From the beginning of civilization, humans have witnessed such unusual phenomena that they believe that their origin is in other worlds.
From prehistoric petroglyphs, bizarre images and manuscripts, to today’s discoveries of science, there is much information whose origins and meanings are unknown to us.
One of these mysteries is the strange signals coming from outer space.
Band on the left: the message sent by SETI into space in 1974. The band in the center and the face on the right: images appeared in 2001 in a cereal chain, interpreted in response to the “call” made by mankind 27 years before. Photo: Curiosities
In a paper published in 1959, physicists Phillip Morisson and Giuseppe Cocconi of Cornel University speculated that any extraterrestrial civilization attempting to communicate by radio signals could use a frequency of 1420 megahertz (21 centimeters).
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This is the frequency emitted by the most common element in the universe, hydrogen. The assumption is that this frequency should be known to all intelligent and technologically advanced beings.
A few years later, in 1968, there were several reports of strange signals coming from space. They had been spotted by the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico.
Carl Sagan (left) with Frank Drake. Photo: Getty Images
In 1968, several newspapers published articles mentioning these signals as “probable evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.”
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Dr. Frank Drake, famous for his formula (“Drake’s equation”) regarding the probability of extraterrestrial life, also showed a keen interest in this event.
Five years later, in 1973, Ohio State University delegated the task of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) to the university’s radio observatory. It was the longest program of its kind in history.
This happened after an investigation was carried out on extragalactic radio sources. The following year, Dr. Frank Drake took a step forward and created a message with the help of astronomer and physicist Carl Sagan.
The message is known as the “Arecibo message”, an interstellar radio transmission that carries with it basic information about humanity and the Earth. The message was sent to the M13 globular star cluster, in the hope that intelligent aliens will receive it and decipher it.

Arecibo message: What I sent to the aliens

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The “Arecibo message” consists of seven parts. They contain the following information:

  • Numbers 1 to 10 (white);
  • Atomic numbers of the elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus, which make up DNA (purple);
  • Formula for sugars and bases in DNA nucleotides (green);
  • Number of nucleotides in DNA and a graph with the double spiral structure of DNA (white and blue):
  • The silhouette of a man, the size (height) of an ordinary person and the population of the Earth (red, blue / white and white);
  • A graph of the Solar System, which indicates from which planet the message comes (yellow);
  • A graph of the Arecibo radio telescope and the size (diameter) of the transmission antenna (purple, white and blue).

The “Arecibo Message” was released into space in 1974. Photo: Curiosity
The message was sent into space only once, by radio waves, in a special ceremony celebrating the refurbishment of the Arecibo Radio Telescope on November 16, 1974.
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On August 15, 1977, the Ohio State University radio telescope received a strong narrowband signal. Later, this signal was used to further justify the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life.
The “Wow!” Signal, an apparent clever message received from the constellation of Sagittarius. Photo: Wikimedia
It appears that the signal came from the constellation of Sagittarius and bore the marks of an extraterrestrial origin. The radio signal lasted 72 seconds and was never spotted again.
Astronomers and Jerry Ehman, a SETI researcher, discovered the anomaly a few days later while reviewing the data.
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Ehman was so surprised by the result that he circled the signal (6EQUJ5) on the computer printed paper and wrote “Wow!” in his right.
The signal went down in history under this name. Two different values ​​were given for the “Wow!” Signal: 1420.36 MHz by JD Krauss and 1420.46 MHz by Jerry Ehman.
Both values ​​are close to the frequency of 1420.41 MHz, which is the value of the hydrogen line, as Morisson and Cocconi predicted. “Wow!” it is considered to be one of the most mysterious astronomical phenomena.
Many believe that the signal is a communication from an intelligent alien. But a team of researchers at the Center for Planetary Science confirmed in a 2017 research paper that this seemingly mystical signal was actually generated by a comet.

After 27 years, “someone” answered

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27 years after the “Arecibo signal” was sent in 2001, the phenomenon of cereal chain circles came to the fore, after a pattern in response to the 1974 broadcast appeared right next to the largest telescope and observatory in the Sea. Britain, Chilbolton. The telescope is equipped with the largest meteorological radar in the world.
In the case of printing, it is one of the most impressive figures ever seen, whether made by humans or by extraterrestrial intelligence.
Some of the most bizarre figures appear in a cereal chain: a humanoid face (upside down, in the center-top of the image) and an “explanatory message” (left band). The details can be seen more clearly in the first image of the article. Photo: Pinterest
Here is a picture (above) with what is believed to be the response to the message sent in 1974 by NASA.
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The message describes another solar system, contains an image of the sender (just like the original Arecibo signal), contains data about non-human DNA and a microwave antenna, instead of the radio wave antenna that was depicted in our message.
The face in the image (upside down) appeared three days before the rectangular image (left band). The face is a new technique for generating geometric figures from cereal fields, a technique also used to print a face on a piece of paper.
Mainstream scientists believe this is a hoax, as are most circles in grain fields. But not many people know that cereal chain circles appear all over the world and that there have been hundreds of reports describing them in detail for decades.
Some of these circles have such complex patterns that the viewers are amazed. In addition, many field models are electrostatically charged.
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Bizarre magnetic particles are detected in some of them. This is an effect similar to concentrated microwave heating, which causes water to evaporate and remove water from plants.
Thus, the plants in the fields are lying on the ground and these mysterious patterns are born. These things have led some physicists to publish papers on this phenomenon.
The illustration (by Carl Sagan, Frank Drake, and Linda Salzman Sagan) on the Pioneer spacecraft contains minimal data about humanity and our place in the solar system. Photo: Wikimedia
They concluded that those who make these circles (and who were not caught anywhere while working on such a circle) use GPS devices, lasers, and microwaves to create these stunning geometric shapes.
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Since 2007, researchers have been puzzled by another strange signal called the Fast Radio Burst (FRB). This signal comes from outside our galaxy and has been spotted repeatedly.
FRBs are named after the date the signal was recorded, in the format “FRB year / month / day”. The first FRB registered is called the Lorimer Signal FRB010724. The signal was identified in 2007, according to data recorded by the Parkes Observatory on July 24, 2001.
There is 26 proofs of the existence of these FRBs to date. But experts fail to know exactly what this signal is, or where it comes from.
To use a simple comparison, the discovery of the signal is similar to the moment you hear a bang behind you and when you return you see nothing there. Specialists have no idea where the sound may have come from.

Unexplained radio waves

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There are theories that FRBs are generated by massive neutron stars that emit huge rays, called “pulsars”. Another theory is that the signals could be emanations of black holes or neutron stars that rotate and have extremely strong magnetic fields.
On the other hand, Harvard researchers have suggested that these FRBs are caused by extraterrestrial space travel or advanced alien technology.
Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico. Until 2016 (when China inaugurated a 500-meter-diameter antenna), it was the largest radio telescope in the world. Photo: Wikimedia
But there is also hope that it could be an attempt by aliens to contact us. On May 12, 2017, researchers at the Arecibo Observatory observed mysterious signals coming from Ross 128, a red dwarf star about 11 light-years from Earth.
The star is about 2,800 times less intense than the Sun and it is not known if it has planets around it. It is the 15th star in the order of its distance from the Sun.
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The star was observed for ten minutes, during which time the broadband radio signal was “almost periodic” and decreased in frequency. No other signal of this kind has been detected in subsequent studies by Arecibo.
It has also been suggested that the signals were composed of radio interference generated by an artificial satellite orbiting the Earth, but the debate continues.
In such cases with unusual circumstances, we are tempted to look at everything from a normal point of view. Thus, we try to convince others and sometimes ourselves.
What do you think about these strange phenomena, regarding signals coming from outer space
? Please tell us your opinion in the comments section.