Netflix is ​​a unique, one-of-a-kind company that spends billions of dollars on the complete production of movies: it films, launches, and places some of the most interesting movies and series online. These are not just screenshots, but real rating bombs. The main advantage of the company, which was appreciated by all viewers, is that, on the day of the Netflix premiere, the series are loaded with all the episodes in a row.

In this list of Netflix series, we have collected the most famous and new movies with episodes: Netflix adventure series, Netflix comedy series, Netflix love series, etc.

Therefore, these Netflix series recommendations will attract even an inexperienced audience.

Love, Death & Robots

The top of the best Netflix series will be opened by the new pilot project, consisting of 18 animated short films, with science fiction elements and completely different topics. Even though it was recently released, the film has already managed to surpass the rating of some of the top Netflix series. Each episode does not last more than 20 minutes.


Today it is easy to find out which series are on Netflix, our goal is to present you the most appreciated by the public. Lucifer is an angel who is tired of the boring life of hell and has decided to live with humans. He left for Los Angeles and became the owner of a nightclub called “Lux”. But his joy is short-lived, because in front of the club a terrible crime is being committed. Chloe Decker, a police officer, is sent to the crime scene. The central character falls in love with the girl and helps her in the investigation. But suddenly Amenadil appears – an angel who must return Lucifer to hell.

When They See Us

A new Netflix series. Five African-American and Mexican teenagers in Harlem have been sentenced to prison for raping a white girl they did not commit.

Hakan: Muhafiz

Here we come to the time when Turkish Netflix series appeared. The world’s top company has released its first 10-episode Turkish series. The story is about a superhero named Hakan, whose mission is to protect Istanbul. The special effects were organized by the same company that worked on the series “Game of Thrones” and “Strange Things”. The film is based on the novel “The Strange Story of a Young Man” by Ipek Gokdel.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Among the good Netflix series is the series about Sabrina Spellman, who lives in Grindale. The girl lives a normal life as a teenager: she goes to school, meets her classmates and loves horror movies. But after she turns 16, she has to make a choice: give up her skills or become a powerful witch. The series is based on the comic book of the same name.

House of Cards

It is considered the best Netflix series, with 6 seasons full of dramatic scenes, political adventures, ingenious strategies and the visual aesthetics of black costumes. The smart series allows viewers not only to observe, but also to think actively. Due to this series, the term binge-watch appeared. The protagonist, Francis Underwood, is one of the most influential congressmen, helping Garrett Walker become president in exchange for a promise. But after the election, Francis is rejected. Annoyed by the betrayal, he devises a plan of revenge.


A simply great series, very short, which you can watch in a few free evenings. Bandit Frank Griffin, along with a gang of robbers, terrorize the Wild West, devastating cities and killing people. One day, Frank’s adopted son was tormented by his conscience and decided to betray the local bandits, fleeing to the strange town of La Belle, where only women live.


The subject of this Netflix series is as follows: the protagonist moves with his family from Chicago to the small town of Ozark in Missouri, fleeing a criminal gang.

The crown The

series is about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the history of Britain, seen through her eyes. There is everything in this series – from the conditions in which the main character lived as a child, to the situations that appear today. The series received the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series and is one of the most expensive series: each episode cost about $ 5 million. The end of the series is planned for 2026.

The End of the F *** ing World

In this series, two teenagers get involved in dangerous adventures. The ending is very exciting and philosophically appealing. Fans point out that the playlist here blends very harmoniously with the image.

Sense 8

A lively and vital series, from which it is impossible to part. The subject simply explodes into patterns: 8 heroes who live in different cities and countries, speak different languages ​​and belong to different cultures, have suddenly become mentally connected. They can feel each other’s emotions, they can help and adopt the abilities of others, only they are hunted by people who consider them a threat to the whole world. Now the heroes must find a way to survive. The creators of the series were inspired by the technologies that enslaved us. The location of the filming is also amazing: London, Iceland, Kenya, San Francisco, Chicago, India, etc.

13 Reasons Why

A difficult series that makes you think about life and look at it from different angles. One day, Clay Jensen finds in the doorway of his house a box of audio tapes from a Hannah girl who has committed suicide. In her notes, Hannah recounted 13 reasons that led her to take this step, and Clay is one of them.


A dramatic, action-packed series about Pablo Escobar, who was respected by the people and hated by the police. He built a huge empire by selling drugs in the United States. The storyline of the series takes place on behalf of the drug control employees, which shows what people who are hungry for power are capable of.

Orange Is the New Black

The series is about love, survival and the demons that lie deep inside each person. The main character, Piper Chapman, due to his youthful mistakes, ends up in prison, where he has to spend 15 months. Now he will have to survive in the new environment. Each episode lasts one hour.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

An interesting series, in which each episode is a small masterpiece and will make you laugh to tears. Todd was fired from his job, and the owner began threatening and suspecting him of murder. Of course, Todd denies the allegations, and optimistic Dirk Gently appears in his life, claiming that Todd is an important part of the investigation. The screenplay is based on books by English writer Douglas Adams. Elijah Wood played one of the lead roles.


This series is complicated. The atmosphere is sometimes super weird. It is also the first German Netflix series, which arouses curiosity and interest.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Anii ’60, New York. Miriam Meisel lives a normal life, but suddenly realizes that she wants to be on stage. No, she doesn’t sing or dance. He wants to joke and do it like no one else. With sparkling dialogue and chic costumes from the amazing era, the series has exploded on the Netflix platform.

Jessica Jones

The dynamic, light, close to real-life and atypical series keeps you energized until the last episode. This series will remain in the hearts of the public for a long time, especially in the hearts of comic book fans, because there are people with superpowers here. In the past superhero, today Jessica Jones is the only employee of a private detective agency. But the past covers it like an ice wave when a citizen appears who can control the will of the people.


The subject is based on young people seeking fame by any means and under any conditions. The series was filmed very elegantly, without cruelty or deep problems. If you like music and light movies, then this series will be a good choice.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After a hard day, this series is only good to watch, being an easy comedy. The story is about Kimmy Schmidt, the girl who spent the last 15 years in the bunker of a religious fanatic. After her release, she decides to change her life and moves to New York. Learn technology, gain knowledge, make friends and rebuild your personal life.

Master of None

Easy series, in which everyone can find themselves. The protagonist Dev is filmed in commercials and movies that do not bring him enough money, he meets a girl with whom he does not have a common future and he spends time with friends who do not have time to start families. But close people and a sense of humor help him cope with life’s problems.


Gus is a nerd and a loser who only dreams without acting, and Mickey is a frivolous girl with bad habits who often ends up in awkward situations. Fate pushes them together, but past failures in love stand in their way. They will be able to be together

Stranger Things

A mystical series that will capture your full attention. It is, in fact, an echo of Stephen King’s work, but it is not an adaptation of any novel. The events take place in a fictional American city, where in the 80’s, a boy named Will mysteriously disappears. Will’s best friend, Joe, begins his own investigation. The circumstances of the disappearance are ambiguous. In addition, there is a superpowered girl played by Millie Bobby Brown.


An atmospheric series, where the main character, Matt Murdoch, became blind as a child after an accident, but due to this, other feelings intensified dozens of times. After maturing, the boy decided to dedicate his life to protecting people and fighting crime. Therefore, during the day he is a successful lawyer, and at night – Daredevil is a masked avenger.

Luke Cage

An interesting series, in which there is room not only for fighting, but also for drama. After a failed experiment, the main character, Luke Cage, escapes from prison and tries to start life again. He works at several jobs and no longer uses his superpower. But when the criminals kill the only person who supported him, Luke decides to step out of the shadows and restore justice.


The protagonist of the drama series returns home after 7 years of disappearance. Nobody knows what happened to her, and the girl herself doesn’t talk. The main plot is a wonderful prospect, because before she disappeared, the girl was blind.

The Bloodline

series begins with the ending, and during all the episodes we find out why this happened. The Rayburn family is a prosperous and friendly family, all the neighbors love and respect them. But this is only at first glance. Everything changes with the arrival of younger brother Danny, who has decided to avenge his relatives for the humiliation he suffered as a child.

Lickony Snicket

An amazing, funny and captivating story that will appeal to both children and adults. After the accident, three orphans – Violet, Klaus and Sunny – fall into the care of the terrible Count Olaf, who is not at all concerned about the children, but only about their money. The boys try to tell others the truth, but no one believes them. Involved in several adventures, the heroes do their best to unravel the mystery of their parents’ death. The series is based on the books of writer and screenwriter Daniel Handler.

The American Vandal

Series is very funny and fascinating. If someone is embarrassed by the presence of uncensored words or vulgar scenes, it is best to avoid them. For the rest, the series could become one of the favorites. Someone committed a serious crime: in the local parking lot he painted a lot of indecent drawings. He was accused of being the main bully of the city, only this time he did nothing.

Anne with an E

The series is based on the novel “Anne on the Green Roofs” by Lucy Mod Montgomery. There are many images of landscape and drama in the film. The main character lived in an orphanage, until he ended up in a strange family, which completely changed his life.


The main point of the “Elite” series is the story of three teenagers who end up in a school for the most advanced students or for those who grew up in rich families. The protagonists are simple schoolchildren, who can hardly boast that their parents are rich. The Spanish elite school accepts very few, so the local children do not understand what the new students are doing in the walls of such a prestigious institution. Soon, the pressure will lead to a real tragedy.

The haunting of the hill house

A modern look at the 1959 “Phantom of a Hillside House” production and an interesting new look at the events that took place in the old Hill House mansion. The main characters in the series see ghosts. That’s why this house has a bad reputation. There are people, however, who are ready to try their luck and find traces of real paranormal creatures here. Dr. Montague and his brave team set out in search of the supernatural.

Another Life

In viewers’ attention is Nico Breckinridge. The astronaut, along with his brave team, came across an amazing discovery – a strange artifact, created by an unusual civilization. The main characters have to figure out what kind of relic they have in their hands and what power it has.


‘s focus is on events that took place in the 1980’s. The main characters represent the FBI and have the task of investigating particularly dangerous and complicated crimes. Bill Tench and Holden Ford will have to investigate the case of a serial killer with limited time to find him.

Dead to me

In the foreground are the protagonists Jen and Judy, who have somewhat similar destinies, because both have suffered a terrible loss, due to which their lives will never be the same. Judy tries in every way to protect Jen from the sad truth of life, which can change her reality once and for all.

Dear White People

The action takes place in one of the most famous schools in America – Ivy League. At a party, however, a conflict develops between students. What will happen next

The Society

Series tells viewers about a group of ordinary teenagers who have gone on a journey through time and space, arriving in the suburbs of New England, where the world has adopted a different development. The characters must return home, thinking, at the same time, how not to fall victim to the new regime and the rules established by this government.
Therefore, you can wrap yourself in a blanket, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and get ready for hours of watching movies.