Love is everything, that’s why it’s so difficult to formulate an unfolding definition! In fact, love is a simple feeling. It’s enough to fall in love to feel it.

This article contains short messages of love for him or her, written in prose.
Let these short and beautiful messages of love melt the heart of your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the short messages of love and longing to support them in difficult times.

Short and Beautiful Messages of Love

Experiencing delicate feelings for a person sometimes makes it difficult to express them correctly in words. Any short love message below will help you share your emotions more easily with your partner.
❤️ When I first told you I loved you, it was like I was born again. An explosion of emotions occurred in my soul and my heart seemed to stop. Since then I see everything differently and find answers to the eternal questions about the meaning of life. Now I understand that you are my happiness!
❤️ I can’t lie anymore and I can’t hide the truth anymore – I love you and I hope it’s mutual.
❤️ Your perfume makes my head dizzy, and your gaze leaves me speechless. My dear, let’s create our world and fill it with fascinating love!
❤️ After reading this message, you will know that there is a little man in this big world who loves you so much that he can’t even imagine his life without you.
❤️ When I read your messages, I want to hear from you as soon as possible. The words on the paper, on the computer monitor and on the phone screen can’t warm me like your voice. When I hear your voice, I dream of seeing you as soon as possible. When I look at your photo, I want to touch you and feel the warmth of your hands. I want to see you soon!
❤️ Yesterday, at the parting, you kissed me for the first time. It was so divine, it was a beginning that has no end. It was the beginning of my love for you. Infinite, passionate, fiery, without sleep, without mercy. Thank you for this.
❤️ You know, it seems to me that everyone around you is freezing and time is running out. Only in your arms do I want to fall asleep in the evening and wake up every morning. Thank you for letting me feel so weak and helpless next to you.
❤️ I really like that next to me is the best, strongest and most caring man in the world. I would now like to find the warmest, gentlest and most beautiful words, but I still can’t fully express the depth of all the feelings that overwhelm me. Thank you for making me fall in love with you again every day and make me feel the happiest girl in the world.
❤️ Before I was sure that it is simply impossible to fall in love at first sight, but today, after looking into your eyes, the whole world has ceased to exist for me. Only you give me real warmth, care and tenderness, without which I could not.
❤️ It is very difficult to express in simple words the feelings that are now in me. Until I met you, my life was interesting, but without the true happiness you now give me!
❤️ Only next to you, my heart starts beating much more often. Thank you for this. Thank you also for the flowers for no reason, for every smile and for the gentle goodnight messages. You are the best!
❤️ When I first saw you, a miracle happened – two souls found each other. I want to be with you always!
❤️ Dream! Love! Peace! Life! Fate! What unites all these words
Only one person – the beloved! You! We are a whole! I’m drowning in your eyes!

Short Love Messages for Him or Her

These inspired love messages can play a key role in your love story.
🖤 ​​In my words of love you will hear the birds singing, the songs of the waves, you will feel my heart beating. In just a few short words, there is an extraordinary cosmic energy – I love you!
Honey! You gave me wings! Even if I am not an angel, but a simple sinner, I can rise to incredible heights of happiness. This is due to my love that takes me to other universes!
🖤 ​​My love for you is not like a bouquet of expensive and luxurious roses, nor with exotic orchids. She looks like daisies in a field as simple, pure and real as you.
🖤 ​​I look into your eyes and see myself in the mirror. I see the reflection of my love that overwhelms me. I wish your eyes never knew the tears of sadness.
🖤 ​​As it is impossible to count all the drops in a river or the stars in the sky, so it is impossible to express my feelings in words. You are my universe, my world, my breath. I love you!
🖤 ​​When I see you, you cover me with a wave of unreal happiness. I want to wake up and fall asleep with you, laugh and be sad, but next to you!
🖤 ​​Your beauty has blinded me, and goodness has touched my heart and soul! My dear, I want our feelings to become even stronger, to bring joy and meaning to every day and to dare to dream!
I have been looking for a girl who will take my heart for a long time. In you I found the long-awaited compass, which showed me the direction of my feelings. This is your direction. I love you!
🖤 ​​At first I thought you were a dream, that I would wake up and not be. Then I struggled with my feelings to protect my peace. Then I tried in vain to forget your face, your movements, your voice and your eyes. Then I found perfection in your flaws. You won – I love you.
Before I met you, I thought I was infinitely free. And only when I met you did I understand: I was very alone. Only a life full of love makes sense to go on.
🖤 ​​I see heart-shaped clouds, I see leaves of the same shape, I always hear love songs and I meet lovers on the way. Probably everyone is pushing me to confess your love.
🖤 ​​Thanks to your feminine charm I discovered the power of my love!
Thanks to you, we have arrived in a country ruled by love! I want to confess to you in a whisper, without shouting to the whole world, that now you are the meaning of my life!
🖤 ​​We could write a common book of love, so that later all the lyrical poets would quote the history of our relationship in their manuscripts!
🖤 ​​My love for you is so strong that it can tear down even the strongest diamond into small pieces! With your appearance in my life, everything has become different, and the world is seen exclusively in the colors of the rainbow. This sublime feeling makes me think of our meetings and the happiness we feel when we are together! Every night, you come to my dreams!
🖤 ​​You put a seal on my love and now it’s just yours!
🖤 ​​Welcome to my heart! You are like a fresh breeze, you suddenly burst into my life and now every day you color it brightly.
A spark entered my heart and instantly ignited a great fire of love.
🖤 ​​Now you are my master, because my heart is in your hands. I beg you, don’t break it to pieces!

Short and Sad Love Messages

Every word in these messages of love is carefully selected. If you feel sad without your partner or your relationship taking place at a distance, these confessions of longing will surely instantly melt the heart of your boyfriend or girlfriend.
🐱 Not even hundreds of miles of road between us can diminish my strong feelings for you, my dear!
🐱 I send you a loving kiss, which will bind our hearts like an invisible but strong bridge, until the long-awaited meeting! Soon I will hear the sound of your footsteps and our eyes will meet again!
Voi I will not be captivated by melancholy and sadness while we are not together. No distance can separate us!

     🐱 Suppose there are dusty roads between us, measured in many kilometers… What changes this in our relationship
    🐱 I love you every second, minute, hour, day, night, week, month, year and century! We met out of a million, and now we’re two halves of a big heart. Please, don’t leave me, my heart can’t beat in half …
    🐱 🐱 The day spent away from you becomes very long and completely empty, and time flies without you unnecessarily.
    🐱 My love is not jealous, my love is faithful, it is ready for any sacrifice for you and ready to suffer for your happiness.
    Don’t be shy about confessing your love to your loved ones!