Never forget to dedicate a message to my father for many years on every occasion! For the fact that he did everything for your happiness, he deserves warm words and the most beautiful messages for dads for many years. From childhood, your parents pampered you with the most incredible gifts. Especially the father, because he is the head of the family and your happy childhood depended, to a large extent, on his success.

In order to make your life easier, we have prepared a collection of unique greeting cards and messages from many years for an extraordinary father.
You will find different examples, both in a humorous form and exciting messages for many years for my father. Remember that attention is a manifestation of your love and care, which you need to remind your parent more often.

Messages for fathers of happy birthday girls

Dad is the closest and dearest being in the world. Every year, on his birthday, he expects congratulations from his children. Treat your choice of emotional greetings responsibly. Here are examples of messages for fathers of girls from many years:

Happy Birthday! Have smiles and the joy of communication every day! Sincerely, your daughter.
↩️ I wish you, Daddy, to shine like a multicolored rainbow and to surprise me and my mother more often with miracles and gifts! Happy Birthday!
↩️ Hardworking, strong, brave – all these are the qualities of my beloved dad. I wish my father a happy birthday and a lot of fun! Happy Birthday!
↩️ It is said that children always quarrel with their father, but it all depends not only on the children, but also on the father. My father is the best in the world! Yes, I disagreed, but there were so many good times in my life that there was no place in my memory for the bad days. Today I wish you happy birthday and be happy!
↩️ Dad, you are the strongest and kindest of all the people I know. You are always an example to me and I always have something to learn from you. For all the best in life, thank you! Happy Birthday!
↩️ I will try to teach my children exactly as you taught me. Today I wish you all the best, joy, warmth, prosperity, bright days, luck and, of course, happiness. Happy Birthday!
↩️ My dear father, I congratulate you on this holiday and happy birthday! In difficult times, I can always count on your help and support! You are always happy with my success and I promise I will not upset you!
↩️ I wish my beloved dad not to get upset, to relax more, not to give in to failure! I want him to gain self-confidence, to get rid of all the problems and difficulties with his laughter! Happy Birthday!
↩️ Dad, you have little free time, but when you have it, share it with me generously. Know that I love you very much and I wish you to always be healthy and happy!
↩️ Dad, I will not wish you success and youth, because I want to wish you something more special, something you do not have. I want your innermost dreams to come true, for everything you have conceived to be easily given to you and to bring you satisfaction. May there be many pleasant surprises in your life!

Beautiful messages from many years for boys’ fathers

These beautiful messages from many years for dads show all the sincerity and love you have for your father. We are sure that you will find something suitable, spending a minimum amount of time and effort.

▶ ️ How nice to know that my father is the best person in the world! Happy birthday, my dear, happiness today and forever! I wish you new discoveries, achievements and victories!
▶ ️ Dad! You gave me life. You raised me a real man, just the way you are! No matter how difficult it is in your life, no matter what obstacles you go through, I know that you are always happy, smiling and optimistic. That should always be the case! Happy birthday!
▶ ️ “As the father is, so is the son.” Thank you, Dad, for raising such wonderful children!
▶ ️ Dad! My dear mentor and comrade! You always find the right words, you help me in difficult times, you instill hope and confidence in me and you give me strength. Thank you very much for your support and advice! For your birthday, I want to wish you many happy years!
▶ ️ Dear Dad! A life full of events, successes, victories and achievements! Happy birthday to your son!
▶ ️ To have a bright and rich life, active and fulfilled. A life in which you are always an example of perseverance, kindness and love! May there be as many bright days in your life as possible!
▶ ️ Your birthday is a bright, warm and memorable holiday, Dad! Sparks of joy, fun fireworks, explosions of jokes, humor and kindness – all this I wish you today and every day!
▶ ️ I want you to achieve all your goals in the shortest possible way! Happy Birthday!
▶ ️ My dear father! For your birthday, I want to thank you for the way you educated me. You have always found the right words of support and examples of courage and wisdom, kindness and severity. They will help me raise my son, and you – my grandson, who looks like my grandfather in everything!

Happy Birthday Messages for Dads (Exciting)

The father will often enjoy his childhood, prepare surprises, give gifts and do everything to arrange a beautiful childhood. Now it’s your turn to enjoy it. Therefore, do not forget the warm messages for many years for my father.

Dad, I can’t put into words all the feelings I have for you. You raised me to be a worthy person, for which I am very grateful. And as a sign of my love, I want you to never have problems in life, trouble to leave alone and always smile.
🔔 Dad! For your birthday, I want to tell you that you are the master of your destiny. Be happy! Let everything you want come true. Any dream come true!
🔔 Happy birthday, the best dad in the world! I want to thank you for my happy childhood! Have a comfortable and beautiful life! Congratulations!
🔔 Today, our house receives many guests. Despite the fact that I will be late for your holiday, I want to say a few kind words to you. Dad, I want to congratulate you on this wonderful day! May the doors of your home always be open to loving hearts and faithful friends. Good luck, my dear!
🔔 My dear, today is your birthday. I just want to wish you well, love, tenderness and affection. May all the birds of the world bring you unlimited happiness on their wings.
🔔 You were born many years ago, my father. I think that on this day a strong sun was shining, because until today you are warming our whole family with your rays! Congratulations!
🔔 Today is my father’s birthday. I am very happy for him and I want to wish him all the best. May your guiding star, my dear, lead you on the path of love and happiness!
🔔 I offer you the whole world for your birthday, Dad! Believe me, I’ll make sure your eyes never know the tears. I will do my best to be the happiest person on earth! Happy Birthday!
You are the best person on earth! And on this beautiful day, I sincerely wish you to find the right path and to go boldly to your destiny. Congratulations, Daddy!

Beautiful messages for dads from many years

Your father taught you the most important things in life and was always ready to protect you from any adversity and danger. This time passed, but the love remained and became even stronger. So, convey your love for the most important person in life with the help of these beautiful messages for fathers for many years.

➡️ What do I want to wish you, Dad, for your birthday
➡️ I have no one in the world dearer than you. Thank you for raising me as your own child. Be happy, my dear!
➡️ Happy birthday! Let your life become like the sun – always bright and warm. May Faith, Hope and Love accompany you throughout your life.
➡️ My dear father! I want to wish you a happy birthday. May all the joys that happen in your life bring you happiness, even a small one!
Everything you want for me. May your patience never go unwashed. Be a supporter of your loved ones, don’t offend them with a harsh word. Live in harmony with yourself, smile at every new miracle that happens to you. Always be yourself, because you are the best!
➡️ Father, I wish you a beautiful day, happiness to beat in your house every day, bringing wealth and prosperity to all inhabitants!
➡️ The most loved and dear person! Father! For your birthday, I want to raise a glass of wine for your health. I sincerely wish you a lot of happiness and love, because you deserve them!
➡️ I want to congratulate you, Dad, on your birthday. Look at the sky, there the sun smiles for you. Feel the warmth of its soft rays. I hug you dearly and I wish you to meet every day with a smile!
️ Dad! Never stop on the road to dreams and be prepared for all the actions and surprises that fate can present to you!
➡️ Let me congratulate you on your birthday! May this holiday bring you a good mood, joy and warmth in your soul.
️ Dad! May your whole life be saturated with optimism and love. Don’t pay attention to the fact that the years go by one after the other, the main thing is to always hope for the best things and to discover more and more miracles.
️ Dad! I wish you all the best and brightest in your work, in your destiny. I wish you to always be tall!
➡️ I wish you many years of health, tenderness, love and affection. Good luck, so that he always accompanies you and banishes all the difficulties and troubles of life! Happy birthday, Daddy!
Dad, congratulations on your birthday, which you’ve been waiting for exactly one year. Absolutely all the attention of this significant and joyful day is focused on you. After all, you are the dearest person to us! Happy Birthday!
️ Daddy! Let all worries recede and give way to a strong and happy future. Happy Birthday!

Funny birthday messages for dads

Be grateful to your fathers for the words of comfort, for the stories told, for the care presented, and you will see a bright spark in his eyes. Here you will find funny messages from many years for dads, who will cheer him up, especially if he has a well-developed sense of humor.

⭐ Forty-five years is rehearsal before the fiftieth anniversary. Just don’t get too used to the role – live the way it is. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Every year we count your wrinkles and confess our unlimited love. It’s good that once a year, you don’t forbid us from saying good wishes to you at the table! Happy Birthday!
⭐ There is an axiom in the world – my father is lucky. There is another axiom in the world – my father is the best! And to this super-father I can only wish: strength, love, health, happiness. I kiss you!
Dad, happy birthday to you! Everything you do comes out great, but you can make children the best! Always be healthy as a bull, strong in body and young in heart!
⭐ Dad, I wish you true friends and stupid and ridiculous enemies who can’t do anything to you! May all your wishes come true in one year! Happy Birthday!
⭐ You didn’t wake up early today, which is very rare! Happy birthday, Daddy!
⭐ I wish you on your birthday, my golden father, that all problems will disappear, all troubles will melt like sugar in tea and all the pleasures in the world will turn you into a waltz!
⭐ Dad, we sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! Health and well-being throughout the year, as well as funny reasons for rounded eyes from surprise and joy!
⭐ Daddy! Never get sick, never grow old in your soul until you are ninety years old, and if you succeed, not even after a hundred. May all your wishes come true and your plans and dreams come true. Be happy, our dear!

Long messages for many years for my father

Choose messages for your father from many years that will make him melt with joy and will light a smile on his face. After all, attention matters, not the expensive gift. I gathered words full of love, wishes for health and well-being, sincere feelings and lines full of tenderness in the richest collection of long messages from many years for my father.

Ati Daddy, your birthday has arrived. Many consider it a sad holiday, but do not pay any attention to it. For you, this is the brightest day, because you were born and you started to share joy! With all my heart and soul, I wish you boundless happiness, eternal youth and a long journey in life. May the light of your soul never fade, but on the contrary, shine even brighter every day. Throughout your life you have been the perfect example of the ideal man for me. And I grew up educated and responsible only because of you. Never be discouraged or upset. Live life with a smile on your face and remember that close people are always with you.
🎁 My dear father! Your day has finally come and I want to thank you for raising me a real man. On this birthday I want to wish you great happiness, love and endless joy. May success and luck be waiting for you everywhere. Be just as happy and never give up on your dreams. We will always support you and be a real help to you. You are the dearest person to us, to whom we owe our birth and happy childhood. Be as positive as the day we, your children, were born. Congratulations on your love!
🎁 My dear dad, I wish you a happy birthday. At this important moment for you, I want all your dreams to come true. Every second of today should be saturated with fun, joy and endless smiles. Stay the same or maybe a little more generous for gifts and surprises. To be successful in your personal life and in your work. I don’t want to limit myself to just banal wishes, and I’ll just add that your life is as bright as a star! Many happy years!
🎁 Congratulations to my father on the brightest holiday and the best day of his life – your birthday! I wish you endless health, inexhaustible strength and great inspiration on this day. May all your dreams and expectations come true. This day should be remembered for a lifetime only on the good side. I raise my glass for your health and well-being and I will not leave any drop in it as a sign of my endless love and great respect for you. Good luck and, of course, huge trophies from hunting and fishing. I’m proud to have you! Happy Birthday!