How the morning should start. If you start it with a smile, then the whole day will be perfect. And vice versa. So do not hesitate to turn the day of the closest people into a successful one with the help of these beautiful messages of good morning.

In this article you will find funny good morning messages for friends, romantic good morning messages for lovers, good morning Christian messages for your dear family, but also messages suitable for weekends: good morning messages (Saturday or Sunday) or messages early in the morning with an invitation to coffee. Thus, these messages become more than just a wish, because the way a person wakes up depends on how well his day will go.

New good morning messages

If you are planning to write a good morning message to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you plan to send good morning messages to friends or you are in the mood for jokes and looking for comic good morning messages, then you can enjoy your loved ones and be inspired by our catalog of messages.
I dreamed of waking up in your arms and having a perfect morning together. I appreciate you, I embrace you, I kiss you, I love you and I always want to be with you.
🌞 The sun bathes in the rays of dawn and gives you a beautiful day. Open your eyes, admire the morning mist and smile at the good sun. Let the dream of the night go and make room for the success of the day.
🌞 I want you to be awakened in the morning with a tender kiss, with the sweet happiness of sleep, with a delicious coffee prepared with love especially for you and that will give you strength for a day full of quiet impressions and happy moments.
🌞 Good morning! Wake up! Take the pillow out from under your head and get out of bed!
🌞 Welcome to a new day! Look over the dawn window, there it says: Only good!
🌞 The morning has come again, the beginning of another happy day. In the kitchen, brewed coffee smells delicious. It’s time for silence. It’s just us, you and me.
🌞 Hello, sweet, tender morning! And may your day be as good as yours! All my support is with you. The first moments of the morning start wonderfully, peacefully and comfortably! Relax in bed, then start productive work.
🌞 As soon as you wake up, I want to greet you. Take care of yourself, I value you a lot, but don’t forget your promises!
🌞 The flower opened its petals after sleep and shook off the dew. The sun has risen – it’s morning! I want the kiss of the first rays of sunshine to bring you success for the whole day!
Hello! Look out the window and smile at the world. This day is in itself like a little life – with wonderful dreams, bright city and the aroma of flowers. Breathe this morning!
It’s time to get out of bed, enjoying the rays of the morning sun. Open the window and catch the sparks from the sunlight!
🌞 Open your eyes to see a wonderful new morning over the window. He’ll be happy today too, just remember me! This is the morning of the new beginning!
🌞 Let the sun touch you and give your new day a special charm! My dear little man, get out of bed as soon as possible!
🌞 The sun has already risen and it is ready to warm you in its rays and make your heart warmer. Throw the sheet over you, look in the mirror and smile: today you will surely have a good morning that will make your life even happier!
🌞 I wish you a wonderful morning! To bring you the most pleasant emotions, and the cup of freshly prepared coffee to give you energy for the whole day!
🌞 Let the light fall quietly on your bed and wake you up slightly. May this morning be made up of peaceful happiness, sweet dreams and charming moments.
🌞 Wake up! Wake up! A new day has arrived! Don’t forget for a moment that your most caring friend wakes you up!
🌞 In the minute of awakening, enjoy a pleasant, sweet moment. Let the dream leave your bed where it was so comfortable at night, and let the bright morning come true and start it with your radiant smile!
🌞 My heart sends you good morning messages. May your goodness warm your new day. Make new plans and keep dreaming. And act only as you wish!
🌞 The smile is on your lips. There is joy on your face. Your hope is about dreams and ideas. It’s morning.
🌞 In the morning he drove the night away in silence and knocked on your window, eager to give you at least a little joy. You wake up with good eyes, look at the eternal sun and thank him for all the happiness of the day! Have a wonderful morning!

Good morning messages (long and short)

We all want to start an interesting, enjoyable new day and wake up reading a good morning message. A few nice words for your loved ones will lift their spirits and charge them with positive emotions for the whole day.
πŸ”” Meet the new day with a smile and feel the fragrant and delicate coffee in the morning, listen to the birds sing, watch the light enter your bedroom, painting the walls sunny. May the weather be beautiful today and so may your day!
πŸ”” A happy new day! The night passed and the sun shone on the earth again, and a bright ray lightly touched your face. This is my kiss for you, the messenger of my love. Catch it faster, enjoy the new day and expect surprises from me!
πŸ”” In the morning he whispers in your ear that it’s time to get up. The night went by quietly. It’s time to dump her and move on.
πŸ”” Your morning will be great! Light, warm, just like you. And the day will hurry without worries! Because you are the most positive person!
Morning is like the beginning of a new life. Let them give you joy and positivity, so that you have enough for the whole day!
πŸ”” The night surrenders to the sun’s rays! So it’s time to wake up and serve coffee. Good morning!
πŸ”” How you slept
Your dream was beautiful
The sun smiled at you over the window
The birds sang to you happily
Let things wait, enjoy the morning…
πŸ”” The first ray of sunshine has touched your bed, the alarm clock has already rung a few times and the fresh morning wind has blown in your bedroom. Wake up, enjoy the beginning of a new day!
πŸ”” How you slept and what you dreamed
I hope that in your dream everything went well and that we were with you! Today will be a good day, and if you get bored, call me!
πŸ”” Let this sweet morning burst into your fabulous dream, with its stunning colors and the scents of spring flowering gardens. Then all this will not let you think of anything and anyone but me.

  • The rooster crowed and it was time to wake up. A new happy day is rushing into your arms. Wake up, darling, and may everything be perfect for you today!
  • If you are tired of the bed, you are tired of the blanket and you are bored of the pillow, then don’t be lazy and wake up for good! Take a shower, a coffee and sing! Waking up will be a lot more fun!
  • I wish you a perfect morning! I’m waiting for you to come and warm me up!
  • He doesn’t believe the one who says the morning is not good. How not to enjoy it when you open your eyes and meet my happy gaze, reminding us of the passionate night
  • Good morning dear. Have a happy and productive day. It is important to meet her with a smile on her face.
  • I hope the love that keeps you awake at night will help you wake up now! Let my words caress you and you can wake up happy.
  • Meet your beautiful day again! A ray of sunshine plays lightly on your face, tickles your nose and caresses you with its warmth. And if you still don’t want to wake up, look at a sweet dream, so that you can definitely wake up happy.

I want the beginning of this day not to add unpleasant troubles, to meet him with a positive attitude, then the world around you will thank you. You have all the support!
πŸ”” Your dream has been guarded all night and I haven’t even fallen asleep from my emotions. Good morning, my beautiful one, have a wonderful day!
πŸ”” Wake up, sleepyhead! The sun’s rays touch your nose, the aromatic coffee is already half chilled, and the alarm clock has been hoarse from so many bells. And you still sleep anyway…
πŸ‚ Let the sun shine with joy, to caress you, to warm you, to drive away your sleep. It’s very nice to watch your eyes glow after sleep! In them is hidden the secret of the night, the blossoming of the dawn and the joy of the day to come!
I’ll tell you a secret: this morning my love inspires me. I wish you to smile more today, to have a beautiful morning, to catch my kiss and to know that I love you.
πŸ‚ The sun has driven away the night again and now it makes you smile happily. May the morning always be in your soul!
πŸ‚ Our love is like a bright morning, and happiness reigns in our home always. The main thing is to know that no matter how hard it is for us, our star will always be found in the sky!
πŸ‚ The night was replaced by the morning that brought joy to our palms. A wise morning, full of love, quiet and bright!
πŸ‚ I kiss you lightly and gently and I get lost in your dreams. Then in the morning I send you affectionate and serene love. I run my hand through your silky hair and wake you up. Good morning!
πŸ‚ The morning is like a childhood, like an early spring, which promises you beautiful sunshine on the wall, luck, joy, harmony and, of course, a new beginning!
πŸ‚ Wake up, honey, the morning has come to us again! I wish you a bright, welcoming, lucky day. Just meet nice people along the way and always be on the positive side.
The beginning of the day will be really wonderful when your loved ones will receive such beautiful messages in the morning.