The first face seen. The first word spoken. The first one to come to our aid. Mother. She is the most beloved, beautiful, beloved being on earth.
When we have an important event in life, the wishes of many years from mother to son or wishes for many years from mother to daughter are the most awaited and soulful.

How can we leave her without gifts and congratulations when she is celebrated!
And if you can’t congratulate her personally, send her a message below, which would contain all the best wishes for many years to her mother for her birthday or any other occasion.

It is important to remember that a long wish for many years for the mother will be suitable for an event organized in a small circle, and when it comes to a large celebration, it is good to take a look at the short, simple wishes. and memorable on this page, because we have collected the best and most interesting greeting cards that will help you express all the feelings you felt for your mother.

Best wishes for many years to my mother

We have prepared the best wishes for the mother in prose, with the best and warmest words – choose any of them and give your mother the well-deserved happiness!
πŸ‘© My gentle and delicate mother, congratulations! May fate bring you the joy of the moment and good luck. You are my inspiration and love! Let the joy multiply on your birthday, and let happiness fulfill your dreams.
πŸ‘© Dear mom, I want your smile on your lips to shine as often as possible and there is always a spark of happiness in your eyes! Positive emotions, mutual love and great success!
πŸ‘© Mom, you are the most important, most valuable and indispensable person in my life! For your birthday, I wish you to walk the wonderful paths of life with ease, enjoying every day and looking forward to the events of the future. May this journey be endless and as confident as your wise motherly love.
πŸ‘© Let your gaze remain as wonderful as a magical night, let happiness be as endless as the azure sky, tenderness become more and more immense as the universe, and the mysterious and inevitable future be eagerly awaited! Happy birthday, Mommy!
πŸ‘© Mommy, let your mood be wonderful every day, so that every moment of your life will only bring you joy! I wish you, mom, an endless stream of positivism, lots of love, kindness and success! May the light of your pure soul show you the happy way of life!
πŸ‘© In the rays of your love and care I bathe my whole life, and for your birthday, dear mother, I wish your whole long life to be illuminated with rays of joy and hope, success and luck, joy and health, smiles and surprises, happiness bright and endless, without clouds.
πŸ‘© Our dear mother, we wish you eternal flowering, harmony in the soul and good health! Everything that causes a happy smile on your face to happen as often as possible! Remain the same cheerful, kind, fun and happy woman!

Happy birthday to my mother

Whether it’s the birthday wishes for your mother or the birthday wishes for your mother-in-law, these little congratulations will convey your sincere feelings and just joy.
So save your mother’s best wishes!
πŸ‚ Dear mother, to have infinite feminine happiness, maternal happiness, excellent health, flourishing longevity, inspiration and success in your daily life. Always have a good mood, vivid impressions, great holidays and all your ideas and plans to be fulfilled, and new dreams should not let you get bored. I love you and congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
You are my guardian angel on earth. I wish you to never lose your white wings of inspiration, to enlighten everything around you with the light of love, to be a protector of God, to keep your tenderness and to inspire us with wisdom.
Ami Mommy! I wish you happy smiles, good mood, happiness, kindness, warmth and comfort! The house should be the most reliable city in the world, and the family – the biggest support in life. I wish you beauty, youth and inspiration!
Δ‚m Mommy, I want your happy smile to shine as often as possible! May there be many happy events, positive emotions and dizzying success in life! I wish you, my dear, strong health, endless optimism and harmony in your soul!
Ami Mommy, you are my key to the ocean of unknown life and the bright beacon that always brings me home. I wish you would never stop dreaming and never get tired of making the most possible and impossible plans for the future. May all these plans come true and give you a sense of happiness and absolute fulfillment.
πŸ‚ May you have youth and eternal health, and may the birds chirp your happiness all your life. Happy birthday, our dear mother! We are glad that you are our mother – so intelligent, tender and beautiful!

Sincere Birthday Wishes for Mother and Daughter

Mother’s birthday is a great opportunity to thank her for all the good she has done for you. On this holiday, daughters can express their love, respect and appreciation through sincere birthday wishes for their daughter’s mother, presented below.
πŸ‘© With all my heart, mother, I wish you true earthly happiness on this day. Today I want to thank you for your great maternal care, for your good heart, full of sincere warmth and selfless love. I want your ship to sail on the waves of happiness and prosperity.
πŸ‘© Mom! Today is your birthday. I hasten to visit you, but until then I wish you happiness, health, patience! I will owe you my whole life!
πŸ‘© “Mommy”, how much this word means! How many famous people have sung this word! Now I want to gather my own words and express all my tender love for you! Happy Birthday!
πŸ‘© Mom, don’t think about years. You are forever young to us and will always be so. Happy birthday and I wish you much happiness.
πŸ‘© My closest little man! I want to congratulate you on this day when you were born. Who can be more grateful to a mother than her daughter
! You are always happy with my achievements and successes. You taught me to appreciate good and to be good at people. That’s why I love and respect you so much!
πŸ‘© I wish you, mom, today that your life is always full of optimism. May tenderness and calmness always reign in my mother’s heart. And let the world be bright and pleasant for you!
πŸ‘© Mommy! May happiness smile on you, let your life be easy and there be no sadness in it!
I wish you joy, kindness, always be happy. And even if the years can’t be stopped, I wish you great happiness, my dear mother!
Dear mom! You always, like a ray of sunshine, warm our whole family. We all appreciate your kindness and affection. Mommy, I wish I’d be like you when I grow up. You are an example to me and I want you to be proud of me. Today, on this festive day of your birth, I want your eyes to never be sad. May a happy smile always shine on your face!
πŸ‘© Mom, my dear, if you only knew how much I love you! And on this day I congratulate you! You are my golden mother!
πŸ‘© Today is a fabulous day when my mother was born. Mom, you are my most beautiful flower! You are the most important person in the world to me! May your destiny always have pity on you, may luck always accompany you in life, and may true love, like a bright star on a dark night, always show you the right way. Mom, be very happy!
πŸ‘© Happy birthday! You are the sun of this holiday, a star that never goes out at night. Mom, darling, my love, congratulations! I wish you didn’t cry and you didn’t know about the pain. Out of all the difficult situations to get out untouched. I wish you would never grow old and be beautiful and sweet all your life. I wish you great happiness in life.
Voi I will always love my mother, because in the world I have no one dearer than her. I know for sure that he would be a true friend to me in a difficult time, he will always give me the right and necessary advice. On this day, I sincerely confess that I adore you, mother, and I love you! I always, in everything and everywhere, try to look as much like you as possible.
πŸ‘© Your birthday has arrived. It’s always a joy for me. Mom, I wish you were always happy and carefree. Let the sun smile in a special way today. May your heart be full of the music of love, may the flowers given bring you a cheerful mood, and may my words warm your soul!
πŸ‘© For your birthday, mother, I want you to become even younger and more beautiful, despite your age! Be a mother always young!
I like to consult with you, squatting… in silence… And night, and day, at any time, mommy! You are the best friend in the world, you are my mentor, my counselor and my judge. And for your birthday, I wish you joy, health, success and be happy, mother.
πŸ‘© Mother, my dear, on this day I want to congratulate you and wish you happiness. I also wanted to tell you that I will soon grow up and help you in everything!
πŸ‘© Dear mother, I love you so much! And for your birthday, I offer you a huge bouquet of roses. You are my most trusted friend. I wish your eyes to burn with happiness, and that there will never be bad weather on the horizon of your life.
Esc Thank you, Mommy, for giving birth to me. You are the most important person in the world to me! I will always love you, because you are my family forever. From the warmth of your heart, all sorrows will melt away. With you, life minutes make sense. I thank the Lord that you exist on earth. Today I give you all my love.
πŸ‘© My dear, my gold, happy birthday! I congratulate you and with all my heart I wish you to be happy for many, many years. Let there be no evil in your life, no sorrow, no trouble. As a woman, always be impeccable, kind, intelligent, and carefree. Happy birthday to you, my mother, the dearest man in the world!

Birthday Wishes for Mother and Son

My mother is the closest and dearest person in the world. He gave us life, he raised us, giving us all that is best. He cared for us and caressed us with care, love and affection. Therefore, she deserves to receive the warmest, tenderest and most emotional birthday wishes for her mother from her son.
πŸ’¬ Mom, for me you are the dearest in the world! Happy Birthday! Always be the same wonderful person! Let me wish you a simple feminine happiness. You know, a life wouldn’t be enough to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and didn’t ask for anything in return. May the Lord always protect you and may luck accompany your life.
Mom, always be who you are! So beautiful, loving and honest. And for your birthday, the house will be filled with the rays of the sun and the smell of wonderful roses.
πŸ’¬ Congratulations, mother, from the bottom of my heart! You have given so much life to your beloved children! Let old age not rush into your house! Your son will give his all for the world!
πŸ’¬ Mother, happy birthday! May the sun smile on you today and may the shadow of sadness not touch your face! Always stay open, beautiful and kind. I know I’ve upset you sometimes, but you’ve always forgiven me. I will never forget what you did for me, so I will always be by your side and I promise to help you in everything.
πŸ’¬ Happy birthday, dear mother! You do everything for me, you make my life happy. On this day, have only pleasant surprises, good people to surround you, and outdoor time to give you warmth and light. I wish you happiness, health and a long life! I really want you to never be sad!
Mom, your birthday will bring you a great wonderful mood. May the sun shine brightly and the birds sing their merry songs. I want to congratulate you and I want you to always be young and beautiful. Thank you for the care, helpful advice, warmth and happiness you have given me over the years.
πŸ’¬ Happy birthday, mom! Your loving son will always be by your side and will support you in everything! May you succeed in everything, and may your wishes come true!
πŸ’¬ I want to tell a lot about this day, but I understood the main thing in life – my mother is the most necessary being! May your cherished dreams come true today. May life be filled with happiness, and wrinkles may appear from happy smiles. Congratulations, mother: happy birthday! And if I offended you with anything, forgive me – it was unintentional!
πŸ’¬ Congratulations to the most beloved and best mother in the world! I wish you success in everything, joy, love and health! Your son.
Dear mother! May the sun shine even brighter on this day, may the wind bring only warmth and be nothing but joy in your heart. Happy Birthday!
πŸ’¬ Let the smile never leave your face and all your wishes will surely be fulfilled! Your son will be with you! Happy Birthday Mother!
πŸ’¬ I want to wish you a happy birthday, mother! Thank you for your love and affection, for your kindness and patience, you are the best mother in the world! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
πŸ’¬ Since I was a child, your hands have protected me from trouble. And now it’s my turn to protect you! Congratulations. I want you to not give in to difficulties, to make your dreams come true. I only have you and I will take care of you. I love you!
πŸ’¬ Happy birthday, mom! I don’t need the stars in the sky if I have you! I want to thank you for always being with me. Because you gave me life, you raised me. You are always my supporter. I know it’s not easy in your life, but on your birthday you will receive a lot of joy and warmth.
πŸ’¬ Mom, accept my sincere congratulations on your personal holiday! Let nothing overshadow your life, know that I truly value you for your responsibility and hard work, for your ability to love and forgive, for your desire to support me in difficult times. Thanks a lot for everything! Take care of your health and make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!
Mom, this day is yours alone! I will be with you to bring you happiness, joy and flowers. Happy Birthday dear! I only have you!
Dear mother! My dearest man on earth, I wish you a happy birthday! No one can compare you to hard work, perseverance and honesty. I want to wish you success in all your endeavors. May your dreams and desires come true. Your son is always there, but your loved ones will support you in everything. Let all the trials of life remain in the past and before only bright days await you.
πŸ’¬ Don’t be upset about your birthday! Remember that you have a son who will always come to your aid. Happy Birthday Mother!
Dear mother! Let the years go by, but stay just as young and beautiful! I will never forget everything you did for me! Happy Birthday!
Dear mother! Let what you miss appear on this special holiday – your birthday. To me, you are the dearest person on earth. Your work and kindness are never limited. I want to wish you longevity and prosperity, to have as many simple human joys in your life as possible! May fate always be favorable to you, and good luck to visit your house at all times.

Funny Happy Birthday To Mom

The ingenious words of admiration, full of true endless love for the dearest being in the world, can be expressed through these funny wishes for many years for my mother.
My dear mother! I wish you a happy day. I want you to be as beautiful as a butterfly, as cheerful as a bee, as unique as a pearl. Mother, let your life flourish and be perfumed like a wonderful flower, but also sweet and tasty like honey.
πŸ”– Happy birthday to my mother, the most loved, kind and wonderful person in my life. I wish that all troubles and worries turn into trifles, that bad people do not meet in your life, that you always live happily and happily. Remember – everything you want is always possible, just believe!
πŸ”– Happy birthday to the most wonderful mother in the world. I want you to take them all down with your beauty and intelligence!
πŸ”– My dear mother, congratulations on your birthday. I wish you strong nerves, like steel, eternal and bright beauty, like sunlight, life as sweet as nectar, prosperity, great wealth and only smiles.
Mea My dear beautiful mother, I wish you a happy day. Have a warm tea in the winter, a flower garden in the spring, a delicious ice cream in the summer and a warm smile in the fall – that is, always necessary and much loved. Mommy, always be cool, smart, confident and mega-charming!
Ami Mommy, my dear, happy birthday. I wish you a lot of mood and super luck, not to lose your superpowers, to always be happy and weightless. Be the most loved, mysterious, desired, amazing and irresistible.
πŸ”– Dear mother, you are the best and I wish you a happy birthday. Look good every day and always with a grade of “ten”.
Dear mom, I wish you a happy day. Be patient, like Cinderella, beautiful and charming, like Snow White, funny and dreamy, like Little Mermaid, bold and cheerful, like Rapunzel, as magnificent and unique as the Pea Princess!
πŸ”– I wish you, mom, to become a star on Instagram, to have expensive yachts and interesting friends. Just eat sushi, diamonds warm your ears and you don’t need money, just enjoy life!
Mom, I want your birthday to be like advertising: to make your own food, to be always tidy and beautiful, to joke and rest! Mom, you’re a miracle! It blooms even brighter!
πŸ”– Happy birthday, mom! Let your eyes shine with joy. You are our beauty, with a good but strong soul. You are our earthly angel. May your health become greater every day, and may the house be full of laughter.
πŸ”– Happy birthday! Mom, you’re like a pharmacy – you always know what to treat us with. You are James Bond in a long skirt, and in everyday life – a superhero. You are the lady of the plates and the attraction of mood and peace. You are very punctual and very kind! I’m proud of you! I just want you to rest in Haiti and there is no reason for tears!
πŸ”– Mom, it’s not sad that the years go by, because no change concerns you: you have perfect eyesight, you are young in face and figure. You only have a few gray hairs, the ones that came out because of my behavior. I’m sorry for them for your birthday!
πŸ”– A fantastic happiness and a charming joy to have! Spin, dance, live, smile! May your eyes be strong, may your life be sweet, and may your heart be hot! Good luck, dear mother!
πŸ”– Happy birthday! Mom, you are a universal soldier – there is no doubt about that! Never dare to regret the past! Because every fight, in the end, you won. You are unique and I want you to believe in happiness and love.
πŸ”– Mom, let me congratulate you first and wish you a happy birthday! Don’t get sick – the disease is not fashionable. And with my father in the garden, you breathe fresh air more often! Take care of yourself, you still have to raise grandchildren!
πŸ”– Happy birthday, Mommy! Congratulations! I promise to listen to you more often! I know I’m still a baby for you. For me, you are, instead, a superheroine, a genius: wash, tread, basket, cook sarmale. A hundred professions are in you! I don’t understand just when you rest… I only wish you happiness and love! And yet a little rest!
πŸ”– For your birthday, may God reward you for all your angelic patience to raise me!
Deja I’ve already grown up, but I still can’t live without you. If I hit you – instead of screaming in pain, I’ll call you. If my money is bad, I won’t borrow – I’ll call you. In general, you are irreplaceable! I love you! I want you to have a simpler, warmer and brighter life. Happy Birthday!
πŸ”– Every year, mother, you become more and more beautiful! On your birthday I wish all the wrinkles to disappear and keep your eternal youth!

Happy birthday to my mother’s birthday

These wonderful birthday wishes for the mother are a great option for those who do not have the opportunity to attend the holiday table, but want to send affectionate text messages to the mother honored.
🎁 I wish you, the best mother in the world, strong health like a diamond, happiness in all its forms, joy, optimism, success, sincere smiles and emotions, wonderful gifts and surprises, hopes and simply a flourishing and wonderful life!
🎁 Let the past years never turn into a burden, but into a baggage of wonderful memories and every new day to be accompanied by a light, comfortable cloud. In the new personal year, I wish you health, fundamental happiness and lasting well-being!
Iub Dear mother! I want you to smile in the sun every second and dream, without looking back, to embrace the world with joy and without worries and to feel how it responds to you in return. Also, to love blindly, to be happy, to create and simply to live!

🎁 Mommy, thank you for your patience, which is unlimited, because it is based on the great love for us, your children. I wish so much that your gentle eyes would not know even a small tear, that you would always blossom healthily and warm us with your charming smile.
🎁 Is it possible to find someone closer and dearer than my mother
? I love you more than anyone else in the world and I want to wish you today, on your birthday, that the sun will always shine in your soul! You are an ideal and an example for me in everything and I want you to always be as beautiful, cheerful and happy as today!
🎁 Mom! Let your eyes shine with happiness, let your existing problems be as light as a feather, let your days be fun, warm, carefree, unconditional joy awaken your precious desires and reverences in your heart, and let your generous fate fulfill instantly without asking permission!
The mother is the most important soul in the universe for everyone, so all the holidays related to her involuntarily become very important.
It is natural that for special occasions you have to find the most beautiful wish for many years for your mother!