Birthday is the best holiday when you can express your deepest wishes to your loved ones with birthday wishes, when you can create beautiful memories with the same birthday wishes, when you can lift their mood with funny wishes or to give them deep feelings through Christian birthday wishes.

Thus, we have prepared a list of the newest birthday wishes, valid for everyone dear to your heart.

Birthday wishes of mother / father / mother-in-law / father-in-law

Parents are the most precious souls on earth. Give them more time and attention and wish them a special birthday, as well as birthday greetings.
My dear father! Remain just as cheerful, receptive, the best father in the world! I always feel your shoulder, support and warmth. For your beautiful holiday, I want to wish you the most valuable things – health and many happy years of life!
🎁 Life is too short to live in sadness. I wish you every day to be fulfilled, to have the most beautiful impressions, only vivid emotions and radiant smiles from close people.
Mother, on this special day I wish that the fire of happiness always burns in your eyes, and joy reigns in your heart. Always be covered by the ocean of love. Thanks, darling, for everything!
My dear father! No matter how many words of gratitude I say to you, they will mean nothing compared to what you have done and continue to do for us throughout your life. I wish you didn’t know the pain, the sadness, the anger. May your life be full of wonderful moments and good news, let spring and youth live in your soul. Thank you!
Ami Mommy! There is no one more beautiful and dearer than you in human life. You are the only person who enlightens this world with his smile and gives the warmth of his heart to his loved ones. On this wonderful day, I would like to wish you to be healthy, calm, with pleasant people by your side, and to achieve everything you want.
🎁 My dear! You gathered our children here to celebrate one of the most beautiful days of the year. I want to thank you for everything. All our successes and achievements are, first of all, your merit, because from childhood you taught us not to stop, to advance towards the goal even if it is difficult. We wish you to always be beautiful, optimistic, good and attentive.
🎁 You are like the most beautiful rose in a huge garden and you inspire us with your perfume. You are delicate and deserve all the compliments. You send joy and love to all of them, the most special poems are dedicated to you and no one would dare to do you any harm. You are the queen of flowers! You are our queen, mother!
🎁 Another year has passed and she has added gray hair to her hair. But don’t be saddened and remember that every day is beautiful, all ages, all springs. Today is your birthday and for you beauty will live forever! May love find shelter in your home, and may God protect you everywhere.
🎁 Dad! Have a quiet and beautiful holiday! Live your life to the fullest, because only in this case will joy not hesitate to knock on your door. He lives this way, as if every day is a holiday. May the good angel protect you and cover you with his wing in any danger.

Birthday wishes for sister-in-law / sister / brother-in-law / brother

Our brothers and sisters deserve the best wishes for their birthday. In this regard, we have prepared a few cards worthy of your attention.
πŸ₯› My dear, you are the smartest brother! Let everything in your life be great: your mood, your health, your things to be great and your problems to be great!
πŸ₯› Brother, have the most pleasant surprises in life. Be a leader and achieve your goals. Love, realize, work and seek. I want you to always be happy!
πŸ₯› You became one year older and wiser. I want to wish you as many bright moments in your life as possible, so that your masculine character will help you to conquer new heights. Never need money, help, support, but have all of them in reserve anyway. Always have your friends and loved ones close by to help you fill in those gaps. Congratulations!
πŸ₯› My dear brother, congratulations on your birthday! Success in terms of personal and professional financial position, success in all areas of life, health, luck, happiness and optimism in everything!
There is no better brother than you! You can be both cheerful and responsible, and thoughtful and understanding. That’s why you are so dear to me and I want to wish you all the best! May there be as much kindness, warmth, love and smiles in your life as possible!
πŸ₯› I want you to always be optimistic in order to achieve your goals. May your health be very strong, may good luck and only pleasant moments follow you, and may colorful events fill your life. Be strong and true to your principles. Congratulations again! Incredible success, reward for your efforts, to be healthy and positive.
πŸ₯› Have the best, you deserve it! I want all the goals to be achieved as soon as possible, so that you can conquer more and more new peaks. Never encounter betrayal and loneliness in your life. May you and your loved ones be healthy. In general, be happy, rich, successful.
πŸ₯› My dear, warm and mutual love. May the regrets of the past disappear and may only happiness go with you. I’m glad I’m your brother. Just go ahead and, of course, have no reason to cry, only happiness!
πŸ₯› Dear sister, I always wish you to be happy, to achieve your goals and to remain so beautiful! Live only happy and positive events and have a good time with all the bad weather! I sincerely wish you many pleasant surprises from life!
πŸ₯› Live carefree, swim in love, eat happiness and listen only to wonderful words! Laugh more often, be beautiful, sensitive, delicate. All the best!
πŸ₯› Accept sincere congratulations from your brother, my dear sister! I wish you happiness and luck, smiles, joy, only good! Any wish to be implemented without difficulty! You are full of charm and kindness!
πŸ₯› My sister, my dear, congratulations! Have miracles every day. Take all the best from life, and let the grandiose events fill your life. Always remember that you have a brother who loves you.
“I wish you the best of luck, sister.” I always want to see your eyes shine. Good luck to always be around you. May love protect you, and may happiness surround you incessantly and immeasurably. Happy Birthday!
πŸ₯› You have such a beautiful life and I am proud of you, I am proud that you are my sister. I, your strong brother, will always be close to you. Let your wishes come true, just have reasons for smiles, colors, compliments. May the great happiness and the great good be your trusted companions, and may the pleasant moments accompany you everywhere, because you deserve all this, sister!
Let the sun shine in your eyes and know neither the storm nor the rain. All that your heart desires may be fulfilled without hesitation. You are the best sister!
Sister, have fun to the fullest today! I believe in you! Have the most pleasant days, the grandest plans and the most sincere smiles!

Happy birthday to your baby

Birthday wishes for children are usually simple and understandable to everyone. The examples presented will convince you that the messages with wishes for the birthday of the little ones can be interesting and, at the same time, not trivial.
🐱 To have the most beautiful dresses and toys, and only joy in fate!
You are beautiful, like a wonderful flower that opens its petals. The beauty was given to you by the Lord and your parents. Listen to their advice and you will be happy.
🐱 Little beauty, a wonderful holiday to have a lot of joy on your birthday! You are a wonderful child! Know that your parents love you and will do your best to keep your world safe.
Have a lot of fun today! He grows up happy, intelligent and cheerful. To go to school happily, to have only loyal friends and to make all dreams come true.
We want this little doll to turn into a graceful swan. We want this cute little girl to grow up to be a real noble lady! Be happy and most importantly, raise a good girl!
🐱 My dear boy, catch the childhood of your moment, laugh, be diligent, increase our help. We are proud of you!
🐱 My dear girl! You are almost an adult – so beautiful and elegant for your birthday! I want all your secret dreams to come true, and my true friends to always be around.
🐱 Princess, may your day become one full of different surprises – clowns, gifts, sweets, flowers. To grow up healthy and beautiful!
🐱 On this wonderful day, I will light the candles like a magician, and you will make a wish and blow them. You are our star and your dream will surely come true!
🐱 Stay just as happy in your beautiful childhood! May the world be great for you, and may fate be generous. Happy birthday, dear scent!
🐱 I wish you a lot of fun and lots of new hobbies and impressions. School failures should only be constructive, and true friends should never let you get bored!
🐱 Snow White, have a wonderful day! Happy birthday! You are the sweetest girl! Listen to your parents, study well, grow and spread only joy around you. Always be lucky in everything that happens along the way in your life.
🐱 I wish you only fun and bright days. Let luck go along, and let the path to magic lead you to happiness. You are the best child and I do not want your eyes to know tears. And don’t become a cause of grief for your loved ones either – be a nice boy with a big heart.
We want you to be everyone’s favorite and first of all. To succeed in school, to be successful in your plans, to be appreciated by your classmates and friends. May your family be proud of you!
🐱 Live your childhood with great enthusiasm! Be a good, obedient girl. Today, on your birthday, enjoy yourself, laugh with all your heart, but please, don’t rush to grow up, baby!
🐱 A princess like you deserves to have all the best: the best toys, beautiful clothes, good grades to be proud of and many, many friends with whom she will always have fun!
🐱 Appreciate your parents and take care of your friends. Don’t be saddened by the trifles. Smile and joke as often as you can. May all your efforts be cherished. You are a beautiful and obedient fairy, with a pure heart and a gentle soul!
🐱 Be an excellent child in everything: try to learn more science, to complete your work, not to betray your friends, to emanate joy and to become the best support for your parents.
🐱 You’re 100 times prettier than the Barbie doll! You are like a shining star! Happy Holidays, Honey!
🐱 Smile and let life go with you. You are the most valuable treasure for us and the most precious gift in the world!
Friends to appreciate you, boys to adore you and carry you in their arms! Happy birthday, good girl, our girlfriend!

Birthday wishes of girlfriend / boyfriend / wife / husband

What could be more beautiful and emotional than to confess the love of your half through the most special messages and wishes for your birthday
πŸ–€ I wish you, my dear, that all the trials that fate has prepared for you, pass with great courage , and accept all gifts with dignity. I want to see in your eyes only the light of happiness, the heart to sing serenades and the joy to revolve around you.
πŸ–€ ​​Dear, I wish you to be fulfilled, cheerful, strong, natural and optimistic! To have knowledge, creativity and, most significantly – love, without which everything else would make no sense!
πŸ–€ ​​May our love be pure, like the pure water of a spring, and happiness be steadfast and beautiful. Take your birthday present – my open heart that will always greet you with boundless love.
πŸ–€ ​​Today I can declare that I have found the perfect woman, with the most successful combinations of character: with an iron temperament and a soft heart, with good intentions and cheerful disposition, with an ability to provoke a hurricane of passions in a man’s soul and the ability to make love. Always be so, love!
πŸ–€ ​​My dear, I want to admit that there is no man more generous, more courageous and more devoted than you! And these are not all your wonderful qualities – they are still so many! I just want you to always protect me! Happy Birthday!
πŸ–€ ​​Today I congratulate you, sweetheart, on the long-awaited holiday – your birthday! May the morning be clear and the day good! And I make a commitment to make the night unforgettable!
πŸ–€ ​​Happy birthday and congratulations to the strongest, caring and bravest man – my boyfriend! It is a great joy to kiss you, to hug you and to wish you to be happy every day with me!
πŸ–€ ​​Even though today is your birthday, I also received a gift – your love and attention. Thank you, darling, I promise to return everything to you with huge percentages.
You are one of those people who create paradise even under the open sky, and not necessarily in the castle. I wish you, my dear man, to keep your heart warm, which heals better than any medicine, and to warm me warmer than the sun to a very old age!
I will color your day with the best decor – with my love. I will bring you happy moments and I will give you a whole eternity in which we will be inseparable and infinitely happy.
Honey, I have a holiday for your birthday too: on the day you were born, my love was born. I want my feelings to be support and security in our future. Don’t change, stay just as incredible!
πŸ–€ ​​Today is your holiday and I want one thing – to make your life full of love, to be clean and bright. I also want our hearts to beat in unison and to have a guardian angel for two, to keep our feelings sincere and trusting!
πŸ–€ ​​Using the rights of loved ones, I give you immunity from all evil, sadness and resentment! Let your sunny smile decorate me every morning! Happy Birthday!
Honey, today is your holiday. Never look for reasons for sadness. Have a lot of patience and a lot of peace. Always live in prosperity. Know that I am better when I am with you!
I am very grateful to fate for meeting you. Be happy. I love you! Like a river, let your life run smoothly!

Birthday wishes for friends

A friend’s birthday wish or a girlfriend’s birthday wish is a great opportunity to convey how much you appreciate their devotion and sincerity.
πŸ˜„ Happy birthday! I wish you a hundred reasons for joy, endless luck in all your efforts, sincere and trustworthy friends. Failures to forget your existence, bad thoughts to dissolve in the air, and black stripes to turn white!
Dude, congratulations on your birthday. I wish you every day to find a purpose and perspectives, dreams and joys, inspiration and love. Let life give you a lot of impressions and a hundred chances of success.
Friend, I want everything in your life to work like clockwork, so that you don’t suffer anymore, that you can always avoid defeat or mistake, that you are always lucky and confident, that nothing in this world is impossible for you. Be happy, friendly, rich, successful and loved!
I wish you reliable friends, an amazing career, money, strong health, immortal love, cloudless days, happy events, brilliant victories, an explosion of emotions, stormy passions and successful results of any plan!
πŸ˜„ Dear friend! I wish that from this day on you would never give up, no matter the situation, to bring your dreams to fruition!

πŸ˜„ May this birthday be remembered by you in a good mood, with interesting gifts and beautiful words from your loved ones. May your whole life include happy and joyful days, in which love, wealth, victories and dreams will be fulfilled.
πŸ˜„ Dear friend! We share with you so many memories, impressions, adventures. I’ve always had happy moments with you. I wish you new victories and achievements. Let everything be good for you and for everything you believe to be proven!
πŸ˜„ My dear friend! I wish you strength of character. Nothing will stop you from reaching your goal! Let the muscles be of steel, the heart burning and loving, and the head bright and wise! Work and you will have enough money, love and be loved, conquer the highest peaks and stay just as receptive!
πŸ˜„ Let life be bright and full of different events. Less sadness and more rest! I wish you to work with pleasure, to live in love and reciprocity. To have the financial possibility to be able to fulfill your dreams. Luck is in your hands! May the thirst for life always live in your soul!
πŸ˜„ Dear friend! Every year a new reason comes to wish you luck, so that what was not possible to achieve last year, will surely happen soon. I wish you an amazing life: love – for pleasure, wealth – for relaxation and happiness – for peace. And good health, so that evil will never be linked to you!