The most beautiful and evocative holiday for women is March 8, when men congratulate their girlfriends and wives on Women’s Day and give them gifts, flowers and declarations of love.
If you are looking for beautiful March 8 messages and you don’t know how to congratulate your girlfriend, wife, girlfriend or fiancΓ©e on International Women’s Day, then opt for the ideas and selection of the best March 8 spring messages below. Surely, any woman will be pleasantly surprised when she reads them.
So, we offer you the most original messages with “Happy Birthday March 8”, written in prose, which are suitable for postcards, social networks and greeting cards via SMS. Choose the most appropriate March 8 message and send it to your loved one.

Congratulations and March 8 messages

Every woman feels special when she reads congratulations via March 8 SMS about how irresistible and beautiful she is.
πŸ”” Congratulations on this spring holiday, my dear and beloved. Let the sun melt your dreams, and let the smile dance on your lips. I keep you in my heart with great joy. May my love protect you from all dangers, may it bring you light in the evening and in the morning, and may the month of March, young and wise, pass easily and beautifully.
πŸ”” Congratulations on your love! I wish you had no problems in life. I want to hug you and kiss you, giving you a surprise! How happy I am to have you! Even your whims are dear to me!
πŸ”” My dear child, congratulations! Your beauty worries me! You are my sunset and sunrise! I love it when the stars twinkle in your eyes, and your smile is as wide as the ocean. I’ll steal you, really! And I will hide you far away!
πŸ”” Today, March 8, is the day of our love! God has sent me so much happiness through your presence! You are as beautiful as spring, as if you were twin sisters. Your beautiful smile gives me joy and love, so I always look forward to it. My love is like a violin that always plays in my soul.
πŸ”” Happy spring, baby! I love you, I kiss you, I cherish you! Excessive joy! Today I have a lot of emotions, but I will still shout out loud: “Happy March 8!”. Have a nice evening!
πŸ”” My little girl, you are my love! When I hold you in my arms, I feel like I’m flying into the sky. I kiss you hot and congratulate you. I wish you a happy life!
πŸ”” From March 8, have everything you want: to have an eternal spring in life, love to surround you and happiness to flood you! The day I first saw you, I was out of breath. I’ve never felt this way before. You have become my gift, the gift of my life. Now all my thoughts are for you and only you reign in my dreams!
πŸ”” Congratulations, my love! You are my favorite celebrant today, from whom I took a bouquet of flowers! You’re like a magic candy – so sweet! I want all your problems to melt under the spring sun and always be happy!
πŸ”” My dear! I’m glad I got you! If I don’t see you one day, sadness will enter my soul. I want to see your face all the time and feel your warmth. I love you like grass loves the sun or birds love the sky. You are my bright sun and the heavenly turquoise. Congratulations, my love, on Women’s Day and I wish you to be happy! I will always be with you.
My love! Congratulations on the spring holiday – the holiday of resurrection and love! Thank you for accepting me with all my shortcomings! I wish you to have the most beautiful flowers that will bloom in your soul! I want the spring mood to thank you all year round – and in the cold, and in the heat, and in the rain.
Mea My little cat! Today is your holiday. Erase all unpleasant thoughts and sing gentle and tender songs! I need you, I want to be with you always and take care of you! You are the most beautiful and happy in the world!
πŸ”” From March 8, I wish the cold winter snows would not get in your way, the problems would melt at high speed, and your eyes would shine like the spring sun!
πŸ”” Congratulations on this special day! Men are often silent and shy when it comes to love, but today I will tell you the whole truth: your smile makes me happy when I’m tired; your fingers look like a conditioner when they touch my skin; your eyes are fascinating. I don’t want this hypnosis to end. You are my greatest luck in life. I want to love you and pamper you. I want a lot of joy in your life! Be happy!
πŸ”” On International Women’s Day, I wish you much happiness, beauty, bright surprises and the sweetest compliments. Let your heart believe, love, wait, and happiness will surely come to your bright home. And in general, enjoy life.
πŸ”” Today the sun shines only for you, the flowers bloom for you and the birds chirp in your name! May all your wishes come true!
πŸ”” Always be happy! Have the best mood! Go through life with a lot of sparkle. And today you have a wonderful spring holiday.
πŸ”” So much affection and warmth, tenderness and patience – only a woman can have! Nature has endowed you with the best qualities. And rightly so, no doubt! So, always be beautiful, let your eyes burn with fire, be healthy, young, loved and respected.
πŸ”” On this beautiful day of March 8, let the soul forget about worries and let the compliments warm you. Let your heart be filled with joy, harmony and beauty, let the tiredness go out of your sweet eyes and never return!
πŸ”” May your life be full of: love, trust, hope, luck. May your warm heart be full of: kindness and sincerity. Let the good weather surround you and make the spring always seem like any season! Congratulations!
πŸ”” Happy spring holidays, my dear! With the first smile of spring! Don’t worry, live happily! How beautiful you are and endlessly young, you deserve all the best!

March 8 messages for my wife

Here I have collected the most beautiful and kind March 8 messages for my wife. Only you can decide which March 8 greeting card can be personalized and sent to your half.
May this day be a happy one and all dreams come true. May the sun shine everywhere and the flowers smile on you.
Oh, woman, beautiful creature! Congratulations on Women’s Day, receive my warm and sincere wishes! Let only the good ones knock on our door! Be healthy, happy and just with a smile on your face, a new day begins.
You are unique to me, the most desired. I want you to never break up with your dream! May all desires come true. Know that I love you more and more and that you deserve all the beautiful flowers in the world.
Congratulations on March 8th! On this spring day, I wish you as much happiness as possible, to have as much beauty in life as possible and to receive the smiles of all people! Let luck be with you and make your dreams come true.
Today is March 8! I want to wish you much joy and happiness! You are my queen! To you today are all roses! Always be beautiful, charming, wise. Have fun on this day!
From March 8, my dear wife, I wish you from the bottom of my heart much happiness! However, it is a glorious holiday and it is the week in which spring has arrived, when everything is reborn and makes sense. May you flourish on this day, as in the most wonderful dreams. Forget all the sadness, and let happiness knock on your door right now.
Have fun today! And always be beautiful, like spring! May your life be painted in bright colors! May Women’s Day bring you only joy. To save your days from boredom, to bring you compliments and to cover you with a wave of tenderness.
The earth began to come to life. It warms up and thaws from your steps. You are always so excited that you leave behind all obstacles, troubles and grievances! Let me always see you like that – upside down!

  • You are as beautiful as a rose, only you have no thorns. You are gentle, bright and gentle. On Women’s Day I will give you flowers, as befits a man. Instead, I just want you to kiss me.
  • Today is a special day, isn’t it?
    It’s a wonderful spring holiday! Today is March 8th! Be happy!
  • Spring! How much this word contains: kindness, love and warmth. May all dreams come true on this day.
  • May the spring days be visited by inspiration! Thank you for your destiny! You came into my life like lightning and broke my soul in flames. Congratulations!
  • As a sign of love and respect, I wish you a happy International Women’s Day today! I wish you all the best, lots of flowers and the warmth of spring. I wish you a lot of joy, health, to be always beautiful, to make me happy with your smile!
  • Joy, happiness, health, love – that’s what I wish you on the festive day of March 8th. It is also the day of joy and beauty, when I can only wish you smiles and all the flowers of the world!
  • Congratulations on Women’s Day, my love! Stay young, charming, beautiful, kind, sweet, kind and tender! Let your life be serene and happiness be fulfilled! I wish you, my dear, that all your dreams come true! Have a magical and beautiful day today!

You are more beautiful than the refined roses, more elegant than the sophisticated lilies, more tender than the beautiful violets and more loved than anyone else in the world! An amazing, precious March 8th! You are my only princess!
On Women’s Day, may your soul burn with love and happiness. For you, my dear, I am ready to do anything! To your eyes that are like two stars, I am ready to turn the mountains upside down. I love when your voice caresses my ear and wakes me up in the morning. I love your mint lips and for them I will gather today all the flowers from all the flower shops!
I kiss you, congratulate you and wish you a series of gentle words, today, March 8th! Let our love burn with great flames, let your beauty only flourish with the years, and let my power protect you from all worries. In your arms I am the happiest! I’m coming to catch you right now!
My angel! Know that I love you, as spring loves the sun! Today is a day dedicated to you women, and I wish you happiness in the house and bright rays at every moment. I hope that the fragrance of the delicate flowers that you will receive today as a gift will fill your heart with joy and love.
Since March 8, I tell you the truth: you have taken my heart forever. I want you to be the happiest in the world! I want your funny laugh to resonate as often as possible!
You are my spring flower and I want to congratulate you! Know that my love for you is like an ocean! I’ll make you happy, I promise. Have a wonderful day today!
On this special day in March, I want all your dreams to come true, to be happy and clear every day, and to enjoy my love. Let your eyes shine like the rays of the spring sun, let your soul sing with the first birds that return home, and let every flower bloom just for you.
There is no metamorphosis, no miracle stronger than spring! Spring changes women. He gives her a tulip petal and the woman blossoms in an instant! But, my dear wife, know that you are beautiful and without flowers!

March 8 messages for my dear friend

March 8 is the day when every man rushes to congratulate his beloved woman. So we are sure that this beautiful selection of messages will help you a lot.
πŸ‚ From March 8, dear, have a perfect, fun mood that will fill every moment of your happiness. Receive a lot of compliments tonight and lots of good, happy moments. Honey, let your heart sing! Flowers are smiling for you today!
Honey, a happy March 8th! I wish you thousands of happy smiles, a million lucky days and countless moments of joy. May the blossoming of spring make your soul sing, and may your bright and pure smile delight those around you. You are irresistible and I will always love you.
πŸ‚ Today is a holiday for women, so we men need to hurry with flowers! But what kind of flowers to buy if you’re more beautiful than all of them
Ah, I’ll probably give you rose jam – only she can compare to you!

    Β πŸ‚ There will be no gray days in your life, my love, because I am always on the guard of your happiness every day and I wish you to immerse yourself in the lake of romance on your spring holiday and not leave it for life.
    πŸ‚ For the celebration of the female soul, on this sunny spring day, let fate embody your dreams. My dear, you are just like this flowering of wonderful nature, like a ray of sunshine beating over the window, like this gentle spring weather! I’m glad we’re destined to be together.
    πŸ‚ On Women’s Day, my dear, let life be even brighter! And be surrounded only by good people. A happy holiday, the most beautiful, unusual and mysterious girl in the world! May your morning be as fresh as the dew on the flowers, sunny and as new as the morning, and as warm and romantic as a sweet evening.
    πŸ‚ Honey, be as good as spring. Always look at me with affection and love. I, in turn, wish you peace of mind, to bloom like the most beautiful and delicate flower, and the rays of the sun to guide your dreams.
    πŸ‚ Today, I hasten to wish you all the happiness in the world, my love! Let life be like a bouquet of spring flowers or a rainbow, which every day will fill you with new, bright, unforgettable shades. Congratulations!

    • My gentle, my beloved, my only! Be happy! All flowers today are for you. I will try to fulfill all your dreams today! Have a fabulous mood!
    • Be warm and clear. Be the big beauty in the morning. Be a light and white cloud. Be dignified and brave! Honey! Have a wonderful March 8th!
    • On this wonderful day of March, which is rightly considered to be feminine, I wish you, my love, that no problem of life should obscure that shining spiritual light that makes you unique.
    • My love, today I hasten to congratulate you on a wonderful spring day for beautiful ladies. Let time stop for you and always stay young. Know that with you my heart beats faster. It’s all because of your hypnosis. And the touch of the sun’s rays every morning makes me think of your gentle hugs! You are the lady of my heart!
    • March 8th is a wonderful holiday! I promise to save you worries and make your life vibrant and interesting! I may not be from the royal family, I do not ride the white horse of the prince, but I am still waiting for you with all my love in the castle built of happiness and harmony!
    • Your laughter is more adored than the murmur of spring rivers, your smile is brighter than the bright sun, your beauty is more astonishing than the charm of all the first flowers, your good mood delights me the most! May it always be so! Congratulations on March 8!

    πŸ‚ Your love strikes me right in the heart and reminds me to congratulate you on Women’s Day! Today, a whole world falls at your feet, and I just want you to be happy in it. To me you are the most beloved, gentle and dear! From March 8, you deserve the best! Touch your happiness and achieve your dreams!

    International Women’s Day was officially approved by the UN in 1977, although the history of the holiday began in 1901, when, on March 8, American housewives took to the streets of Chicago to protest against inequality. American women have demanded the same rights and freedoms that men enjoy. So all we have to do today is celebrate these signs of feminism every spring.