Are you looking for happy birthday wishes for your loved one? Pay attention to these examples and select β€œHappy Birthday to My Lover,” which was lovingly written.
And it doesn’t matter if you keep an eye on the long or long-term wishes for your boyfriend or the short ones, your half will certainly be happy to receive any of them, because they convey, first of all, your attention and care.

Best wishes for many years for your boyfriend

If you are looking for nice wishes, you can pay attention to these text messages, which will make your boyfriend happier on his birthday! Make sure all the examples on this page are really cool.
πŸ–€ ​​I wish you with all my heart, my love, all that is best in the world! May life be full of various successes, good luck and good luck! I wish your life journey to be long, smooth and happy! Know that I love you incredibly much and I appreciate you indefinitely!
πŸ–€ ​​My dear, you lit the fires of happiness and love on the track of my life. I wish that the atmosphere of kindness and understanding always reigns at your airport, that only planes of joy and good news land, and that only smiles can be heard in the control room!
Honey, how happy I am that I can wish you a special birthday! It would be good for such days in your life to be multiplied, so that you can live happily and calmly, with joy in your heart, with a good mood and an inexhaustible optimism. Also, every moment of life to thank you successfully and good luck, kindness, pleasant emotions, full of desires!
πŸ–€ ​​Dear ones, have as many hours of happiness, minutes of love, seconds of inspiration and no matter how many years you spend, always remember that every day is the best time for joy, smiles and victories.
πŸ–€ ​​I wish, my love, that all your dreams come true, that the dawn of the morning greets you with amazing and promising rays and that all the ambitious goals and plans are easy to achieve!
πŸ–€ ​​Today, all the attention is on you! May there be more happiness and luck in your fate! You are an interesting man and you remain as you are forever! Don’t be visited by sadness for a year! I love you! Live love every day!
My boyfriend! From the bottom of my heart I send you many wishes and many thanks to destiny! Have as many bold goals, successes and victories in everything. I love you, my dear, and I’m glad we’re together!
πŸ–€ ​​Like the moon in the dark night sky, you give me light, and with it – and joy. Another year has passed, but I am not afraid of old age if you will always be with me. My love, I will give you all my attention and tenderness, and you will always be healthy, strong and hold happiness firmly in your hands.

Happy birthday to my boyfriend

Whether it’s the birthday wishes for your ex-boyfriend or for the current one, before sending a congratulatory message, make sure that your relationship with the homage is at a high enough level for such wishes.
Honey, I just want you to be happy here and now. Live with love in your soul. Only she will bring joy to your palms. And I, in turn, will give you my soul. Just be happy!
⭐ I want to kiss you, embrace you and wish you everything you don’t even dare to dream of being fulfilled.
⭐ I want you to look back and remember the moments you had to overcome and smile at, realizing today’s happiness and well-being. You have achieved a lot, many perspectives have emerged and we have each other. Maybe I don’t even have anything to wish you… Other than a glittering holiday!
⭐ I love you today, my love, I will love you tomorrow, and all my life! It’s so nice to be able to congratulate you today! I love you so much and you need to know that! Let your birthday come true today, to bring you luck and happiness, and in business – promising heights! My love, you are the best, you are my great happiness in life, you are a shining ray!
⭐ Life should never seem boring to you, to know all the feelings, so that the soul is full of them. I wish you reliable friends who will always be with you. I wish you caution, attention, patience to overcome all problems.
⭐ Honey, love is the best feeling in the world. It’s an art and deserves admiration. I promise you that I will fill your heart, like a precious vessel, with the madness of love, with the obsessive passion, with the extravagant gentleness! And there is nothing more beautiful in the world than to wish you a happy birthday today!
⭐ My love for you is so great that it would be hard to imagine! Love, always be yourself, let all plans and dreams come true! I will surround you with care and love and I will give you everything you want!

⭐ Love, I want to congratulate you in front of everyone and wish you a gentle sun, kind and warm as your heart, a clear sky like your eyes and a great happiness like my love for you. May every path lead you only to me!
⭐ My dear, happy holiday! My tenderness for you knows no bounds, and feelings cannot be described in a million beautiful poems! May our happiness always be reflected in your eyes and every day we are together. You will succeed in life, I believe in you!

Birthday Wishes For Beloved

The boyfriend for a woman is one of the most important people in her life. So when there are reasons to congratulate your loved one you have to do it! You can choose one of these birthday wishes for your loved one, written with all tenderness and love! Take into account the nature of the lover, so that the words are individual and special for him!
πŸ₯› Congratulations! Good luck and have fun! May spring come to your heart as soon as possible. You are the best, most loving and most beautiful in the world!
πŸ₯› Today will fulfill your wishes very quickly! Important to know what you want. Today you deserve all the attention! Happy birthday and I wish you all the best! I love you!
We can value each other and this is our common merit. I want to see you always happy, life boiling in your blood. May all your wishes come true and enjoy life together for a long time to come! I will always surround you with my love and care!
πŸ₯› On this glorious day you were born, I declare loud and clear that I always want to live life with you. Let your destiny be bright, without clouds, and luck never leave. But in order for this world not to look sad, you have to give it love. Love is the most precious!
πŸ₯› You are surrounded by everyone’s love and you are definitely happy! I am sincerely glad for you and even if I can’t see you today, know that there is a gentle smile on my lips. Sweet kisses!
You are strong, you are proud, you are brave. You are a support for me! Have only good mood, luck and happiness today! Happy Birthday! Take care of yourself!
πŸ₯› The sun rose today just for you and opened beautiful paths in your life! Congratulations! Take care of yourself, live happily and let luck run with you. Love and be loved, opening your heart to life.
You are my ideal husband! Never be sad, don’t worry about anything. There will be joy and happiness before, just learn to wait. Today, have fun, sing, take a walk, feel free and get lucky!
πŸ₯› I want to tell you that you are the best man! I admire your strength! Congratulations and happy birthday. I wish you a lot of joy, kindness, warmth, your career to go up, luck to be close and dreams to come true.
πŸ₯› I wish you health, vitality, many years today. Be the way I knew you – always kind and helpful. I adore you!
πŸ₯› A year passed like a story and the day came so dear to my heart again! I will give you my love for your birthday! I will dispel the bad weather and the enemies. I will say many kind words to you. I will create, multiply and spread happiness. I will keep our relationship forever in my heart. Happy New Year!
πŸ₯› I wish you a happy birthday! Laugh and flourish! There is so much kindness, warmth and affection in you! At work I wish you luck, in your free time to relax easily and sweetly! My boyfriend, happy birthday!
I wish you a beautiful birthday, my dearest man. Have a happy century, have many wonderful moments. I will give you all my sincere and warm love!
πŸ₯› Happy birthday, dear! I wish you happiness, money and kindness, family warmth, good luck at work, prey on the hunt, respect from friends and an attractive salary. Be active, working, because you are a real man!
πŸ₯› My dear, today I will choose the best words for you! I can’t even imagine for a moment my life without you. Enjoy every moment, stay just as caring and loving. I adore you!
πŸ₯› Another year has passed, my dear, and I wish you a happy birthday. May everything in your life be perfect. Don’t know the misfortune, let your friends always be with you, let the sincere smile not leave your face, let fate fulfill your every whim, like the goldfish.
πŸ₯› Happy birthday to you, my love! Good luck a hundred years before! No one is sweeter than you to me.
When I’m cold, you hug me and warm me up. You kiss me lightly, you help me with advice. Certainly our union is blessed in heaven. Today I send you my heartfelt congratulations. Live and enjoy the moments of happiness, let the evil pass and meet only the good!
πŸ₯› For your birthday, darling, I confess your love: I love you! You are amazing, wonderful! Be lucky in everything, you deserve all the success and all the happiness!
Honey, happy birthday! I kiss you! I don’t think you need many words, because that’s how you know what I want and love you.

Best Funny Birthday Wishes For The Beloved

This article contains not only warm, bright and original congratulations, but also funny wishes for many years for the lover. You can choose a cool wish that is best for you. Pleasant and ironic words will give a wonderful mood to even the most serious person.
🎁 Honey, I wish you a happy day. To have inhuman health and unreal power. You will always be the best for me, like a superhero from another planet! And even if the years fly mercilessly, I will always be with you. You can always count on me, as I feel behind you like a stone wall.
🎁 You can do absolutely anything today! Today you should be the happiest person, because only people close to you are with you. I, in turn, will always support you in difficult times and I will celebrate your birthday with you every year.
🎁 My love! In the jungle, the lion is the king of animals. I want you to be as strong and brave as a lion. But do not take the example of this strong beast in absolutely anything, because lions are very lazy and do not bring prey. Remember, only work was done by a monkey man.
🎁 My dear! May adversity become a trifle for you and always keep kindness in your heart. Today, for your birthday, as long as the candles burn, I want you to make your most precious wish!
🎁 Birthday should be celebrated very loudly! Let the wine be poured into glasses and your feet dance. Happy Birthday my love!
I wish you to live indefinitely, without limits. Be happy, let the sadness go away and let all the bad weather go by. Let my heart burn with strong fire and full of love for me. Loyal friends and strong health!
🎁 I wish you everything that is most beautiful and easy in destiny. I wish you to be healthy, with wine in your glass, money in your pocket and long years in life!
🎁 My love for you is infinite. And no matter how much trouble I have in life, I will always love you. You are my dear, unique person. I want to be with you forever. To share with you the sorrows and joys. Today I wish you a long, long life with me!
🎁 Happy birthday, my dear! You are the best, sweet, kind. I want to wish you happiness, joy, warmth, tender kisses. Rest and make plans that you will make later. Conquer other countries and reach new heights. You know, birthday dreams come true!
🎁 Today someone has become a year older and smarter. Who could it be
? I think you know yourself, but I’d better congratulate you! Let everything be smooth at work and at home! Let the feeling of flying never go away!
🎁 Happy birthday and I wholeheartedly wish you well. To find the meaning of life, to realize dreams, never to lack the sense of humor and generous kindness. And one more thing – I want you to say goodbye to computer games, remote control and TV as soon as possible!
🎁 My love! Today is your birthday! You are the best in the world! I wish you a life without barriers, love to make you dizzy! Be happy and always carry me in your soul and in your arms!
🎁 Love! Believe in your luck! You are a beautiful, good and sweet man. I wish you a happy birthday! May the higher powers give you luck, and may the angels solve all problems for you.
🎁 Today I want you not to bother with anything and to lie down lightly on the couch. Let others do all the work for you and only bring you rewards. May all your wishes, even the most secret ones, come true tonight!
🎁 I don’t want seas and oceans, because I know you can relax well at home. I don’t wish you much luck, because that’s how you know how to succeed in life. What I want is for you to live beautifully for at least another 100 years!
I bought you a present, I brought it on your wings. And here I go. Open the door and get me up! That is definitely in your power!
🎁 I want you to “burn” with happiness and life to “poison” you with joy. And for the process to be successful, pour wine into the glass! Happy birthday, love!
🎁 I wish my beloved husband happy birthday! Let your tiredness disappear after work and bring a new breath of inspiration into your life, live the way you want, but don’t forget to surround me with love and care, to love and support me, even when I am upset and probably dangerous!
You appeared today as an angel from heaven: beautiful, kind, happy, joyful. Happy birthday to you, the passion, the power and the fire in my heart! Let your guiding star always shine!
🎁 Happy birthday, my dear man. What I want to tell you is
to make milk masks to stay young, to eat garlic to stay healthy, and to listen to all my advice so we don’t argue. You understand

The funniest Happy Birthday SMS

If you want to give the most beloved representative of the strong sex positive and pleasant emotions for his birthday, but for some reason you can not be with him, then you can send a small SMS, imagining your boyfriend’s smile while reading the lines. Here are some examples of the funniest wishes with many years.
βœ‰οΈ Honey, make all your plans come true and at least make your life seem happier!
βœ‰οΈ Congratulations! Have a life like in an American series! Have no reason to be sad.
️ Love! Be happy, active, energetic, fair! Be loved, be mine!
βœ‰οΈ Congratulations! He lives rich like a sultan, but with one woman, that is, with me!
️ Honey! Happy birthday! When you wake up in the morning you will be married. So have fun with the boys now!
βœ‰οΈ May your life be like a fast train. And in this short train of your life there will be many cars, restaurants, luxury hotels, beaches and one love – me!
βœ‰οΈ I wish you a cartoon-like life – colorful and happy ending! I love you so very much!
βœ‰οΈ Live without knowing the troubles, remember every wonderful moment! And love me – indecent, sinful and passionate!
βœ‰οΈ Hi! For your birthday, an SMS came asking you to give me lots of tender kisses!
βœ‰οΈ No, darling, no matter what congratulations you receive today, anyway after thirty years we are all sadder for our birthday…
βœ‰οΈ Love, congratulations! I want your heart to sing hip-hop and rock and roll when I’m with you!
βœ‰οΈ I want, my happiness, to have pity on my feelings at least for your birthday…
βœ‰οΈ Together we will save the world! I want you to be in this new world hundreds of times. Joy, success, hope, faith and love!
βœ‰οΈ You are my king, and I am your slave who wants to praise you on this wonderful day! I will dance for you, I will feed you well and I will pour you wine until I make you dizzy!
️ Honey! Always learn only from the mistakes of others and take advantage of them! And even if money is more interesting than love, only love can make you happy!
βœ‰οΈ Do everything! And let everything be full! Let there be no half in anything except my half!
βœ‰οΈ Today, everything the soul wants must come true. After all, steel character doesn’t stop you from believing in magic. Smile, this is your birthday!
βœ‰οΈ Honey, I’m sending you a carriage with jars of jam. Eat sweets so you don’t get old!
βœ‰οΈ Your face is mysterious. You are unique, brilliant, sexy! All this is true, but please don’t be arrogant! Be just as simple, loving me and smiling sincerely.
βœ‰οΈ I wish you the happiness of the whole ocean and a universe of success and wealth. And put the pain in a small pocket, break it and hide it. Happy Birthday love!

Happy birthday to your boyfriend

You want to congratulate your lover with your own words.
Then you can personalize the creations below, without needing much invention and imagination.
❀️ What joy, darling, that our stars have united and that you were born into this world! Our life is so closely connected that your birthday has turned into mine! Stay, my dear man, the kindest, caring, sweet, appreciated! Despite the passing of the years, you will be unique to me for the rest of my life!
❀️ You deserve the sweetest words in the world for your birthday. Our love blossoms our souls, and the happiness of the moments together makes our hearts rejoice. I kiss you gently, my dear. Let your life be sweet, beautiful and be the happiest with me!
❀️ I wish you the best! May your whole life be full of warmth and light and may the whole year pass like this birthday: full of excellent mood! I love you endlessly with all my heart! May happiness be eternal and unlimited!
❀️ Today is the best day: you were born! Let it be sunny and bright! May all dreams come true and the heart always be hot!
❀️ There is no such force that can break our love, because we are stronger than all circumstances. I wish you not to lose our feelings today, and if there is love in your heart, then it will surely bring you happiness, attract luck, and give you the mood to make life more beautiful.
❀️ Honey, you know why this day is so wonderful
Because today you were born! And I want you to be overwhelmed with happiness even in the morning, and the smile will never leave your lips! One life would not be enough to say all the words and wishes I wish you! I will always be by your side to say these gentle words to you every day!
❀️ A man I happened to meet once… You have become so important in my life! On this holiday, I want you to keep those real qualities of the real man that you captivated me with over the years. Let the heart not rest from love, and let your strong and gentle arms not know fatigue!
❀️ I wish you to be the happiest person on your birthday, and your heart to be full of inspiration and love! In fact, this holiday is the most important for me! Thank you for being born! My happiness, let all your wishes come true!
❀️ My boyfriend! I want you to receive as a gift a huge world, in which the seas and oceans are created from a magical love, the continents – from absolute happiness, the atmosphere – from incredible tenderness, the sun – from good and the stars – from joy!
These greeting texts will help you save time, quickly find the right and perfect wish for text messages, copy it and send it to your partner.
And if you want to beautify the pages of the social networks of the homage, we suggest you opt for these pictures with wishes from many years for your boyfriend: