The age of the 9-5 is all but gone, as more and more workers look to remote positions to provide them balance in other areas of their lives. Companies now compete fiercely to recruit the best possible remote candidates, creating an increasingly competitive and lucrative job market for those looking to pursue remote positions. As the global economy shifts and more jobs are created for remote workers, the options for these positions are diverse, allowing you to find a remote job that best suits your lifestyle and career aspirations.

In this article, we’ll look at the best remote jobs to pursue that provide opportunities for meaningful, flexible, and well-paid work from any location.

What Makes a Remote Job?

A remote job is any job that does not require an employee to work in a particular location. That means you could be working from home, on the road, or even abroad. You may be connected to your employer online or via telephone, or you could be completely independent.

Most employers now supply their employees with the equipment they need to work remotely, including laptops, phones and other gadgets, so long as they have a good internet connection. Remote workers are expected to have the same level of dedication and performance as those employed in-house, even if they’re located in a different country or time zone.

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Remote Jobs

  1. Flexibility – The beauty of remote work is that you can often design your own schedule. This means you can decide when and how you want to work, allowing you to find a balance between work and life.

  2. Increased Productivity – Working from home can lead to increased productivity. According to a 2018 survey, the majority of remote workers reported feeling more productive than those in office environments.

  3. Freedom – Remote jobs can provide the freedom to live and work wherever you want. Travel and experience new cultures, all while continuing to receive a steady income.

  4. Professional Skills – Remote jobs require more advanced communication and collaboration skills, allowing you to build up invaluable transferable skills.

  5. Job Satisfaction – Remote workers typically report higher levels of job satisfaction, with the flexibility and freedom providing a greater sense of wellbeing than that of a traditional office job.

The 6 Best Remote Jobs to Pursue

  1. Software Developer – As software development is an intrinsically digital job, it is the perfect role for remote workers. It requires programming knowledge, but you could specialize in a wide range of areas, from mobile applications to gaming.

  2. Writer – From content marketers to journalists, remote writing is a great way to get paid to do what you love. You can write from anywhere, and there is a huge range of jobs available.

  3. Internet Content Publisher – This career path can range from creating web pages, writing blog posts, and curating lists of content to promote online. Publishers are responsible for creating original content that audiences find interesting and engaging.

  4. Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistants provide administrative support to clients or employers, scheduling appointments, responding to emails, and running errands. It’s an ideal job for those who have excellent organizational skills.

  5. Graphic Designer – Graphic design is a great remote job as it largely involves working with digital images, textures, and typography. No matter where you are in the world, you can create beautiful pieces of digital art from the comfort of your own home.

  6. Online Tutor – With the rise of video-conferencing software, tutoring jobs can now easily be carried out remotely. From teaching English to advanced mathematics, remote tutors can provide a valuable service for clients from all over the world.

What Skills are Needed for Remote Jobs?

  1. Self-Motivation – Remote work requires strong self-discipline and an ability to motivate yourself without direct supervision.

  2. Independence – With teamwork typically limited to online communication, remote employees need to be able to take the initiative to do their job and continually strive for excellence.

  3. Time Management – Time management is crucial and will help ensure you complete your work on time, while staying on top of deadlines.

  4. Problem Solving – You should be able to troubleshoot and come up with creative solutions, while being confident in your decision-making.

  5. Communication Skills – Communication skills are essential in order to stay in contact with employers, colleagues and clients, as well as to ensure that tasks are completed successfully.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

  1. Meet Deadlines – Show your potential employer that you can consistently meet deadlines and finish tasks on time.

  2. Showcase Your Skills – Remote employers are always looking for a variety of skills and talents, so make sure you use this to your advantage and highlight any relevant skills you have.

  3. Start Networking – As remote jobs can often be difficult to find, the more people you know, the better your chances of finding the perfect remote job. Consider joining a few remote job-search websites and start creating a network.

  4. Stand Out – With the large pool of remote candidates, stand out from the crowd by adding a personal touch to your applications. Showcase your enthusiasm and dedication to prospective employers, and it could make all the difference.

  5. Show Your Value – Remote work is a long-term commitment and employers will be looking for workers who can add value to their business. Demonstrate how your skills and talents can help the company succeed, and you’ll have a better chance of getting hired.

Remote work has grown exponentially in recent years, becoming an attractive alternative to traditional office-based jobs. With an increased number of employers looking to hire remote workers, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in this field. This article has looked at the best remote jobs to pursue, the skills that are needed for remote jobs, and how to improve your chances of getting hired. With the right skills, determination and ambition, you can open up a world of opportunities and build a rewarding career from anywhere.