Paris Fashion Week is undoubtedly the most celebrated fashion event of the year. From the world’s most venerable designers and the newest trends to the chicest street-style, there’s no doubt the event has something for everyone. This time around, the city of lights captivated with a unique mix of contemporary and preppy looks, a reflection of the changing tastes of the European market. With that in mind, here’s a recap of all the best modern-meets-classic looks this season.

 Contemporary and Preppy Looks

Contemporary trends are a combination of edginess, modern styles, and cutting-edge fabrics, while preppy looks tend to be more timeless staples that never really go out of style. This year’s Paris Fashion Week managed to find the perfect balance between these two schools of thought, with models dressed in a mix of the sophisticated and the bold. Here’s a look into how contemporary and preppy looks can work together for an eye-catching style.

Comfortable Classics

Classic preppy looks focused on comfort, as seen on the runways of Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. These collections featured trousers, skirts, and something in between, such as palazzo pants and ankle-length dresses, all with a comfortable feel. Colours ranged from the classic navy to pastel hues, as the brands seemed intent on making guests feel big-city chic, but cozy.

Unexpected Shapes

Despite the naturally preppy feel that pervaded through the shows of this edition of Paris Fashion Week, designers continually presented a twist on traditional silhouettes. From asymmetrical hemlines to unexpected crop tops, the collections here were anything but conventional. Pops of colour provided a breath of fresh air while quilted leathers and textured fabrics kept things interesting.

Statement Pieces

The presentation of bold statement pieces is where designers truly had the chance to demonstrate the mixing of contemporary and preppy fashion. Structured bags, bold trenches, and colorful print dresses provided an eclectic feel to the catwalk; something for the fashion-forward individuals who refuse to conform.

Accessories for Every Occasion

Accessories this season presented an interesting story; long necklaces, wristbands, and delicate belts all made an appearance, providing a preppy feel. However, this edition of Paris Fashion Week also brought with it retro-inspired sunglasses, round-toed shoes, and even hats – all with a slightly more contemporary edge.

Mix and Match

Key to the success of this season’s looks were the styings. A jumpsuit with a structured blazer, a soft skirt with a graphic top; designers wanted to prove that preppy and contemporary pieces could not only live together, but that they should. Despite the obvious clashes in terms of fabrics and cuts, the resulting looks proved uniform and interesting.

The collections showcased during this edition of Paris Fashion Week definitely provided something for everyone, especially for those with an appreciation for well-crafted contemporary and preppy looks. Whether one favoured a structured suit paired with a bright bag, or a casual blazer and graphic t-shirt, the city’s runway was filled with a dichotomy that emphasised blending the timeless and the fashion-forward. Now all that’s left to do is take on the look and take over the town.