Your brother is celebrating his birthday soon and you don’t know how to congratulate him. Don’t worry, here we have prepared an interesting collection with messages of wishes from many years for my brother.

The graceful combination of the expressive words in these wishes will be appreciated by the homage, whether it is the birthday wishes for the 18-year-old brother or the 50-year-old brother.

Best wishes for many years to my brother

If you are looking for “a happy birthday to my brother,” then you can use one of the following examples.In addition, you can combine it with the happy birthday wishes for the brother, to bring him sincere joy and to lift his mood.
🔔 Today I want to congratulate my best friend – my brother! I want to see you fulfilled, with wishes that will bring you real happiness.
🔔 Brother, have a wonderful name day! May your kindness be rewarded with the fulfillment of all your wishes, may perseverance become the key to a successful career, and may your optimism be a motivator to your well-being.
🔔 My brother, my sincere friend, the only one who always tells me the truth, who heals me with words of encouragement and does not disappear in difficult times. Which considers my interests more important than my own, which is not envious, but always open and strong. You are the most wonderful brother and I sincerely congratulate you!
🔔 I always tell all people what an intelligent, artistic and fighting brother I have! What a joy it is to know that I have such a brother as you in this great world! You are the gold of my life! I wish you another happy 100 years!
🔔 What could I wish for your birthday
Of course, love and kindness! Rest and fun! The hardest dream to imagine come true and you never feel sad! Today is an extraordinary holiday, live it to the fullest!
🔔 My dear brother! To achieve what you want – to dream your desires with open eyes, to be pursued by happiness everywhere, and to have success permanently established in your life.

Happy birthday to my older brother

Even though congratulations from relatives and friends are always valuable, it is no secret that many years of best wishes for the older brother from the sister or brother produce a double pleasure.
↩️ My older brother, my faithful friend, respectable man and simply a good boy, on your birthday I want to wish you not only what is usually desired on birthdays – health, luck and love, but also what can be called luxury gifts from destiny for a real man – a collection of cars in the garage, a job that will bring you pleasure and a considerable income, and one day you will meet the girl of your dreams, who he will give his heart!
↩️ Brotherly love has been and will always be the strongest. This is an unimaginable bond that stays with the brothers forever. Congratulations, dear brother, on your birthday! Always be worthy of the title of the best and be lucky in everything you have not done yet. Use the power of your mind to build your way of life, to reach new heights, without forgetting the most important thing – loyalty to yourself. Always be the first in any business, the second half to be a loving and faithful woman. I’m proud to have a brother like you! Never forget that there is a person in the world who is ready to come to your aid at any time, to share with you both joy and trouble. This man is me, so he always counts on me!
↩️ You are as strict as your father and your best friend as your mother. Always take a lot of sun and smiles with you. May your guardian angel protect you from all trouble!
↩️ Brother, your birthday is a holiday for me too! I am delighted to see your happy face, true friends by your side, loving parents proud of you. When I see all this, I understand that there is a happy person next to me, and no matter what life has prepared for us, nothing can scare us when there is such support. Therefore, I wish you to always be devoted to good friends and not to forget your family. Thank you for your care, for your advice, for your love. You will always be the most important person in our entire family: a good, nice, caring, courageous, and true man!

↩️ Brother! You are a friend to me, not just a brother. I’m so glad you exist! You always help me in my troubles and I’m proud to have such a good brother that you can’t find anywhere else! Have only the green color in your life, and let the car of your dreams lead your happy life, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties, so that the road will be followed by a flowery garden. Welfare and success to you!
↩️ Every holiday is beautiful, but your birthday is the most special! How nice to say the word “brother.” I wish you joy, victories, to avoid problems, to be loved and cherished. The road to you is always highly anticipated!
↩️ On this beautiful holiday, I want you to find the path you have been looking for so long that will lead you to fulfill your hopes and happiness!
↩️ My big brother! You read smart books, you talk about the moon as if you were on it, you bake cakes, pies and biscuits – you’re just unreal! Today is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much I love you!

Happy birthday to my brother

Each of these many-year-old wishes for the brother represent a sincere, kind, and happy birthday wish. Show your care and affection by selecting the most appropriate wish!
➞ Happy birthday, my dear brother! I wholeheartedly want you not to worry. Get what you want and make your dreams come true! Have a lot of happiness in life and a lot of success!
➞ Brother, happy birthday! I wish you a good mood, strong health and lots of money! Never be sad and live happily ever after!
➞ Today, on such a wonderful holiday – your birthday – I want to make your most impossible dream come true and never feel sadness and longing! Dear brother, I wish you happiness and great, pure love!
➞ I wish you, my dear brother, to be a hundred times happier! Always have joy in fate! Love and kindness!
➞ Brother, happy birthday! Let your light disposition energize others with fun, and your kindness and receptivity be rewarded with the fulfillment of all wishes, perseverance be the key to a successful career, and optimism be the car of the movement that will lead you to prosperity.
➞ Today I am happy to congratulate you – my friend, my brother. I wish you a carefree and effortless life. May everything come true and happiness happen!
Ate Brother! You are a true friend to me, a good counselor, but also a constructive critic. I know that you will always help me in my problems and you will not give up supporting me. Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!
➞ My dear brother! For your birthday, I wish you with all my heart that life will lead you easily and happily on the right paths, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties. Go through a flower garden, and all you need to be nearby. Welfare and success!
➞ Birthday is a beautiful holiday, especially yours. How nice to say the word “brother”! I wish you much joy, many peaks and great victories. To be loved and cherished. All the bad storms of life to get around your house. You are my support and protection! Please, never fail at anything.
➞ Brothers! The road to you is always open for great advice and deeds. Happy birthday, glass up!
➞ Congratulations, my dear brother, happy birthday! I want to wish you all the best and even more! I would like you to find the path that you have been looking for for so long and that will lead you to the fulfillment of hope and happiness! Let the most incredible wishes come true!
Dear brother, I hasten to congratulate you and wish you interesting ideas, their achievements, success and many praises. As soon as the immense love comes into your fate! I wish you happiness, luck, wisdom and heaven to fulfill any dream!
➞ Happy birthday, brother. May you always be lucky, just happy moments, boldness, long and young years. I’m glad I have a brother like you!
Ate Brother! I know you have dreams, because everyone has them. And today, on your birthday, they are starting to come true! Life depends on ourselves. I want you to become a full master of your life: to know firmly what you want and to easily reach your goals!
➞ I want to wish my brother a happy day today! Remember how we used to run barefoot through the yard as a child
? Thank you for your care! Even after I grew up and we each have our own families, I know that you are my best friend!
Ate Brother! I want you to become stronger and stronger! Straight roads! And meet your partner as soon as possible. May love and good mood always be in the days of your life. Long live the homage!
➞ Happy birthday, brother! Congratulations! Today I am so happy and I hold you tight! I wish you faithful friendship, quiet work, love for life. Always fight for victory, and I will always help you.
➞ My dear brother! You’re another year old. You have become wiser, more successful, stronger and healthier! You have become more attentive and caring, so loving and lovable, more charming and more attractive! In short: every year you look better than me!
➞ On your brother’s birthday, I wish you joy, happiness and prosperity, life to old age and the goals you have always achieved!
➞ Today, for your birthday, I wish you success, to be happy, to be able to dream and never forget about me. Today’s sun is shining and smiling just for you! Happy Birthday! Keep your hope, cherish your happiness!

Best wishes for many years to my brother

↩️ Happy birthday to my brother from the bottom of my heart! I wish you happiness, health and prosperity, and may your life be sweet!
↩️ Happy birthday, my boyfriend, my dear brother. I wish you a lot of happiness and health, a carefree life and problems. Things to be successful, pockets to be full, lots of joy, loud laughter and no bitterness.
↩️ Today is a glorious day – my brother’s birthday! We are friends, sons of a mother! I wish you great happiness! And he dreams a lot! And if you are always healthy – the rest will not be a problem!
↩️ Congratulations to my brother! Happy birthday, happy holidays! Be rich in soul and heart, be the most visible in the rays of happiness, fight for a dream and a great love! Let luck be in your way, let your cherished dreams come true, and let your life’s mission be a pleasant one.
↩️ Brother, happy birthday! We’ll celebrate together, but I want to congratulate you anyway! Live as your heart tells you and know that in difficult times I will fly at you with a bullet!
↩️ I want to wish you a happy birthday, a lot of joy and a lot of success. May there be no storms and blizzards in your life, but only with joy and peace. And if sadness pours over you, don’t forget that I am always by your side and ready to help you through difficult times.
↩️ Congratulations to you today are everywhere and I want you to enjoy each and every one of them! Happy birthday! You are the best brother!
↩️ I raise my glass for happiness: Be happy always and in everything! May your secret be realized as soon as possible. I love you and wish you prosperity and many long, long days!
↩️ Brother! Congratulations and I wish you love, trust, hope, faith, health, happiness! Take action to achieve your goals! May your heart always be kind and warm!
↩️ My dear brother, today is your birthday, happy and wonderful. Today I want to wish you brighter moments for your soul, so that your friends and relatives can always enjoy you and present you with pleasant surprises. Let your generous destiny not forget to offer you both prosperity and comfort. Happy Birthday!
↩️ Today we celebrate our brother’s birthday and we want to wish him, above all, love! May one day you meet a princess who carefully surrounds you, warms your house and offers you heirs! And, of course, good luck to always be with you in everything and to have health and strength, like a real tiger!
↩️ My brother, today is your birthday! You are without a doubt the best! May all dreams come true!
↩️ You are the best brother in the world, you always tried to help me! Your birthday is more important to me than anything! Happy Birthday!
↩️ Congratulations! Be happy, strong and rich! And never be sad, everything will be cool!
↩️ I congratulate my brother on this personal holiday – his birthday. I wish you all the best, wishes come true. May you always be lucky in everything and may happiness always embrace you, and may the difficult tasks of life be easily solved.
↩️ I think my brother’s birthday is a good time to remember how dear he is to me, every minute in his company is a real treasure! Happy birthday brother! I wish you happiness and prosperity for many more years!
↩️ My dear brother, you are the best in the world! I wish you much success, joy, self-confidence, good mood, the most interesting events and bright holidays for your birthday! I wish you to become a true favorite of destiny and to be better and better in everything! You deserve!
↩️ How two brothers live
When they are little – they set up something, and if they have a little quarrel, they get along immediately and, of course, they want to grow up as soon as possible. In adulthood – opinions about many things in life have changed, but we are always ready to support each other! Today I wish you, brother, happy birthday and I want to tell you that you are not only my brother, but also your best friend! Always be lucky, lots of love and happiness!
↩️ Brother! I wish you moral, spiritual freedom, in actions and in decisions! I care about you very much! Happy Birthday!
↩️ Dear brother! Today I want to congratulate you and wish you every day to be happy, interesting and unforgettable! Let your life laugh and sparkle like champagne in my glass! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my older brother

Big brother has always been responsible to me! Today, my birthday, I wish you success! Travel, reach your goals! Don’t be sad and always count on me! I will help you in anything! Develop your body and soul and remember that I am proud of you!
➡️ Today, my older brother has become even stronger, braver, and wiser. I wish you goals to be achieved successfully, to never know of problems and troubles in life!
➡️ You grew up another year, my dear older brother! Still a hero for me who knows no barriers! Happy Holidays! You are the best!
➡️ I’m always proud of my big brother! I want you to remain the same strong and trustworthy friend that I can always rely on, and you to meet in your way only people on whom, in your turn, you can also rely. One of them, rest assured, is me!
➡️ My big brother, you are my ray that lights my way! Happy birthday, my faithful friend! Have a lot of love, happiness! May each day be filled with joy and stop thinking about sadness! Be optimistic! I wish you all the best!
➡️ My dear older brother, happy birthday! Always be cheerful and sociable, as I usually see you! Don’t lose your charm! Always aim for your goals and don’t lose heart in any situation! Meet only the best people alive!
➡️ I owe everything my life learned to my older brother. Even after 10 years, you will remain an example to me. Happy Birthday!
➡️ My older brother! You are the most sincere, the kindest and the sunniest person in my life. For me, you remain both a trusted city and a refuge in difficult times. Keep enlightening the world with your radiant smile! Be happy for your birthday!
➡️ Welcome words from all sides on this festive day! And everyone, of course, is happy. I wish you, my older brother, more bright sun and good days. Always keep your luck close!
➡️ Happy birthday, brother! I wish you new victories and achievements, so that in life you will be surrounded by those people whom you trust and whom you cherish. Always believe in your dream and go forward boldly, without paying attention to minor failures.
➡️ You are an example to me as a persevering man, so don’t betray your principles. May all dreams come true!
➡️ You are always the first for me, always one step ahead. Walk confidently, without problems, without stopping on the road! I want there to be no barriers in your life and the sun to always shine. My dear older brother, you are the best!
➡️ For my birthday, my dear brother, I wish you a great bright happiness, a true male friendship, pure sincere love. Only worthy people should enter your house and only sunlight should look out of your window.
➡️ Brother! Let the glass be half full and not half empty. Smile more and stay in the mood. Keep up the good work and move on!
➡️ I want to say a few words to my beloved older brother: have love and happiness, joy, kindness and rewards. Go forward without looking back, find in all that is good. I am proud of you! I believe in your prosperous future!
➡️ For me, brother is a protection and a reliable shoulder that you can always rely on. On this wonderful holiday, I want to wish you, older brother, not to lose sight of the right direction and to move forward boldly! And also let your life be like a whirlwind of adventures, with new and exciting events happening every day!
➡️ On this wonderful day, many years ago, my most beloved husband was born – my older brother! We’ve been together since childhood and we know each other better than anyone. I mean, you’re the most sincere and kind person I’ve ever met. Keep these wonderful qualities in you, and we, our loved ones, have no choice but to continue to love you!
➡️ For the birthday of my beloved brother, I wish you mountains of wealth, both material and spiritual. The house should be full of guests, and there should be plenty of delicious food on the table!
➡️ Brother! Appreciate every moment of your life, love your loved ones and don’t be discouraged by minor failures. Find true love and cherish your loved ones. Happy Holidays!
➡️ My older brother! Congratulations on this memorable day! I wish you victories, achievements, many steps forward! You are the best for me!

Happy birthday to my little brother

The younger brother will remain for many years to be a stubborn person who has just learned to walk, eat, and play. Even if you do not have a big age difference, the younger brother will always feel your guardianship and responsibility for him. On his birthday, wish him all the best for my younger brother.
🕫 My dear little brother! You are a treasure in my life! I wish you much joy, good luck, always be ready for change! May the sun always shine in your way! Live, love, breathe and breathe warmth!
🕫 Happy birthday, my little brother! Happiness is knocking at your door today! Have a mega happy holiday!
🕫 My younger brother, let the lucky star accompany you in life and guide you on the right paths. I wish you a journey through a happy and long life!
🕫 Brother, you will always remain half of me. For your birthday, I wish you would not forget your older sister!
🕫 Today everyone is flourishing with smiles, because today is a real holiday! Your birthday! Happy birthday, my dear brother, happy holiday to you. Grow up and be happy! I will always be with you!
🕫 My dear brother, take care of yourself, study well, be kind and brave. Love and be loved. Enjoy life and everything! Happy Birthday!
🕫 My dear brother! Let me congratulate you on this beautiful and amazing birthday! Let your most cherished dreams come true, your health can give you the strength to always get what you want, and inspiration can always be your companion. Be with only the most devoted friends and trusted people! Be happy!
I hasten to congratulate a very wonderful boy – my younger brother! I wish you a whole basket of gifts: grow up healthy, brave, may luck surround you, and may your star always shine!
Ate Brother! Go through life boldly, fill the world well and always live with a smile on your face!
Dear brother! On this magical holiday, congratulations! I sincerely wish that the fairy tale in your life would never end, that you would be surrounded by miracles and goodness! Dream more and color the world in bright shades. May the guardian angels always be with you and protect you from all trouble! Grow healthy and strong!
🕫 What can I wish my little brother
so that he can dream the reality, so that the aspirations can be achieved, so that the attempts can be successful! May his friends not betray him, may his health be strong, may his failures bypass him, and may his life be brilliant!
🕫 To go through life with a smile, with health, with ambition. Keep up with the news and live easily! Happy Birthday brother!
🕫 Happy birthday, homage! You’ve been wiser for another year. Although for me you are still a little brother! All my childhood memories are valuable because of you. With you, I am always happy and childish. I wish you well-being, health, good luck, light and well-being. Know that I am always with you and I love you!
🕫 My dear brother, I wish you the fulfillment of a precious dream. May miracles always accompany you, and may magic fill your life!
🕫 Your birthday has arrived and now you are one year older. You grew wiser and more beautiful, but for me you remained the youngest and most beloved brother! Happy Birthday!
I wish you, brother, that all dreams come true, that luck inspires you and you are happy!
🕫 My dear brother, you are a year older. May this year give you wisdom, courage, miracles, joy, love and happiness! Be healthy!
🕫 On this very bright holiday, I want to congratulate my brother! I’m glad you’re in my life and I thank my parents for that! Let your childhood caress you, smile at the wider world and find your place in it!
🕫 Brother, I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your birthday! Good luck in everything, strong health and unusual happiness!
Dear brother, the sun is shining on this day, rejoicing in your birth! And I congratulate you too. May the world give you everything you dream of!