8 Top Bridal Trends to Know For 2020 

Whether planning your own wedding, or helping a friend or family member, it pays to stay abreast of current bridal trends! From light-as-air mono-straps to bold, vibrant bouquets and location choices, the tastes of brides-to-be are changing quickly. As we move into the new decade, there’s lots of new trends to learn about, from classic to modern, edgy and traditional. To save you time and stress while staying on top of the trendiest looks, here are eight top trends top wedding experts are seeing right now.

Color Palettes

  1. Pantone’s Color of the Year – Classic Blue- Traditional yet vibrant, the one constant in many 2020 weddings is the use of the color blue. As the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020, Classic Blue has added a vibrant hue to weddings. Blue bridesmaid dresses, vivid navy groomsmen suits and royal blue flowers have become increasingly popular as couples honor the official color of 2020.

  2. Vibrant Neons – Vividly colored bridesmaid dresses have been gaining momentum with bold, saturated hues from yellow to pink, orange to lime. Dresses may feature bright and complementary tonal appliques or shimmering embellishments for an added bit of sparkle. Even if you just want to add a subtle pop of color to your special day, a neon palette may be your perfect pick.

  3. Soft, Light Tones – Many brides-to-be are opting for soft tones such as pale pink and light blue. According to Pantone’s fashion color trend report, the shades to use include delicate peach, almond, taupe and warm gray. These muted hues provide a sense of functionality and the ethereal quality of an understated wedding.

Bridal Dress Styles

  1. Traditional Ball Gown – The traditional, very full ball gown silhouette provides an ever- present option for bridal styles as 2020 unfolds. Embellished with beading, lace or delicate appliques, each unique gown draws from classic bridal design elements. Intricately, embroidered tiers and petite ruffles often grace the bodices for a romantic look.

  2. Mono Shoulder Dresses – Take your pick from single and striking straps or dainty one-shoulder pieces for an asymmetrical look. The curve of the dress tends to be longer and more flowing, making it a great choice for tall or smaller brides. From light-as-air sheers to organza and chiffon, the mono strap dresses of 2020 will give you a distinct, eye-catching look.

  3. Contemporary Elegance – Luxury fabrics take on modern cutouts and shapes to create dresses with a contemporary feel. Soft draping and crisp pleats may blend together to form a voluminous silhouette. If you don’t want to go too edgy, designers such as Amsale and Vera Wang can help you find a beautiful harmony between classic and current.

Floral Decoration

  1. Juniper, Eucalyptus and Greenery – Adding a touch of texture to the bridal table or reception entrance is easy with the help of fresh greenery. Lush Ivy, Juniper and Eucalyptus bring a unique look to flower arrangements and annuals. They evoke an earthy aesthetic, free from any one hue or hue range, so it works perfectly for any color scheme.

  2. Blooms That Shine – When selecting the bridal bouquet and centerpieces, think of ways to make them shine, especially late at night. From light or off-white tones to metallic gold or silver, use subtle hints of dimension or artfully arranged beading. Hand-held bouquets featuring large blooms lushly arranged with oversized accents bring a touch of timeless style without going too over the top.

3.Ombré Effects – Consider changing things up a bit by using an ombré effect. If there’s a particular flower that you favor, make that your main focus and arrange it in a gradual transition of different hues. For example, a bouquet featuring the gradual transition of peonies and roses, deepening in color from rim to center, will make an unforgettable statement.

Creative Wedding Locations

  1. Underwater Venues – For couples who love to dive, especially if you asked your special someone ‘Will you marry me? underwater, there are several exotic locations. For example, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa host a destination ceremony for up to 100 guests at the Neptune Underwater chapel. You can even book a package so you can host a wedding or a vow renewal ceremony and renew your love for each other in.

  2. Beachside Bliss – Beach ceremonies have become more popular with some getting married directly on the sand or having a unique beach club setting. Destination beach weddings, anywhere from Mexico to Hawaii, provide the perfect backdrop with their stunning palette of blues and greens. The sun, shining through the wind-swept palms and the scent of briny seaweed, combine to create a truly romantic scene.

  3. Unforgettable Barns – Young couples often explore the idea of having a wedding on a quiet family-owned farm. Old and abandoned barns provide a stunning vibe for any outdoor affair with honeycomb window embellishments and antique roof joists recalling a symphony of bygone days. You can even fill the space with bales of hay and wooden decorations, softly illuminated with rustic lamps.

Reception Entertainers

  1. Acrobats – Perfect for an upscale, extravagant affair, a professional acrobatic performance will definitely capture the attention of your guests. Mesmerizing spins, daring aerial stunts and plate spinning provide a wow factor to your wedding day and set the stage for a fun, unforgettable night.

  2. Magicians – If you want to surprise your guests and captivate them until the wee hours of the morning, you can hire a magician to perform at your reception. Professional mentalists, illusionists and close-up card magicians are all popular options. If you’re on a budget, some magicians can work a walkAround act and will go from table to table to perform exquisite card tricks guaranteed to have everyone in awe.

  3. Stilt Walkers – Stilt walkers are a fun, visual addition to summer wedding receptions, with their colorful costumes adding a bright touch to the night. Stilt walkers can hand out prizes, juggle and even make balloon creations. Guests can have a few laughs, and an interactive entertainer like this never fails to be an attention-grabber at any wedding or celebration.

As wedding trends keep changing throughout 2020, these ideas may give you some inspiring hints for an unforgettable day. Invest some thought into the ways you make your wedding memorable, with the perfect choice of dress, enchanting florals, and fascinating location such as underwater locations, beachside, and barns. Don’t forget to add astonishing entertainment performances.

Plenty of planning and research is needed to deliver perfection. But if you spend enough time and put in the effort, you will surely put your mark on the most memorable day of your life. This is the day when two people vow to love each other forever, celebrating their unity and happiness.