Below are some of the most beautiful messages from March 1, Martisor wishes and spring messages. There are over 40 messages and wishes to choose from to wish your friends, loved ones, colleagues or girlfriend / boyfriend a beautiful spring, full of hope and inspiration.

March 1 messages

We start with our selection of the most expressive March 1 messages, which we recommend if you want to send a strong message about the meaning of spring. ⁇

  1. The first flowers of spring always make our hearts sing. I wish you a wonderful Martisor, with a lot of love and joy!

2. The day God created hope was probably the same day He created spring. πŸ™‚ A spring full of hope and joy!
3. What a wonderful thing to feel alive! It seems that at no other time of the year do we feel this so deeply that when spring comes and the flowers reappear, the songs of the birds and the trees bloom. A spring as alive and full of joy as possible!
4. A wonderful March 1st! Or, as Alecsandri would say, Hello, spring, Nice weather, welcome! πŸ™‚
5. “Ah, why don’t I have ten lives to sing to you, Nature
” – the poet would say. I wish you enough moments of peace to enjoy this spring, to enjoy nature and all that is dear to you! A March 1 with lots of flowers and excitement!
6. Spring is not a season, it is an emotion, a poetry, it is hope and dreaming. In a word, spring is inspiration. So what more could I wish for than to be inspired by the spring that begins today and to live every day to the fullest!
7. The talent of spring is to spice up life with even more life and to bring us all new joy. I wish you a spring full of optimism, color and life!
8. Spring has come, though it would not be said after the weather outside. Despite the forecast, live as if today is spring! A March 1 full of flowers and happy thoughts!
9. When the flowers bloom, hope blossoms. I hope you have a spring with many joys, joy and a state of well-being that will never leave you!
10. Have a spring that inspires you, excites you and makes you happy! A March 1 full of flowers and beautiful moments!
11. Spring has finally come! On as many warm and sunny days as possible!
12. No matter how long the winter is, we always know that spring will come πŸ™‚ A beautiful March 1st and a spring!
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13. Spring has arrived not only on the calendar, but also because the Earth is laughing again with flowers. I’m sending you a bouquet of snowdrops and happy flowers like you. I wish you a prosperous spring! πŸ™‚
14. Welcome, March! Let spring begin !! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful Martisor day!
15. The promise of spring helps us to get through the winter, and suddenly spring has come. A spring full of flowers and optimistic thoughts!
16. Spring is nature’s invitation to the party. It’s her way of saying: let’s party! πŸ™‚ I wish you a party on March 1st! πŸ™‚
17. Every spring is the only spring! Every time it amazes us and delights us as if it is the first and last time we have the opportunity to be amazed by the spectacle of nature coming back to life. I wish you to keep this amazement and energy of life lived to the fullest, an amazing March 1st! ⁇
18. Spring begins timidly, with a snowdrop seen in a garden, an ax or a brandy in the woods, a blackbird or nightingale singing at our window. Precisely because her signs are so discreet, she makes us all the happier and more emotional. A March 1 full of poetry and a spring that will fill your heart with beauty!
19. Lev Tolstoy said that spring is the time for plans and projects. If you feel the same way, I wish you as many new projects and plans as possible this spring. quiet coffees on the terraces πŸ™‚
20. When nature comes back to life, it is as if our soul takes on a new breath. πŸ™‚ So I want you to enjoy this March 1st and a spring with a lot of optimism and energy!

Best wishes for March 1 Best wishes for March

1 to send to your girlfriend or loved ones when spring comes. You can send them as such or you can adapt them to be as personalized and relevant as possible for the person you are sending the SMS to. Most can also be used as statuses on social networks.
March 21 – As the days get longer and warmer, our hearts become more poetic and hopeful. Have a wonderful spring!
22. Someone used to say that March is the month when those who don’t drink can see what it’s like to be hanged. :)) It’s just that March intoxicates us with new colors and perfumes, with the joy of the birds chirping, with the explosion of beauty of the flowering trees. I wish you a spring in which to have the rest and the peace to admire leisurely the beauty of nature!
23. Spring has finally come. Damped windows open, sun and wind enter the house, as Vasile Alecsandri would say. Let’s enjoy the beautiful weather and the changes of nature!
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24. It’s spring again. The birds began to delight us again with their trills, the flowers began to sprout and bloom and we fall in love again with us, with spring, with the idea of ​​new beginnings and nature! A March full of beautiful beginnings!
25. Shakespeare said of daffodils that they manage to conquer the March wind with their beauty. Just as daffodils conquered the wind, you conquered me with your delicacy and beauty. I think of you as spring! Have a nice spring, my dear!
26. The flowers of late winter and early spring move us and occupy such a large place in our hearts compared to how tiny and delicate these flowers are! Because they announce to us the coming of spring, of a new hope, of a renewed love of life and nature! I wish you a spring with good energy and many flowers!
27. It is said that the magic of the new beginnings does not compare with any other emotion. Now that spring is coming, I feel even more the truth of this word. I hope you feel the same way! I wish you a spring of new beginnings!
28. Someone rightly said that without winter, spring would not be so pleasant. Without sadness there can be no joy, without winter there can be no spring, without separation there are no new beginnings, without stagnation there is no evolution, and so on. So today we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring. You are ready for change
29. The song is a confession of a secret feeling that over time others have been allowed to listen to. – said Iorga. Let’s enjoy this spring the song and the hum of nature, which testifies to us that spring has finally come!

Beautiful Martisor
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Along with a martisor, send a small greeting card or a phone message about the coming of spring. Below you will find many variants of such March 1 messages from which to choose the most suitable one.
30. Did you know that optimists are the personification
of spring? A beautiful spring!
31. In March the winter still keeps your teeth from leaving, and in the spring it tries to settle. As in nature and in us, there are two opposing forces, one that resists change, the other that wants spring to come. It is a tension from which spring, change and new beginnings always gain. I wish you a hopeful March 1st!
32. It is one of those days in March when the sun burns, but the wind is cold, when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade. πŸ™‚ These are the words of Charles Dickens that perfectly describe this March 1 πŸ™‚ So let us rejoice in the coming of spring, with its dizzying mixture of summer and winter in the same season: DD
Through the orchards the bees
started their carol…
Sing the woodpeckers
Hymn of joy;
Thousands of butterflies
Play on the plain.
Play Hora
girls and boys in the threshing floor
– Ah, why don’t I have ten lives
Let me sing to you, Nature! ” – Stefan Octavian Iosif
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34. One word says that in the spring you feel like whistling, even if your shoes are covered in mud. πŸ™‚ Times have changed, many of us no longer live on muddy streets, the first part remains true. Spring comes to you to sing and simply enjoy, for no particular reason. So I wish you a spring in which to sing as much as possible! πŸ™‚
35. Ah! here is spring with its greenery!
In the world there is joy, love, hope, life,
And heaven and earth exchange kisses

Through golden rays and cheerful songs! – The guests of spring, by Vasile Alecsandri
Probably the most expressive stanza about spring in Romanian literature – I dedicate it to you today and I wish you to have a spring as beautiful as in Alecsandri’s poetry! ”
36. β€œThere is a feast in heaven and on earth. I listen, I look, I breathe greedily, because all this beauty seems to me to never be! ” – said Alexandru Vlahuta. Who can contradict it
Enjoy this spring and nature in celebration!

Messages of spring and March 1

If you have not yet found the best message of March 1, we have for you below more messages of March 1 to choose from. πŸ™‚
37. Every year, the cold of winter melts slowly, and spring comes with new beginnings. Change is never easy, but it always comes with enthusiasm and better expectations. A beautiful spring, with many flowers and happy beginnings!
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38. “Spring, from heaven Not
dreamed of by the earthlings
You come with your proud alley
Over the branches and meadows
Descended on the ground
In long silky winds,
You leave behind, on the plains, The
yellows Of the dandelions […]” – George Toparceanu
I am not a poet to express how well I would like the coming of spring, so I send you this piece of verse from Toparceanu, so expressive and beautiful. I wish you a wonderful spring!
39. After the cold and dark days of winter, spring brings us new hope and fills us with life. As everything comes back to life, I hope that your spring will be sunny, flourishing and with a lot of positive energy!
40. We often idealize spring and talk too little about how stressful the change of seasons and weather is. We think only of the flowers and the trills of the birds and less of the spring asthenia and the colds brought about by the transition to a warmer season. So from March 1, let’s enjoy the coming of spring and the poetry he writes with every flower, with every flowering tree and every singing bird. A beautiful spring!
41. “In joy you shine all your qualities, like the beauties of nature in the sun.” – said Nicolae Iorga. So I wish you to be happy every day of this spring, a March 1 full of joy and hope!
42. A March 1 full of flowers and good cheer! Yes, sometimes between the first calendar day of spring and the first real day of spring there is a difference of one month πŸ™‚ as it seems this March 1, but let’s not be discouraged and rejoice that we do not have much to look forward to the arrival of spring!
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43. The flowers of March are daffodils and hyacinths, with their colors and perfumes so vivid, that you cry out from the gardens and florists: spring has come, enjoy nature, the sun and all that is natural and simple!
44. β€œAt the bottom, in the blue sky, in the distant horizon, / At sunrise, under the sun, a black dot appears!
He is the mysterious crowbar in the traveling world, / Of the sweet spring beloved forerunner. ” – The guests of spring, by Vasile Alecsandri
I wish you a March 1 full of spring heralds, whether it’s a small flower or a flower garden, or a bird singing to your window or a bird concert in the middle of the forest!
45. β€œThe beautiful spring has returned, the trees seem to be covered in so much flower. Childish, reborn desires make our hearts tremble “- Alexandru Vlahuta describes the coming of spring. I wish you a spring full of poetry and pleasant emotions!
We hope you enjoyed these March 1st messages and spring 1st and March 1st wishes and that you found the most beautiful March 1st message for your boyfriend / girlfriend, loved ones, friends or colleagues. If you are still looking for extra inspiration, see also:

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