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Start watching adventure movies online right now! Also, you can find on youtube movies with Romanian subtitles with adventures. We are confident and guarantee that you will not regret the time spent in front of the screen. These movies will not let you relax for a minute. The adventures will immerse you in a new unexplored world and will offer you an unforgettable experience.

Adult Adventure Movies

The best adventure movies combine the features of many other genres. Fans who want to watch spectacular and impressive fights will find interesting moments for them in such movies.
Those who love to immerse themselves in the world of the unknown and make new discoveries, online adventure movies will also bring a lot of pleasure.
And what adventures without romance and unusual love stories
Of course, there is a place for love in such movies.

The revenant The

plot of the 2015 drama film is based on the biographical novel by Michael Punk. American hunter Hugh Glass was seriously injured by the grizzly bear, and his comrades were abandoned to death. The main character will survive in complete solitude in the unexplored primitive parts of the Wild West.
Director Alejandro Inarritu and cameraman Emmanuel Lubetski did a unique job. The result of the work was, in fact, the first Oscar expected by DiCaprio.

Les freres Sisters

Adventure film, made in 2018. 19th century, Wild West. The Sisters brothers must find and kill the mysterious Ward, who has invented a special way to find gold. It is an emotional western, filmed by French director Jacques Odiar.
There is enough cruelty, humor and sentimental friendship between men in the film. As a result, all this diversity develops into an elegant and integral adventure, at the end of which you will surely cry.


A 2016 film that tells the story of Kenny Wells – a modern gold digger, a tenacious businessman and a dreamer who is desperately waiting for the chance to change his fate. In order to find gold in the Indonesian jungle, Wells finds a partner – a geologist, with whose help he makes the grand plan.
For these videos, Matthew McConaughey cut his hair, gained 20 kilograms through a diet with hamburger, milk and beer, and put on false teeth to look as attractive as possible.


The jungle adventure film, made in 2017, is based on the true story of the Israeli traveler Yossi Ginsberg and his book “Lost in the Jungle. A heartbreaking story about adventure and survival. ” Jungle scenes were filmed in the Australian state of Queensland.


A 2019 film. After the ship crashed into the ocean, a young woman, Jenn, arrives on a small island. One of her friends also reaches the shore, but being seriously injured, she soon dies.
After burying her friend and settling on the island, Jenn is soon faced with an unforeseen threat – at night, a carnivorous monster emerges from the sea.

In like Flynn

Film from 2018. The story of an incredible, captivating adventure from the life of the Hollywood legend – Errol Flynn. His scandalous fame spread far beyond the borders of cinema: adventurer, gold digger, star. However, these dangerous adventures falsified the hero that the whole world loved so much.

Tomb Raider

An adventure from 2018. Lara Croft is the daughter of an eccentric adventurer, who disappeared when the girl became a teenager. He is now twenty-one years old and is living his life for nothing. She refused to take over the leadership of her father’s global empire, rejecting just as categorically the idea that he had really disappeared.
Lara alone begins to unravel the circumstances of her father’s mysterious disappearance. The protagonist Alicia Vikander, since she was a child, was passionate about Tomb Raider games.

Cold Skin

A 2017 film, produced in collaboration between Spain and France. After a long journey, the young meteorologist arrives on an island lost in the ocean to make a change at a weather station. There is only one ranger on the island – Gruner. The meteorologist quickly realizes that Gruner is hiding something, and the island seems uninhabited at first glance.


An experienced instructor, Rob Hall, gathering a group of the best climbers, will climb to the highest peak on the planet. All these people are full of courage and will not stop for nothing until they climb to the top of Everest. But will they be able to return to life and be unharmed?
The 2015 film is based on the 1996 Everest disaster.

The Magnificent Seven

Adventure Movie from 2016. Seven brave adventurers take on the task of defending the inhabitants of a small town, oppressed by a gang of robbers. Starring Denzel Washington.

The shallows

Film from 2016. The endless ocean, the deserted beach and the perfect weather for surfers looking for a good wave. It seems that nothing predisposes to problems. But soon, a surf lover will come face to face with a huge shark.

Bone Tomahawk

Film made in 2015. Four men go to the far west of the Wild West to rescue a group of prisoners of war from cannibal caves. Russell Crowe starred.


An adventurous and fantastic film, produced in 2018. A young hunter from a tribe finds himself face to face with a hostile world, full of deadly dangers.
He must face his fears and find his way home. And eventually the fate of all mankind depends on the outcome of his journey. The primitive language spoken by the characters was invented especially for the film.

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

The film came out in 2017. After a brilliant sporting career, Olympic hockey champion Eric Lemark can no longer live without adrenaline. When the ski patrol in the Mammos Mountains closes all the slopes due to an impending storm, Lemark decides to make the last descent and finds himself in a deadly snow trap.
The film is based on the true story of Eric Lemarck, who, on a snowboard, got stuck in the snow and spent 7 days there.


The adventure film, produced in 2016. The secret operation, carried out by an exemplary special agent, failed miserably because of the inappropriate brother who fell on his head – a fan of frantic football and a disorganized.
Now, the hero must save his own life, but also the planet from the threat that lies over it – an almost impossible task in tandem with the new relative. All filming in Grimsby took place in Essex. No filming took place in Grimsby.

Hot Pursuit

The adventure comedy was made in 2015 and tells the story of police officer Cooper, who is proud of his appointment to a seemingly simple task – to escort a mobster and his wife through Texas to Dallas, where they must testify. against the biggest drug mobster. But everything takes a different turn.

Men in Black International

The film was released in 2019. People in Black, a secret organization that guards the peace and security of the Earth, has repeatedly defended us from the onslaught of the Universe.
This time, the biggest danger to the world community that agents have to face is the spy in their ranks.

Gods of Egypt

The film was produced in 2016. The kingdom of Egypt plunges into chaos: the ruthless god of darkness, Seth kills his brother Osiris and usurps the throne. A simple dying young man will sacrifice everything he has and will try to resist Seth.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged

A fresher movie from 2019. A few classmates set out to explore the underwater cave. But the planned entertainment will soon turn into a nightmare – in a confined space, divers will have to get rid of bloody sharks.

The lost city of Z

The adventure film was made in 2016. In 1925, the expedition of Colonel Fossett, a member of the Royal Geographic Society, disappeared without a trace in the Amazon jungle in search of the city of Z – Eldorado. The film is based on the book of the same name, written by David Grann.
In turn, the book is based on real events that tell the story of the British explorer Percy Fawcett, who is looking for an old city lost in the Amazon.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

It’s the 2017 franchise. In the Caribbean, everyone urgently needs the Poseidon Trident. Jack Sparrow – to defend himself against the dead captain Salazar, Henry Turner – to save his father from the flying Dutchman and the intelligent girl – out of curiosity.


Another pirate adventure since 2017. Francis managed to collect a lot of treasures during the years of piracy, which he safely hid from the eyes of the world. Nathan Drake, his descendant, knows about the “exploits” of his distant relative.
The young man finds a clue as to the location of the treasures when he opens Francis’ tomb, namely in the territory of Eldorado – a mystical city that is widely talked about, but no one knows where it is.

Venture movies for children

Due to the versatility of the adventure genre, these movies can be watched with the whole family, even with the youngest members. Here you will find cowboys, pirates, adventurers and many other heroes who can not sit still and will make you forget about boredom. You can find adventure movies for children dubbed in Romanian.

Paddington 2

The second part of the children’s adventure film appeared in 2017. In a London antique shop, the Paddington bear finds a unique old book. This edition is coming soon. Paddington is involved in the deception of the century, along with an actor who now advertises canned food. The address where the polite bear lives – Windsor Gardens, 32 in Notting Hill, does not really exist. Writer Michael Bond invented it by “mixing” his parents’ address with his own.

A dog’s way home

What to do if you and your beloved master are hundreds of miles apart
Bella knows the answer: she will definitely return home. And her path will be full of incredible adventures, dangers and amazing discoveries. The adult Bella is played by a dog named Shelby, who was found in a pit in Tennessee.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

The film was produced in 2019. Peter Parker, along with his classmates, is going on a summer vacation in Europe. However, upon arrival in Venice, the group will fall into the epicenter of a battle.
A certain creature made of water appears out of nowhere and begins to ruin everything in its path, and now Peter will have to save the monuments of European architecture together with the mysterious superhero Misterio.


Another adventure film for children, from 2018. The young motorcyclist Miles accidentally finds a new military development – a giant robot dog named Axel. Even if he has artificial intelligence, he also has the heart of a faithful dog.
Axel quickly becomes the young man’s best friend. But the military does not intend to simply abandon the metal beast.

My pet dinosaur

Children’s movie from 2017. Following a failed military biological experiment, an amazing creature is born. This creature finds a teenager hiding it at home. The new friend begins to grow rapidly and spread chaos in the city.
Of course, this causes dissatisfaction among people in uniform. But they still don’t know that a team of local teenagers will come to the animal’s defense.

Robo-dog: airborne

Another movie from 2017. After an accidental explosion at a science fair, Robo-dog lost his memory. The dog is taken by a new family, while Tyler and Barry roam the city in search of their missing best friend.

Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte Lachen

The German children’s film was made in 2017. Tim Thaler likes to laugh, and his laughter is extremely contagious. Once at the races, Tim meets a strange gentleman who offers the boy an interesting deal: Tim sells his laugh and now he will win any bet.

The Adventures of Jurassic Pet

Another new adventure from 2019. Teenager Chris receives an unusual gift – a dinosaur named Albert. Dangerous adventures appear in front of them, because Albert is hunted by an avid scientist to carry out his crazy experiments on him.

Arlo: The Burping Pig

Film from 2016. The piglet Arlo, a pet of Talia’s face, constantly gets into comic situations, and Talia and her classmates, thanks to the pig, have become even better friends.

Belle et Sebastien 3, le dernier chapitre

A beautiful film produced by France in 2017. Sebastian attends school, Belle has charming descendants, and Pierre and Angelina do very well. But the universal idyll is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious and evil stranger. He calls himself Bella’s real owner and steals her along with the puppies. Sebastian will be able to restore justice and return Belle home

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

The long-awaited movie for all children was released in 2019. The story begins with the mysterious disappearance of Detective Harry Goodman. His 21-year-old son, Tim, will offer the investigation to his father’s former partner, Detective Pikachu.
Looking for clues in Rime City – a modern metropolis where people and Pokemon live side by side in the game world, they encounter a wide variety of Pokemon and reveal a terrible plot that can destroy this peaceful coexistence.

The Adventures of Tintin

The movie The Adventures of Tintin (online movie) brings to the fore the young protagonist – a newspaper reporter named Tintin. Due to his profession, he travels all over the world and becomes a member of interesting adventures.

The 2015 Pan

film tells the story of an orphan who fell into the magic of Netland, where dangerous adventures await him. There, he realized that his destiny was to become a hero who will forever be known as Peter Pan.