Of course, winter is not like summer, but the most inspired quotes about winter, the most beautiful verses, thoughts or sayings full of spirit will help us to enjoy the beauty of this season. No matter how cold and foggy, winter knows how to give us warmth, light and the joy of family holidays.

As the dark and cold days approach, let’s warm up with the most beautiful quotes about winter and discover the magic of this season. Winter brings us the snow and the light of the holidays, lets us rest and take care of our souls!

Quotes about winter from universal literature

I like cold, gray winter days. Such days give you the opportunity to enjoy a state of genuine melancholy. – Bill Watterson
What good summer heat if it weren’t for winter reminding us of its sweetness. – John Steinbeck
People don’t notice if it’s summer or winter when they’re happy! – Victor Hugo
In the winter the garden gets bored of me… Because of this, she prefers to fall asleep for a while. – Celine Blondeau
Spring flowers are the dreams of winter, told in the morning, at the angels’ breakfast. – Khalil Gibran
Troubles bring people together and bring beauty and harmony to the relationship between them; just as in winter it creates icy flowers on the windows, flowers that disappear with the arrival of heat. – Soren Kierkegaard
When the snow falls on the ground, I can imagine stepping over the clouds. – Takayuki Ikkaku
Let us fall in love with winter, because it is the spring of genius. – Pietro Aretino
As winter plucks the leaves around us, so that we can see in the remote and hidden regions, so age takes our joys only to increase our perspective of the eternity that awaits us. – Jean Paul
It’s winter in my mind, but it’s a permanent spring in my soul. – Victor Hugo
When they are happy, people don’t care if summer or winter reigns around them. – Anton Chekhov
In some remote areas, the cold is so excruciating that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and they need time to thaw and heat to be heard. In this way, it is possible that some words spoken during the winter will be perceived only when summer comes. – Plutarch
Blow, blow hard, you, winter wind, as cold as ungrateful people. – William Shakespeare
Look at a waterfall or a winter landscape where the Trojans are silent on the branches of the fir trees. Do they know if the sunset or the dawn is coming, if they are so beautiful in the bright rays of the morning star?
If it weren’t for winter, spring wouldn’t be so wonderful. If we did not go through bad times from time to time, then we would not know how to appreciate prosperity. – Anne Bradstreet
Every road doubles its length in winter. – George Herbert
Although we are attached to the warm summer months, winter shapes our characters and reveals all that is best in us. – Tom Allen
Spring, summer and autumn fill our souls with hope, winter brings back to our minds the true human condition. – Mignon McLaughlin
Look around, embrace all this barren plain and notice even now, on a winter’s day, the shadows stretch out on the ground with a magical beauty. This is how nature shows us! The most beautiful things in life, Tom, are simple shadows; they appear and disappear as quickly as those left by a winter’s day. – Charles Dickens
Why we are still born
In order to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake you need to face the cold! – Anonymous
But we hope with all our heart… we feel this. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
To make the winter shorter, borrow some money until spring – WJ Vogel
Hey, wind, if winter has come, it means spring is not far away. – Percy Bysshe Shelley
To the untrained man, old age means a winter; for the learned, late age is a harvest season. – Talmud
Troubles bring people together and bring beauty and harmony between them, just as in winter it creates icy flowers on the windows, flowers that disappear with the arrival of heat. – Soren Kierkegaard
No winter lasts forever, no spring leaves its arrival long awaited. – Hal Borland
Whoever marvels at the beauty of the world in summer, will find equal reasons for amazement and admiration in winter. In winter the stars seem brighter, the moon more triumphant, and the sky closer than ever. – John Burroughs
Sometimes our destiny resembles that of a fruit tree in winter. Who would have thought that those bare branches would turn green and bear flowers again after winter
and winter? every hour. – John Boswell
Winter is really cold for those who do not keep warm memories.
I also wonder if nudism is really a religion, since in the winter all its followers become atheists. – Will Rogers
– Sorin Cerin
In the middle of the icy winters I learned that there is a summer in me that cannot be defeated. – Albert Camus
How many lessons of faith and beauty should we lose if there were no winter in our year. – Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Laughter is like the sun: it drives winter away from people’s faces. – Victor Hugo
The color of spring is found in flowers, the color of winter can only be found in the imagination. – Ward Elliot Hour
Winter is nature’s way of saying: Raise your spirits! – Robert Byrne
But why do we die
Winter dies in spring, to be reborn with autumn. – Marche Blumenberg
I prefer winter, when you feel the rigid structure of the landscape, its loneliness, the feeling of the desolation of winter under which something is waiting. The whole story is not shown. – Andrew Wyeth
Winter is not really a season, it’s an occupation. – Sinclair Lewis
Voices are never as beautiful as on a winter’s evening, when the sunset almost hides your body, and the words seem to be born out of nowhere, with a hint of intimacy rarely encountered during the day. – Virginia Woolf
With the winter, every flower dies, but the scents remain alive. – William Shakespeare
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for touching a friendly hand and for a discussion by the fire: it’s time to be home. – Edith Sitwell
We learn in the sowing season, we offer lessons in the harvest season, and we enjoy the winter season. “William Blake
. Why are you such a treacherous world?”

The most suggestive proverbs about winter

No matter how cold the winter, only Martisor would pass.

  • If the dog is taught in the summer by the cart, it is also taken in the winter by the sledge.
  • December saves the year, but winter begins.
  • In winter, sour pears are sweetened.
  • The landlord makes his sleigh in summer and his car in winter.
  • It’s good and sweet, but it’s empty in the winter.
  • One good word can thaw for three winter months.
  • A good word can keep you warm for three winter months.
  • Whoever works in the fall, wears out in the winter.
  • In the summer, lying in the shade, he sleeps and in the winter he dies of hunger.
  • Who boils his brain in August, boils his boiler in winter.
  • The thinker reaped in the winter.
  • All summer in the field and winter in the field.
  • Who does not remember in summer, does not eat pies in winter.
  • And the dog comes out of the winter, but only his skin knows how.
  • She asks you in the winter what you worked on in the summer.
  • Whoever spends the summer singing, in the winter stays hungry.
  • Winter is the season when people try to keep the same heat in the house as in summer, when they complain about the heat.
  • Those who do not work in the summer have nothing to eat in the winter.
  • Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

    An autumn with many lightnings is followed by a mild winter.
    If the anthills are high in July, the winter will bring a lot of snow.
    Don’t trust the summer rain and the winter sun.
    If the trees bloom in October, the winter will be long and mild.