a pleasant, warm and emotional statement that will make her smile on her face.
Here are some good night messages and love for your girlfriend – funny, original and unique.

Good night messages for my girlfriend

Choose the most appropriate “good night message to my girlfriend”, in which every word contains the happiness of your mutual love.
❤️ I have feelings full of love and I will not hide them anymore. I admit, you love me! Tonight, the stars will shine brighter and write on the sky how much I love you!
❤️ Love, the good dreams of this unforgettable night will surely become the reality of the morning.
❤️ Distant stars shine trembling… It’s time to wish you sweet dreams.
❤️ My dear, another day is over. I wish you good dreams and peace in your sleep. My love will warm you, and the kiss will give you a sweet night, so that in the morning you will wake up as happy as you slept.
❤️ I’m away from you, but I want to tell you about my love right now – when the sky is beautifully starry. Imagine how I come, I lie quietly on the pillow and I whisper in your ear “I love you”.
❤️ On this quiet night, the stars dance in the sky. Among them is a special star – the brightest, to whom I now send my message. May the night give you a small gift: sweet dreams. I love you!
❤️ Dear! May the wings of the night embrace you with a sweet dream. Enjoy the paradise of sleep and do not rush to wake up. Feel good!
❤️ Good night, sweet dreams! My love is in my heart and only she will save us.
❤️ The night captivates us with its silence. I’d like to be with you now, shut up. Let’s watch the evening wander the streets again. Let’s kiss. Let’s close our eyelids and dream.
❤️ I wish you colorful dreams, to have a good and fabulous night, to tell the secrets of the clear moon, to find out that my love for you is endless!
❤️ Calm or passionate
night Excited or emotional night
What you choose
In any case, the morning will arrange them all. And now, I convey to you my thoughts and feelings full of love, I embrace you and prepare your dreams that will bring you happiness and peace. Sweet dreams, my joy!
❤️ Go to bed, my love, it’s too late… Forget all the worries of the day. The night is coming to you now, half empty, because I’m far away. But you tell him all the wishes and maybe in a dream they will come true!
❤️ I embrace you with a lot of warmth and I send you kisses that will burn you like fire. Until dawn to dream of me and love me hot!
❤️ I wish you pleasant, peaceful and positive dreams one hundred percent. May my love protect your dream, and may the next morning be excellent and give you the right mood for a new day.
❤️ Do you want to know if I will appear in today’s dreams too
Of course! For you, my love will slip away quietly and in sleep!
❤️ Everyone is getting ready for bed and waiting for their sweet dreams. The moon has risen in the sky… Go to bed too, my dear, it is already late. I say good night and I wish you good dreams. I kiss you and hug you.

Good night messages for girlfriend, long and short

The good night message for the girlfriend is the romantic words for the dearest, incomparable and beloved woman, in order to lift her mood.
🐱 If it had been in my power to collect the most passionate nights, the most beautiful dreams, the most tender mornings and give them to you – I would have done it with the greatest pleasure! But I can only wish you all this and I hope that my wish will come true.
🐱 My dear, I would like you to rock your sweet dreams today, to warm you at night with passion, to leave you enchanted, to bring you good dreams and maybe even sinful ones – so that you can resist until I return!
You have taken possession of my soul and body. May this night bring you sweet dreams. Sleep, my dear, and dream of a magical land, where we are with you and we will never part!
🐱 In the arms of sleep we will soon meet and enjoy the happiness of the night! Good night to you, my joy!
🐱 In the evening it covered the city. It’s time for sweet dreams. And for me, it’s the best reason to say good night. I hope we appear to each other in our dreams.
It is said that in the night all troubles go away. Close your eyes and wait a little. I will be with you and in dreams. May this wonderful night give you a magical dream and give you the strength to do good deeds tomorrow.
Aș I would warm you at night with my love, warmth and tenderness, but I can’t… we are too far from each other. In any case, I wish you good night and good dreams! I love you, you are my happiness!
🐱 Another day of the calendar is over and now the night reigns over the country. Rest awaits all the weary. I’m sorry I can’t hug you now, but I wish you good and easy dreams.
🐱 I know, at this time of midnight you can only dream about us. I look forward to our meeting tomorrow!
🐱 See how seductive pillows and soft blankets are
And see that the clock suggests it’s bedtime
Sleep in peace, my happiness, enjoy pleasant dreams.
🐱 Good night and good dreams! My thoughts are always with you. I would like to be your destiny, to hug and kiss you for a lifetime and to keep your sleep faithfully. Close your eyes as soon as possible and we will meet today in our dreams,
🐱 My dear! May the royal night give you a luxurious sleep! I’ll sneak into it and give you some fabulous dreams. You stole my thoughts and inspired me to dream in reality. Now I surrender – I belong entirely to you.
🐱 Your sleep can only be sweet! Let him bring you freshness and protect you from the worries of the world. Because we’re not together now, hug at least a pillow!
🐱 May the coming night bring you sweet dreams, so that the memories of them will carve a happy smile on your face and you will remain dreamy for a whole week. Dream carefree and wake up in the morning!
The stars dance, the moon looks out the window, the night covers the city. Have a good night’s sleep, my soul.
The city has started to fall asleep and you have to go to bed too. May the dream fairy bring you the most romantic dreams, which will last until the morning! He dreams of our stormy love. He dreams boldly. Sleep peacefully and sweetly, like a baby, and I will slip into your sleep.
🐱 Dream of Palma de Mallorca and our comfortable home there. Good night, queen of my heart, sleep sweet and know that I hold your hand all night!
🐱 I can’t look at your dreams, I’m always jealous of them!
🐱 The night has come down… Sleep takes you captive… And even if the day was hard, at night you will dream beautiful! I’m sure a good night’s sleep awaits you!
🐱 My dear wife! First of all, I want you to rest, gain new strength and regain your energy. My sun, remember me as often as possible and only then go to bed. I miss you very much!

Good night messages for her

Good night message for my girlfriend ”is a perfect opportunity to show you all the affection! You can select the funniest ones, or the most solid ones.
The night will cover you with a blanket of stars. So as not to be afraid, I will sleep with you in my dreams. Sleep in two will be wonderful!
I want to give you realistic, sweet and fascinating dreams. And all the dreams about me! Enjoy the night and wake up easy, my dear!
I caught a dream in which you and I are together on a magical island. We melt from the heat of passionate feelings, I want to kiss you… But… I woke up right away! Only you can know the continuation of the dream.
🖤 ​​Close your eyes and come to me in a dream!

🖤 ​​Sweet sleep, my pearl! I don’t understand your protest why you’re not sleeping yet! It’s time to sleep until morning!
🖤 ​​My dear! To have a wonderful night, to dream of fulfilling your beloved wishes, to enjoy unprecedented joy. And in the morning, let your dreams come true, making your life more beautiful than a story!
At night he entered his rights and covered the city with darkness. I would caress you until you fell asleep, but you are so far away…
🖤 Let the bed be soft, and the moon look at you with love, to give you wisdom and health. Hug the pillow the same way you hug me so you don’t feel lonely.
🖤 ​​The dream is precious, and you deserve a million beautiful dreams! Let the night cover you in silence and take you to the land of dreams and magical moments. Sleep well, rest, and my love will watch over you and accompany you on night walks. Enjoy your dream trip, comfortable rest, good sleep!
Honey! Let the warm and quiet night cover you with its dark blanket, so you can fully relax. Let your dreams take you to a fairytale country where we are always close. Good night dear!
🖤 ​​Tonight, let the most mysterious fantasies, the most bizarre lusts, the most secret desires come to your dreams. But keep your peace of mind and peace of mind!
Beautiful good night messages for your wife or girlfriend can be a very pleasant surprise for your half. She will definitely appreciate the gesture!